Ghost In The Shell (1995) - Major vs Tank 60fps FI - sub ESP & ENG


One of the movies that kickstarted anime as a cultural phenomena, showing that animation was not necessarily for kids, with incredible handcrafted production value, achieved by Production I.G and awesome Oshii Mamoru. This whole film is just breathtaking and it holds up incredibly well today.

By popular demand of the channel fans, I bring you the tank fight, using new artifact masking techniques.


Make sure to watch it at least on 720p quality as it is rendered with SVP frame interpolation to achieve 60fps. Due to this, there are some minor graphical glitches.

This is my educational attempt in order to make the format more popular, which in my opinion works great in a lot of media, being anime one of the main ones.

I subtitled it in rioplatense Spanish and English, I hope you like it.

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As an artist i am blown away by the scene when major tries to open that tank. Its just so fucking awesomely drawn, i cant believe how many work was thrown into that single scene, every god damn layer of skin and muscles and bones can be seen, its just incredible. Still the most incredible visual effect i ever saw in animation.
I love Major, but everyone forgets about Batou! The most dependable and fearless friend I've seen
Will Morizio
Will Morizio:
I cannot believe how good the animation is, I feel we haven't improved in 20 years
Raku Shasu
Raku Shasu:
I love how 'slow' and tactical this whole fight is. Even the music is slow and completely untypical if you compare it to modern day fight scenes. Yet it makes this scene so much more powerful and amazing. This movie is truly a masterpiece.
mr. noname
mr. noname:
Personally I hate how new anime looks I love that old look that anime used to have you know? Anyone else agree or disagree with me? I wanna have a discussion on this because I only watch old anime it just draws me in like a kid but the new stuff I don't care to watch at all.
Toshio Komura
Toshio Komura:
Some explanations in detail:
1:42 The tank (Arachnida) canceled the optical camouflage because the rain and glasses significantly increase ray-tracing costs.
2:51 Major first sniped the car engine to prevent the target from escaping.
2:53 Arachnida protected the car from shooting.
3:14 Major successfully destroyed the left Gatling gun of Arachnida.
3:25 Major failed to destroy the right-hand gun, due to the uncertain aiming caused by thermal expansion of the barrel. You can see that the impact points are scattered.
3:29 Major is shaking M23 hard to replace the thermally expanded barrel.
3:46 Since Major was in off communication, the helicopter pilot illuminated her to send a message.
5:38 Arachnida grabbed Major's head with a hidden arm for precision works, because the left arm have been destroyed by her.
6:00 Batou jammed... as always ツ.
Do you remember The Matrix lobby shooting scene? A producer and director mentioned that they were inspired by this scene in Ghost in the Shell.
Adam The Fractal
Adam The Fractal:
I understand that being a feature film, this movie probably had a very large budget and a longer production time, but damn, the amount of visual detail here is really absent in much of the modern anime I've seen. Truly this movie and others like it are works of art.
My mom watched this when she was a teenager and she told me to watch it, so far i love this anime
Mekrab J
Mekrab J:
Akira, and Ghost in The Shell are the top of Manga genius.
111 222
111 222:
I know she's a robot or something, but the part where her arms got ripped off was still super hard to watch...
Ink Room
Ink Room:
this animation is godlike
R C:
0:44 How she lands from that height and leave a crater is pretty sick. You can see her limbs reacting to the shock of the impact.
Christina Tarracino
Christina Tarracino:
This is my favorite scene in the movie. My anime hating friends missed so much!
Victor Furtado
Victor Furtado:
that symbolism holy shit 4:22 this movie is perfect in every detail
You're doing the Lords work. First channel I've found that actually uploads 60 fps clips often
Japanese are far ahead. Amazingly representing future technology for old anime.
The idea of Spider Tanks is so awesome and badass
alex lai
alex lai:
A lot of people are commenting on its graphics, but I’m really attracted to how this movie challenges the concept of existence... does anyone feel the same way?
And to top it up kawaii kenji is just... a Japanese hans zimmer who is the kitaro of the anime division.
Can u believe this was from 1995?
Īlena Īreyøn
Īlena Īreyøn:
I love how much silence and tactic is in this scene and how "organic" everything seems despite being mechanical
Helgen X
Helgen X:
Is it weird to watch this scene almost every day for inspiration?
This scene is beyond this planet. The feeling the music creates along with the animation can't be described in words. Love that movie!
Thoifur Riza
Thoifur Riza:
before anime becomes "ANIME" , they didn't make this anymore
KitNip OG
KitNip OG:
Imagine “All You Need Is Kill” adapted into this style of animation... gah dayum
It's impressive how detailed is this scene from a Japanese animation. Amazing!
Looking at this, and then looking at modern day "anime":

*Look how they massacred my boy.*
Matt Vinci
Matt Vinci:
Such a masterpiece. I choked up watching it in the theatre 24 years ago. I choke up watching it again now. Brilliant.
Spencer SKDR
Spencer SKDR:
I was about to say something about the all-argentinian subtitles,papá
But since I see that the comments section is full of intelectuals...
5:02 imho moment of the movie, the music, the building tension leading to clash of mind/soul/ghost and body/shell, obviously showing superiority of inner strenght over flesh. Can't emphesize how much i love it, didn't expect to find it in anime. tyvm kind Sir
kenchuvich Morcozo
kenchuvich Morcozo:
The level of Engineering and technology is very ahead on it's years! We can see the same Technology this 2020! So amazing! And you can't tell that this anime is from the 90s. Wow! I'm amazed.
It bums me out that in 25 years there havent been many anime attempts that had this level of quality
Le Choro
Le Choro:
Studying anatomy drawing here lol
Any shitty remake could ever even out this masterpiece. The music, the animation, the context and even the bloody amazing tree life and the fish's skeleton.... It's simply pure art
Chimichanga TakeOutPlease!
Chimichanga TakeOutPlease!:
The art style and detail is astonishing. Something rarely seen in anime nowadays. I wish anime studios gave animators more time to polish their work.
Random Fjord
Random Fjord:
the fact it was done in 1995 just mind blowing
Mike Alvarez
Mike Alvarez:
Japan does not produce anime of this quality anymore.
Kingdean Tedeschi
Kingdean Tedeschi:
1995!! Bro the animation is 1995!! THIS IS LIT AF!! Respect to the artist!! Masterpiece!
At 60fps it looks digital. AMAZING animation
3:05 That's when i thought "holy shit, that thing is scary".
Kurt D.
Kurt D.:
This scene could have been more forgettable with different music. The score elevates it through the stratosphere. I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched this. Jaw dropping in every way.
When it shoots up the tree of life. It's saying that it doesn't need biological evolution, machines have surpassed that.
All hail Batou's recoilless semiautomatic antitank pistol!
We have a masterpiece of animation in this one scene and the new GITS Director for Netflix says 3D animation “looks more real.” Pfff talk about trying to make a quick buck.
This is, and will always be, my favorite animated scene ever. The music, pacing, detail, sound design, everything is perfect.
Cybercity Oedo 808
Cybercity Oedo 808:
The Netflix series just doesn't capture my attention like this 1995 movie does.
Peço licença já me desculpando ;-;
Mas quem puder olhar minha música eu agradeceria de todo coração
Olaf O.
Olaf O.:
The ending is just how Deus ex 1 ended, with JC Denton merging with Helios
Nice reference for a game to have
I always rewatch this scene to get an idea of detailed animation; even down to the way she moves while flipping around gives the idea that the major is a shes very agile, but they don't just straight up copy the movement of gymnast...they really made her move organically yet machine like....I've not seen anything as good as this scene in the modern era, but modern animation timelines and budget don't allow to focus on the little details like you see here....that simply just require time you don't get in the modern era where people just want more content. Newer technology can only do so much to help the fact things are rushed out..... An example of this in games, is Mass Effect Andromeda and its animation quality just not even being on par with things from a decade ago.
The way this hexapod is designed, rendered, and acted out in the Anime is truly a sigh to behold, the way it acts, it feels natural but at the same time so alien, I can't really say for sure this is how the acting of a hexapod tank would look like other than how it is displayed in this show. It feels like it's stalkings it's opponent when it stops firing, looks dead at where it know's it's target is held at, walks at an angle, not even straight angle but a crooked angle is so spine chilling. Not to mention, when it "ducts" while being shot at to try to I guess increase it's effective armor thickness, if that is the case, the animators paid a ton to detail.
the point is:
even if you are a superhuman cyborg never face a tank with a p90
SMG is FN P90, love it's detailed animations and fast fire rate . Astonishing futurism for 1995 anime.
blow me
blow me:
So I happened to catch the tail end of the live movie on TV the other day...its been 20 years since Ive seen the animated one but I knew exactly what was going to happen, and was amazed to see that they kept this scene pretty close to the original. My dad was watching. I was like, "I dont know about this one but in the animated version she hops up on the tank and rips her arms out" ....AND THEY DID IT!! Now hes actually interested in seeing the anime, his first ever, something I never thought would happen. Thanks GITS, youve brought the family closer together haha
Alfian Fawzi
Alfian Fawzi:
apologies, but am I the only one here who used to perceive Motoko being nude instead of wearing some kinda holo-skin suit on first glance?
5:10 This part freaked me out when I first watched it as a kid--especially with that music. And it still freaks me out even today!
Aku From the future
Aku From the future:
Right before the grenade was thrown, looked like snake.
I wonder if kojima got inspiration here
Kojima take some inspirations from this movie for the final fight against Metal Gear Rex!
man, they don't make animated movies like this anymore ):
Nunya Business
Nunya Business:
This is incredible work
Mehmet Karatas
Mehmet Karatas:
cant believe this was 25 years ago
jordannew thomas
jordannew thomas:
I grew up watching this movie as a kid and recently decided to look up the scene innthe live action version and my god there is no comparison at all. There feels like there is so much tension in the scene even just when the major is gearing up to fight the tank the atmosphere feels heavy and her attempt to pull the top off of the tank is one of then best animated scenes I've ever seen.
The GEnious Gamer
The GEnious Gamer:
This is the best anime action scene of the 90s imho, possibly ever. This said, 60fps interpolation looks like complete shit.
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley:
Ever since I first saw this years and years ago when I was lucky enough to actually be living in Kobe at the time, anime from this time period has held a place in my heart. But even more, Batou has remained my absolute favorite supporting character in an anime movie/show. The Japanese voice actor fleshes him out so incredibly well. He has had great moments where the stories center on him more directly such as in GitS movie Innocence or during GitS SAC, specifically episode entitled Jungle Cruise. Plus the chemistry between her and him is touching yet funny at times and seems to grow over time. I will say to newcomers to watch the Japanese version w subtitles - the dubbed ones are just terrible and show zero emotion or true deeper connection between them. Anyway just my two cents opinion. Thnx for posting this
The GEnious Gamer
The GEnious Gamer:
this scene's great. its not just the animation but the pacing. you get plenty of time to breathe along.
5:15 when you return to the gym and try to deadlift pre-quarantine weight
Prince Solomon
Prince Solomon:
Always loved this scene, especially the sound and music mixing. It's so quiet and yet you can feel the massive amount of tension and what is at stake. I'm so glad they didn't use hyper epic action music to destroy this unique feeling.
Oh boy, 20 years since I actually saw this as a kid.
Panda Gal
Panda Gal:
Wow! The animation is amazing, its truly amazing 🙂 i wish anime was like this now
This gives me a bit of a metal gear vibe
"Salí matando de ahí" 11/10
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm:
Anime frame animation averages something like 12fps so when a video like this comes along I am rightfully skeptical.
Marcello MCMXCVI
Marcello MCMXCVI:
When you mix a great story and great animation, there's no way it can't be a masterpiece <3
When her arm ripped off - I felt that.
Mozaki Higurashi
Mozaki Higurashi:

1:03 floating museum Is an amazing track
zinsuake lee
zinsuake lee:
I can't believe this is the show I watched when I was a kid.😀
I'm happy I found it again.
chilli willy
chilli willy:
Maravillosa película
Lo mejor en sci-fi
Aún tengo esperanza de que Mamoru oshii , se anime y dirija una tercera parte de la saga, ( recordemos la secuela del año 2004 " innocence").
Sería fantástico!!
Sidney Meyers
Sidney Meyers:
I'm shocked by how goddamn amazing this footage is.
Seriously some of the best animation ever seen, the subtlety and detail of the movements is incredible.
Ден Смирнов
Ден Смирнов:
1:10 does anyone knows a guitar tab on this?
Marcos Roberto
Marcos Roberto:
3:51 this theme song is so beatiful
jam jam
jam jam:
I went to an art gallery showcasing the original paintings of this movie and others and its amazing
Victor Correia
Victor Correia:
A arte desse anime é insana !
Leryan Burrey
Leryan Burrey:
“What am I not seeing” It’s just how we’ve thought.
banister nisba
banister nisba:
Akira, Ghost in the Shell, the premium's Japanimation, 30 years for Akira and 22 years for Ghost in the Shell, crazzzzyyyyy damnnn
Tristan Dator
Tristan Dator:
Snipity Snap Snap SNAP!
albert speer
albert speer:
A masterpiece in 7 mints 21 second
Great japan anime
Tristan Dator
Tristan Dator:
¡En lo absoluto, chico! (sniff sniff) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The animation is awe inspiring but the sound design is too. The background theme just makes the space feel hollow and cavernous, with a slow theme that feels like the rain that's falling. All the while totally synergistic with the artificial noises of the weapons, tank, helicopter and cyborg components.

How did this film ever get made? It's so far beyond anything else, even now.
Linh Lê
Linh Lê:
I like the way she use everything to complete her mission. Look tough and super cool because she calculated it all.
Noah Sherwood
Noah Sherwood:
Love the physics and destruction in this scene. Feels very realistic
2019 and children still don’t know the difference between art style and animation
It's so clear from this scene alone, how much Hideo Kojima drew from ghost in the shell for MGS
Johnson Cheung
Johnson Cheung:
The insurance fee of Ms Kusanagi will be increased in next season😅😅
it me
it me:
this feels like a boss fight
Tristan Dator
Tristan Dator:
3, 2, 1. BOOM!!
Tristan Dator
Tristan Dator:
Yo öldürecek mi. (gasps) LEFOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine Motoko fighting Selene from Underworld
Sasha Blouse
Sasha Blouse:
I'm not really a big fan of old animes, but this animation is amazing.