Ghost in the Shell (1995) Opening HD

Ghost in the Shell (known in Japan as Mobile Armored Riot Police: Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊 GHOST IN THE SHELL Kōkaku Kidōtai Gōsuto In Za Sheru)) is a 1995 anime science fiction film based on the manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. It was written by Kazunori Itō and directed by Mamoru Oshii, and stars the voices of Atsuko Tanaka, Akio Ōtsuka, and Iemasa Kayumi.

Song name: Making of Cyborg - Kenji Kawai

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Song name: Making of Cyborg - Kenji Kawai // Remember to like a subscribe for more anime openings and video game OSTs!
KitNip OG
KitNip OG:
This intro is a spiritual ritual
Damn, there's more quality animation in this intro than the entirety of the Netflix CG series....
Lovell Wilson
Lovell Wilson:
My first anime in '97 I was 8.... ever since then I've been entangled and obsessed with the dystopian future.
How to build your cyborg waifu
Sharni Hendry
Sharni Hendry:
Best anime film opening ever!
Chloe Marie Baker
Chloe Marie Baker:
The song combined with the diagetic sounds and the rolling clack of names of the film makers setting in place make for the most raw audio experience. Plus the animation and cinematography? The first three minutes set up the story so well and they don't even without even utter a word. Story telling at its finest.
Sterling Mallory Archer
Sterling Mallory Archer:
eating cereal never been more dramatic.
Carcinogenic Thalidomide
Carcinogenic Thalidomide:
Nothing beats this intro.
Jordan TRusso
Jordan TRusso:

"Because I had danced, the beautiful lady was enchanted
Because I had danced, the shining moon echoed

Proposing marriage, the god shall descend
The night clears away and the chimera bird will sing

Because I had danced, the beautiful lady was enchanted
Because I had danced, the shining moon echoed

Proposing marriage, the god shall descend
The night clears away and the chimera bird will sing."
Mark Was Here
Mark Was Here:
looks amazing for 1995 great remastering
Daniel M.
Daniel M.:
I'm guessing this is the chorus God had playing when he created Eve from The Rib of Wisdom In Adam
The appeal of ghost in the shell is lost in the comic book style of story telling thats done in the recent adaptations. Its a shame that people dumb this series down to a could of cyber punk gun fights when its much much more then that. Ghost in the shell done by mamoru oshi is like an invisible poem thats lost in a dark abyss full of infinite possibilities. Its an anime film series that is mind expanding for the uninitiated.
simdi jinkins
simdi jinkins:
Had to rewatch this to cleanse my eyes from sac 2045 opening
Man, did they just show us a How Its Made video without the narration?
F V:
This is a masterpiece by itself and it 's only the intro...
Mauro Presta
Mauro Presta:
The future is this.
Dreams of Paris
Dreams of Paris:
I have this on blu-Ray and I always get chills with this intro.
Caleb Fletcher
Caleb Fletcher:
10/10 would meld consciousness
Brandon Heat
Brandon Heat:
The 2020 Olympic Games
Japan : Opening Cermony or Parade Of Nations
Kenji Kawaii :
Conducts Orchestra
Ricardo Andino
Ricardo Andino:
This intro is a perfect introduccion to the movie is amazing.
Jonathan 25
Jonathan 25:
This anime is ahead of its time if you watched this anime ur one of the rare people. This is masterpiece
Thanks to Bulgarian folklore music for the inspiration of this song 🎶💕
Ghibli artist
Ghibli artist:
This is a classic anime with imagination of our future life with machines A+
Disciple of the Caped Baldy
Disciple of the Caped Baldy:
1:32 I always thought the little bit of movement in her fingers suggests that on some level she's conscious throughout this entire process.

One of the greatest intro sequences ever committed to a film, animated or otherwise.
Dawid Warszawski
Dawid Warszawski:
Listening this while looking at Tokyo night skyline
Priceless experience
Devan Illusive
Devan Illusive:
I got to the end and was like, "wait, don't stop! Theres a whole movie left."
blu menthal
blu menthal:
the cyborg manufacture workers must be really love their job.
Diana Harris
Diana Harris:
This intro is the most beautiful thing about this movie
Dennis C
Dennis C:
When The Matrix was born
Jonathan 25
Jonathan 25:
This anime is beyond of its time I miss this kind of genre and the atmosphere of cyberpunk also the animation
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Guadalupe Rangel lll:
I'm Unappreciated in every almost walk of life I'm real and I get nothing is hope somehow,and sadness,like omg please let there be no one like me.
Giudice Dredd
Giudice Dredd:
Ghost in the shell, Akira and Jin roh the best anime movie. Great teacher onizuka, initial d and attack on titan best anime
Ne0 Ferragam0
Ne0 Ferragam0:
I watched this movie for the first time yesterday and can definitely say the animation in this movie is dope. ESPECIALLY the tank scene, that entire thing alone is better then the crap SDS & DBS put out lol!!
1995 is a strange year to born into...
Ev Cros
Ev Cros:
Elle est passé ou l'autre musique qu'il y avait sur ces mêmes images ?
Betty Jean Horsley
Betty Jean Horsley:
Ghost in the Shell (1995) Intro S - Side of Sparta Remix [V2]
Christian Sarracín
Christian Sarracín:
I watched the remake, and I really expected heard this... Kind disappointing. But the film was more action. This one is more philosophic
la mejor intro para una obra maestra de la animacion y la musica te lleva aotro mundo solo con serrar los ojos
Elsa M.
Elsa M.:
love this anime but still think it is a some way sreepy
i like details, that details made you interesting
🙌...THE BEST ....🙌
Jonathan 25
Jonathan 25:
Now this is how you make anime.

This is the Cyberpunk Anime that introduce to humankind. The Greatest anime ever.
Bester Mann
Bester Mann:
Klangkarussell - Sternenkinder

You will lovin it...
Ghost Train
Ghost Train:
Chatuba de Mesquita version coming anytime?
Koni Keebi
Koni Keebi:
I really like the new ghost in the shell intro...that being said I’ve never seen anything from ghost in the shell but I really like the op I’ve heard the whole song and the video is lit. That is all
These vocals are godly.
Betty Jean Horsley
Betty Jean Horsley:
GTA ft Sam Bruno - Red Lips (Aero Chord Remix)
Guadalupe Rangel lll
Guadalupe Rangel lll:
So there you go.. baby girl comic..
I'm agent 54.
The Gent
The Gent:
The most beautiful movie opening ever.
Lambert theMaker
Lambert theMaker:
this is the type of opening that you can't get your eyes off for a second. Absolutely iconic
Incomparable perfection
Deb Roy
Deb Roy:
I just watched the whole movie and have to compete the whole series...I am amazed how beautifully they made it so many years's a masterpiece
Bombed Nevada
Bombed Nevada:
80s anime hit differently
Joshi Nirav
Joshi Nirav:
Why does this intro always scare the shit out of me?
Elysium 11
Elysium 11:
whos here from trippie redds the jungle book
Manuel Lozano Parra
Manuel Lozano Parra:
Máster piece 😍
Михаил Довбак
Михаил Довбак:
Блеск!!! 👏👏👏
Corey Burton
Corey Burton:
If only Cyberpunk 2077 could start up this way
Michaele M
Michaele M:
This is the best graphics back in 1995 right?
Bongo Katze
Bongo Katze:
I searched for this
Lunah Frye
Lunah Frye:
I love this OST
A.I. the SIGNAL:
楽しかたです。ありがとうございましたwww 私は攻殻機動隊が大好きですね〜 \(^o^)/
KezManian Devil
KezManian Devil:
I found a live ORCHESTRA of this exact track.......KENJI KAWAII Live Orchestra of Ghost In The Shell!!!
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson:
I wish that Motoko Kusanagi had actually been a military veteran who had been grievously injured and placed into a cyborg body. It would add more weight to her deliberations about whether or not she was a real person.
Tim Tam's
Tim Tam's:
Getting myself hyped for Cyberpunk still as chilling as ever this music, just bought a copy of the official LP release.
Mau The Cow
Mau The Cow:
This sounds so much like The Jungle Book by Trippe Redd lol
Avrage Trinidadian
Avrage Trinidadian:
This is like, the best opening credits ever...

Fight me
Gurgurgluk Astur
Gurgurgluk Astur:
ghost in the shell has at least, 100 years ahaids of its time...
Aidan Paulin
Aidan Paulin:
Came here from triple red
Angry HD
Angry HD:
Chills every time.
Basil Xanthis
Basil Xanthis:
Kenzi Kawai the Best!!!
Neon Genesis AMV
Neon Genesis AMV:
does anyone know the actual name of this op?
knock knock fuckoff
knock knock fuckoff:
Za Warudo Requiem
Za Warudo Requiem:
Guys i want to watch ghost in the Shell,do i have to watch this film or can i watch directly the anime from 2002 ?
Is this a genre of music cause I would love to kno the name
Sal J.
Sal J.:
I love the click clackety clack
paco ramon
paco ramon:
Angry hungarian noises.
Man, they just don't animate anime like this anymore. This is pure art.
James Crisp
James Crisp:
nobody gonna mention the matrix?
ThatOne Flygon
ThatOne Flygon:
How did we get from this to a persona song?

(I find nothing wrong with sac 2045's op, It's just so different to this.)
Deleted :
Deleted ::
Why does this feel like a yoko taro game
Sigo sin entender, porque las mentes brillantes detrás de la creación del robot decidieron darle pezones :v
I have this anime on my CD, still didnt watch it, more then 15 years :))
Sanchez Mandelbrot
Sanchez Mandelbrot:
looks like they were meant to be Nexus 6 's ........whyd thier fate change or..
Drop a tab or two and watch this. Thank me later 😏
Denzel Sugayan
Denzel Sugayan:
so who’s the ghost? who’s in the shell?
Dawid Warszawski
Dawid Warszawski:
Listening this multiple times while watching Tokyo at night from my balcony (shinjuku area)
Drank a few chuhai already (kirin apple 8% my favorite)
guilherme silveira
guilherme silveira:
Mind upload is impossible.
Fernando Herrera
Fernando Herrera:
This beat from murda
That's how powerful bulgarian womans can do singing together.
Arm4 Dill0
Arm4 Dill0:
Me and the boys building gunpla
Suspension of Disbelief
Suspension of Disbelief:
hongry life
hongry life:
I see Matrix combined with Westworld.
Mustafa Magal
Mustafa Magal:
The movie Akira is much better.