Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Ghost of Tsushima is an absolutely gorgeous open world action/adventure with incredible combat and clever solutions to longstanding issues in the genre, despite dropping the ball on the stealth side of its stealth/action split.


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“Lack of emotion” is cuz a true samurai never reveals his emotion
Im Japanese. I think This game is one of the most wonderful samurai game.
We can't why it is hated by media.
We feel author's respect.
Honestly, we think This game is better than samurai game made by Japanese.
I think author studied Japanese culture very hard.
Anyway, This game is very very verynice.
Nasri Rosman
Nasri Rosman:
The Assassin’s Creed setting we wanted but never got.
If you liked RDR2, Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid, or Batman Arkham Asylum do yourself a favor and get this game.
I got it today, and to anyone who is on the fence: IT IS WORTH IT. Trust me. And to answer some of you guys’ questions, it runs and looks incredibly well on the base PS4 and is 40gb.
No horse testies - 6/10 - IGN
This game was such a great ending for the PS4. I started with Infamous: Second Son and I end it with Ghost of Tsushima. Thank you Suckerpunch!
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman:
This game only having an 83 on Metacritic is absolutely criminal. What an astonishing game. The gameplay is so addicting and satisfying and the graphics are stunning and glorious. Looks like an epic painting at times. Stand offs are brilliant and will NEVER get old, the game has deeper mechanics than I ever would’ve imagined, and “boss fight” duels are glorious and intense. Game of the Year.
Tchello Valente
Tchello Valente:
Guys this is a masterpiece just get it..
smitty werbenjagermanjensen
smitty werbenjagermanjensen:
“We absolutely hated this game”. Ign- 10/10
Dheevesh Mungroo
Dheevesh Mungroo:
“No traditional level based stats progression” - sold.
This game is something I nearly overlooked. My brother pulled me into playing. I am so happy he did.
Peter J
Peter J:
Ign never fails to highlight the irrelevant while downplaying what the game actually is
Ace Carrier
Ace Carrier:
"It has a little something for everyone"
"The game makes you feel like a samurai"
Fart Tony
Fart Tony:
Fans: we want an Assassins Creed game set in Japan
Ubisoft: here are 5 more games set in Europe
Sucker Punch: 'Fine, I'll do it myself'
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams:
One of the best games I've played. its nearly a perfect game.
Farididdin Rahimov
Farididdin Rahimov:
Minute of silence for PC gamers.
Spooks For Hire
Spooks For Hire:
USA: Makes a action game in Feudal Japan
Japan: Y E S
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki:
The graphics and scenery of this game is beyond any i have played, i spend most of the time climbing mountains to watch the beautiful view while playing the flute, and the choice of honor fights and assassination is brilliantly portrayed, this game is so f*cking sick and don't mind the negative reviews from critics I seriously don't understand what pisses them off, this was a nice see off to ps 4😁
Amir Hodges
Amir Hodges:
This is the first game where the side quests and mini side quest didn't get repetitive like reading a book I always wanted to see what the next page of the story would tale.
Ranjan Nadig
Ranjan Nadig:
I'll sum up the review here:

It's got a little something for everyone. 9/10

Superior Spider-ManTM
Superior Spider-ManTM:
This makes me want a tenchu game
the dope house
the dope house:
They should do a lord of the rings game like this where you get to explore middle earth as gandalf or a ranger during the first age.....
Keenan McMullin
Keenan McMullin:
I cannot overstate how much i love the lack of a leveling system.
josh peck
josh peck:
He forgot to mention how fast the loading screen is, when you fast travel or start the game it never takes more then around 3 seconds, it's great!
Japanese gamers love this game
Purely interesting as a game
It’s true that the Mongolia attack

Japan is different from China or South Korea like Britain is different from France
武士道(Bushido)=samurai spirits !
Bushido is one of the spiritual pillars of Japan
Derick Stark
Derick Stark:
The emotion Jin possesses is revealed through his haikus and reflections in the hot springs....
Daniel Brongers
Daniel Brongers:
So technically, Ghost of Tsushima is a mixture of Assassin's Creed and the Batman: Arkham games, story and gameplay wise. I am sold!
Diego Fuentes
Diego Fuentes:
this reviewer did a splendid job. you can tell he thoroughly enjoyed this game and he didn't deduct points for not being able to cut bamboo trees or even if the game is too hard. he says the game has a depth and its challenging and beautiful game play makes this game worthy of playing. y'all should put this man on more reviews cuz props to him for a great and fair review.
A A:
I’m Japanese I’m sorry for Mongolian
Because in this game, Mongolian is bad enemy and samurai is right. So I always think what Mongolian think about this games. I hope Mongolian doesn’t get angry. I’m sorry for my poor English and thank you for reading my comments!
Oh... sorry😅 my name is not Japanese. I’m from Japanese!
Super Slovak
Super Slovak:
one time when me character woke up after a battle, he was sleeping on his horse like arthur sometimes does
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke:
I predict Joe is going to give it a BADASS seal of approval!
Easily one of the best games ever made.
Watch assassins creed finally jump into samurai settings next year after the success of this game...
Ted Pow
Ted Pow:
playing this while listening Liquid Swords · GZA
Amzari Black
Amzari Black:
The comments section is far different then tlou2 hahaha
Evan Sandel
Evan Sandel:
Resisted for 26 years but cannot any longer. Congrats Playstation. I"m yours now.
They keep pointing out how the actual game doesn't look like the e3 trailer as if they don't know that was ps5 footage.
Geralt of Riverwood
Geralt of Riverwood:
calling it right now, Dunkey's video is going to be called "Sushi-man" or something similar.
Sold my PS4 a couple years ago, this makes me want to buy another one
Isaiah Adams
Isaiah Adams:
I’m buying this game tomorrow
Brandon Byrd
Brandon Byrd:
Yo One Piece fans! Take a wild guess who's voicing Jin in the Japanese Dub
Edward E. Nygma
Edward E. Nygma:
I thought the stealth was great. Dont know what this guy is talking about
Where the hell are the dismemberments?! This is a Samurai game, beheadings are a staple, gorammit!
IGN be like: Ghost of Tsushima makes you FEEL like a samurai.
Riley Sparta
Riley Sparta:
When you find out you can pet the fox I just went from loving this game too really loving this game ...... If you couldn’t tell foxes are my favorite
Ellioo 45
Ellioo 45:
Looks like a phenomenon game to play especially since I loved Horizon Zero Dawn
When infamous second son came out my son was 1 years old. He is now almost 7 and he is being completely ignored this weekend just like all those years ago.....ahhhh the nostalgia
Hadi Pawar
Hadi Pawar:
Ghost of Sekiro: The Assasins wild hunt. 'Should've been the title of the game'.
Mad Cat
Mad Cat:
Playing this at the moment and absolutely love it
C- Dogg
C- Dogg:
The fact that I can super kick someone off a building is all I need to decide to purchase this game lmao
Karol Piegat
Karol Piegat:
This game doesnt force you to kill dogs

Samuel Asare
Samuel Asare:
This graphics is gonna make my base Ps4 fly out of my window
Indrajit Das
Indrajit Das:
im in love with that kick. that makes me wanna play this game
Václav Trojánek
Václav Trojánek:
Playing without Japan language Is a sin xD
Marcello Peña
Marcello Peña:
2:54 SHAWN MICHAELS WOULD BE PROUD...xD... that was so funny... I love this game
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr:
OMG, this is amazing! Will totally be "Let's playing this!"
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman:
If UBI soft made it, they would just named it " Assassin's Creed: Ghost of Tsushima"
Mas Ram
Mas Ram:
I got this game and love it so far, highly recommend it!
Broseph The Conqueror
Broseph The Conqueror:
2:57 You say sweet chin music, I say the handsome devil of the hidden leaf village, Rock Lee’s Lotus Kick.... we are not the same
Aaz Art
Aaz Art:
Ghost of Tsushima the Japanese warrior ✊9/10 I'm going to buy it
“It makes you feel like a samurai”
Shout out my boy Mitch!
Steven Lai
Steven Lai:
How come tlou2 gets a 10 but this actual masterpiece is only a 9. Seems like sucker punch spent the entirety of their budget on the game and forgot to give IGN a wire.
Electro Wizard
Electro Wizard:
"you'll be surrounded by bunch of angry men with sharp objects" this got me 🤣
This game is an easy 10/10 for me.
But I think this was a great and fair review of the game. Touched on most strong and weak points!
“I would love to see IGN survive in YouTube today. Their reviews would never survive the climate today.”
Gian Peter Borejon
Gian Peter Borejon:
Jin: *is discovered*
Enemy: WHO'S THERE!?
Also Jin: *crouches*
Enemy: Must have been the wind.
Jake Games
Jake Games:
"It makes you feel like batman"
itsss skinerrr
itsss skinerrr:
That's why I'll buy this game next year after they patch everything up 😂
" it has a little something for everybody"
after seeing how amazing the graphics are in this game im even more excited to see the graphics possible with the PS5!
um um
um um:
Just finished this game, it was truly incredible and had incredible respect for Japanese culture and history, I don’t understand how these people on twitter have the audacity to say it appropriated Japanese culture, just because it was made by westerners. If people only made games set in the their own country and culture, imagine how boring today’s entertainment would be.
Next Level Entertainment
Next Level Entertainment:
This game will get my full support, AC Valhalla can go and die in its own pile of microtransactions.
Ronin Editor
Ronin Editor:
I've been waiting lifetime for a game like this. It's absolutely perfect.
Bought it on a whim and it’s phenomenal, 10/10 would recommend. I wanna see Act Man play it and review it, it definitely deserves the “awesome” title.
Ulrich Leukam
Ulrich Leukam:
This is one of the best reviews in IGN: He actually explained the pro and Cons and the score was appropriate. Well done!
Shadow Raider
Shadow Raider:
This game is a masterpiece enough said👏👏
Smoothie Machine
Smoothie Machine:
Ending almost had me crying one of the greatest games ive ever played will do another run through soon .
"When you get stronger it's not because invisible numbers go up" as it literally shows "Life increased" on screen... couldn't have placed that line any worse than that lol
Kondwani Mwale
Kondwani Mwale:
The West: Fastest hand in the west
Japan: Fastest hand in the East also.
Sen. Steven Armstrong
Sen. Steven Armstrong:
“No level progression”

Shots fired Ubisoft
Finnieboy 1203
Finnieboy 1203:
Finally a game without levels, i hate the number system it should go
Indrajit Das
Indrajit Das:
how did they make the graphics so beautiful and gorgeous, i wanna know
Leon S. Kennedy
Leon S. Kennedy:
I recommend listening to Nujabes while playing this game. The beautiful gameplay and listening to Nujabes' beautiful songs is a match made in Heaven.
My sister's friend worked on the lighting for the game, so I've really enjoyed being able to see news release about the game and hear him go "I worked on that bit!"
KreSuS Gaming
KreSuS Gaming:
The game is gorgeous. I've been playing it for 10 hours, can't stop.
Ruthless 5454
Ruthless 5454:
Now that I've leveled up with some tactics, I dont mind the lack of a lock on. I'm enjoying this gem
Best game this year. Messed up every other game i try to play. Nothings entertaining after playing this for me.
One very well done review. I like the enthusiasm. Makes me almost excited for videogames again.
"No level progression" and actual upgrades

Automatically sold!! That is all I needed to hear. I want this for every open world non-rpg game going forward.
Whatever Bro
Whatever Bro:
Rd2 And this game are absolutely amazing
Absolutely beautiful world, immersing story, epic character development 10/10 Masterpiece!
koreanGZUZ 94
koreanGZUZ 94:
“Ghost of Sushi?...”
youngsta man
youngsta man:
These ads gotta leave me alone I already bought the game 😂
Vir Ajmani
Vir Ajmani:
9 out of 10. What a relief. Glad this game is amazing.
Kartikeya Ahlawat
Kartikeya Ahlawat:
Why do I always buy the game and then watch the review while it’s downloading 🤦‍♂️
shyam prasad yedla
shyam prasad yedla:
EA: Single player games are dead
also EA: I won't learn. OK
Alvaro Olaechea
Alvaro Olaechea:
playing this game now, amazing game! cant get enough!!!