Ghost of Tsushima Review - Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Pro Gameplay

Since the #GhostofTsushima release date is almost upon us, we've spent the last few weeks exploring every far flung corner of Tsushima island’s staggering open world on PS4 Pro to bring you our review. Here’s our spoiler-free impressions of Ghost of Tsushima. #GhostofTsushimaGameplay #GhostofTsushimaPS4Pro

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Simp Elton
Simp Elton:
Nothing excites me more than sitting naked in a hot spring whilst reflecting on my uncle.
Orlando Power
Orlando Power:
I don’t care what anyone says I’m playing this until my PS4 juts implodes.
Odd review...
'It's cookie cutter - but we don't mind'
'The world is empty - but it's beautiful'
'The missions are all the same - but we didn't notice'

What is this, a platter of a compliment sandwiches...
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Assassin's creed fans begging for a Japanese setting:

This game: We gotchu fam
GB Barroa
GB Barroa:
I just hate it when a game finally lets me unlock the best skills and equipment, only for me to realize that the game is already winding up and you have only a couple of hours of gameplay left anyway. I think it's good you get to unlock these skills relatively quickly and the game let's you play with them as long as you would like.
Cid Ignis
Cid Ignis:
Hmm many criticism on its repetitiveness, but all Open World games are like this...heck...all games get repetitive after a while.
I wonder if Valhalla, the next open world game will get this kinda criticism when it comes out on Nov. 17
Brandon Jackson
Brandon Jackson:
This will surely hold me over until Cyberpunk. The two games I NEED. I seriously can't wait until Friday.
K McGee
K McGee:
I mean wouldn't the world in this time/era feel empty? There weren't city's and shit everywhere back then so that's one complaint I'm not to worried about. And repetitiveness is basically every single game.
Teh Venom
Teh Venom:
This is going to be a fun game.
Wrath_ Of_Thrawn
Wrath_ Of_Thrawn:
Wow crazy the amount of people in these comments who got an early copy and finished it
This game is freaking awesome! I have been playing it for hrs!!!! It’s freaking amazing!!!!!
My first playthrough:
Daytime - Honorable Samurai
Nighttime - Dishonorable Ghost
Alex b
Alex b:
That is one impossibly smooth behind.
Craig Southern
Craig Southern:
9:47 Preordered based on that duel alone.... The sound as jin clicks is sword out, I'm sold!!
Looks beautiful . Gonna spend enough time to see every detail .
Jay TheMyth
Jay TheMyth:
The combat looks extremely satisfying.
Philly Jackson
Philly Jackson:
Already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition can't wait.
One thing I’ve never liked about reviews are the ones that will cast aside storytelling and gameplay and just complement how the game looks. I don’t get why some people care so much about how a game looks. Sure it’s nice but I’ve not bought a single game based on how it looks. Usually how it looks is the last thing I look at. For me it’s gameplay first then storytelling and after like 20 more things then how the game looks.
I'm not here
I'm not here:
Still looks amazing. Repetition is nothing new in ow games.
Thomas Murch
Thomas Murch:
I do like the idea of a company getting so tired of waiting for Assassin's Creed: Japan that they went and made it themselves!
6:05 giving me a Sekiro vibe from Fountainhead Palace when your just about to face the Divine Dragon boss
Now I can live out my Samurai fantasies finally.
5:05 Well, shoulda seen that coming. He had the high ground.
wasi gupito budiarto
wasi gupito budiarto:
Ghost of Tsushima 2 : Second Invasion of Mongol and Kamikaze (divine wind), only for PS5
Maybe, haha
Paul Lomax
Paul Lomax:
I think with a genre as well trod as this, it would be hard to make a game feel original without departing too far from the tropes such that it no longer fits the setting. Looks like they nailed the 'old samurai movie' aesthetic so despite the shortcomings highlighted here, I'm still interested. Thanks for the details Aoife!
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat:
Love japan so I can't wait for this
Cavava Cava
Cavava Cava:
K J:
The hype is real!
Orlando Power
Orlando Power:
10:59 yea that’s pretty much what I want to do I also wanna make a battousai kenshin himura.
DEKSEL 2000:
4:52 The guy in the back was like, im outa here.
Probably Skerrim
Probably Skerrim:
7:26 that's the same as a lot of The Witcher 3 to be fair. And everyone praises that game like mad. 😂
Tim Keuben
Tim Keuben:
A complete magical moment at 2:10 that reminds me of Todd Howard presenting Oblivion on the Xbox360 saying; This was not possible on previous generations.
Damn this game looks amazing. A dream come true.
Graphics look amazing and looks next generation with all those particle effects.
Mill3r on fir3 Gaming
Mill3r on fir3 Gaming:
hope for story DLC or maybe part 2 they do the second invasion many years later
Holy graphics... Looks stunning!

Edit: Okay, I didn't need to see Jin's ass.
G Nation
G Nation:
I'm gonna use the last of my overheating loud ps4's memory to play the shit out of this😂
Huy Tran
Huy Tran:
If this sells chingon then the sequel will improve on next gen! 🔥🔥🔥 This is going to be a fun samurai experience! 🎮
Remember that these reviews are very early, the final game will be updated with several patches on the official release day.
So it sound like it's essentially the same shortcomings of AC:Odyssey: Big and beautiful but bloated and kind of shallow.
EDIT: Disregard this, the ACG review in particular changed my mind. Game (apparently) has enough polish and respects the player's time that previous open-world tropes are essentially removed!
Riccardo Loffi
Riccardo Loffi:
is beautyfull,well done sp
Skipping this one would be foolish.
Pretty much the last PS4 exclusive and open-world game for my PS4.. Let's go!
Michael Tewell
Michael Tewell:
Imagine this with Team Deathmatch lol
At 5:02 Not sure why they even engaged him. He had the higher ground.

P.S. Reviewer has a very soothing voice
Iceman Cometh
Iceman Cometh:
I hope we get a ninja outfit complete with hood and mask
I can't wait till Fri-Yay!!
Super excited for this game. It reminds me of Mad Max on PS4. Yes it can be buggy and repetitive at times but the detailed sandbox environment and photo capture mode combined alone gave me hours of endless fun. I'll never forget fighting a group of bad guys and screenshotting when my critical blow landed. Safe to say, I will be doing the same with ghost. Heck, ill probably even just spend the first 10 hours doing that alone !!
Your Comment Changes Nothing
Your Comment Changes Nothing:
Samurai were world class archers. The name translates to the way of the horse & bow. Not the way of the sword
October 2017? Thank god I didnt hear about it back then or the wait would have been WAY longer
I don’t ever finish these games anyway.
Matthew Sano
Matthew Sano:
"Who needs that when the vadt open world of Tsushima looks like this..."

Me: "WTF? That doesn't look very good"

I then realize youtube on my phone was auto selecting 480p for some reason.
محمد الزيري
محمد الزيري:
4:19 i did not see this coming
Master Yoda
Master Yoda:
Bruh I can't wait for this
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
Rdr2 vibes can’t wait for this game
Alexander Sinco
Alexander Sinco:
I think that if you want more depth and challenge then there's always Sekiro and the Nioh series. This looks like a beautiful and more friendly approach to those two action rpg games.
The aesthetic of this game, and the setting really appeals to me. I understand the criticisms on repetition (a lot of open world games have this problem) and it's a shame there isn't variation in the animations or side quests (especially when games like The Witcher 3 show how good side quests can be). That said, if this plays like a pre-RPG Assassin's Creed, I'm going to love it thanks to the setting. I'm not so worried about historical accuracy myself (unless you start unlocking guns!). Really enjoyed both Chris' and Aoife's perspectives on this game, and I'm still really looking forward to playing it on Friday. And if it ends up being a little bit lighter and less intense than TLOU2 (which I loved) then that's OK by me! Great video, thank you 😁
Thanks for the great review Aoife! I'm holding out to hear how the Japanese voice track is translation wise so, I'm still on the fence about this one but, given how stunning it looks I may pick it up eventually just to run around in it.
Rachel Tarava
Rachel Tarava:
This game looks so good
I just can't wait to play it
It's snowing on mount fuji
Rachel Tarava
Rachel Tarava:
They're letting you name your horse? "I have a bad feeling about this"
Simon Dearing
Simon Dearing:
No good open world game is complete without corpses hanging from trees.
Burke Herrick
Burke Herrick:
I would like to point out that the first three notes played by the Japanese flute are the first the three notes of Luke's theme in Star Wars.
Kris Koubou
Kris Koubou:
It looks nice.a lot of customization options.wish it had hair and facial hair options.i ll spend many hours with ghost for sure.
Xeno 145
Xeno 145:
0:36 reminds me of Velen😅
Sink into the pool
Seymour Butts the Samurai
The bubbles are free
Ha, and you thought RDR2 had to many GB'S.
I've been watching lots of Kurosawa films and stuff like the Lone Wolf and Cub series in the lead up to this so i'm hyped and ready to get lost in this beautiful world.
Hope we get a stream from Aoife too sometime :)
Arvin Cyriac
Arvin Cyriac:
Wait so did this review just spoil the game for me 😂
10:16 coolness is all I want in a samurai game and this does it better than I ever could’ve imagined.
Just Chilling
Just Chilling:
This here is worth my $60 dollar
Damn looks smooth
jay lango
jay lango:
Hopefully this lives up to the hype
Michael Russell
Michael Russell:
Kinda wish I had a 4k tv for this game :0
i thought this was going to be a review not an explanation
Cursed Kitteh
Cursed Kitteh:
That Hero Of Tsushima Skin Set Look So Sick If I Can Colour It From Blue To Black
Alistatiora aka Ali
Alistatiora aka Ali:
I'm going to play this game until I am turned into a ghost. Then I'm going to keep haunting whoever finds my body until they continue the game.
TNL Capo Lean
TNL Capo Lean:
can finally set aside dmc5 and god of war
(looks over at microsoft xbox one)
U good bro? You gonna cry?
Lin Richardson
Lin Richardson:
Love getting the opinions of the video team in proper reviews. More of this please.
Call OfDuty
Call OfDuty:
Cant wait to play this awsome game!
Lukáš Zapletal
Lukáš Zapletal:
30 FPS on Pro I assume?
Thomas Cremascoli
Thomas Cremascoli:
This game has its charms and, in my opinion, the serene and calm moments are added to make you reflect how the protagonist changes during the story. Like many open world games, it has its flaw like repetitive side missions, interactions and repeated assets but that's the genre formula. I could agree that maybe Sucker Punch could have waited a little more to try polish the edges, but overall the game seems smooth and good looking. Honestly I won't play it (because I don't own a PS4), but I can see it as a refreshing touch in the open world market due to its unique charms like the wind mechanics as way points. On a scale from 0 to 10, my first impression is a solid 7.
OMG. I'm glad they changed the bow and arrow kill animation.
Jenny Tull
Jenny Tull:
“Can takes a photo at any time”. Me: In the middle of battle “Wait” enters photo mode, moves the camera around to find the best look, takes the photo “alright lets go” and dies 😋
Heyo Jayo
Heyo Jayo:
Awww sorry to hear GoT suffers from 2nd Son formula. Do one district then repeat ad naseum. Thats the one thing that bugged me about 2nd Son. Wish they could've varied the formula since this been cooking for 6 years.
Muhamad Faiq
Muhamad Faiq:
Yes they have Japanese audio
Abraham Lincoln23
Abraham Lincoln23:
Paul White
Paul White:
Expecting too much depth for a Sucker Punch game. It’s all about the spectacle and gameplay loops. Going to be good.
QUESTION -- its this game 30 fps 4K BS - or 1080p 60 fps on the ps4 pro????
Anor Londo
Anor Londo:
This game will have Japanese Audio too, right!? No way I’m playing a Japanese game without Japanese Audio
Nite Lite
Nite Lite:
Hey Eurogamer, at some level could it be argued that Ghosts of Tsushima has the same visual aesthetics as Red Dead Redemption II? Plus, which would you say is a more immersive experience out of the two? Great vid :)
Cuchara & Tenedor
Cuchara & Tenedor:
Look beautifull. But come on OMG that animation in combat puaj ???
Mellow yellow
Mellow yellow:
And for ac Valhalla they want u to recruit a cat to be a raider
Compare this with assassin's creed Valhalla there's a big difference!!!
Birds are not that helpful 4:20 that's a bummer.
Harvey Field
Harvey Field:
Assassins creed:japan
Ben _p
Ben _p:
I makes me so mad that when I played a game like red dead 2 I can’t count the amount of times I rode a lost Woman back Into town but when it’s a game of red dead 2s popularity nobody bats an eye at things like repetitive encounters but it’s one of the main points of this review.
It's already an 84 on Metacritic! That is actually an awesome score for Metacritic.
jammo2002uk jammo2002uk
jammo2002uk jammo2002uk:
Calling my horse Roach.
uthank pettukola
uthank pettukola:
It looks so good
BengeJ Uknowit
BengeJ Uknowit:
Gonna end up like the last samurai Tom Cruise style!