Giant Bomb Talks Over: State of Play Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy takes a journey to the WILD WILD WEST!

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Giant Bomb
Giant Bomb:
Note that I go into Horizon: Zero Dawn's storyline a bit around 4:30 - 5:30 in this video! Sorry if anyone hasn't played it but there are some spoilers there if you're trying to avoid them, sorry!
Baconator Rodriguez
Baconator Rodriguez:
Kudos to Jan. Strong showing to all without Jeff.
Brad and Vinny have really let themselves go. They don't even look the same as they did before the pandemic.
Jonathan Bzovsky
Jonathan Bzovsky:
Jan is a fantastic host.
NoClip is rad upon rad.
Brad will be missed but G-Bomb is mightily rad, too.
The Frozen Wilds is actually quite important in terms of story. It contains a massive info dump when you meet that other AI which basically gives the player a full account of what has happened and fills in many blanks.
I wanted to touch on that.

Aloy has been an outcast pretty much since birth, she was isolated from any sort of civilized human interaction, isolated by her tribe who refuses to talk to outcasts. It makes sense for her to talk to herself a lot, perhaps maybe to cope with loneliness or it's kinda habit of hers since she's been isolated for so long.
Can we all just be glad Erend didn't pull a Christopher Walken with that thing for Aloy?
So, in Horizon Forbidden West time period, the "Raiders" have moved back to Oakland...again?
This crew has a really nice balance. Jan still killin the host game! Great job, y’all!
Alex Dutt
Alex Dutt:
Hell yeah this is exactly the content I need for my Friday!
Reminds me of how good Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was.
Joshua Barnett
Joshua Barnett:
So far only Kinda Funny has pointed out Lombard Street in this demo. It's like my favorite detail in this whole thing
G Camel
G Camel:
They need a 60fps patch for Horizon on ps5. This game deserves it.
Gerd Peeters
Gerd Peeters:
yes i want my armor back for this game 😂😂
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards:
It's like Horizon 1 but just improved in every area in some aspect, which is exactly what I think I want and what you generally can expect from a first sequel. The first game was great and this one will be too.
CleafPlays 🎮
CleafPlays 🎮:
Jan is a G 🔥
After the forbidden west trailer, i just had to reinstall og horizon zero dawn on ps5!
It does have perf mode, but iam pretty sure its still not 60fps.
Its good enough tho.
New game plus here i come...after ive finished frozen wilds anyway.
Funny reaction! Awesome game hyped!!
Usman Tariq
Usman Tariq:
Jan is the BOMB love the westcoast intro!!!
PS5 Only
PS5 Only:
Matt Rorie for some reason reminding me abit of Michael Keaton mannerisms here 👍
Kolin Soots
Kolin Soots:
HZD was by far my favorite game of all time. (yes I probably need to play more games but most likely my opinion wouldn't change. Horizon is my style)
turtle 15
turtle 15:
Never heard of this channel but I'm glad I found it 👍
soggy socks
soggy socks:
20:13 ya could have just ran towards the water...
GB in da heezy!
Great show guys!
Developers need to do away with limited invintory.
9:03 What? Sony already put Demon's Souls out as a PS5 exclusive and Ratchet is coming in two weeks.
Justin Myers
Justin Myers:
This is gonna rule on my base ps4
One of the best gameplay reaction + analysis in the whole of youtube. These guys know their stuff. And I have watched 50+ reactions of this gameplay.
arsalan ali
arsalan ali:
Those numbers on the bottom of the 5 hour wait video are coordinates for the game
No matter what "smart" things you could do in combat, in the end all weapons were made useless by the ropecaster and the slingshot. if NMEs did dont know you are there, spam explosive ropes wherever (long boring process), let yourself be seen and just watch how they all run into your trap and die on a pile. when you are in a situation in which that is no option, just blast em with bombs from the slingshot and they fall rather quickly as well, no matter what parts you shoot at. this made the combat boring and extremely repetitive.
Giantbomb Forbidden West 😁
Sean Weng
Sean Weng:
I hope there would be a T-Rex machine
Tubby custard!
Starts at 15:55
As much as they talk up the first game, I still get a little upset how fast it was dismissed in their GOTY discussions that year. Not that it didn't win an award, but that it was immediately discarded in almost every category and not even brought up for story.
High Speed Steel
High Speed Steel:
For the algorithm
Gotta say...if Rorie & the Irishman becomes a regular. I might give this site another year.
Hi Rorie!
John Nada
John Nada:
Not a big fan of horizon but if the game really looks like that i´ll buy a ps5 to play that game
Christian B.
Christian B.:
So ist Danny now a full-on giantbomb employee? What's happening to his documentary channel?
Ralph 24
Ralph 24:
Ratchet is ps5 only
Thomas Goodband
Thomas Goodband:
No Jeff today?
who is that on jeffy b's shirt?
Ryan Hays
Ryan Hays:
I’m here for Jan’s hair.
Is it me or does anytime there are lots of references to San Francisco in games it always seem like massive pandering to games journalists/media? "Remember this from where you live? Please like our game!"
Oleh Shumytskyi
Oleh Shumytskyi:
I think the premise in Horizon Zero Dawn is quite interesting but side quests and main story narration are pretty mediocre by all means.
Walfisken Games
Walfisken Games:
That sure looked more linear than the first game, but the graphics and music were amazing!
Eric Golden
Eric Golden:
purple meter is her focus bar
Rogue Persona
Rogue Persona:
22 at best. Think about it. Price of ps5 games pre owned or new dived so quickly because their are no peeps to sell them too. Why release a game like this if they can’t get enough buyers
Phil Fischetti
Phil Fischetti:
Is this testing the waters for a, someday, Gerstman-less Giant Bomb?
Nword Sizzurphands
Nword Sizzurphands:
Horizon's narrative and dialogue were middling and not very dynamic. The stock villain wasn't characterized very well and there wasn't any romance. The characters look culturally diverse and interesting but they all might as well be stick figures. It's world did not engross me or make it's concept plausible
Paul Wade
Paul Wade:
I don’t know what Giant Bomb is anymore.
Horizon Zero Dawn was a bad game. The combat was clunky. The animations in the side quests (of which there were waaaaay too many of) were awful. The open world was just a time waste that made it take an hour to get from one main quest to another. The story, enemy design and world building were all good but the issues it had weigh it down so heavily that I don't see how anyone even managed to finish that game.
the racism omg
hutch boy
hutch boy:
this game is so boring