Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings

Gigi Hadid opens up to Jimmy about experiencing her first pregnancy in quarantine and why she sobbed uncontrollably when she received a surprise birthday cake from the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

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Gigi Hadid Confirms Her First Pregnancy and Shares First Cravings


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Mason Blue
Mason Blue:
“my dad is zayn malik and my mom is gigi hadid” the power that has wow
Renata Fernandez
Renata Fernandez:
The genetics of this baby are going to be crazy!
that khushi
that khushi:
This kid is gonna say “ I’m part British,Pakistani,Palestinian,Dutch,part American” look at the damn diversity tho
Imetchi Kim
Imetchi Kim:
Imagine her uncles and aunties could be Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, & One direction
Sophie Knaapen
Sophie Knaapen:
This child isn’t even born yet and it’s already calling me ugly
Syaini Nur Aniza Putri
Syaini Nur Aniza Putri:
zayn and gigi’s unborn child is already prettier and richer than i’ll ever be
Unofficially Tom Hardy
Unofficially Tom Hardy:
*You're old when you realize that half of the kids of One Direction are fathers* 😑
Olivia Black
Olivia Black:
Zayn has now been promoted from daddy to baby daddy.
Imagine if the child cries at the middle of the night. Gigi doesn’t even need to be worried. Zayn voice= Lullaby 😇
Ariel MelodyXX
Ariel MelodyXX:
Imagine the jawline this kid is going to have. [ 1 month later : thank you for all the likes❤👉👈]
Jenifer Anjali
Jenifer Anjali:
I bet zayn would be there just sitting and watching her with a smile on his face.
Valerie Ong
Valerie Ong:
That baby is going to be like “ my mum is Gigi Hadid , my dad is Zayn Malik ,my aunt is Bella Hadid, my uncle is anwar Hadid, my other aunt is Dua Lipa, my other uncles are Harry Styles , Louis Tomlinson , Liam Payne and Niall Horan. My godmother is Kendall Jenner” damn that power 🤯
Anjli Patial
Anjli Patial:
Who is here after baby Zigi,s birth🎇
Her fingers are so long and pretty. Even her fingers alone could be models.
Eva Belle
Eva Belle:
TMZ is so incredibly rude for announcing her pregnancy
Aditi Krishna
Aditi Krishna:
“My mom is Gigi Hadid, my dad is Zayn Malik, my uncles are one direction and the weekend and my auntie is Dua Lipa!!”

The person listening to this : 👁👁
t h i l l i
t h i l l i:
Everyone during quarantine: god this so boring.. Theres literally nothing to do..😫

Zayn and gigi: oh let's make a baby..
Aura B
Aura B:
I really hope they don’t name their kid something stupid like X Æ A-12 🙄
Marianna Estrada
Marianna Estrada:
this baby already called me ugly in three different languages
Kanhapich Virak
Kanhapich Virak:
Just imagine... “I’m British Pakistani Irish Dutch American Palestinian.” Damn.
Theloved OneZ
Theloved OneZ:
Gigi looks so happy, wishing her and the baby are healthy. She is so beautiful without trying too hard.
hebou 1903
hebou 1903:
child: "my parents are Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid"

me: I asked who your parents were, and not to remind me I'm ugly.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan:
Literally the perfect time for her to have a baby being a model, she’s not missing out on any gigs and she can get her body right after the baby if she wants to continue modeli
Nandini Sharma
Nandini Sharma:
Zayn is gonna be a father.....its soo cool i feel old now
Bri Nelson
Bri Nelson:
her voice doesn’t sound like i thought it would
She can finally eat cake now... remember in housewives when yolanda would only let her have a bite?
lucky summer
lucky summer:
louis named his son frediee ( not that bad just reminds me of fnaf)
liam named is son bear ( really dude?)
hope zayn doesn't name his child grizzly or something else😂
Anju Verma
Anju Verma:
I couldn't imagine someone hating on her
*She's pure as heaven*
Sherin Feras
Sherin Feras:
Baby without being born got attention by everyone.
But i for 20 years even noticed by none.
Its ok im comforting myself.
World is big just run .
Her personality is so adorable and she's so pretty! That fetus inside her womb is genetically lucky
Stop stalking me
Stop stalking me:
The baby isn’t even born yet and already has a 4.0 GPA
r e n c y
r e n c y:
It’s so sad that she and Zayn didn’t get to announce the pregnancy in their own way
Mia Leigh J
Mia Leigh J:
I imagine when the baby starts walking, it must be like a catwalk model
Fiona Connolly
Fiona Connolly:
Why is no one talking about her hilarious impression of the cake boss?? so funny
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
Can’t even imagine how the baby will look like coming out
her face looks like she can’t contain her happiness 🥺 she seems like she will be a great mom and ofc Zayn will be a great dad
the baby has already called me ugly in 5000 languages without being born.
pink clouds on a starry night
pink clouds on a starry night:
Not to ruin everyone’s excitement but it frustrates me that when a girl has a baby everyone always says it’s they man’s child instead of saying it’s their child or whatever
Hannah Villahermosa
Hannah Villahermosa:
I wish Yolanda lets her eat whatever she wants now LMAO
Kate Douglass
Kate Douglass:
Anyone here after she had the baby??
Miss Violet
Miss Violet:
Shes so simply and humble. Thats why i love her.
Abera Adnan
Abera Adnan:
The baby isn't even born yet and it already called me ugly
R İ:
This child started life ten steps ahead. Think about it, father Zayn, mother Gigi, aunt Bella, uncle Anwar, her sister Dua Lipa, grandma Yolanda
oseirudute okojie
oseirudute okojie:
Did anyone else see gigi's pregnancy glow?
Just imagine their kid being asked who their parents are. 😌😌
I thought it was fake, I'm surprised she's pregnant now on top of her Career and didn't wait until she was in her 30's but anyway, good for her I guess.
Selena Y.
Selena Y.:
I feel like her and Zayn are at that age to have kids compared to other celebrities that have babies at 19-25. Just my honest thoughts
Stop stalking me
Stop stalking me:
I’m gonna go eat it something, by the time I come back this better have an odd amount of likes.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
Its so sad that the pregnancy wasnt announced on their own terms and some horrible person had to expose their business 😒
Chaahat Shah
Chaahat Shah:
Okay so this randomly pops into my reccomendations on the VERY day their baby is born...

anyone here after their baby...........................nope just me ok lol
Haya Alhosani
Haya Alhosani:
That one lucky baby at school be like “my dad is zayn Malik and was in one direction and my mom is Gigi hadid and models for Tommy Hilfiger and other brands” how lucky 😭❤️
Farida Fattakhova
Farida Fattakhova:
Being directioner a lot of years and see how boys become dads makes me feel myself very very happy and proud.
Aleshka Melissa
Aleshka Melissa:
*Gigi is pregnant with Zayn Malik’s child” - the last thing I would’ve imagined reading during 2020
diyz cool
diyz cool:
Who is here after the birth of their baby girl😍
Joy of digital painting
Joy of digital painting:
Only 2 things will be remembered in future from the year 2020
-Gigi and Zayn’s baby and
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
I feel like her and Zayn are at that age to have kids compared to other celebrities that have babies at 19-25. Just my honest thoughts
Harry Styles
Harry Styles:
when she said bakery
my mind: " i woRK in A bAKEry"
it's sad that she didn't get to announce it with Zayn, she was just confirming it.
Abby Pratt
Abby Pratt:
This child is going to be like the most attractive child ever like imagine the power the kid will have
Taniya Lakwal
Taniya Lakwal:
And now i'm here again, after the baby arrived😍...
Asang lkr
Asang lkr:
Jimmy looks like he just woke up and had to have this interview..imao
We took a chónce
We took a chónce:
The power this child will have just by saying “my mom is Gigi Hadid and my dad is Zayn Malik”. This baby is going to rule the world
awww the new end card of jimmy’s family with his wife and winnie and franny! ❤️
kaniz mowla
kaniz mowla:
Anyone after zigi's baby actually born??
Vaibhav Phuloria
Vaibhav Phuloria:
If that kid grew up to be an ugly child😂😂😂man that would be hilarious.
ben lenny
ben lenny:
who’s here after they had the baby? so excited for them!!!
firdaous toumi
firdaous toumi:
the fact tat she is wearing his jacket is adorable
clarence camingue
clarence camingue:
but I was supposed to be zayn's future wife 😭
Jonas Ricalde
Jonas Ricalde:
Plot twist: The child look like harry🤣❤️
Yemtitola noksen 189
Yemtitola noksen 189:
All we need to do now is pray for her child to be born healthy, good luck gigi and zayn, love you both
Farrah Muti
Farrah Muti:
lol imagine being related to a lot of famous people. that child's gonna be spoiled
Jelena Sipic
Jelena Sipic:
this baby hasn't even been born yet and they're already winning in life
Diya _directioner
Diya _directioner:
I'm here after she is a mom❤️
God bless the little princess ❤️❤️❤️
Taylor M
Taylor M:
Sometimes I forget her actual age, she looks like a teenager
I’m so so happy for Zayn he’s literally just living his best life and I’m so proud and Gigi is such a sweetheart I’m so happy for the both but the baby is already calling me ugly
Rebecca Almeida
Rebecca Almeida:
shes so down to earth and jimmy is making her so comfortable it makes me feel like im just on a facetime call with two of my bestfriends lmaooo
Shannon Gabriella
Shannon Gabriella:

*Zayn and Gigi:* as Mommy and Daddy
*Bella, Anwar, Dua Lipa, and The Weeknd:* as Aunts and Uncles

oh wait!! we forgot the other four uncles;
Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall....

the kid’s not even born yet and i’m already so jealous!!

anyways, so happy for the whole family for this beautiful news :)
swapnil Dasgupta vlogs
swapnil Dasgupta vlogs:
Who is here after the baby is born 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ali Waris
Ali Waris:
Their child is gonna be a luckiest and most of beautiful on earth ♥️
*GIGI:* Yep, I had a bagel cake for my birthday..

latex gloves
latex gloves:
the way gigi’s personality really shines in this video and she just looks like a normal girl facetiming her friend i LOVE it
malin malin
malin malin:
it’s kinda sad she couldn’t announce it herself and tmz did it:(
Zara Mobeen
Zara Mobeen:
Imagine when the baby cries and zayn sings to him oh my God 🥺
tania najera
tania najera:
Let’s take a moment to admire how she just literally said Word for Word the entire intro to cake boss ! Love it!!! 🙌🏽
snowchild -
snowchild -:
Omg I love her so much, she deserves this happiness 😭👏
EE La:
So DADDY Zayn is official 🤤
khalid lala
khalid lala:
Imagine the kid one day having to send in his/her parents for Career Day. 😁
Abdulrahman gaisy
Abdulrahman gaisy:
Must've liked him so much so that's why she still remember every single detail 😨omg nicole kidman was in a different video wasn't she?
Mirandaa Leah
Mirandaa Leah:
“Is she really 5 months? She’s so thin.” “It doesn’t even look like she’s pregnant.” Gheez, every pregnancy is different, everyone is different.
Renisha Jesvita
Renisha Jesvita:
She is so sweet i love her
mrs mendes
mrs mendes:
She had so much enthusiasm I thought she was drunk during this. And then I remembered oop
Jillian Elise
Jillian Elise:
Jimmy's smile can cure depression
'my dad is Zayn Malik and my mom is Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid is my aunt and one direction are my uncles' the power. wow.
Chantuscha Sewman
Chantuscha Sewman:
this baby is going to end Stormi's career
My Trần
My Trần:
1:25 : Is she looking at Zayn?
Daniela Lorvão
Daniela Lorvão:
She’s so wholesome 🥺
Scphie Edits
Scphie Edits:
Dahamli Janmapathra
Dahamli Janmapathra:
This baby is very lucky.because baby's dad is Zayn.
that baby is gonna fall asleep to zanys angelic voice
Stephanie thompson
Stephanie thompson:
Imagine ur dad is zayn mom gigi uncles Louis Harry Niall Liam and many other stars.... Lucky love...