Gigi Hadid Shares Peek At Baby Bump

Gigi Hadid is sharing a glimpse at her baby bump! The pregnant supermodel took to Instagram Live this week to show off her Gigi Journal Part two collaboration with V Magazine, but she also showed off her figure. She also explained why she's been largely private with her journey thus far, saying, "I'm pregnant through a pandemic. Obviously, my pregnancy is not the most important thing going on in the world. That's a reason that I felt that it's not something that I really need to share, apart from with my family and friends."

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Gigi Hadid Shares Peek At Baby Bump


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the shredder
the shredder:
i love her little puffy babyface 🥺
kitty lam
kitty lam:
She’s not afraid to be herself. Love the way she talk she’s so pure.
IMAGINE....Zayn Malik as your dad Gigi Hadid as your mom, bella hadid as your Aunty, DUA LIPA AS YOUR AUNCLE'S WIFE. Kendall Jenner as your God mother, ONE DIRECTION AS YOUR AUNCLES.
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x:
Good!!! She's a rare celebrity that understands there is far more important things going on and she should not be hogging the spotlight with her baby bump. Black Lives Matter, #sayhername, police brutality, coronavirus, global pandemic, insane ass president, rising conflict between india and china, etc etc she is certainly not tone deaf and can read the room good for her!
She is sweet ...her cheeks definitely got chubby aww
12345 678910
12345 678910:
She is so poise and well spoken. She is such a wonderful woman and I wish her and her family nothing but peace and love from Canada 🇨🇦❤️
Incredible Aarshima
Incredible Aarshima:
Imagine your aunt's being Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa and uncles being Harry, Louis, Naill, Anwar Hadid. Dang.
My friend had really hard pregnancy. She couldn't eat properly until 7month and had to bed rest and sick all the time. She lost so much weight and was just bones Thanks the baby is ok
Kman Nash
Kman Nash:
I hope her and Zayn will be beautiful parents together
Kerrie Mills
Kerrie Mills:
Well said Gigi, This is a time to share with her family and friends, and She is Looking absolutely gorgeous. Glowing!. ✨💜🙏🏼💐
Who else here is desperately waiting for the baby to arrive?? Is it only me!

Edit:This is the first time I got so many likes!! Thank you!!
l.p 890
l.p 890:
am i the only one who looking up for zayn reaction ?
Julys De Jesus
Julys De Jesus:
Very humble human being. She doesn't have a "diva complex". She knows that there are more important things going on right now. My respect to you Gigi 🙌🏼 God bless you and bless your baby👶🏼
Mattikordor Nongsiej
Mattikordor Nongsiej:
I love it when she said, my pregnancy is not the most important thing right now.... God bless you. 🥰
Massangy D
Massangy D:
She didn't have to prove anything to anyone but I can't wait for her to have her little bundle of joy. 💕
Rotica Maiong
Rotica Maiong:
She's pregnant, didn't expect that btw she look cute with her chubby and fluffy cheek..
Garima Singh
Garima Singh:
Till now I didn't knew what a great person she is ... She has a golden heart💛💗
Hafsa Ouzzine
Hafsa Ouzzine:
Their baby is going to be the luckiest baby ever .who agree??
Marz Gomes
Marz Gomes:
I think it's great that she shared her news with us!!

Especially at a time like this one needs to feel loved and cared for and not panic and be brave enough to show another soul is coming into this earth.

Every mother deserves to show their pregnancies!

We should be thankful

GOD Bless
People, stop body shaming. It is normal for a pregnant woman to gain weight all around, the most important thing is that she and the baby are healthy❤️
Herbie Shevers
Herbie Shevers:
Yolanda, ya done good. Raising a smart compassionate girl into a simply magnificent woman.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Laaibah Amir
Laaibah Amir:
I love her shaky voice its so comforting for me idk why 😂
Brenda Wilkins
Brenda Wilkins:
She’s amazing! And she definitely deserves to enjoy this for herself and not the masses!
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez:
I think gigi going to be a great mom. The baby are going to look like both. 🤴♥
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
Why every time Gigi speaks it’s like she’s gonna cry 🥺
Massangy D
Massangy D:
Gigi is so selfless. She is going to be a great mother! ♥️
Yesss Gigi, keep your bump as private as you’d want. The last thing any pregnant woman needs is to read negative things about her and her pregnancy. Like no. Her body. Her baby. Nothing but positive vibes. Understand that. ☀️
Masha Orso
Masha Orso:
She looks like a teenager, very CUTE and SWEET😘⭐😇👑💗💖💞
Bun Parinha-7F
Bun Parinha-7F:
ʎɐp ʇɐǝɹƃ ɐ ǝʌɐɥ 'ʎɐʍʎu∀ ¿sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ 'oǝpᴉʌ ǝɥʇ ƃuᴉɥɔʇɐʍ oʇ ʞɔɐq ʇǝƃ 'osl∀ ˙ʇᴉ ƃuᴉpɐǝɹ puɐ ʇuǝɯɯoɔ sᴉɥʇ ƃuᴉʞᴉl ɹoɟ noʎ ʞuɐɥʇ I 'ʎɐʍ ɹǝɥʇᴉƎ ˙ɹǝʌo uǝǝɹɔs ɹnoʎ pǝuɹnʇ puɐ pǝʇɐǝɥɔ noʎ ǝqʎɐɯ ɹO ˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɐǝɹ uɐɔ noʎ sɯǝǝs ʇI ˙ᴉH
Janet Punzalan
Janet Punzalan:
This beautiful girl is in touch with reality and I applaud her... She is not like other artists... Thats always me, me, me!
J C:
I love it that they're keeping it to themselves. It makes me like them more <3 They're not delusionally self-absorbed and know what is for the public and what is for their inner circle. I hope they'll also respect the baby's right as a human being to remain a private person and not be exposed to the world until they can choose it for themselves. Zigi forever <3
Anne Marrie
Anne Marrie:
Just by virtue of the fact, that she said the reemergence of the blm movement..means There's still work that needs to be done
Katherine Kuksyuk
Katherine Kuksyuk:
Lovin that pregnancy glow!
Aima Ohi
Aima Ohi:
She looks like a baby!! 🥺❤️❤️
faith love
faith love:
Gigi, every time I hear you speak, the respect and admiration I have for you continues to grow. You are wise beyond your years and your humility leaves me in awe. Your inner beauty is indescribable. If only all celebrities/influencers were as humble, grounded, well-rounded and lovable as you. You make the world a more beautiful place. Thank you for being you.💜
thats literally me after dinner
Janice Halsey
Janice Halsey:
Very nice young lady with respect and common sense. Well done Gigi!
Abbs The ll
Abbs The ll:
She looks so beautiful and glowing, she looks the best she has ever have!
siu chi
siu chi:
*Damn, that baby gon be gorgeous af*
Naya Mun
Naya Mun:
I am really surprised how natural and honest she is. Not making herself important at all. Seems really down to earth and humble. I know women who act very distant and proud and gigi is just the opposite 😊❤️
Best wishes to her and the baby!
Tee Jay
Tee Jay:
Gigi.. Thank you for your moment of sharing..It's greatly appreciated..💞..
Stay safe Be Happy..
👣👣✨✨ Congratulations to You as well Family.
nct's fart
nct's fart:
She looks so happy 🥺❤️
—————hi —————bye
—————hi —————bye:
Ugh I love her so much such a sweetheart 🥺
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior:
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sks sks
sks sks:
She looks radiant.🥰
Miryam Hernandez
Miryam Hernandez:
She looks amazing. Still very beautiful
Rony Camacho
Rony Camacho:
Omg I just found out she’s pregnant! Wow, wish her the best.
Shreyasi Ghosh
Shreyasi Ghosh:
0:40 - 1:26 respect..🙏🙏 such a beautiful thought..
Limasenla Ao Asen
Limasenla Ao Asen:
She looks healthy n beautiful now cos she's pregnant 💓
Ahuse Yiğit
Ahuse Yiğit:
So beautiful mom❤️🌼
yue nai
yue nai:
Omg omg i am so happy my 2 favourite fashion models are pregnant at the same time❤️❤️🥰🥰🤗🤗 Romee and Gigi 💞💞💞💞💞
0:34 she looks so much like Bella here OMG
Melike Ismail
Melike Ismail:
DiDi DiDi
DiDi DiDi:
We Stan the Hadids. I heard that they were the sweetest people on earth and I believe it
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior
Joseph Christopher Cõbíãñ Junior:
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marie arnold
marie arnold:
I love you Gigi n Bella, Gigi take care your baby bump❤️
Janet Chakma
Janet Chakma:
Aww so cute..god bless her and her baby. ❤️😘
Fathima Farahna
Fathima Farahna:
I find her beautiful♥️♥️
jemima lauriston
jemima lauriston:
Wise beyond her years. We support you queen and eagerly await baby Zigi❤️
Federica Ignone
Federica Ignone:
She is so down to earth and I love that so much. Btw she is so cute showing off the pregnancy omg
Karen Kouari
Karen Kouari:
Amazing what make-up can do... She looks so different without it...
Gigi is soooooooo wonderful, intelligent ❤️❤️
Miera Adnan
Miera Adnan:
Gigi Hadid are always my favourite supermodel ever!! She is beautiful, down to earth and very genuinely good person. Can't wait to see mini gigi and zayn ❤️
Khati Jamir
Khati Jamir:
Bot are how's tr baby GNA be my gosh.....
gayatri senapati
gayatri senapati:
Waow hpy for you she ❤️
Veru Caribbean
Veru Caribbean:
She sounds so grounded & humble! Wishing her & her baby the best! ❤
arnela bih
arnela bih:
She's soo cute.💖💜💕
Bhaskar Medhi
Bhaskar Medhi:
I love her very much ❤️
christine adamitus
christine adamitus:
Whelp, shes done with runway modeling.....
Hiranthi Kanagaratnam
Hiranthi Kanagaratnam:
Such a wonderful person
Elisha Luna Oates
Elisha Luna Oates:
I LOVE her lol💗💗🥰🥰 not so secretly, I hope that someday I can get up in the world enough to be friends with her lolol and nowwww her little baby girl can be friends with my little babygirl! Lol didn't know we were the same she though; super dope! :) God bless you!
You're a lovely sensible person. Hope pregnancy and motherhood inspire and make you a happier and more complete person . That's how I hope to become as a mum xx
Nasty Cigar
Nasty Cigar:
The baby is gonna be damn beautiful ✨♥️
nayaab siddiqui
nayaab siddiqui:
We all love you blessed and healthy wish you and your baby good health
She looks sooo young
presca Wango
presca Wango:
Congratulations Gigi my fav. I'm so happy for you n lots of love and happiness to you n lil princess ❤️❤️❤️💙💙
betty volcy
betty volcy:
She's so beautiful kind person stay blessed Gigi❤️
Jesca Anatory
Jesca Anatory:
Young, in love plus baby..she is so blessed
Bless the baby, he/she has one of the best parents
AnnaBella K
AnnaBella K:
She is such a sweetie and beautiful inside and out😇💜
Mariama J.
Mariama J.:
She’s beautiful with no makeup
II SmileyBun28 II
II SmileyBun28 II:
R Alonzo
R Alonzo:
You are so beautiful and brave. Congrats for your pregnancy. Stay happy and safe.❤
Melany _lcs
Melany _lcs:
Her baby was so pretty ❤❤❤
Sonja xx
Sonja xx:
She's my favorite💕
She looks healthier since the pregnancy 😊

Ps: I have a question.
Is Gigi her real name?
Nelsy Carolina Rodriguez Caraballo
Nelsy Carolina Rodriguez Caraballo:
What a beautiful soul ! 😍
Omg how can she be so beautiful, and nice person at the same time !!! Lol all the best for her and her family
Justice Ariel
Justice Ariel:
I’ve been waiting for her to show her bump🥰🥰
no exo no life
no exo no life:
I just realized that I knew her for years and this is the firat time I heard her speak 😂😂😂
Stephanie Albert
Stephanie Albert:
Bruh she's pregnant?! 😂
Mrunmayee Gupte
Mrunmayee Gupte:
She looks so cute right now... 🥺🥺🥺
Lostheart Forest
Lostheart Forest:
Gigi is so wonderful she really knows warm hearts with her words ❤️ am feeling touched by her.
I love you Gigi and stay safe y'all 😄
Aaaah sucha gorgeous mama! How exciting!
Ashley Bradshaw
Ashley Bradshaw:
I love you girl and the wonderful baby 💕
Esther Bueso Avila
Esther Bueso Avila:
I love Gigi! She's beautiful!!
Vivi Lam
Vivi Lam:
Take care Mommy to be 🙏🏻 Hopefully you & your baby are healthy + happy 🙏🏻😘
What a sweet girl, very humble. She’ll make a wonderful mother.