Giro d'Italia 2020 - Stage 19 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport

Highlights from Stage 19 of the 2020 Giro d'Italia.
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41 komentarze:

the riders didn't want to race today so I'm not going to make my daily "Portuguese" comment as well 😂
Next Door Traveler
Next Door Traveler:
I'm from Asti and I was there this afternoon. :-)
Hello 5467
Hello 5467:
Come on tao🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Maurizio Giuliani
Maurizio Giuliani:
cancellate questa tappa dalla storia del Giro è vergognosa
lukas Doller
lukas Doller:
Congrats to Adam Sandler!
Carl Reyes
Carl Reyes:
Now you know why the giro should be better than the tour de is more challenging
Matteo Filippini
Matteo Filippini:
Manco a scuola per saltare l'interrogazione, che pena, VERGOGNA.
Love from the east coast, love the cylcling videos just what I need to get it going the blood I love it. I always watch these before I go out and get my body moving. I always watch one of these, and then put up my heavy playlist like Delta Parole, Three Days Grace, System and then I just go haaaaard!!!! Tactic hasnt let me down yet.
Geordan Elefante
Geordan Elefante:
Jan atLMB
Jan atLMB:
Obrovska gratulace
Doffenshmirtz ?
Doffenshmirtz ?:
Nice CCC
Jan Willem Hermans
Jan Willem Hermans:
260 k in the rain at the end of a grand tour seemed like a bad idea, glad the riders didn't had to do it
Today was the day to see who was strong enough at the end of the race. This stage was ideal to turn upside down the GC in a flat and long road! And cyclists ashammed themselves. Hope sponsors take a good look at this and apply measures. Old day cycling had plenty of these stages and it was more appealing
Moreno Lotto
Moreno Lotto:
Shame on these racers... They are paid to do this job. If they don't want it theycan do something else.
Giuseppe Rigato
Giuseppe Rigato:
Organizzare un giro d'Italia e finirlo per fine ottobre , con le gomme termiche, é una cosa indecente. La prossima volta organizzatelo ai tropici, come la Ronda Pilipina, almeno sé piove l'acqua è buona per la doccia 💯😂😎🥇🤳👋👋
SinuoSalice -
SinuoSalice -:
As even sone of the raiders said it was kinda an embarrassing day for professional cycling, sure it was wet but actually less cold than others days, the organizers shoud have kept their foot down and let the stage play as normal.
Gaulois Refractaire
Gaulois Refractaire:
When the revised Giro route was released, this stage looked out of place. It was obviously too long. Did Teams' DS and riders' representatives talk to the Race organizers? They should have voiced out their concerns back then. If a pro rider can't deal with rain and cold, then he better embrace a new career. Cycling is an outdoor sport, isn't it?
L139 X
L139 X:
It was a shame what we saw yesterday. We knew the route long ago, so should the teams have any problem with it, had to be raised earlier. This way it only looks like they did not like the rain and cold...
I could totally understand if someone says "no" to this stage, but the entire peloton...shameful.

Also these guys have the best tech, the best support, entire organizations behind them, also best gear, etc.
it looks like the Giro broke the cyclists!
Remember the old days when with the right "pill" they could ride day in day out with little effort?
Its boring to watch 200plus kms in a tour. The TDF proved this years ago that shorter 65km stages are just as exciting if not more exciting.
I’m still in shock after yesterday’s decision..maybe some of the spoiled rides should have picked another sports..hopefully we’ll see something different today...
Patti Pat
Patti Pat:
Imbarazzante tutti "prime donne" c'e stata molta confusione non é stato facile prendere una decisione in poco tempo! Cmq una parte dei ciclisti ha dato il peggio di se.....! Una brutta pagina per il giro...🙄
...and the union makes us strong
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale:
The riders put more effort into stopping a race in two minutes because of some rain than they did into fighting racism with Kévin Reza in three weeks at the Tour. Think about that. 😡😡
Una pagina vergognosa per il ciclismo che offende questo sport e il Giro
Flying Berserker
Flying Berserker:
honestly 260 km after one of highest combined climbing ever its insane for the riders.
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov:
If Neymar and other "specialists" were cyclists.
Tommaso D'Angelo
Tommaso D'Angelo:
Carlo Domenighini
Carlo Domenighini:
I think that the riders were right. Certainly the timing was wrong but the organization shouldn't have put such a long stage after so many difficult stages. Totally useless
László Németh
László Németh:
Hart has balls. He won't win, but he has balls.
Julius Fawcett
Julius Fawcett:
when grown adults are treated like children, they rebel
Mattia Anesa
Mattia Anesa:
Rule #5 or go and get a regular job like most ppl do, then ride after working 8h in whatever the weather throws at you. Also, what about being grateful you are still out while most people are in lockdown?
Josh Hu
Josh Hu:
We spend $17000 on bikes to pay for these riders. And they can't take in the cold.
Matteo Filippini
Matteo Filippini:
Incommentabile quello che hanno fatto oggi, Kelderman si cagava sotto per domani e ha voluto dimezzare la tappa, Geoghegan Hart voleva farla tutta intera ed è a solo 15 secondi, questo perché lui è un professionista.
È un insulto al Giro d'Italia e all'Italia.
Geoghegan Hart vinci per noi e per il ciclismo.
Marco Buijsen
Marco Buijsen:
If Wilco Kelderman win the Giro, it will be so good for Dutch cycling. 2017 a victory in the Giro d' Italia for Tom Dumoulin.. 2018, second place in the Tour de France for Tom Dumoulin.. 2019, third place for Steven Kruiswijk in the Tour de France.. And maybe, but with a good chance a victory for Wilco Kelderman in the 2020 Giro d' Italia.. And Mathieu van der Poel also is one of the best at this moment. He won 'De Ronde van Vlaanderen' 2020. And he won the 2020 BinckBank tour.. Top 10 in Gent Wevelgem. Top 10 in Luik Bastenaken Luik. Second in the 2020 Brabantse Pijl, behind Julian Alaphilippe.
Thomas K
Thomas K:
The start sounds like a big mimimimi. I thought Grand Tours are suposed to be hard and not a Touristic Ride.
Best of the Best in what ever weather except it is life-threatening.
Ludo 1998
Ludo 1998:
I know what does it mean be a cyclist cause I was a u23 rider, I know all the difficultly that a cyclist has to endeavour( weather, more than 1 hard stage in a row) but today I can’t stand with them, unacceptable for all the commitment that Vegni put in order to let the Giro takes place . Furthermore a shame for the world cycling, I think that a the TDF nobody would have dared to do such thing.
Alessandro Casasso
Alessandro Casasso:
In Italy this protest raised an almost unanimous choir of hatred against cyclists. I don't agree with this.
On Thursday the stage finished late and the transfer from Laghi di Cancano to Morbegno is 2h30'-3 hours of difficult mountain road. If you count hours, really few hours of sleep remain. 4 stages in a row over 200 km, 2 of them mountaineous (Madonna di Campiglio and Laghi di Cancano), is a great effort. But if you put an extra-long transfer in the middle, it becomes unsustainable.
Of course rain would have made everything even more fatiguing, stressful and risky.
Such a long stage was an error by the organizers, period. They should have set a smaller length such as 180-200 km or, as an alternative, a start from very close to Thursday's arrival. A rider deserves to sleep at least 8 hours after climbing Stelvio and other mountains, period.
Cyclists are used to fatigue, stress, risks, more than any other worker or athlete. But everything has a limit. Respect for cyclists.
Luigi Brioschi
Luigi Brioschi:
Some riders would be better off going home if they don't want to ride. Next time they will cry about sponsors leaving pro cycling they should look back at this mutiny and shut up. Don't even bother coming back next year, we won't miss you
Tomorrow they propably gonna stop before sestriere then? Coppi and Bartali turning over in their graves. These riders are weak.
Marcello Tozzo
Marcello Tozzo:
They are professionals, they are trained and paid to do it. This is the Giro d'Italia, where there are the real climbs, the real effort: cycling.
If "pros" don't start for the 13 ° temperature, rain or distance, this is proof that cycling has changed. Any runner who refused to leave should take a cycling history course and take the entrance exams to become a professional.
..... I'm not running because it's 13 ° and it's raining with all the technical clothing, the power supply and the super-technological bikes with disc brakes available? Losers