Giro d'Italia 2020 | Stage 20 | Highlights

Geoghegan Hart wins stage 20 of the Giro d’Italia, Hindley is the new Maglia Rosa by hundredths of a second.
Geoghegan Hart vince la tappa 20 del Giro d’Italia, Hindley è la nuova Maglia Rosa ai centesimi.

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Luis Castro Da Silva
Luis Castro Da Silva:
20 stages later and zero improvement on the highlights !! Incredible !!!
Laurenz Bay
Laurenz Bay:
This summary is a disgrace
Fish seabass
Fish seabass:
I've heard more enthusiasm from a member of staff in homebase
León Cruz
León Cruz:
Commentator should make an effort to make highlights worth seeing
So shit one second of Rohan Dennis the hero of the day so confusing if you didn’t know what happened already just awful
Fern Hernandez
Fern Hernandez:
Terrible editing with no GC standings.
Patrick Hall
Patrick Hall:
I have an idea: get someone who has seen a bike race before to edit the highlights.
Inyas Priscus
Inyas Priscus:
Creepy highlights videos, don't you guys watch tour de France highlights??
Joel Guerin-Simard
Joel Guerin-Simard:
Is this that hard to add gc standing at the end?
Jonathan Poppele
Jonathan Poppele:
Thought I would try again, but unfortunately these highlights videos are still basically unwatchable. I'll just stick to reading summaries.
Andrew On my way
Andrew On my way:
What a poor summary
Nature profonde
Nature profonde:
The attack of jao almeida was super beautiful. Make me remenber of Alberto Contador in the style
Wander Almeida
Wander Almeida:
What a stage, what a Giro! Go for it, Tao and Ineos, go for the win!!!
Obrigado do Brasil.
Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat
Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat:
Really perfunctorily phoning it in guys. Well Done, I'll go an watch inCycle now for some actual enthusiasm.
André Bastos
André Bastos:
João Almeida the star of this Giro, so brave !!
Жандос Смаилов
Жандос Смаилов:
Astana respect!
Jacob is power!
iyus gober
iyus gober: mantap
Dizzy Assklown
Dizzy Assklown:
Hilights are to short and unimformative...
Gian paolo Girometta
Gian paolo Girometta:
really very no good comment , and very difficult andstands about the stage
Deyvi Sestari
Deyvi Sestari:
Have you listened to your report , What the FFFFFFF are you describing
That was the worst video editing of a bike race I had ever watched.. How about more than 2.5 seconds of a video clip before you change to a new one.
Elliott Farris
Elliott Farris:
Without a doubt the worst highlight series produced by the organization of a major sporting event.
Justin Fielder
Justin Fielder:
agreed chaps. This man sound just so bored. off to find something better.
jc casas
jc casas:
don't know if reporting is before editing, but I find this clip very confusing jumping around from one group to the other at a certain range on the road that you never know who they are or where they in relation to others on the road and in relation to the previous 7 sec segment showing another group riding..... poorly done in my opinion.....
Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley:
How is Tao not in Pink ... he has won more stages than Jai
To everybody complaining about the quality of the higlights: save your energy, nobody will hear you. RCS are ok with the tv audience and rights and ordinary sponsorships. How much profit do you think they make on youtube with, say, 100k wiews? Their staff decided this line of higlight cuts and that's it, the person un charge of this office will listen to his superior and will look after his employees not listen to some random comments on the internet. I don't know what else to say.
Phacharawut Kanchananakhin
Phacharawut Kanchananakhin:
Rim brake rocks 🤗
Mauryeets S
Mauryeets S:
didn't even tell us who is riding in pink tomorrow... smh
sergio oliva
sergio oliva:
highlights sucks
Allan Warsing
Allan Warsing:
This production and recording is an embarrassment to the Giro d'Italia organisation, and this poor effort certainly diminishes their reputation.
MIke Martin
MIke Martin:
These highlights are the worst no idea who the leader is at the end all over the place terrible
Dear Giro organizer, please NEVER hire this video editor and maybe commentators next year. Ever. This year’s summary is terrible to the point unwatchable and confusing. Incycle summary is so much better.
Oreo Carlton
Oreo Carlton:
Rim brakes save the legs!
Solaym Rezki
Solaym Rezki:
This is the worst highlight i ever seen
jon shaw
jon shaw:
giro lowlights not worth watching
Rohan Dennis is now the mountain man? Dropping pure climbers? I smell PEDs.