Giro d'Italia 2020 | Stage 20 | Last Km

Fantastico ultimo km sul traguardo del Sestriere, con la sfida tra Hindley e Geoghegan Hart che premia il britannico ma che proseguirà domani nella cronometro che varrà la vittoria del Giro.

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Gioele Tentoni
Gioele Tentoni:
never happened in the history of cycling that two cyclists have to face the last stage with the same time.
this tour surprises me even more!
X Y:
I don't know why but tao's helmet triggers me
Qomar Qomarudin
Qomar Qomarudin:
Happy for Tao and congrats .. both him and Jai were amazing to watch in the final km .. Rohan Dennis is a man of the match
TJ Van housen
TJ Van housen:
Man , after a dramatic Tour de France ending in the ITT we will have another ITT to settle it 🔥
Once again this highlight video doesn’t include the full last km. Barely even 500m
susan hill
susan hill:
What a brilliant stage. Best one of the Giro
Quintin Lynch
Quintin Lynch:
Gotta say, who ever owns the Giro needs to sell it to the people who own the TDF. Can't even get a decent highlight video with these jokers. So concerned with limiting the video feed you are making it hard for fans to keep track. I'm loosing interest in fighting the organizers to watch the race.
Awesome from Hart.
clotilde de casa antici
clotilde de casa antici:
Complimenti per il distanziamento fisico!! Perchè parlano in yankee,?
Gideon Mthembu
Gideon Mthembu:
Give Rohan a Bells... Man of the Ride
Carlos Villamizar
Carlos Villamizar:
buena batalla, BUENA Leña
Finale fantastico, dicevano che il giro fosse poco intrattenente, inferiore agli altri grandi giri, ecco la prova del contrario, uno spettacolo a dir poco entusiasmante. Ora che avete fatto il monumento a coppi, dovete fare un altro a dennis...
Joezeff Stallone
Joezeff Stallone:
If the 2 riders have the same do they decide Who is wearing it for ITT.being the chaser in an ITT is an advantage
Why is Jai leading TGH out? The only person within two minutes of him is his own teammate.
Valerio Giongo
Valerio Giongo:
Pure Epo sprint. New Epo generation
Luca R
Luca R:
For who is asking... this video is not about highlights. Is the last km video.
David Hariono
David Hariono:
Luar biasa...memasuki etape akhir ITT, 2 pembalap teratas memiliki waktu yang sama di general classification. Tapi juara umum masih belum bisa tertebak karena Wilco Keldermann sangat bagus di ITT...Prediksi : Tao Geoghan Hart yang juara Giro d'Italia 2020...👍👍
Fabio Cruz
Fabio Cruz:
A ver parce, como le explico? Que man tan troilo pa definir una carrera, como no anticipó que le iba a arrancar por un lado y por que no estaba listo pa aguantarle y rebasarlo? Tiene que ver mis videos de remates de carrera parce
Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley:
How is Tao not in Pink ... he has won more stages than Jai
Secret Agent
Secret Agent:
worst highlights ever
Asfi 10
Asfi 10:
So , who is gonna wear the pink jersey tomorrow ??
who is better TT JAO OR TAO?
K Nato
K Nato:
Not today hindley