GIROUD Scores FOUR GOALS as Chelsea WIN Group! Sevilla 0-4 Chelsea Champions League

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Rational Perspective on Chelsea's 4-0 win over Sevilla in the UEFA Champions League with Olivier Giroud scoring all four goals as Chelsea finish top of the group.

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A Rational Perspective on an irrational sport.

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24 komentarze:

Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
Just what I told you Daniel, Giroud needs to start matches. And today he showed his magic.
Well done Chelsea! Especially my two guys Giroud and Rudiger.
Martin Yeboah
Martin Yeboah:
Great and brilliant night from Giroud. MOTM Giroud and he should start against Leeds in the weekend
Blue Army SW6
Blue Army SW6:
Giroud has to stay
Esther Opoku
Esther Opoku:
Oliver Giroud ⚽⚽⚽⚽ four goals he is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥 fire
abhinav sekar
abhinav sekar:
Giroud's superb 4 goals undercut how well the whole team did. Kudos all around. It was against Villa apparently they mentioned it in the interview with Lampard. It's looked like all the defenders are learning from Silva. I saw Chirstensen predict opponents movements and I saw Rudiger showing patience. Amazing all round.
Brandon Sterling
Brandon Sterling:
Kovacic is on fine form🔥🔥🔥
Alex Grocio
Alex Grocio:
Olivier from now on in the starting 11
El. Rinho
El. Rinho:
Enoch Essuah
Enoch Essuah:
Christmas gift from Giroud😅💙❤️💙❤️
Ismael Rono
Ismael Rono:
Giroud on 🔥🔥🔥
Micheal Fields
Micheal Fields:
Is Tomori in the doghouse?
Alan Douglas
Alan Douglas:
Félicitations à Giroud
Bethanie Stauffer
Bethanie Stauffer:
very impressive that he was radiating so much confidence despite having barely played, you can really depend on giroud.
The Shades End
The Shades End:
Congratulations Giroud for the hat trick and also thanks for proving that I know a little bit about football, was rooting for you all this while to start ,finally it happened and u showed what a class act u r. Really proud.
Timothy Hickey
Timothy Hickey:
Colleen Moore
Colleen Moore:
ur boyfreugend
ur boyfreugend:
Quadrant francophone giroud
nathan Fatoye
nathan Fatoye:
Good vid🙌🏿
Enoch Essuah
Enoch Essuah:
Dan I miss u on TL😩😩
Joshua Ayodele
Joshua Ayodele:
I’d bench him for the Leeds Game but Personally give him my word that’ll he’ll start in the Krasnodar game and the Both legs of the Round of 16
Matthew Benjamin
Matthew Benjamin:
Rudiger 4 games 4 clean sheets
Newcastle 2-0 win
Renne 3-0 win (came on as a sub in 60th min)
Kransodor 4-0 win
Sevilla 4-0 win
Gabriel A
Gabriel A:
Giroud should've come on earlier vs. Spurs. And surely MUST start vs. Leeds. Even without tonight, Tammy has had his chance, why reward flop chances
jordene lewin
jordene lewin:
Pulisic is selfish asf... Not a team player