Gloria Victis in 2020 - Medieval MMORPG "Is It Worth Playing?"

Gloria Victis is a buy to play medieval MMORPG on Steam Early Access that's largly focused around PVP, capturing land and fighting other factions, despite having a cash shop there is no form of pay to win present in the game and it has quite a steady player base for an early access title, I initially covered Gloria Victis in 2016 with a first impressions video with a follow up video in 2017, In this video I jumped back into the game to see what progress has been made so far as we enter 2020
Bare in mind this game is still far from being fully finished but does recieve relatively regular updates from it's small team of developers

What do you think about Gloria Victis so far? Do you think the game is in a state where the vast majority of people can have fun with it or are you still waiting on future updates before committing to it? let me know in the comments below!

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---Gloria Victis MMORPG Description---

Gloria Victis – A medieval MMORPG where Mount & Blade meets Planetside 2! Explore a breathtaking and atmospheric open world designed by lovers of the Witcher and Gothic series. Be part of a living society and become a soldier, knight, archer, assassin, swordmaster, berserker, huntsman, blacksmith, builder, merchant, farmer, healer, and more...the choice is yours!


Non-Target Combat & Epic PVP
Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter! Show your warrior spirit and earn fame as an undefeatable duelist, eagle-eyed archer, or respected commander inspiring your allies in battle. Compete for territory in the open world, and fight to the death in tournaments, castle sieges, and epic wars where entire armies collide!

Challenging Territory Control
Conquer land, siege non-instanced towns and castles and build advantageous fortifications in the everlasting conflict of the realms. Fight for glory in one of three nations or claim a castle for your guild and rule your lands!

Innovative Partial Loot System
Defeat your enemies and take your reward by selecting which specific items you will loot – but hurry, the clock is ticking!

Player-driven Economy
Look for the best resources and materials out in the world, and capture resource nodes. Use workstations to craft high quality items, and cooperate with others to increase your efficiency and achieve mastery in one of 8 different realistic crafts. Plant your own seeds, tend your crops, and keep them safe from pillaging enemies! The economy is in your hands – swords don’t drop from wolves, they are forged by blacksmiths!

Class-less Progression
Become who you want to be! Build your character without artificial classes, and fully customize your equipment using hundreds of available items!

Forge Your Legend
Establish your reputation and move up the feudal hierarchy, leading your allies to victory under your guild’s banner. Mark your way to the top with the blood of your enemies – become a hero and make them fear you!

Living Open World
Seamless, breathtaking, challenging, dynamically reacting to your actions – the massive and diversified world of Gloria Victis awaits you!

Explore the vast world and face various challenges – go solo and complete quests, or group up and take part in massive PVE events including open world dungeons! Or, gather materials and focus on crafting and trading. Or, leave it all behind and unleash your warrior spirit in huge PVP battles. The choice is yours!

Low-fantasy Setting
Explore lands inspired by medieval Europe including frosted mountaintops, deep forests, swamps, ruins, and rocky, arid plateaus. Discover ancient secrets, seek forgotten treasures, and face mythical creatures inspired by medieval tales!

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Gloria Victis in 2020 - Medieval MMORPG

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It's heartwarming to see you trying our game again TheLazyPeon. As an Indie team, it is really hard to get coverage from the content creators and it's always great to find some new great players who came to the game thanks to You. If you would have any questions or requests for us, contact us anytime! Have a great year from the entire Gloria Victis development team! :)
Dies swimming with armor on.
'Achievement Unlocked: Lesson Learned' i died
you seem like ur back to your old self Craig.
Love your content mate.
Cool that you gave it another look.

One thing on combat though: I don't really get your criticism of the combat system. You say it's "fairly simple" while describing a Mount&Blade style directional combat, yet by far the most (MMO)RPGs I know have an even simpler approach where clicking LMB attacks and RMB blocks without any direction to it.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the approach they have. It's just that you're not used to it and thus it feels unfamiliar. For me, coming from similar games like Mount&Blade, Of Kings and Men, and War of the Roses it feels very natural. I think you just need to get good with it.
8:29 There's winged hussar armor in this game?
I'm sold
Vegvisir Firinne
Vegvisir Firinne:
*facepalms about drowning, swimming in a river with like 100 pounds of armor on lol
Thanks Peon! I only played this game for a couple of days, but I can verify there are friendly folks who will help newbies.
Reed Gibby
Reed Gibby:
this looks like the game of my dreams
Game looks pretty solid for where it is.
Divyanshu Raj
Divyanshu Raj:
Must play for the Medieval fantasy lovers!!!
Живко Михов
Живко Михов:
"Wrong neighborhood, run run!" Just buying the game at the moment. Love open world survival type MMORPG's. ♥
so it's warband single

im excited
tokyir yame
tokyir yame:
its just me or hes character looks like Ragnar from viking when was starting out
Harry The Mouse
Harry The Mouse:
50% off on Steam this week
I played this game for like months and it is defenitly great game. Go for it!
I played it for a few months and quit (but plan on return when horses are added), I can tell you a few things, first of all, the combat relies A LOT on your ping, a lot more than any mmorpg out there, since the whole idea of the combat is to time your blocks, attacks, kicks and feints to the millisecond (no kidding) and reacting to these with a slow internet won't be possible and you'll just get rekt every time, you may adapt to the lag but you will certainly be rekt by good players who also happen to have very low pings. Now, the lag is 90% of the time related to the game servers, as I personally get 50-60ms on most EU servers in other games but have 100-200ms on EU in Gloria victis.

Also, there's always stuff to do, when you're good and you start sneaking deep behind enemy territories and drawing attention, always expect company, I've had times where I was having constant pvp even at odd hours like 4-5 am, but mostly it's the same players coming back for more action! The instanced pvp battlegrounds are a disappointment, I love them but they only happen 2 to 3 times a day, not for lack of players but because they are scheduled and you need to be there when they happen otherwise you miss them and need to wait the next day.

Last thing, the whole game is skill based, and you understand that pretty fast as you start doing pvp with friendly players who try to teach you a little about the game (you'll find many who will help, as the game rewards old players for helping newbies). An experienced player can and will own you with a wooden stick, naked, even if you have the best gear in the game. It's a matter of who has better reflexes, and who's the best at mindgames, and the game is all mind games.

All in all, despite lots of raging and complaining about the game (which makes sense most of the time), it's a GREAT game to buy.
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer:
"Got myself an EPIC... padded hose. I think that's pretty good." XD
It's great that you go back and review games multiple times. I feel most people these days just shit on a game on day one expecting a flawless launch and make their claims then. I've played so many early access games that were massively improved a few years later.

I had originally gotten Gloria Victis for $4.99 on some sale. I thought the game was at the end of its life. There was a solid population, but everyone just felt max level to me. I must have started playing during some XP boost weekend or something because I managed to hit 30 in about three hours. I thought rates were bloated to force people into PVP quicker due to it being an aging game and a dwindling population. Apparently, that's not the case from your current playthrough. The game is still ramping up with many improvements from when I played last. I'm actually going to go redownload and play this again.
Vian Martel
Vian Martel:
When I tried it, it seemed that it was a pretty interesting game with a lot of potential. Would be nice to add horses even though it's a hard work to implement. However the game has almost no interest to play alone and it seems a bit complicated to begin. There is a very friendly and helpful guilds and community though
"*actual in-game footage"

Gives me Runescape vibes. Yeah the combat looks like a Janky version of For Honor's combat but its charming
Peon out here roleplaying as himself in Gloria Victis. Just need that viking cut and a set of armour and you're good to go
Preston Ak
Preston Ak:
1:46 that reminds me of cyrodill in ESO so much since includes the same exacts colours of the three factions in it and also the same exact placement on where they are
1:13 Not gonna bother with sliders. Yeah I agree no need, he already looks like you!
This review is linked in the newest patch notes of the game :D
Combat looks a bit slow for me. Otherwise I really like the concept of this game. Im keeping an eye on it!
"get rekt noob" 2 mins later he himself died 🤣 Gonna get the game today after watching your vid ;) since it reminds me of LIF mmo and mount & blade.
Jared Miles
Jared Miles:
hey will you cover the yellow king when it comes out? looks interesting, but im not too sure
Jango AC
Jango AC:
With your berard and the tattoo you look like a character from the game :D
Michel van der Pol
Michel van der Pol:
Haven't played since 2016. I only played 1 day after I bought it when I watched your coverage. I bought it initially to support the game and waited for it to improve.
I think it is time to reinstall
Yes there's "only" open world and survival aspect more than mordhau, "ONLY"..
Wow, when I first backed this game I couldn't even play it, launcher refused to download it for me. When it came to Steam I was given access through there and it worked. I tried it, it ran like garbage, looked bad, and had some poor English... but it was still pretty fun. From your gameplay it looks like they've improved it a ton since then. Might have to give it another go.
Damn, I wish my Gloria Victis content would have this kind of views.
Oh it's fun as hell.
Night Zebra
Night Zebra:
Glad to see another vid from you:)
Night Zebra
Night Zebra:
Glad to see another vid from you:)
I played this game when you could first buy it for access. Looks like they have made considerable progress with this game, nice to see.
game's amazing. i've met several guys before who're into rp stuff absolute blast.
ken myles
ken myles:
this is some great content lol.
Interesting. Combat seems to derive from mount and blade. I’ll have to check it out when it’s in a more complete state.
thanks for the vid :)
R R:
If it had the combat of Mordhau this would be an amazing game
IMO, performance (and I usually do not whine about performance) and slow development time killed my interest. The PvE also annoyed me (they re-spawned so fast my immersion was broken as f.: may have changed).
Mortally Challenged
Mortally Challenged:
You probably started early access too early if you need to stay in it for at least 3 years.
B K:
my first look i saw Corona virus on the Thumbnail i swear :D peon u are smart i like u
About the camera: you can zoom out with mouse wheel.
T K Fresh
T K Fresh:
Schwertbrderorden 😂 what's so hart about saying it
I played it the other day i was having fun but i forgot how it all works as its been a long time. Nice to see my character still exists.. I could do with figuring out how to make better bows though
Boog-i-e Beats
Boog-i-e Beats:
How 'bout revisiting Aion? I just started a fresh char after 6 years and the leveling has been super fast
I remember the days with only 5 different armors and little to no npc interractions. Game has gotten far from then. However when I stopped playing in 2018 and played it again yesterday 27th april 2020 little to nothing has changed aside from a few more npc's, a better start experience. Combat has degraded and lag rules the servers now.

Doesn't make it a bad game, but if they would refine the game as is now than rather add content then it would be a 1000x better.
ok bam
ok bam:
One of my favorite action combat MMORPGs. I also like the ''Mount and Blade meets planetoid 2'' description. It's just clunky a little but hopefully they improve it. Thanks for covering this Peon!
4 years and still only early access? must indeed be a very small team workin on it
It looks cool but clunky, poor combat is a dealbreaker. Interested to see what improvements are made!
Schwertbrderorden = Sword brothers medal or Sword brotherhood. It's a typo because "brothers" is "Brüder" in german but it seems they don't support the letter in the game yet :-)
Bought this game years ago and completely forgot all about it, might have to give it another shot in the near future
first? isnt this like 3rd or 4th impression? lol
Señor Maestro
Señor Maestro:
last time i played the game was like December 2018 or something
James Koss
James Koss:
inb4 they add "corona virus supplies" to MMOs :D
Ivan Šalamon
Ivan Šalamon:
Will you be playing the hell out of Bannerlord, peon? One medieval game to rule them all ;)
Theron Wagner
Theron Wagner:
He’s alive!
After seeing that PvP montage, I think it's safe to say that the polearm/halberd weapons are the meta.
Can't wait to see you trying out mount and blade bannerlord
Ross Newman
Ross Newman:
Playing with friends is the way to go, this game is so retarded its a lot of fun
I really like the game, it is need soo many update and some solution for the lagg problems, but I guess it is worth to try it.
I'm glad to see the game developing, although it's not as much as I would have liked since I bought into the early access I think almost 4 years ago now. Hope it gets some more updates!
TEMTEM Also Why there is Croatian FLag in Character Select lol????
Axel Vega
Axel Vega:
Animations in combat seems slow and i couldnt feel the "weight" in the hits
Bennoni Faupunkt
Bennoni Faupunkt:
i'm playing since +2 months and am absolutely in love with it. it took me some time to figure out everything (crafting, fighting, further controls as i.e. free camera,...).
this game does a lot different than other titles and i enojy and value that very much. it is not mandatory to join a guild, but certainly highly recommended for the big deal.
the fighting system, while basically pretty simple, offers quite some depth once you really get into it. it's a pretty cool scissors-stone-paper system and with the few moves/attacks you would be surprised how much different playstyles and techniques you can get out of it.
if you don't mind some bugs i highly recommend this game, especially for medieval fanbois.
Spot On
Spot On:
The character actually really looks like you Peon! 😲
xDr Evilx
xDr Evilx:
Just look at holdfast nations at war. Almost the same place as this. Community is almost dead.
7:53 LMFAO! Was not expecting that Runescape death sound effect! xD
i feel like you make fun of every game you play lmao
0 6
0 6:
That guy looks just like you lol
Hey man you need to play GreedFall!
Carnac Rico
Carnac Rico:
I just want MMO with dark souls combat man
If only this game could achieve that
This was a neat game and there were a lot of things that I enjoyed about it.
However, the content and future prospects of end game seemed a bit bland. And the quests were becoming increasingly difficult as well as buggier and glitchy.
I am still always keeping my eye on it. The atmosphere harked back to Dark Age of Camelot for me (I played Albion). I do wish there were more resources available to explain the crafting in the game though. It seemed so daunting that I barely even tried.
Trin Millia
Trin Millia:
Wow interesting
Adam Holstein
Adam Holstein:
I really like that you came back to give the game another look, credit to the Dev team for always making updates and changes to the game. As someone who has played regularly for over a year now and is a smaller content maker for the game, it is nice to see it getting more light on it. There is still a massive portion of this game not covered in how truly large PVP battles can become that is hard to capture from a new players perspective during State of War events.
The combat has 0 visual feedback, animations are plain bad, I dont see why should I play this over a persistent mod of Warband to be honest.
Sorry, small dev team and an MMO don't fit together well imo
Shard Eboran
Shard Eboran:
I have had some really amazing glorious battles in this game massive battles with players even from other servers fighting over a castle ! In the Thick of It !
Joakim Figaro
Joakim Figaro:
Aww.. pvp focused :<
Oh well
I got my eye on you. Definitely my type of mmorpg :)
Terry C
Terry C:
Game needs allot more work,i returned to the game to look at the Mount add on although i never cared for a Mount anyways,balance is an issue,different weapons for different types of Armour damage just makes it more frustrating ie you need to carry every type of weapon to hurt or damage players properly ie Light,Heavy and Medium,not great as if you get killed in PvP your killer/Killers can loot more than 1 item from you,so be prepared to play naked or lose very expensive gear every time you get murdered,there are no looting area's though and some safe zones too,although these area's are for noobs or starter quests mostly!
Combat is still clunky you will still sink into the floor of buildings and rubber band ect.
Not sure if my mouse if broken as i find direction blocking hit and miss,as Archer you will get sliced up in one hit and your arrows may be blocked and doddged more than you may be used to in games like this.
Sometimes too many game mechanics make a game less fun,one thing i do like so far is you do not need a million potions to counter every bloody stun slow and damage over time like some games had.
There is nothing fun to do off peak times and solo play has no balance against mobs,i mean your level vs mobs level is confusing mobs maybe group mobs i have no idea as they are so inconsistent in the damage they will do to you.
For me personally i do not want to carry every type of weapon and learn every weapons purpose i just want some good old simple kick the crap out of each Nation fun and not lose hard to earn gear all the time if your your average Joe type player!
A game like Gloria Victis needs a awesome combat system and its just still very far away from that imo. Im waiting patiently though.

Could you possibly check out Amazons upcoming mmo “New World”. Think its right up your alley :-)
I havent heard about this game but it looks very promising to me, might try it out. I'm loving the combat and the animations, everything seems pretty realistic and decently paced, no stupid fantasy shit moves etc. Thats exactly what im after. Kingdom Come Deliverance was my favorite game in recent history and this gives me similar vibes.
Well well, throughout my experience with games, seeing a chat at 6:13 with loads of chinese chapters means the game is unplayable because you have to deal against exploiters and cheaters. gg's
Man, this kinda of games make me sad that these days me and my friends are so busy with work that we cant get to try it, plus having to work different shifts is not making it easy to find off days where we are all not working /sad
Michael McKenna
Michael McKenna:
Is this in game music??? Im in love
Arturo Renteria
Arturo Renteria:
It looks really nice game!
The game looks like its in slow-motion ?
Sixten Redlös
Sixten Redlös:
Mordhau MMORPG please
Edwin Zaofery
Edwin Zaofery:
how can this game looks like mount and blade 2 bannerlord hahahahaha, more better graphic i think
Anyone who’s not playing on a powerhouse, hows the performance? I have med-high strength pc, but last time I had to make pretty big compromises to get a good frame rate.
Michael Hartwick
Michael Hartwick:
Have you looked into Planetside 2?
Michael Budinger
Michael Budinger:
Anyone know how much gold it takes to power level your way into master crafter?
I think this game came out in early access way too early, which happens too much these days. I played it years ago and din't really enjoy it that much due to bugs, missing content and such. Now I only have the tiniest bit of interest in returning (the tiny bit that said "okay ill click on the damn video" when it was suggested to me by youtube), and I fear a lot of other people are in the same boat. I know game development is a rough road, especially for independent developers such as the devs from this game, but I don't think years early access is the answer.
Anime Tributes
Anime Tributes:
"...another game like Camelot Unchained will release and make it irrelevant" - Yes hahaha, good one that.
John Dennis
John Dennis:
As soon as I heard early access ...
noelie noelie
noelie noelie:
You look good bro. 👍🏻