Gloria Victis - Medieval Open World MMORPG!

Been intending to check out this game for quite a longtime but only more recently got around to checking it outand i'm really glad I did! The game certainly still needs a lot of work in certain areas but I feel like it has a really good base and it certainly a game worth checking out. It also gets super regular updates which is a really good sign of future development :)

I have also now set up a patreon :)




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If anyone is looking to try. First tip is to find a guild, level up and get them to teach you combat.

This game is really fun and not hard to become competent at if you have people guiding you.
When I was playing a few months ago, there was huge lag and fps drop going on during all large-scale open world events, players are too busy to loot each others items instead pushing for objective, and 4-5 players can't hit 1 veteran player with shield because shield provides nearly 360 degree protection somehow.
I wish the game had better population and more newbie-friendly. You hit 5-10 damage to veteran players with 1000 hp, while they hit you 200+ and kill you in a few seconds.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph:
First view and first comment and first like !!!!
Friend Account
Friend Account:
Played this game since 2015. It has great potential but the amount of toxic players and exploits drove me nuts and this is how I met CB. Gv has a lot of potential but needs a lot of work
Alex Rodrigues
Alex Rodrigues:
hey! Just started playing CB about two weeks ago and I've been following your channel ever since. Your content is very helpful, especially for new players like me. I would like to know your opinion about the future of the game, do you think they can continue to expand it and make it better or has the game already stagnated a bit? Keep up the good work!
Lyrik Maestro
Lyrik Maestro:
Hey thanks for reviewing the game, really hoping it gets more coverage
Evo ... Don't u dare leave conqueror's blade...please don't
dude... please... mind your stamina. It's hard to watch
Thalien EU2
Thalien EU2:
Looks like con. Blade in visual, WoW leveling, crafting, UI, For Honor combat system 😅
Roel Ven
Roel Ven:
early access? means f2p? game looks good, and agree with you on the crafting system (a serious lack in other games)
Local potato happy today
Local potato happy today:
This seems very cool. Also i would love if it was based on ancient rome
Esv2 phonebone
Esv2 phonebone:
Witch house should i choose on conquerors blade.
2nd all
Esv2 phonebone
Esv2 phonebone:
Ali Chidaz
Ali Chidaz:
It's more look like a mobile game