GOD OF WAR Full Movie Complete Saga All Cutscenes (God of War 1, 2, 3, 4 Ascension ) PS4 2018

GOD OF WAR 4 The Full Movie All Cutscenes Kratos Full Story All God Of War Games in chronological order includes all cinematics movies in the story mode with gameplay dialogue and Boss Gods Fight Endings 60FPS (PS4 PRO) 1080 HD

0:00 God of War: Ascension
1:18:05 God of War: Chains of Olympus (Remastered)
1:51:47 God of War 1 (Remastered)
2:43:56 God of War: Ghost of Sparta (Remastered)

3:38:25 God of War 2 (Remastered)
4:50:36 God of War 3 (PS4 Remastered)
6:46:50 God Of War 4 (PS4) 2018

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Kratos Full Story in chronological order:

0:00 God of War: Ascension
1:18:05 God of War: Chains of Olympus
1:51:47 God of War 1
2:43:56 God of War: Ghost of Sparta
3:38:25 God of War 2
4:50:36 God of War 3
6:46:50 God Of War 4 (PS4) 2018

Enjoy ;)
Are you seriously thinking that I will spend the next 12 hours of my life watching this vid ?? ... then you are right
Carlos Alberto Da Luz
Carlos Alberto Da Luz:
remember: all these games happened because cronos didn't use a condom.
Devin Smith
Devin Smith:
Even though we are all on lockdown I can't believe I binged this in one day.
After watching this whole thing, no wonder Odin is just as scared as Zeus.
youngsta 18
youngsta 18:
This is what atreus needs to see 👀😂
TheAnxoiusHero 21
TheAnxoiusHero 21:
Me: *has knowledge of the entire god of war story*

Also me: “yeah... imma watch this”
This should be a real movie I would pay to watch this
Poseidon got *boxed*

hades got *face revealed*

helios got *knocked out*

hermes got *outran*

hercules got *smashed*

cronos got *head shotted*

hephaestus got *shocked*

hera got *choked*

crab had to go to the *dentist*

pandora got *burnt*

gaia *raged*

zeus got *abused*

kratos *commited suicide*
Mr Poop
Mr Poop:
best 12 hours I've spent on YouTube, thank you
The quarantine got me to watch this
Tig Bick
Tig Bick:
Is this video long? Yes

Do I already know everything about god of war? Probably

Am I still gonna watch this? You bet your sweet ass I am
0:50 Thanos should be very afraid, he snapped away the wrong person
James Herb
James Herb:
you don't realize how long all the cut scenes are in god of war 4 until you see that all the previous god of war games added together barely surpasses that one game. that's just crazy
Dean Playsgames
Dean Playsgames:
Mom: Ok son you can watch one more youtube video but the you have go to bed.
skips many executions and cutscenes, leaves in clips where he has trouble hitting vases
george martinez
george martinez:
11:19:25 Freya actually said his name, I didn't catch that my first time watching this scene. She must've known exactly who he was all along for her to know kratos' name despite him never telling her. Come to think of it, she's the only character in the entire story to actually address kratos by his name (mimir knew but never said it out of respect).
"For once in your pathetic life, don't fail"
Kratos literally killing all the gods: ?
i litteraly spent 12 hours...

on watching this masterpiece
Armando Ponce
Armando Ponce:
This game made me read more about Greek mythology
Raymond Raptorclaw
Raymond Raptorclaw:
FORGET testosterone pills... This is 12 hours of PURE TESTOSTERONE! 💪🏻
M Radisa Pratama
M Radisa Pratama:
Atreus mentioned himself.
mq bq
mq bq:
6:33:04 walks past athena when she got stabbed 😂😂 "Oh I didnt care that you died. No need for forgiveness."
Mike Stephano
Mike Stephano:
2:02:46 *"COWARD!"*
7:07:54 Idk bout you. But I think the creators made this on purpose... Like to remind us the kind of personality Kratos used to have back in his yought...
The warrior
The warrior:
If you learn greek mythology at school, just tell your teacher to play this vid for everyone
Oreos at 4:47:37. Now get yourself a glass of milk and some cookies.
Raymond Raptorclaw
Raymond Raptorclaw:
Seeing Kratos annihilate these giant monsters makes one wonder what by-standing people think as they witness it. From their perspective, these monsters look like their acting like Patrick Star that one time he pretended to get beat up by SpongeBob.
*Watching one of the most intense parts of the games*

“Let’s play Raid Shadow Legends, play now for free”

Emre D
Emre D:
1:44:50 button mash to leave your child forever
Hold up they slept for years i thought they were jokin 😂😂😂
Jordan Perron
Jordan Perron:
Has anyone else noticed that the narrator is heddi form NCIS Los Angeles
A1D3N F0X:
52:48 I just saw Kratos save a random man without being in GOW 4.... WOT IN TARNATION
T- Vids
T- Vids:
10:22:00 the first time I saw kratos smiling.....
Me: one more video before bed
Mom: ok son don't be late
Jamie David
Jamie David:
6:44:45 "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves" *Confucius 😉
Kunwar Khanna
Kunwar Khanna:
11:37 this is my desktop background now, just epic with that music
"I have spilled enough innocent blood."
Proceeds to murder innocent civilians in Athens to get back a small amount of HP.
Hanno Van Onselen
Hanno Van Onselen:
3:31:45 first "spartan rage" ever?
I just watched all of this because I'm too lazy to do it myself
Isaac Jimenez
Isaac Jimenez:
You know, it’s so weird to say but I’m so happy that kratos finally has friends or at least companions that he can trust
Sarthak Khattar
Sarthak Khattar:
ME TO MY BROTHER : ARES!! Destroy my Enemy, & My Life is Yours
Your Teenage Father
Your Teenage Father:
Rip God of war: Betrayal. 😂
Izuddinz Officialz
Izuddinz Officialz:
YouTube try to make me buy YouTube Premium with The Advertisement
George from Texas
George from Texas:
Perfect viewing during quarantine!
KNDid Divik
KNDid Divik:

Christopher Stanyan
Christopher Stanyan:
They should make a actual God Of War Movie.
Μηνάς Καραΐσκος
Μηνάς Καραΐσκος:
I like how they put Greek words in English like : Orkos which means oath
I'm Greek
Gold Just Gold
Gold Just Gold:
I get this young boy didn't know much about People and gods but come on. Lol

If my father did some shit like that I'd be asking questions ASAP. 😂
Jon Norgard
Jon Norgard:
I remember watching this Up until 4:30 in the morning
Thx for this video I know how much ur feeling pain in ur hand after editing this video
Andy Castellanos
Andy Castellanos:
From a revenge tale to a redemption story, from being an unlikable antihero by most to a sympathetic one. Now that's character development.
Knowing the full story in order kinda makes u cry for Kratos. 11:46:47 It's even more sad now that Ik Kratos is gonna die permanently and Atreus is gonna basically be the next Kratos in another rim on the next God of War!😢
The Stranger
The Stranger:
My brain: Ok one last video...
Straw Berry
Straw Berry:
Watching the whole 12 hours only for Kratos
*the things I do for love*
When you realize... of all the things Kratos stores in his butt of holding. He could not fit Pandora's Box in his posterior.
Liam Matthew
Liam Matthew:
Doctor: You have 11 hours 57 minutes & 22 seconds to live, What will you do?
Alan S
Alan S:
"Kratos, son of Zeus"
Isabella the Cute Kitty
Isabella the Cute Kitty:
im making a figure of kratos with his blades od chaos
Brittany Tinney
Brittany Tinney:
The Golden one is dead. I was forced to bring him home. He was dead, or worse. His last words I want to hold her. Our greatest pride dead. The gold never to be taken up again. And I am a women of the dry lands who cannot cry.
The Hooeys
The Hooeys:
He refused to bring with him an offering of two dead chickens, so the wizard destroyed the whole shrine over two dead chickens and the oracle was murdered over two dead chickens. Great story telling.
Robert Ramsey
Robert Ramsey:
When Kratos so bad ass HE can't even kill HIMSELF
continuar Immortal
continuar Immortal:
Whoa that opening scene from GOW always gets me. The feels are real!
John Doe
John Doe:
Kratos really needs to ask people to speak clearly, how many times is he going to fall for someone telling him that he'll 'get what he deserves' and then they obviously try to kill him.
lara craft
lara craft:
Does kratos eat? I never see it
JTA Agency Insurance Products
JTA Agency Insurance Products:
Doctor: you have one second to li-
me: ...
When Atreus sees all of this, he would be like “wow dad”.
Edmond Dilla
Edmond Dilla:
I am a fan of that game before when PSP are still leading
27:40 I remember this guy from batmam arkham City
They should really make a live action movie series. It would be amazing
Stephen Hacker
Stephen Hacker:
The lockdown brought me here 👌
Brittany Tinney
Brittany Tinney:
fieres reign is dead sorry for you babe and her mother
greek tradgies abound
game boy
game boy:
1:12 when the god of war first cried fells sad😥
angry monkey
angry monkey:
Finally! Done watching!
Vince Trinanes
Vince Trinanes:
If I have 12hours left to live I'll spend it to this
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
I've played every game and till today still replay each one, I'm just addicted to these games
Bro _Gamerz
Bro _Gamerz:
Man after watching all this, I just feel so sorry for my boy Kratos lost more than any other video game character ever😔
Michael Rigal
Michael Rigal:
"You underestimated me Chairon this time I will not be so merciful"
*cutscene to Kratos beating his face in repeatedly
James Larimer
James Larimer:
7:11:49 the moment a car alarm went off outside my apartment. Coincidence?
"Greetings Kratos.."

Lmao I love how angry and arrogant he is
Ivan Francisco
Ivan Francisco:
Excelente. Há tempos procuro a junção de todos em boa qualidade e legendas em inglês original. Obrigado!
Lord Tyrannus
Lord Tyrannus:
1:13:00 Sounds so amazing in 0.75X
0:24 what this songs name please I need answer
Doctor : You have 5 mins of life
Me : *Starts watching this*
Doctor : it's too long you don't have time
Me: *now thats were you are wrong*
Jellyfish In-Water
Jellyfish In-Water:
Me: Abraham Lincoln !?
S Y A:
Omg Hercules plays Hercules 😂 my childhood remembers that voice so well
Thank you Izumi. I loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
You challenge me, mortal? A god of Olympus?"?
Rohan Khera
Rohan Khera:
BOY : So where you from dad
Kratos : It's a long story son.....
סאלח נבואני
סאלח נבואני:
The first clip when his family past away was the coolest part
Everytime I see the ascension cutscene I wanna cry :(
nina jjang
nina jjang:
Omg thankyou 😭❤️
BreK kKa
BreK kKa:
Doctor: you have left 12 hours of life
I: ...
Player on this moment 3:04:12
ah hell i am dead 😂😂😅😂
The WhiteWolf
The WhiteWolf:
I’ve only played god of war 4 and it’s amazing. Is it worth going back and playing these games if I can get them in 2019?
Ohh tentacles.......wait..this reminds me of something.

jhev gainz
jhev gainz:
20:06 that's probably the coolest kratos's voice has sounded
3:48:04 and 11:30:43
Jo Ankara
Jo Ankara:
This is crazy watching this video 12 hours...
i am zsaph
i am zsaph:
this intro dope as hell they should make a movie
Spooky Admiral
Spooky Admiral:
I should say during the psp era, GoW was the king of psp games and crisis core was its queen