God of War PC Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"

Karak reviews God of War, finally on PC.
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Ironclad Nomad
Ironclad Nomad:
As a PS4 gamer, I was honestly already stoked that this game was headed for PC, because it's absolutely worth it. To hear it's been ported so well makes me even more stoked for you guys.
I really loved the game on my now aging PS4, I can't imagine how good it would look on a decent spec PC. I'll have to add it to the 'wishlist'. Great review as always!
Cooter muffin
Cooter muffin:
You are absolutely every single thing right with gaming reviews / the internet. well done and so professional. Much respect. 🙌🏻
nick T
nick T:
This game is truly something to behold. Played for the first time late last year on the ps5, I beat it 3 times including on the hardest difficulty. More people deserve to play this game, glad it's a good port.
Make 1
Make 1:
Happy for PC players who have not yet played this game! This is one of my favorite games of all time and it's quite the experience!
Blue is Not a Warm Colour
Blue is Not a Warm Colour:
I highly recommend everybody play this without a HUD. I had it set so only the compass appears when the PS4 touchpad is pressed. It's incredibly immersive and there's more than enough in-game feedback.
This game is a masterpiece it has everything you could want good graphics amazing story great gameplay top notch voice acting I could go on
Awesome review!

As to the question about the camera, FOV and various things, the developers for the PC port did have to consider a lot of that, because of the "one-shot" style of the game (no camera cuts, all one long tracking shot) and how they had to reanimate some stuff to account for larger widescreen formats (21:9 for example) otherwise you have some janky crap that wouldn't have been seen on a standard 16:9 widescreen on PS4/5
Mircea Vlad Burac
Mircea Vlad Burac:
One of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. Cory Barlog, director extraordinaire. Incredible writing coming together with the storytelling, performances, and technical execution of everyone involved. Truly a must play. Will leave you in true awe. A rare gem of an experience.
Joker Productions
Joker Productions:
PC port perfection from Jetpack Interactive. Loving it! Worth a buy.
I really wish i could forget everything about this game, and play through it again. I absolutely loved this masterpiece.
Ryan Secrets
Ryan Secrets:
There was an entire GDC that talks about how the combat system and enemy ai was built around that specific fov. I think widening it would potentially break the balance they crafted. That’s my guess based off that GDC anyways.

Amazing game. So glad PC gamers get to experience it as it was easily one of the best reasons to have owned a PS4 last gen.
A. Melhem__
A. Melhem__:
Awesome review as usual, i would like to throw in a small suggestion: we'd love if you included the download size of the game you're reviewing, as well as its performance on both HDD and SSD since the gap in performance is getting bigger nowadays (not just loading times)
Hey acg just wanted to let you know that you're content is the best gaming reviews I have seen on YouTube and the only one not contaminated by sponsors. That being said don't hold back when it comes to promoting yourself. I mean the cadence in your writing and pinpoint technical analysis deserves much recognition. For y'all reading this, subscribe to the man already!! Also would love to hear more about this game on the international podcast.
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol:
Thanks for the awesome review as usual. I am really excited for this! I am glad that the PC port turned out good. Can't wait to play it. 😃
Man, I love this game. I played it back when it launched for the PS4 and did almost everything. There were a few Valkyrie that I didn’t take care of. My favorite aspect was that the story and graphics were so captivating that my wife would ask me “Are you playing more God of War today?” She’s not a gamer so that’s saying something. The only other game where she asked me that was the first Last of Us. I’ll probably pick it up for PC when it goes on sale at some point.

My backlog is out of control so need to tend to that first anyway. I just started my first play through of Nier Automata and that has my full attention at the moment. Great review as usual.
God of War is such an amazing game. I recently switched from PS4 to PC, so I'm glad I can still play this game. I can't wait until Ghost of Tsushima is ported to PC.
Really great review Karak
Always love how in depth you go and explain even the smallest things
Christian Martin
Christian Martin:
Awesome. I love when a game is ported correctly. This PS exclusives coming to PC is an awesome thing to do.
Wonderful review, the studio behind this nailed the port with little to no issues on launch which just makes me even more excited for Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming to PC next!
I can’t believe how excited I am about playing this game for the 7th time, now on PC!
Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov:
Top notch review as always. I got plat trophy on the ps game and it’s nice to note that they improved the performance for the ps5 a few months after its release.
Alfa Omega
Alfa Omega:
A New Year and a new and brilliant review from ACG…
Funny thing I’m literally playing god of war right now on PS5 and it looks and runs fucking amazing!! ☺️
PC owners are in for an absolute chef’s kiss of a treat..👌🏾
fifty shades of Vay
fifty shades of Vay:
Several years on this is still one of the best games ever made. Incredibly accurate when you said there were no shortcuts taken.
Glenn Wilson
Glenn Wilson:
Hands down the best gaming reviews out there. Thank you!
Sleepy Khalizor
Sleepy Khalizor:
Thanks Karak, I'm glad to hear it runs well. I really appreciate your reviews. You're always one of the best man. Absolute legend, 10/10. Keep up the great work!
This is a fantastic game! Definitely one of the best games of all time
Dave Merritt
Dave Merritt:
Played this game on my OG PS4 and it handled it perfectly fine. I absolutely loved the game (once I got past that first defeating moment) but it was ultimately tainted when I tried to beat the Valkyrie queen...

Overall, everyone needs to play this game. Fantastic and can't want for the next title :)
Endrju Komon
Endrju Komon:
Great review. I finished the game 2 times on my ps4, 1st time just for pleasure and 2nd time to get that Platinum Trophy and let me tell you Valkyrie Queen fight is the toughest fight I have ever done in my life. Still I am excited to see how the game runs on PC. I cannot wait for Ragnarök
I'm so excited for this game. I'll get it eventually. I would get it on Friday when it releases but I've missed two weeks for work due to being sick from covid. 😭 Need to catch up on bills first.
Meg Mucklebones
Meg Mucklebones:
Playing this on PS5 at the moment, it's AMAZING. The way he interacts with the BOY is beautiful. The gameplay. The graphics, everything is beautiful. Its just, just, below my all time favourite game - The Last of Us.
ACG with the “God” tier reviews as usual 😎👏🏾👌🏾
Devan Coney
Devan Coney:
Always loving your reviews man! can't wait for this game 😎
Claudiu Stănescu
Claudiu Stănescu:
Great review! Great game! Only heard good things about it so far. Cannot wait to get it and have a go at it
Miguel Bolanos
Miguel Bolanos:
Whenever a game comes out, I always come to this dude for the review. Amazing job my dude!!
Kristopher Kennedy
Kristopher Kennedy:
Excellent review, thanks for what you do. I am pretty excited to get my GOW on!
One of the most badass games I have ever played. Grabs you straight away and doesn't let go till the last second. God, what I wouldn't give for Bloodborne in 4k 60 :)
Thank you for the clarifcation that the pig wasn't the ashes lmao. The writing in this review was top notch and for it being esstinally a re-review, for the passion and enjoyment to come across is a testiment to how one of a kind you are Karak
Mr Nelsonius
Mr Nelsonius:
It’s a testament to the quality of the port and (even more so) to the original design that this game looks SO good and runs so well. I look at this and think “there’s no excuse for any current game to run like poo”. Hopefully with the hardware shortages and terrible prices more devs will think about this in PC development. You can get gorgeous visuals and great performance
Great to see these classic games come out for other platforms.
I'm shocked how good it looks for a pc port. It's the only story that captures me
Definitely the best review of this game. Appreciate the narrative 👍
Thrilled to hear they got the PC port right. Can't wait!
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday:
Your passion behind your content is through the roof... well done sir, well done!
Alex Cardoza
Alex Cardoza:
I really appreciate the review, I’ve been a big fan w this game and recently got into pc and let my brother have my ps4 pro god of war edition and I wasn’t sure if I should get the game again if the port was gonna be bad and ruin the experience I had with the game before so again thank you man
Luciano Rivera
Luciano Rivera:
I am pleasantly surprised performance is that good considering the requirements!

Can't wait to play this one again, this time without fear of borrowing a ps4 for too long.
very glad to hear the PC port is done properly! ty for the great review
Chris Biagi
Chris Biagi:
I watch all your game review videos. Occasionally skip to the buy,wait for sale, never touch.. But I haven't regretted any of my purchases based on your advice.. Cheers from Ketchikan, Alaska. Always look forward to your reviews!
calvin edith
calvin edith:
awesome and informative review. Been waiting to play this 3 years and the next 12 hours cant come fast enough
J F:
This game is even more beautiful on PC. I am so glad everyone will get to experience this awesome game.
Josh Mclovin
Josh Mclovin:
Played this back on my PS4Pro on 4/20 (yes that was the original release date lol) and had an absolutely amazing time. Did a 2nd playthrough immediately after, came back to it on my PS5 last year, so glad PC players get to experience this.
Excellent review! Your writing is on point, funny, informative, brilliant!
Jary de Haay
Jary de Haay:
Already was one of my top 5 games ever. But it's so goddamn crisp to play on the PC, an even better experience. Loving it.
It's a testament to the games quality that people, myself included, will pick this up again to experience the story again on a different platform.
It's rare that I buy a game before it goes on sale, but this may be one that I definitely buy. Thanks for the review, I think you more or less convinced me.
Sparky 1Up
Sparky 1Up:
So happy to hear how good this will be on PC. Awesome review!
Emily Allan
Emily Allan:
I appreciate the review and the 4k 60fps game capture. Awesome. God of War is one my favorite games of all time.
Generic YouTube Account
Generic YouTube Account:
For anyone watching this 1 month later, the memory leak, which definitely was an issue at release, has been fixed. There’s been 6-7 patches already.
Love the shoutout for Kyle, he has such good videos! Real nice review, one thing I also like is that it's only £40 which is a much more reasonable price than the £70 for FF7
Jordan Wilde
Jordan Wilde:
I have waited years to play this. I'm surprised and super happy it's finally available on a platform I own.
Mr. Grumpy
Mr. Grumpy:
Happy to see this out on PC now for the people who may have missed it on console and I'm really glad to see that Sony are seemingly settling in to dealing with moving their first party games across to PC smoothly.
I know some complain about PlayStation moving games across to PC but I only game on console and I'm genuinely happy to see games like this jumping over to expand the audience of the games. I know it's hardly a new game but I can't imagine there are that many copies still to sell on PS4 now. Hopefully some of the improvements gained by moving from PS4 to PC will also make their way into a native PS5 release at some point.
It looks like it's going to be the two latest Uncharted games next on PC, I hope they both have a really good quality conversion too as they're fantastic games.
Enjoy! :)
Jeffmetal 42
Jeffmetal 42:
His suggestion of Kyle Hill's YouTube channel is highly recommended by me as well. His series called "Half-life History" is really interesting. It's about radioactive disasters throughout history. Great review as well Karak. I was waiting to purchase GoW on Steam until I heard some feedback about it and your word is plenty enough for me. Cheers man, thanks!
I'm not getting it on PC, but I can recall watching your review of the initial PS4 version. My anticipation for God of War was unreal.
So happy this is a good port! Loved it on PS4, Tempted to buy it on Steam just to show Sony how much I want more PS exclusives to come to PC.
john wrath
john wrath:
Glad pc players finally get to enjoy my favorite game of the generation. It’s the only game I’ve ever bothered to platinum and I still went back and played it again after that when they introduced ng+.
Allen Shultz
Allen Shultz:
Absolutely stoked for this. Thanks for the review.
This looks great and I am super excited to finally get a chance to play it since I don't have a PS4/5. One question, do you have to use a controller or do the keyboard and mouse controls hold up?
I congratulate the PC gods. I wish I can play this game again for the very first time. it was an EPIC experience.
Rupert Allen
Rupert Allen:
Excellent review. I'm thrilled to hear this runs well on PC. Got God of War for the PS4 Pro a couple of years ago. Only put a few hours in because I heard it was coming to PC. Put it down intentionally to wait for the PC version, which hopefully I can run well enough (2080 Super, i7-6700K @ 4.4GHz) at 4K. The fact that it has DLSS is good to hear in case it's required. One of the best games I've played, despite only scratching the surface. This will be my ENTIRE weekend! :D
PC players, you are about to witness one of the greatest experiences in gaming. Enjoy it and savour it!!!
Emil Jensen
Emil Jensen:
ACG you could’ve mentioned how it plays on K&M, since some of us don’t do controllers. Otherwise great review as always!
Anubra Kahn
Anubra Kahn:
This game is a masterpiece.
Jordan Lacroix
Jordan Lacroix:
I just finished my 6th playthrough, this time on the ps5, one of the best games ever, I'm glad more people will get to play it and Ragnarok cannot come soon enough
A remake of the first game with a 3rd person view would be incredible.
I will say, this is a perfect example of why we need to stop having contextual loading in games (like slow climbing, lift a rock only to throw it right back down etc. Because loading times will get better and on future tech that design holds the player back.
Tony Hughes
Tony Hughes:
Great review, can't wait to play this!
So so happy to hear you praise this port as much as you did here, I was also a bit nervous it would be a bit of a rocky launch but this just makes me super happy. Will definitely be getting this port soon. Great review as always Karak!
Cameroo Boomerang
Cameroo Boomerang:
Love your reviews my dude :) Glad to hear the port is good!
Howdy Martin
Howdy Martin:
Coming in clutch with the review, as always
Glenn R.
Glenn R.:
I am so glad it’s getting good reviews. I pre-ordered on Steam with a gift card I got for Christmas. Friday can’t come soon enough!
Ryon Merrick
Ryon Merrick:
Love the way Karak uses his platform to suggest other growing youtubers.
HJ Hooch
HJ Hooch:
Excellent review as always, sir. Thanks.
Is there an ultra wide option? That would convince me to buy this game again (I love it but find it hard to justify re-buying a game that is already great on PS5.
Stryder Hyrule
Stryder Hyrule:
Damn man you are nailing these reviews. Can't wait to see you tackle February's monster line up.
Christiaan Van Schalkwyk
Christiaan Van Schalkwyk:
Great Review man ! I can't wait to play this title on pc as it was my Favorite game on console ! Gotta add it to the wishlist now , because holy mac ń cheeseballs im stoked for this title !! 🔥👍
Great Review! Thanks Man! Pretty sure the FOV is set in engine. So “cut scenes” and hidden loading stuff would all get messed up. To bad they couldn’t work around it.
Just bought the game. Can't wait to experience the game in 60+fps
Detroit J
Detroit J:
Great review. I have a ultrawide and I can't wait to play it again. Have always loved the God of War franchise.
Brandon Fuller
Brandon Fuller:
This is the only game I’ve ever played that I couldn’t complete on the hard difficulty. I mean, I could have, but I quickly figured it out I wouldn’t have enjoyed it nearly as much. I LOVE THIS GAME. I’d been an Xbox guy my whole adult life so getting the PS5 and this being the first game I sank my teeth into, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
When the Chains of Olympus came out …. I can’t even describe how happy I was !
PC port perfection from Jetpack Interactive. Loving it! Worth a buy.
You are awesome ACG! Love the love you put in!
MAN OH MAN! Or should I SAY BOY OH BOY! This thing runs well. EPIC code if you get the game KARAK-ACG
PC of war coming in hot! If you want to support the channel like some of our amazing patrons and help ACG keep running without needless sponsors and bullshit, stream some games, play dnd and tabletop, or just talk games. I would love to have you https://www.patreon.com/AngryCentaurGaming
Unles I am blind there is no FOV slider which sucks.
Bough this game today and played for the first tome and before I knew it already played 7 hours of it. Mann time sure flies
U S:
Excellent review! This was my game of the generation
Nate Kennedy
Nate Kennedy:
Love this game, thanks for the review! I want to try this on the steam deck when it comes out.
RageQuitters UK
RageQuitters UK:
Jetpack did an amazing job with this port it seems. Nice to see Sony taking the PC platform seriously. I guess the sales numbers don't lie. :)
Lance Enchainte
Lance Enchainte:
As a PlayStation fan (though not particularly a GoW fan), I’m so glad they’re expanding their library onto the PC.
It was fantastic on PS5, glad PC players get to experience it finally.
Allan Enraged Gaming
Allan Enraged Gaming:
I'm fairly excited to finally be able to try this game out!
Awesome review, as always.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
as a PS5/PC gamer, im super happy that the PC crowd gets play this. i played on the ps4 pro. wasnt a pc guy then. really glad sony is starting to do this. games are for everyone and we shouldnt have break the bank to play all the good ones