Godfrey Gao | 7 Questions

Godfrey Gao took the modelling world by storm when he became Louis Vuitton's first Asian model since the brand came to be over 150 years ago. In this edition of 7 Questions, we get to know the man and his plans, beyond his successes as a model and actor.

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Pete Wong
Pete Wong:
In Memory of Godfrey Gao🌻
Sleepy Edits
Sleepy Edits:
Rest in Peace, Godfrey.
"Being ridiculously handsome..." that was so adorable....RIP Mr Gao
Soki Necola
Soki Necola:
He is too perfect to be here on Earth.
Ghazala Khan
Ghazala Khan:
Been hearing about too many deaths recently. It's making me so sad. Rip.
i haven't cried like this over a celebrity dying since Jonghyun. 😭
Bonnie Guardia
Bonnie Guardia:
Paved the way for more Asian inclusion within the modelling industry whilst entertaining and bringing joy to his fans. Will be sorely missed :’(
Zippy Williams
Zippy Williams:
wow so sad. God what was your purpose for taking him home so early? so humble. S.i.p you handsome and beautiful soul
valerie chin
valerie chin:
Godfrey was half Malaysian, so refined, culturally sophisticated humbled handsome young man. God must have a greater purpose for you in heaven.
T. J.
T. J.:
I hadn't heard about him until I heard of his death. It's nice to hear him speaking. So sad!
Never Give Up光復香港 天滅中共
Never Give Up光復香港 天滅中共:
So sad. He is such a handsome young man. God taken him so soon.
Hange Deng
Hange Deng:
He is literally perfect ! Was now 😭😭I still couldn’t believe he is gone . R.I.P
Moments_ memories
Moments_ memories:
Rest in Peace, Godfrey Gao.. We will miss you a lot...
多麽帥氣的一個人就這樣沒了! 為了那樣一個爛節目! 多可惜啊! 他的父母親情何以堪了!
ez ka
ez ka:
Rip... one of my fave actors of all time
Kristi C.
Kristi C.:
God took his angel back too soon. ❤😭
Kevin's Journal
Kevin's Journal:
As another fellow Asian male in entertainment, a true inspiration, I miss him so so much, too young and out of nowhere.
Kasban Nurdija
Kasban Nurdija:
One of may favo actor,ma ur soul rest in peae😭😭
catcavity ray
catcavity ray:
You'll be in my memory forever.
David G
David G:
This can’t be real. Someone say sike.
Mike Luangrath
Mike Luangrath:
God he was sooo beautiful. I am really sad he is gone wow
Daily Joy
Daily Joy:
I'm truly heartbroken. You were such an inspiration. We'll miss you brother.
Sarah L
Sarah L:
太難過... Such a good humble charitable human in addition to his physical assets. The fact that he could've still been alive if there was swift action taken during those critical moments.. makes my stomach turn. Thank you for everything G 🙏❤️
Erlinda bittar
Erlinda bittar:
I miss one handsome and good actor die I’m so lost ! I will miss him in his drama action I love him so much 😭😭😭I’m in sadness now !
gubsn hx
gubsn hx:
We are proud of you, thank you for your short stay in this life. See you in the next one
We’re going to miss you Godfrey. Thanks for doing so much for the Asian community. 💛
R.I.P Godfrey Gao,
forever the Gentle Giant... You will be missed 🙏
Joowa kerjan
Joowa kerjan:
R.I.P. 曹志翔~
2019 had taken so much precious people from us...
Faye Tago
Faye Tago:
His gorgeous and smart...🙂
C Park
C Park:
Only some days, I cannot accept this, miss this great and kind person so much!
Krystal Ann
Krystal Ann:
Aww :( wanted him to star the live action of the Mulan movie T^T he's waaaay too underrated
connie Hu
connie Hu:
He was so shy when he joked about they missed he is ridiculously handsome....
He is a nice gentleman. 🙏🙏🙏 Rest In Peace
Amanda Lou
Amanda Lou:
Saddened to hear he’s gone. RIP
I’m tearing up again 😥😥😥 you’ll forever be remembered in my heart
Su Yang
Su Yang:
I've been sitting here, can't get you off my mind. You are such a perfect gentleman, RIP.
Weezu B
Weezu B:
It’d be really sad if he knew he had only 3 months to live...RIP
Yvaine H
Yvaine H:
It’s a shame to lose someone so perfect and humble, he could make the world a better place if he was still here because the way he was. Rest in peace Godfrey.
ohhh 😔😞😢😭❤
Rest in peace
ho zhimey
ho zhimey:
Die to young, I just couldn’t believe u r gone😥
Trinh Hà
Trinh Hà:
Rest in Peace , you will always be missed 😭
Devaron Samuels
Devaron Samuels:
R.I.P. missing a beautiful soul. Gone way too soon
deepti dhusia
deepti dhusia:
Feeling so sad to hear this heart breaking news .i just start watching the gravity of rainbow and you are gone 😢.So genuine person. May you rest in peace.
Old Heaven
Old Heaven:
I have been thinking about when you can come back to Canada and I can see you in real life during some future film making or whatsoever.. but now everything seems pale after hearing the much too sudden end of your life. You'll be remembered forever, Godfrey.
C C:
He said you missed "Being Ridiculously handsome"... Lol. Yes. So incredibly humbled.
Shao Mark
Shao Mark:
RIP, the world lost a warm soul like you
Btari Anya
Btari Anya:
I’m crying:( thank you for being Magnus Bane. We will miss you, rest in power❤️
Sandra Lentz
Sandra Lentz:
I miss him so much. 💔🙏🏽😭❤️
Angie Arthur
Angie Arthur:
He was so damn fine. R.I.P.
Meyrin S
Meyrin S:
RIP. We're going to miss you, Godfrey....
rest in peace ❤️
And suddenly he is no longer with is. Life is just too cruel.
Louis O
Louis O:
Just can't believe that he's already gone after this interview held couple of months before!! Miss him and wish him rest peacefully!!
Peggy Hsu
Peggy Hsu:
The PERFECT man❤️R.I.P G
Xinrui Li
Xinrui Li:
it's just so sad that we lost such a charming, polite, humble and good man..
Beauty Magic
Beauty Magic:
Why he is gone so soon 😭 many days have passed but I still painful 💔
C Q:
WTF rest in peace 🥺😭
Vivian Y
Vivian Y:
rest in peace :( ❤️
My heart hurts so much. Tears are falling everytime I see you. Rest in peace Godfrey 💜
Grace Li
Grace Li:
rest in peace, God bless him and loves him always <3
eldridge stackhouse
eldridge stackhouse:
He’s dead~~~~~~~~~~~
Travis Ledo
Travis Ledo:
PLEASE get a role in the Shang Chi movie! We need an Asian guy like you back in Hollywood!
Very Sad to hear about his passing.
He is such a great man, I can’t believe it happened ....Rest in peace, Godfrey Gao
Erika Ortiz
Erika Ortiz:
The sad thing is that this video was not to long ago and shot this year... Loved The Jade Pendant . Rest in peace Godfrey Gao 💓
Yeh Jane
Yeh Jane:
God has a even better purpose for him
He’s an angel now
Gone too soon Godfrey. You'll be deeply missed :( RIP
Ry Ser
Ry Ser:
This one is for you my dear 💔 miss you forever
不懂英文,我也要點進來看Godfrey 。😭這麼帥,形象好正面的人。
Tu Bebe Kr
Tu Bebe Kr:

May ur soul rest in peace, Angel...
Gibson Wang
Gibson Wang:
You will be the most handsome angel in heaven Godfrey Gao. <3
Now three Asian celebrities passed within few months. It is so sad! If anything should come out of this is change in East Asia in terms of balance between work and mental health. You cannot simply overwork people like that. RIP
Rest in peace, Godfrey.
Kin W
Kin W:
We all love you godfrey..u are ridiculous tooooo handsome...lol
We’ll miss you.
Madline Ma
Madline Ma:
太伤心了 好绝一男的 这么帅这么温柔
Joey Zicheng
Joey Zicheng:
May the beautiful soul become an angel in the other world, love u always Godfrey.
Henry Wang
Henry Wang:
A humble, optimistic and polite person left us forever. 🙏R.I.P 🙏
Karen Xiao
Karen Xiao:
So hard to watch this. RIP 😭😭😭
Riley Tan
Riley Tan:
You will be living in our memory forever.
Sunny H
Sunny H:
Rest in peace :(
wen wen
wen wen:
AP Wong
AP Wong:
RIP!Waaaaay too young to die!
Heiyllek Yvi
Heiyllek Yvi:
My heart hurts so much, hope you’re doing well up there Godfrey ❤️
R.I.P. 😭 I still can’t believe it!
I’m Just Kindall
I’m Just Kindall:
Rest In Peace...🖤😭
Such a nice guy! Still can’t believe he’s leaving us to another place-heaven! Goodbye,angel!
Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale:
He was right. He was really ridiculously handsome
Family Time Channel
Family Time Channel:
RIP Godfrey❤️
Galaxy Lucia
Galaxy Lucia:
So beautiful inside and out. RIP Mr Gao. ☹️
JoJoeJung Joe
JoJoeJung Joe:
🌟 Rest In Peace, Godfrey Gao 😥🖤
Rest In Peace ❤️
You will be missed 😭❤️
Xu Chen
Xu Chen:
逝者安息, 高以翔
Leo T
Leo T:
I can believe a handsome and healthy-looking man like him passed away so early. That game show must be very brutal 😭