Gogglebox | A First Date Surprise

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Denis Deniss
Denis Deniss:
Oh the grandmas being supportive is the nicest thing ever.
"i had all this bullshit planned but now i can't say any of it" XD
H u
H u:
Everrrrr been on a date and had a surprise ?... not like that but I'm old... killed me that has 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂😂
Ben Kirkham
Ben Kirkham:
I'm rich and well hung
Marie Muckle
Marie Muckle:
Turned out to be handsome man. Good for you.
Matt H
Matt H:
What I wanna know is. If it didn’t turn out that he already know his date, would he of mentioned that he hasn’t always been a man.
i bloody love that mustache!
Keenen Mmolkay
Keenen Mmolkay:
Fully jealous of his beard
what episode of first dates is this?
Tim Payne
Tim Payne:
This was cute! ❤️🏳️‍🌈

Masked Mono
Masked Mono:
Watching people watch other people
Was he okay with her deadnaming him on telly? :/ he seemed reluctant to mention he was trans at all
Madison Keith
Madison Keith:
You would never get through the window😂😂legend😂
Linda F
Linda F:
Sooo serendipitous i love the look on his face when they were talking about if they know each other 😁
How did she know that she knew him before? Unless she had seen him after the transition? Would have to have a seriously good grasp of the voice to recognise him by how he spoke
Blythe Turner
Blythe Turner:
Dose anyone know which episode of first dates this was
Jimmy Gillard
Jimmy Gillard:
Any chance we'll ever get a Scottish family on Gogglebox?
an beernaert
an beernaert:
He is very beautiful
Matt Risley
Matt Risley:
Joey R
Joey R:
lovveeee this 🥰
Cyber Batman
Cyber Batman:
Why do they rarely mix black with white and vice versa.
George Pridden
George Pridden:
Called it as soon as he spoke
Insert name here
Insert name here:
Google box with ksi is the best thing ever
Sam Shah
Sam Shah:
I’ve got so many questions! So what did she go to the date expecting? Was she going to see a man or a woman? I’m sure they give the show their preference first. Also, if she went expecting a woman (having given her preference to the show) them putting a man as her date broke that rule yeah? So many questions. Genuinely curious and interested.
The Asian guys were probably like wtf when he said he was a woman :P
Veronica Corningstone
Veronica Corningstone:
the voice and delicate features gave her away
Trevor Then4sr
Trevor Then4sr:
Him being a girl...explains the crappy beard
Bill browning
Bill browning:
I’d be curious if “she” would have told her date had she not already known she used to be a woman and more importantly still is.
Bill browning
Bill browning:
So she’s actually a lesbian.. staged to go on a date to meet a man, and you get a wo”man”
Good to see more box tickers on the tv. Only 13% BAME so why does everything need to be 50% BAME