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Mark Goldbridge Best moments as West Brom and man United draw 1-1

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Fogell McLovin
Fogell McLovin:
As an Arsenal fan, Lindelof has strong Mustafi vibes.
Time stamps:
2:10 West Brom goal
5:40 Bruno goal
9:40 Mctominay chance
10:45 Maguire chance
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
How have WBA managed to draw against four top six teams?!
Ty Marshy
Ty Marshy:
Gives a penalty
"Looked a bit soft"
Ref decides not to give it
"He's a bloody joker, that's a clear penalty"
Which one is it? United fans...
“Maguire doesn’t know how to dive” why does that make me piss myself laughing
William Faulkner
William Faulkner:
If Bruno literally scores from 50 yards out he’ll still be talking about Luke Shaws assist. Legend😂
"I don't think maguire going forward is going to do anyTHINGGGGGGGG WHAT A GOAL BY BRUNO"
Linderlof is a prat
“We’re hoping to smash West Brom today”
That clip of him celebrating thinking they got the penalty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
William Marsh
William Marsh:
Bruno is class but ffs anyone can see he is the biggest cheat going
First sentence: well he's offside anyway.

Second sentence: THAT'S A BLOODY PENALTY

LBlade [⚡️ 𝗟𝗕 ⚡️]
LBlade [⚡️ 𝗟𝗕 ⚡️]:
I swear someone described Lindelöf as a knitted condom during this stream 😂
It's like Ole never learned the mistakes have been made in the pasts
Shane Bristow
Shane Bristow:
The way man u fans beg for penalties is just embarassing 😂
Matej Pikna
Matej Pikna:
Imagine united fans complaining about refs
Iain McKechnie
Iain McKechnie:
Bruh Bruno is a class player no doubt but the last time I watched him I thought I was watching nemo the amount he flopped on the floor. That is fax
Rick Jules
Rick Jules:
9:10 Just look at mark's expression
bobby fagan
bobby fagan:
Manchester United have the same amount as points Liverpool in last 5 games.

1 is crap other 1 is having season of their lives
Dayim Shah
Dayim Shah:
"He is having a bloody laugh".XD
Jez Wotton
Jez Wotton:
" It's gone quiet in the other room. It's the bin - there goes the lamb!" 😂
Paulo Dybala #1 fan
Paulo Dybala #1 fan:
Goldbridge is just too funny 😅
Mark really struggles to pronounce words when he talks quickly 😂
William Faulkner
William Faulkner:
I’d love to see a different career mode on a small club in the BPL. I loved the one last year for Villa and Mark must be getting bored of doing united over again. We are all bored of United
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali:
“Don’t pass to lindelof on my mother’s life he’s playing against us”
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad:
It's Thursday & Sunday from next week. We are going to get unlimited content from Mark, as United doesn't have the squad depth 😁😁😁
John Mc
John Mc:
Fernandez deserves a statue outside Old Trafford at this stage.
United had the best chance to win something this season specially with the form we have.
Maguire is awful.
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson:
brilliant his reaction to us not getting that pen when he thought he give it!! pmsl
Private Artyom
Private Artyom:
The "penalty" was offside..why didnt they look at offside??? Var was looking for a foul but it was offside lmao this is a joke
‘I’ve just heard the bin, think it’s my lamb’ 😂😂😂😂
foot baller
foot baller:
2:10 1-0
5:40 1-1
kelly jeffrey
kelly jeffrey:
Entertaining as always keep up good work bro from arsenal fan
I love to have a change now and again
I love to have a change now and again:
See Maguire celebrating the opponents goal again.
Muki Naziri
Muki Naziri:
Mark Doomsday scenario for you to contemplate over your breakfast on Monday morning
You don't get in the top 4 and Bruno doesn't sing new contract and he goes to Barcelona 🤣🤣🤣🤣🎉🎉🎉
St. James Hawke
St. James Hawke:
I’ve said this earlier and am going to say it again. It’s the “curse of the big win”. Look at what happened to Liverpool after trashing Crystal Palace with 7 goals. You guys had had two draws after slamming 9 goals past Southampton. The curse will continue for at least another 3 games. Mark my word, no pun intended.
Stephen Downton
Stephen Downton:
That remix tho legendary for our defence.
Dmytro Coronado
Dmytro Coronado:
absolute best channel on this platform
Khumo Motloutsi
Khumo Motloutsi:
Even though we lost mark just made my night 😹😹😹😹bloody lindelof
Dibils YS
Dibils YS:
for future, if ref does the TV sign after watching it on the screen he has changed the decision
Jake McGrady
Jake McGrady:
Does Mark think Lindelof is like 5’8 or something 😅 he’s literally 6’1.5, taller than Eric Bailly
Emily Carter
Emily Carter:
Love the channel keep it up 👍
Theses players have let me down again. After this result I was hoping for an arsenal loss but they are slapping Leeds right now.

Looks like it's an early night for me, sorry luv
Vincy's Own Hypa Dawg
Vincy's Own Hypa Dawg:
😂🤣😅 this shits golden 💯🔥 goldbridge made my day✌😌
NV Hanzo
NV Hanzo:
Westbrom should of won :)
Super John mcginn
Super John mcginn:
First words manu will hopefully smash West Brom then ends 1-1 he’s a prat🤣🤣🤣
angel queenシ
angel queenシ:
These lot looking for bruno or var to save them every single week is priceless😂😂😂😂😂.
Neil Loughman
Neil Loughman:
We need more players like fernandes
“I don’t think Maguire pushing forward is doing any....THINGGGG! What a goal by Bruno Fernando!!!” Get in there! 😂
Alex Yates
Alex Yates:
If I was playing for Man U (Which would never happen) the lazy position I would want to be in would be Centre Back...
Football Nerd
Football Nerd:
"get out of jail free card" lol, United have had their fair share of those this season!
James Smith
James Smith:
Big sam to the rescue seconds to go what a save🥵🥵
Andy Tate
Andy Tate:
4:43 Well, you're not wrong Mark. 😂😂😂
It's an appropriate joke for Valentines Day as well.
Black Doug
Black Doug:
8:50 👌🏽
Andrew Limsk
Andrew Limsk:
“He’s not like a bloody pen1s...” lol
Siddhant Shah
Siddhant Shah:
L.A.P.D !
L.A.P.D !:
How can that even be considered a penalty. When the fridge is clearly offside lol. And how can mark complain about the ref blowing so early when liverpool played united the ref literallly blowed his whistle before injury time ended😂
Ellis Deakin
Ellis Deakin:
Goldbridge and de gea = perfect couple
Glenn Gerard Goragely
Glenn Gerard Goragely:
What an absolute bell end. Could it be anymore cringing watching this Mellon head 😂😂 he’s a complete dope 😂😂 bloody bloody bloody
9M Hiro
9M Hiro:
I just realize United have so much england player, but still hard to win
Where would Man United be without Bruno? I would say around maybe 6th or 7th, maybe 5th
Archie Moffat
Archie Moffat:
What was it with commentators and pundits today? had a go at de gea when for the goal and gave him no credit for the saves he made. Joke
Captain Bruno
Captain Bruno:
FFS, the defense at the early minutes were bloody asleep.
Daniel Stonhan
Daniel Stonhan:
Fernandes goal was off his shin 😂
2:25 west Brom goal
5:40 bruno goal👍
Gaurav Amatya
Gaurav Amatya:
How the hell did you exclude the one where Maguire falls off and De Gea saves his blushes, twice.
Liam Syass
Liam Syass:
Lol hahahahah
mup mup
mup mup:
Was the penalty shout not offside or have I seen a mad angle 😂
Harl Stowe
Harl Stowe:
I can’t believe Harry goldbridge Maguire missed that chance at 10:45
Maccyavelli84 Macman
Maccyavelli84 Macman:
Goldbridge wearing dodgy boss like the youth he used to pursue in his policing day 🤣 class
Mike McEwen
Mike McEwen:
You lot are the Joke. You expect all the penalty decisions to go your way. It’s the only way you get anything, without them you’d be in the Championship.
Sandooq 2009
Sandooq 2009:
If there is a rant please don’t miss it
Where is the moment with double save from De Gea?
Rip marks Lamb.
Adam Bobra
Adam Bobra:
Tbh the west brom striker was 6ft 4
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
We bottled it again
Tenzing Bhutia
Tenzing Bhutia:
We lost because mark start off with a mistake & than our defense followed !! " Unitant " is where it started!!
Sabote Fred
Sabote Fred:
Shame on you who are saying David needs to be dropped
Max Mcgain
Max Mcgain:
I'm disappointed with that result but we have to look what soon will come
Sheldon York
Sheldon York:
The mistake by Mark made Untied draw the game
Ascended High Lord
Ascended High Lord:
Everyone:Stop playing Maguire and Lindelof together!

Ole:Hahaha shit defense go brrrr
Just J Music
Just J Music:
Geezer is a legend. Go now go,don't turn around now you're not welcome anymore 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Neil Loughman
Neil Loughman:
We need new cbs
Question: Should Fernandes get the captains armband instead of maguire?
its the Chuckle brothers all over again
Hamzah Wadee
Hamzah Wadee:
2:35 west Brom goal
5 40 Fernandez goal
9 30 Maguire post miss
Jimmy Redmond
Jimmy Redmond:
Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,fu....g ha.!!!
Alex Gordon
Alex Gordon:
Maguire should be a defensive midfielder cuz of all his forward runs
Hussainali Khalifa
Hussainali Khalifa:
Would be another assist for Luke shaw The End
Pelle Tijhuis
Pelle Tijhuis:
That boss top is cold asf
8:21 “I don’t think he’s gonna give it”
Lindelof.... just get him out please. The guy is softer than an Easter egg in a heatwave. He loses every aerial challenge.
Mohammed A
Mohammed A:
Damn. I’ve been here since 3K. Progress.
Quick Clips ! 💔
Quick Clips ! 💔:
I really want to see a Bailly Tuanzebe partner ship vs Sociedad, wint happen , I’m confident Bailly will start tho
Why does his anger sound false?
Tyler B
Tyler B:
Love watching man United NOT bailed out via VAR. Varchester United no longer!!
Aatif Mehmood
Aatif Mehmood:
What we were waiting for: 9:00 😂😂😂
Mr Matthew F1
Mr Matthew F1:
The Unitand Stand
kiefer sutherland
kiefer sutherland:
Centre halfs AND gk the problem at utd
John Louis
John Louis:
That wasn't a pen and maguire is a DIVER !!!!!