GOLDBRIDGE! West Brom 1-1 Manchester United Match Reaction

West Brom 1-1 Manchester United! Mark Goldbridge reacts to a big result for Solskjaer's United. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. Player Ratings Vote Here


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100+ komentarze:

Kenta Renard
Kenta Renard:
Greenwood has improved so much recently, much better positioning and decision making. Yet he doesn't start. Was the best outfield player
I fear Ole will never learn. The two things we all thought when seeing the team sheet was why is Martial playing and why isn’t Bailly playing and those two decision probably lost us the points.
Rajarshi Sadhya
Rajarshi Sadhya:
We would have been in the same place if not higher with Smalling and Jones. HM for 80 million is the biggest joke in English transfer
Don Tynan
Don Tynan:
Ole likes his favourites, Lindelof, Mcguire, Fred, Martial McTominay Rashford. Loyalty is fine, but common sense must prevail. We've all got our favourites, but Lindelof is just feeble!!! I'm sorry if it upsets people, but Jesus Christ!!!
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
If we lose to city and Chelsea in our next couple games we’re gonna be fighting to finish top 4, Liverpool will come good and finish 2nd we will be fighting Leicester and Chelsea again
Luke Dowling
Luke Dowling:
Awful from Lindelof but a lot of blame needs to go to our attacking players. Rashford and Martial have been absolutely abysmal.
Captainalfa studios
Captainalfa studios:
The manager said himself a few weeks ago that the club shouldn't be considered as tittle chasers....How do you expect the players do anything
Dominque caswell
Dominque caswell:
Funny how he is loyal to players who will get him the sack. I can't stand Lindelof he is soft,slow and gets bullied by most sub par strikers.
S L Jones
S L Jones:
Bailly and Donny should start every game. But we have a crap manager. OLEOUT
Quick Clips !
Quick Clips !:
I want to see a Tuanzebe Bailly partnership vs Sociedad! Won’t happen tho
This is the thing I dont like about Maguire. Never own up to his mistakes, always blame it on the team. What a coward.
manU pastor
manU pastor:
If Solskjaer has Diaz and Stones as a partnership he will drop one for Lindelof.He is loyal to players that gave him the job.
Bruce D. Gant
Bruce D. Gant:
Ole is a tactically naive manager. His formations and player selections are too predictable. Any manager can come up with a game plan against his sides. Playing McFred in midfield against West Brom is laughable. Ole is so afraid of losing he's forgotten how to win.
BK 201
BK 201:
PE teacher doing bits, back again!
Santi Smirk
Santi Smirk:
sam man
sam man:
Big Sam is more intelligent than Ole, simple Mark.
MUFC are jokers. Simple. Ole gunnar is too fearful fo me. He would do well at mid lower prem lge side. I can't stand watching Utd😒 too many poor decisions by the club and team
Devil red 7
Devil red 7:
Oles hit his ceiling, let the contract run down and let someone build on top of what he’s built
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha:
Why does Ole always stick to Maguire and Linderlof as a pairing CB when everyone can see those two together can’t defend !!!
andrew johnson
andrew johnson:
Ole is just destroying this season. Eric bailly has proved himself when he plays. Just a joke.
Leevi Indombo
Leevi Indombo:
So we need a world class centre back to beat West Brom?
Duncan Kabitto
Duncan Kabitto:
The cb's are not good enough and ole is not good enough as a manager to get united back to where we need to be.
Chris Footy
Chris Footy:
We have no philosophy. How does Donny not get put in for Paul?? It’s quite sad, our coaches have NO PHILOSOPHY, like for like changes, sideways passing. Ole tactics is go out there and good luck lads
Roberto Naobeb
Roberto Naobeb:
This job might be too big for Ole . Forget about the defensive issues we don't have an attacking identity! when City play they just have a way they go about it and it's obviously down to pep and how particular he is in the way he does things same with Liverpool when on form we're just too dependent on individual performances I don't know if Ole even works on that in training I don't like his chilled demeanour either he has to demand from his players and I am not seeing it!
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha:
Man U are so boring to watch, side to side and so slow at going forward that the opposition can get back to defend !!!
Toby G
Toby G:
"To all the prats...". Nice dedication right there.
Vaughan Francis
Vaughan Francis:
With that midfield, we will forever be this way
Tony CT
Tony CT:
Juan Mata must be frustrated. He could add some creativity and be on the same wavelength as Bruno and Cavani.
James Cooper
James Cooper:
It’s weird how Mark doesn’t expect these results. Mark; we bottle it against smaller teams. We rock you like we have already won. Arrogant players
Thaylin Pillay
Thaylin Pillay:
Without knowing our league position I would of thought we where 15 th the way we are playing
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom:
We're actually capitulating in February , wow 🤦🏿‍♂️

No one wanted the title in that team. They were just happy to be in the conversation for a while.
sam man
sam man:
Ole out come on Mark, the coaching staff are rubbish and we all know it.
Ryan ptf
Ryan ptf:
That cb pairing will get ole sacked.
Junior Akueka
Junior Akueka:
What’s the point in playing cavani if our wingers won’t cross. This is where you see coaching ability. could’ve at least played telles at lw
Thomas Henriksen
Thomas Henriksen:
The systemic failure that keeps repeating in these games where united cant create anything is obvious. They keep playing too narrow, they dont switch up fast enough. Pogba does this do brilliantly, those crosses out to the wingers are brilliant and mcfred just dont do that. They keep trying to find fernandes who is swamped by defenders and they keep loosing the ball. They do this again and again and again and its bloody frustrating. Get some wingplay going so you can get some service in to cavani.
Jie Enigma
Jie Enigma:
When Maguire plays, the world stops to admire his defensive skills.
Ian Redmond
Ian Redmond:
We’re only in the position we’re in at Christmas because of other teams under performing let’s face it. You could count on one hand the amount of games this year we played good football and won comfortably, the attacking play in the final third is shocking and has been all year. Maguire and Lindelof have to go from that defence to win anything too
Maguire is the issue . Lindelof has been here since mourinho had him and there hasn’t been an issue like this, I’ve never been more concerned about the defence than this . Whatever we’re doing in training isn’t working
Rahman Mohammed
Rahman Mohammed:
i’ve said it so many times maguire and lindelof are dreadful get them out and bring in proper defenders or play baily and maguire as they actually work well together
Drop useless selfish rashford. Donny waited for his pass, but he just did not bother to pass
Gainmaker 5000
Gainmaker 5000:
Mark is so loud 😂 Every time I have to turn my tv down lol
Eyman Suleyman
Eyman Suleyman:
I remember in mourinho’s third season and we started with Bailly and Lindelof and they were as bad as maguire and lindelof right now so for me the problem is lindelof
Sechaba Theletsane
Sechaba Theletsane:
Lol. I kinda got tired of saying ole out but i'll just say this. Ole proves time and time again that his decision making will cost us games, titles, and trophy's. They shouldnt renew his contract end of season. He's shown that this is his limit.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B.:
Everything will be assessed at the end of the season but I don't see the progress Ole talks about. Defensively still not good enough, Martial and Greenwood have actually regressed and the midfield pivot is not good enough. Where's the improvement?
Our manager Ole, believes that Maguire and Lindelof complement each other. That's a big shame because even the fans see that he is wrong. Why won't you be Ole out? Give him until May and then do not give him a new contract. If you keep making the same mistakes, that's stupidity.
Leevi Indombo
Leevi Indombo:
Arteta has a worse squad and they battered West Brom and Leeds also 5-0 with worse players
We need a cb and out and out cdm with a playmaker next to him ( Donny) we’ve got quality up front but can’t get the ball to them 🤦🏼‍♂️
Chris Pope
Chris Pope:
Rashford and Martial have been rubbish for ages, can't remember the last time either of them played well.
Damian Jones
Damian Jones:
7 defenders 4 forwards against west Brom 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shyaka Andrew
Shyaka Andrew:
Good question Mark. Why is De Gea being tested more than the westbrom keeper?, why are our coaches allowing to be tactically out classed by Big Sam? .
rueben O
rueben O:
If ole got tactically outdone by the most basic manager in the league then what does that make him?
Brian O'Gorman
Brian O'Gorman:
Winning run, followed by series of games with dropped points. Ole comes under pressure, team goes on winning run, followed by series of games with dropped points. This team is only doing what it has always done.
Jakub Pruzinec
Jakub Pruzinec:
Lindelof is taller than bailly he is just not physical
El Gallo Prieto
El Gallo Prieto:
We're back to reality again. I'm starting to accept that we won't win the league for another decade at least.
Stan Amanze
Stan Amanze:
Ole should go, I never rated him as a manager so I'm not surprised at all.
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski:
We hit a ceiling
Tim collins
Tim collins:
This will sting for days
Tomislav Klauski
Tomislav Klauski:
We cant beat top six and bottom three
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson:
Nothing was stopping ole from playing bailey I think this dross is on ole for picking the wrong team it's his fault today
As soon as I looked at the team sheet: Rashford on the right to accommodate Tony 'new Henry' Martial on the left I wanted to punch my screen. I knew the shitshow coming ahead. Rashford useless on the right, to accommodate Martial who is as useless anywhere.
Kurmir Defreitas
Kurmir Defreitas:
But wait, how does that player climb on lindolf like that? That isn’t a foul?..his entire hand was on his face..these refs needs to get their shirt in order
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha:
What a poor result, we can’t beat the bottom two teams and can’t see us in the top 4 by the end of the season!!!
Wes Hall
Wes Hall:
Theme of most united stand reviews: disappointing performance
James Dalgleish
James Dalgleish:
This team are so boring to yawn fest. Rashford should’ve been dropped months ago, can’t lace Foden’s boots. Also Martial needs to be sold as he’s not interested. I watched Man City v Spurs yesterday and they are so exciting to watch, so fast in the build up, whilst we text our opponents our intentions. Need a new coach for next season. Don’t be fooled by the 2nd position.
Elias Vergessen
Elias Vergessen:
It's a problem we've had for numerous seasons. We do not have creative attackers that want to assist each other. Rashford just runs into trouble every single game without a plan or footballing IQ. Cavani is always isolated and our CMs don't bring the ball forward. City have numerous bench players that would improve our first team.
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas:
am I missing something or have I never heard Maguire mention anything about defending better!?
rick padilla
rick padilla:
Mark is spot on about everything here. I was so bored, getting tired of the slow side to side build-up from the back. Lately, we are the red turtles, not the red devils. I remember Big Sam at Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham and now West Brom. Don't matter where he goes teams instantly play his style they keep their defensive shape. They play rough. Boring defensively but they can take points from any team at times.
Seeing Maguire and lindelof at the back and mcfred in midfield against West Brom meant I was worried from the get go. This game was ready made for donny to play alongside Fred
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos:
Goldbridge.... if you are still Ole in You're a Prat !!! Come ON !
The thing is we didn’t get a cb in winters and we wanted to bounce back after our defence is always letting us down , attack is trying but you can’t win league with attack you need good center backs
Inquisitor Pingu
Inquisitor Pingu:
I give up, also; LoL
Arturo Meza
Arturo Meza:
We need a CB so good that maguire is forced to come off the bench when needed
Angus Marlow
Angus Marlow:
i feel like we really need fred in the squad but on the bench. He's perfect for certain situations but he just isn't dominant enough to be a starter if we want to be the top team again
ole playing to defensive midfielders against west brom. couldve easily brought on vdb for fred or mctominay at half time.
Jash Shah
Jash Shah:
I have no complaints with Martial getting subbed off around 60, but Ole needs to show the same energy with other players as well, he's played the likes of Rashford to the ground even when he has off days and now he looks fatigued, last season you could say the squad depth wasn't there to rotate but it's inexcusable now, VdB getting just 10 minutes to make a difference is embarrassing
James K
James K:
now we've come full circle.
"It's not the attacking midfielders' (Martial, Rashford, Bruno) fault when they play badly - it's because of McTominay and Fred"

"But Greenwood (attacking midfielder) should have started and I think with him we would have won the game"

Hmm... 🤔
James Benn
James Benn:
I’m seeing lots of talk about us not getting top 4 this season in these comments I think we’re slightly overreacting other teams are doing the exact same thing as us and other teams around us except city will have a bad run of form.
Juan Carlos Ruiz Guajardo
Juan Carlos Ruiz Guajardo:
Sadly, I was rooting for 21st in 2021, now after the pefformances agaisnt bottom teams, I think we are fighribg for top 4. Even if we finish 2nd but 15 points behind City, that will not be progress, we did that with Jose!!
Brian Hall
Brian Hall:
Can't understand martial starting another david bellion
Allan Taylor
Allan Taylor:
You cant keep going East to look for Sunsets!
Anthony Mweti
Anthony Mweti:
How come no one ever talks about how weak our coaching staff is? Phelan, Carrick, McKenna and whoever is the defensive coach need to go, we need world class coaches..
Crap Content
Crap Content:
I have been a consistent ole outer for a long time. Ever since the bad start of this season I’ve been ole out. During our good patch of form I considered ole to be a little better, but I’ve always thought he is extremely lucky to be where he his. His players are too good for how incompetent he is as a manager. He picks average or bad teams every time, never learns, too inconsistent, he might’ve had a good run but I’ve always thought he’s not good enough.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor:
Ole is naive defensively, likewise his coaching team does not have enough defensive and technical knowhow. Unless he addresses it he will fail.
Harry Start
Harry Start:
Could you release these as a podcast? I like to listen on walks and stuff like that 👍🏻
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker:
Does anyone still watch football? I never thought I’d say it but the sport is meh now
Κωστας Μπαμιχας
Κωστας Μπαμιχας:
Ole out... there i said it!!
Vaughan Francis
Vaughan Francis:
I’m never suprised with United
simon young
simon young:
@2:25 "bouncing back* confirmed Partridge
We’d be top of the league and still in the champions league if we had even a half decent manager
Luïs Cook
Luïs Cook:
Why is one of the custom emojis a player they failed to sign and their rivals former player, sancho?
Reece Waters
Reece Waters:
Why are we constantly trying to dribble and pass through defences? Cross the ball in the box for our strikers!! As witnessed today.
Abdul Deen
Abdul Deen:
Mark you ask a brilliant question why ole was out play big Sam
Asas As
Asas As:
I'M so frustrated with Martial n Rashford... really don't know what had happened to both of them
o vaughan
o vaughan:
We need to finish outside the top 4 so that this PE teacher and his coaching circus get the boot . We will never achieve anything with those clowns in charge . A real manager and 3-4 top quality signings would make us a real team
Daniel Gillett
Daniel Gillett:
"United stands about opinions" criticize DDG and your a stupid prat. Love the show but relax on the defense of some players
Teach United
Teach United:
If anyone in our fanbase surprise at this result then they're deluded imo.the real Man U is starting to show itself! Our tactics resembles that of Crawley twn fc imo.
Alec B
Alec B:
Play in x2 speed 😂
Sandy Mar
Sandy Mar:
100% confirmed, Man Utd will miss CL next season.