【Google Doodle Champion Island】Full Gameplay | Quest Complete & Ending

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Join Calico C'athlete Lucky as she explores Doodle Champion Island: A world filled with seven sport mini-games, legendary opponents, and dozens of daring side quests.

0:00:00 Introduction

0:03:03 Rugby | The Oni
0:06:56 Marathon | The Kijimuna
0:12:22 Skateboarding | Tanuki
0:21:02 Artistic Swimming | Princess Otohime
0:29:12 Archery | Yoichi
0:36:45 Climbing | Fukuro
0:38:39 Super Mountain Girl
0:41:11 Table Tennis | Tengu
0:42:34 Seven Sacred Scrolls Ending
0:43:24 Side Quest & Alternate Difficulties
1:17:05 Sleeping Former Champion
1:18:56 Trophy Master & Ending

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Absolute Equilibrium
Absolute Equilibrium:
ugh...I've completed the game, collect all trophies, but damn...the second battle of mountain climbing was so frustrating, my spacebar nearly broke.
My kitten passed away this year and she looked like Luck, so now I imagine that she went to an island of champions and helped many people and became the chosen one. ♥
this little game was simply one of the most fun and engaging games I played this year. man.. it's all so simple, but so beautiful and colorful, a very interesting story, several secondary quests, and fun conversations, a very beautiful island full of life, this game was simply made with love, and that's what the makes it special, and think that this whole game, it's just a doodle, it's really fascinating
CA Aritra Majumdar
CA Aritra Majumdar:
This game will always have a special place in my heart for people like me who lost a pet few years back and would have been feeling sad because the fateful day was approaching. Big thank you to Google for helping me deal with my mental health. Lucky is hours of fun to play with.
Elaiah - almost good person
Elaiah - almost good person:
This was such a sweet game full of many many interesting stories and characters. I don’t know why I enjoyed it that much, but yeah, I did.
This was so good to play. Need more games like this, old school cool
Dragon and Avatar Fan
Dragon and Avatar Fan:
I finished this game in 2 days, didn't expect much but was blown away at how big and full of content this game is for a browser game. I am still kinda bummed out that even after finally winning the frustratingly anger-inducing second climbing and second marathon stage, I find out that there's no actual ending. Still I had a great time.
This was one of the coolest and cutest games I’ve ever played, Google did an excellent job with this
Love this game, it's amazing 😍 and it's wonderful how they used inspiration from the culture! Really well thought out and designed game ☺️
This is a masterpiece. I spent the whole day just to finish it, no regrets.
Isaniru Ch
Isaniru Ch:
I wish they published that game in store after this
The fact that the Cat from the Halloween Google Doodles is here means that there’s a legit Google Doodle Cinematic Universe. Can’t wait for the crossover film when Lucky, Halloween Cat, a Cricket, and Google Doodle Snake fight FireFox and Safari
Anonymous Idea
Anonymous Idea:
Bro can’t believe they made a whole ass game like this run in google
Judd Weil
Judd Weil:
This was precious. I got it to play on the television with the PS4 and my little siblings loved it.
I am so happy I decided to try this game, Lucky is so adorable and the characters and games are just amazing. The animation in the cutscenes is so welldone. Amazing game
Commander Messi
Commander Messi:
This was a fun game, probably the largest doodle game we’ve had so far. That plot twist in the end was cool
William Afton
William Afton:
I literally spent the whole day to complete this game and I don't regret it at all, though I really wish this game had a real ending. They should really make more games like these cuz we're all here for it right?🖐😀
You need to hear this: for the 2nd climbing task, holding spacebar allows us to jump higher. Super useful. I almost pulled my hair off doing that mission.
At first I thought this would be the usual Google doodle game, but it exceeded my expectations by a lot, and you can actually save your progress
i spend the whole day just to finish this game and i don't regret it, Lucky is the cutest character ever
I simply can't express how grateful I am to the person behind the video, i would've never finished the game if it weren't for you, thank you so much!
Spent my afternoon for all the trophies and ending, what a great game and it's Google Doodle!
It's actually amazing how google managed to make this, nice job Google!
I think there's still Fukuro's story that we are missing out on, he's still on top of the mountain waiting for someone to reach there... That would probably be the real ending, has anybody figured it out yet?
Just finished. It was such a fun game! Wish we would get more of this type of Google games on special events!
Ray Peng
Ray Peng:
I passed it whole a month a go and I need to say that it is one of the most adorable games I ever played x3 The most cute movie short clip in the game is in my opinion in -> 42:41 minute :)
Just finished the game all on my own. It was so fun and google should do more of these.
i guess
i guess:
the introduction is literally an anime opening
and this doodle is an entire rpg

that's when you know google is bored
This game is just so amazing. The art style, the gameplay, the overall vibe. Everything. This will have a special place in my heart ❤️!
Adrian Armei Refi
Adrian Armei Refi:
I just finished playing this game. It was a great gameplay. I hope i can find other game like this again. Great work for the developer!
Catherine Cáceres
Catherine Cáceres:
I loved this game! I have played many doodle games but this one is by far the most amazing game I’ve ever played. I really enjoyed the whole quest and the anime parts. Was amazing!
I haven't finished the game yet but I loved this already :D
finished this the moment i saw it was released. got addicted to it for couple of hours. wish there was more adventure :(
The second climbing game was frustrating as hell but satisfying once you beat it. The one game I absolutely hate though is the second marathon one. The track is too narrow for all the crap in your way and the dodge only last for 2 seconds with a 5 second cool down. Plus the score system I still can't figure out. Everyone else seems to be earning points but me, even if I'm in second place.
Yueyue Wang
Yueyue Wang:
This game deserves more attention. I wish they had merch.
The marathon part was so hard to win, because every time you run in the sand, you go slower.
Axintar Sentar
Axintar Sentar:
Thank you for this play-through, I appreciate it.
Pokefan 123
Pokefan 123:
Anyone else thought it was kind of funny how Lucky does the same animation for when he wins a scroll yet it’s so adorable that we don’t care 😂
the animation in the cutscenes is gorgeous holy shit
I completed this game already but still love to watch full story of this game. Hope they will make another game like this again in the future
Lucian Castelo
Lucian Castelo:
I just had reached the trophy room when there was needed to play the second run in skate. The story of the bird was so funny. Greatest game i've played this week.
Ayush Agarwal
Ayush Agarwal:
Everything was nice, the cutscenes were awesome. But one grand ending was missing when we had collected all the trophies. it was difficult to believe that one had finished the game without the actual grand ending at the last. but still, this was beyond any other web games , loved it❣🔥
i would invest in a fully fledged series of this game! really fun to play.
I loved this minigame, the gameplay, the animated scenes, the very entertaining missions and its nice characters, I would like to know who the creator is or is part of the creators of the game and the art of it !! Also, if you are reading this comment and haven't played the game yet, give it a try and play it, I promise you will love it.
Mani Kitty
Mani Kitty:
This game gave me vibes of the good old nintendo days, and i loved it ♥️
gotta say this is the most well designed google game i've seen so far
Humayra Binte Jamal
Humayra Binte Jamal:
Completed this game today. Such a nice one! need more games like this
the marathon sidequest is so hard not gonna lie
M. Alviandy 370 • 3 years ago
M. Alviandy 370 • 3 years ago:
This game is legit manga seed. It could've been serialized into three volume or such, telling Lucky's journey across the map and how Lucky's journey to the island.
The genre could be sport, action, drama, and also slice of life
Lost on Earth
Lost on Earth:
Oh my god, your telling me this is an almost hour long game on causal runs!?!
We need more of this google!!!
Avrianna Hayes
Avrianna Hayes:
I started this game at 11:50 and here I am at 3:30 am finnaly finishing it ngl this is one of my favorite Google games I've ever played
Gamera, you're amazing. You seriously deserve more recognizition.
Sharanya Sharma
Sharanya Sharma:
i just finished all the acheivements and the sports, google put so much detail into this i loved it we need more games like this
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei:
Best game google has put out so far. So fun and oldschool!
Google should make more games like this. :D so fun
The game was great, thank you for helping me with your gameplay in two places where I was standing :)
This is literally the best game I've ever played in today's modern world, I've done it in 3 days and it was really fun, wold love to have this for download when I don't have internet access, pretty cool walkthrough though 👍✨ congratulations on getting all the trophies!! 👍✨
Tbh this game is actually the best indie-like game I ever played on my pc
Ethan JY Lee
Ethan JY Lee:
The mountain climbing was the hardest to me when playing this game.
A Weeb
A Weeb:
GG guys who have finished it! Props to you! Especially those who were playing on their phones lol ( it gets too hard)
Ana Cardona
Ana Cardona:
Woaoh, it's impressive! Thank you very much for doing your video about the 2020 Japan Olimpic Games! It's exciting and interesting!

I played it before being in the Kappa team, and only missing few tests, but I could do everything, even helping the people from this island, it was hard in the first time, but I could almost finish all, I got the seven parchments. The easy was the one with arrows and Ping Pong, and the hardest the one where you have to climb the huge mountain and the dances.

^w^ <3
The mountain climbing was my fav tho, i find it more difficult if you play it on your phone. The most tricky one for me was actually the marathon, i didn't even finish the hard mode but overall, great game. I replayed it a lot just to see the headquarter of each Team.
Qeqe Una
Qeqe Una:
1:02:21 wow your second round of marathon was close, Im stressing out the whole time watching you, great job!!
Artistic Groove
Artistic Groove:
this game is so fun!!! I love all the quest but the second level of climbing is so hard lol
You know the internet's fast when it cares enough to make a walkthrough for a google doodle game the same day it can 1st be played
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu:
The quests are fun to do. Trophies are my main enjoyment of this game
yay just finished this game in one day, so fun and entertaining!
Denis Kniazhev
Denis Kniazhev:
There's now a proper ending where he leaves the island. It's weird that it wasn't there at the beginning and only appeared three weeks after the olympics has ended. Guess they intended to link it to the paralympic games. It was just weird to finish the game and not having any clue that there'll be an ending.
Godly :
I see a lot of people had trouble with the marathon quest and so did I until I realised it's so much easier as long as you don't use the forward button and only use the up, down and backwards buttons to control your movement
Best Gamers
Best Gamers:
This game is inspiring and I really appreciate your skills.
muhammad nur iman abdul razik
muhammad nur iman abdul razik:
I'm going to miss this game , I really enjoyed every last minute . Good music , awesome sports and story line. And it makes me feel like a little kid again.💕💕💕😢👍😔 Oh and I just realized that Lucky the cat is a female.😅😂
The secret marathon game is like threading the needle to the EXTREME, thank goodness I've beaten it.
This game was amazing! It really helps when im bored

Im so sad that its removed now :(
That was such a good game! I hope Google makes more of those, it was REALLY good!
The best Google Doodle game yet!
Box Cartoon
Box Cartoon:
I am 21 and I still watch this masterpiece ☺️❤️❤️
Wong JY
Wong JY:
OMG! Love this doodle and this is my most favorite one!!! With most of the classic elements of Japan's fairy tale and related characters setting.
Is there anyone accomplished the whole game, even the second climbing & marathon? 😭 Wondering is that possible to go for sailing or go to some different places (like past version 2D Pokémon XD) after finished all the challenge?
Rin Kai
Rin Kai:
This game is wonderful.. I hope they make v.2
The most distinguished snek
The most distinguished snek:
When I first found this game I was in the middle of researching for a science project. It took a few days for the actual research to begin, as everyone in my group became obsessed with this. Do any of regret it? Hell no.
Luis FCB
Luis FCB:
I loved this game ❤️
Mukhyar Luthfi
Mukhyar Luthfi:
This game awesome! Nice walkthrough 😄
Zhafira a.f
Zhafira a.f:
I just finished the whole doodle game, the crossover and breaking the fourth wall at the end will always makes me laugh :'D
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera:
This game is too cute and addicting to be a Google game. Sequel!
Hannah Linhh
Hannah Linhh:
This game is really cool. The graphics are very cute. I finished this game with great difficulty (did you?) Thanks to this game I was able to learn more about the Japanese Olympic festival. Do you think so? :3
Julia K
Julia K:
i finished the game twice in one day. it was super fun!
This cat can be savage too, sometimes.
This game is great! Google did a great job at this!
Erandi Dimuu
Erandi Dimuu:
Hehe collected all trophies. It was really fun. I tried the game yesterday and completed. I chose the yellow team and it's so great it's on top of the leader board.
the game is so good I finished the whole Olympics game and end with good ending ❤️🥰
Petal Spare
Petal Spare:
This game is super fun, great job google!
Faheem Productions
Faheem Productions:
Thank you!! The Kijimuna kid running quest and the final quest were remaining. I just completed the game. Felt like an old school GBA-like RPG game.
I don't know about you guys, but the game mode that frustrated me the most was the second marathon. Not only was it long, but it felt like everything had to be played at the very end. It also took me a few tries (up to 20+ minutes of playing this game) to realize that you didn't need to press right key to go faster nor slowing down when pressing left key. The second mountain climbing was also annoying to do since you had to learn by yourself that you could just hold spacebar to jump a bit higher.
This game was challenging and fun.I really like it
Yo What
Yo What:
I would totallly join a fandom for this game
Cleb Son
Cleb Son:
The best part of this game is the ost, spritework and cutscenes
Dron Kihot
Dron Kihot:
It's strange that Lucky said that theres more sport to play before he can ship away - even after 100% walkthrough
I thought that would be a true ending
Charlio Animations
Charlio Animations:
This game was actually very great for my surprise, i thought it was gonna be a silly doodle but nope.
Scott L.
Scott L.:
The underwater princess is just too cute!
The halloween game and this one had a crossover
I've also played that one as well
And it's kinda creepy how Lucky and Momo talked about controlling each other and playing in each other's world through the computer