Gordon Haskell How Wonderful You Are

Już 3 listopada 2011 w warszawskiej Sali Kongresowej i 4 listopada w Domu Muzyki i Tańca niepowtarzalny koncert Gordona Haskella

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Chris Ramsbottom
Chris Ramsbottom:
Just heard of his death. What a talent. RIP.
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood:
RIP Gordon. An underrated talent but this was his finest hour
David Wharrie
David Wharrie:
All ways very sad when someone as talented as he was departs this world, let’s hope he’s still being appreciated whoever’s listening to him now?
Adele Vera angel
Adele Vera angel:
Sadly lost a wonderful voice, creative songwriter, for whom success was making the music he wanted to make. His success was his independence.
John Williamson
John Williamson:
Remember listening to this a few years ago in beach front bar in Costa Teguise. It was a hot sunny afternoon (29°), I was the only one in the bar and I was sitting with my legs stretched out drinking an ice cold pint of San Miguel and this song wafted over me and for about four minutes and i thought life was perfect and I wanted it to stay like that for ever. A wonderful song.
RIP Gordon - fine add for the heavenly band.
A beautiful song, may he rest in peace
Alina Baranska
Alina Baranska:
Rest in Peace, Gordon......
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum:
such a wonderful jazz love song so underrated. so beautiful.
Academia Urso
Academia Urso:
RIP... peace for his soul. A talented man.
M van
M van:
Just read of his passing. Wonderful voice and songwriter gone way too soon.

Rest in Peace Gordon, thank you for enlighten my life with your lovely tunes.
Thank you so much for the music, Gordon. Rest in peace ❤️🎵🎶
Pete Owen
Pete Owen:
RIP Gordon.
Sotonye Afiesimama
Sotonye Afiesimama:
Lovely, soothing song! Great talent!! RIP, Gordon Haskell. How wonderful you were.
One of the most criminally overlooked albums of all time.
Jonathan Fletcher
Jonathan Fletcher:
RIP Gordon. You will be greatly missed. <3
I never know that the former vocalist of King Crimson had a hit single.
Klaudia Waloryszak
Klaudia Waloryszak:
I go out most nights
Attracted by the lights
Listen to the jazz in Harry's bar
And I know it won't be long
Before they play that song
Do you know how wonderful you are?
It's a sentimental sound
Make me want to fool around
With somebody who is wishing on a star
I pull my hat down low
Go up and say hello
Do you know how wonderful you are?
Always struggled with the art of conversation
And they'll be those for whom this song has no appeal
But I know it works for me
And I'm sure you will agree
That It illustrates exactly how I feel
Things can happen fast
Some things are built to last
I've seen it all go down in Harry's bar
Though we've only just begun
This show will run and run
Do you know how wonderful you are?
I've always struggled with the art of conversation
Anna Wenerska
Anna Wenerska:
Uwielbiam! Ta muzyka przenosi mnie do innego świata...
Jeff Plissken
Jeff Plissken:
When I saw a sitting guitarist I half expected a surprise Robert Fripp appearance
Kimmo Kananen
Kimmo Kananen:
Fantastic music.
Keith Evans
Keith Evans:
Sad loss and one of my favourite songs. RIP
Marie Grange
Marie Grange:
This is one of my long time  favourites  
Svein Grimstad
Svein Grimstad:
I listen to this song almost every day as I walk through beautiful nature here in Norway. I have it on my collection of relaxing songs on my cellphone. Really wonderful melody!
David Wilson
David Wilson:
Michael F
Michael F:
Gordon Haskell, How Wonderfull You are! Mal reinhören...
Mira Miroslava
Mira Miroslava:
Alaska Boy
Alaska Boy:
I've never heard of him but what super song and performance. This is as cool as it gets. Lovin every note. Bravo Gordon! :-)
Gail Finlayson
Gail Finlayson:
So sad to hear of his passing. Beautiful tribute on bbc radio 2 tonight and a reminder that Johnnie Walker championed this beautiful song
RIP Gordon 😔
Teresa Miller
Teresa Miller:
Love this music. Harry's Bar, Canary Wharf, London
Karl Stockton
Karl Stockton:
Wow, love this song, sooo laid back
Helen Caddy
Helen Caddy:
So sad to hear of his death, a wonderful musician I remember him playing on King Crimson RIP 🙏
Jolanta Juralevičienė
Jolanta Juralevičienė:
Amazing song!
евгений шилов
евгений шилов:
just class
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris:
This was one of my favourites at the time. Just found out about Mr. Haskell's death tonight, such sad news. Such a rare example in our days.
Haskell rendition of Gary moore s "Still got the blues" ?
Weird ...but beautiful :-)
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum
Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum:
nice jazz love song, a favourite of mine, this song is so underrated, casey this one is for you cause i know how wonderful you are, my sister i love you so much. everyone should hear this song.
Jacqueline Murray
Jacqueline Murray:
Ateliê das Rochas Marmoraria
Ateliê das Rochas Marmoraria:
Just Nice !!!
His voice has become stronger and cleaner with age. I never thought he had that great of a voice back in the 70's, but here he sounds great. I guess he had some vocal coaching.
Beautiful and Mesmerizing. Stopped me dead in my tracks while on a layover at the Houston airport. I can't believe I had never heard this masterpiece! So haunting and equally sensual. How Wonderful he is, indeed!
Chris Logan
Chris Logan:
loving this smooth smooth music 
Gamer Page
Gamer Page:
I came here to pay my respects. Rest easy King.
iNviSiBLe gEneRatiOn
iNviSiBLe gEneRatiOn:
This song brings back memories. I listen to it now with a slightly more refined ear than I did then.
Oh my. So glad I found this song, beautiful music.
Patricia Chapman
Patricia Chapman:
Just loved your music especially this one, you were a legend RIP I hope you knew how Wonderful you were ❤️xxxxxxxx
Edu Huertarias
Edu Huertarias:
His voice is unrecognizable, It is very different to the KC's times. like much more with King Crimson.
Richard Newcombe
Richard Newcombe:
R.I.P. Remember watching him many years ago in my local pub the Thomas Tripp in Christchurch(UK) where he played quite often.
phillip brown
phillip brown:
brilliant !!!!!!!
sandra ferry
sandra ferry:
How wonderful this song is; romantic, emotional, beautiful. wonderful.
Wow, this is the guy from KC's Lizards album? Holy shit
Ronnie Parker Scott
Ronnie Parker Scott:
RIP Sir.
Jamie Goddard
Jamie Goddard:
Such a great jazz song smooth and classy
Charlie Reynolds
Charlie Reynolds:
RIP Gordon.
Just listened to it on Deluxe Music television. W☼nderful song :)
Potted Rodent
Potted Rodent:
Gordon reminds me of someone that can guarantee that I'll look great in a new suit.
Haskell has always had an exciting and exquisite simplicity. He is my favorite singer of King Crimson (prog. rock band)
deborah myles
deborah myles:
I simply could not believe it when i was told he had passed away...what a talent and an awful loss...... its mainly the wrong ones it happens to may this wonderful talented man rest in peace xxx
maria felicita FERNÁNDEZ CIOCCALE:
Is this Jeremy Corbyn moonlighting?
david twine
david twine:
RIP Thanks for the memories our friend
Amy McCann
Amy McCann:
How Wonderful He Is...
Sameoldfitup - Photography Film & Music.
Sameoldfitup - Photography Film & Music.:
"It is not those who can inflict the most, but those that can suffer the most who will conquer."
peter woodfine
peter woodfine:
Such a talented but underrated man. Beautiful song!
Agnes-es Design
Agnes-es Design:
niesamowicie dobrze robi mi ten kawałek <3
beauty differently
beauty differently:
how wonderful...
Now lives in Greece. What a loss to the music of the UK
Love it so much!
Roderick Hogarth
Roderick Hogarth:
RIP Gordon :'(
maggie farrell
maggie farrell:
Beautiful, just beautiful.
Fan Tiulipan
Fan Tiulipan:
wonderful ❤️
Vikki Colbert
Vikki Colbert:
Gawd this song makes me melt...never get enough of it
Marino Rodriguez
Marino Rodriguez:
Ya estás junto a Keith Tippet i'm Heaven playin second parte ir Lizzard King Crimson🙏🙏
John Williamson
John Williamson:
RIP Gordon.
Gordon Haskell
Gordon Haskell:
There;s a 2019 version even better now available as a download
Paul Blakey
Paul Blakey:
This song & the whole album is just genius.
Woa! Still no Cadence and Cascade, but pretty good! ;)
Aleksandra Leg
Aleksandra Leg:
R.I.P Gordon Haskell !
Terry Brown
Terry Brown:
Lead singer on King Crimson’s third album,Lizard,50 years ago. I often wondered what happened to him after that. RIP
carly purcell
carly purcell:

Salvatore Froncillo
Salvatore Froncillo:
M. Martens
M. Martens:
I instantly fell in love with this man's voice ❤
❤️ ..... Gordon.....so sad....
Byłem na jego koncercie wczoraj w Grodzisku Mazowieckim -było super:)
Angélique Duvier
Angélique Duvier:
Khanh Linh Tran
Khanh Linh Tran:
And I know how wonderful I am^^!!!
Robert McNamara
Robert McNamara:
How cool can you get reminds me of the smokey bars of old Paris
Karen Smith
Karen Smith:
So lovely and sexy too !!
matt bruce
matt bruce:
paul, paul paul, the sax player, ur the best!!!
Bernie Lopez
Bernie Lopez:
R.I.P. Gordon
Pepe Guitar Covers
Pepe Guitar Covers:
Can't believe this is the same guy that singed in Lizard. Leaps and bounds better.
0:35 - text from aliexpress - make me full refund! :-D
Cake Martyr
Cake Martyr:
RIP Gordon Haskell
Chris James
Chris James:
I was just day dreaming for some reason this man singing this song randomly popped into my head. I don't think I've thought about him once since it got to no 2 in the charts in 2001. Quality timeless song though.
Daniela Dori
Daniela Dori:
Meravigliosa... nn smetto di ascoltarla
Steven Locke
Steven Locke:
So disappointed that I have only just discovered this fabulously talented man.
His music will live forever.
God bless.