Gordon Haskell 's 'How Wonderful You Are ' Music Video

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Now, read about the wonderful succes story of this Gordon Haskell 'How Wonderful Your Are' single and Video.....

I directed, filmed, edited this video for a small UK independent UK record company, Flying Spark Records. The story of this song and to a less extent, to this music video is classic success story.

The single 'How Wonderful You Are' by Gordon Haskell - a 50 somethin' unknown singersongwriter - went to No.2 on UK single Christmas Chart in December 2001 - to the surprise of many people in the big music business - no.1 was ...Robbie Williams.... - Following this success, Gordon Haakell went on to sign for Warner Records and sell over 100,000 albums in the UK one.

Before Gordon signed to Big Warner Records, Flying Sparke Records needed a music video to promote to TV the increasing success of the single 'How Wonderful You Are'.

I realised this video in 5 days from stratch to finished: the concept, finding location, filming in 2 hours on location and stole the other footages through the streets of London, editing on Premiere, then on Avid for the on-line -

I had a total artistic freedom (to say that the Records company had no suggestion when it came to discuss the content and concept for the video...) - the budget was inexistant - and the only thing i used, in addition to my brain, was 1 Sony PD 150.

Nerves-breaking....but I LOVED IT.

The video was shwon on various UK TV show, including TOTP2 and MTV.

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Didier Guigue
Didier Guigue:
"a 50 somethin' unknown singersongwriter". Quite funny... This guy has been , although for a short time (1970), the lead singer and bass player of the "something unknown" band King Crimson.... lol
Bert Smith
Bert Smith:
It's lovely to see someone taking their granddaughter out for a drink.
Ayan Chakraborty
Ayan Chakraborty:
This song touches every inch of my heart, create a rhythm of love and send me to a magical world of romance. Wow! Such a wonderful classic love song I have ever listened :)
Paul Harris
Paul Harris:
I've always struggled with the art of conversation….
Beautiful song, introduced to me by a beautiful soul
Grandma Moses UK
Grandma Moses UK:
Good old Gordy. This is lovely, I'm proud of you: I remember the first airing at the Barrelhouse in Stur. Hope you love your new life. As always, Tom and family
Anthony Holland
Anthony Holland:
I remember first listening to this song on BBC radio 2 in September 2001 , and I loved it , still do and always will !🙂🙂
nina wright
nina wright:
Played this literally while my dad was dying, always brings tears to my eyes :(
Agnieszka Mazurkiewicz
Agnieszka Mazurkiewicz:
I love this song really!
Zawsze będzie mi przypominać,ze spotykamy fantastycznych ludzi :)
Jason Mark Yates
Jason Mark Yates:
Great job, this guy is one of my influences,..love his stuff !
deborah myles
deborah myles:
Just what a beautiful song and gorgeous words I can close my eyes and imagine a husband singing this to his wife of so many years married on one of their special anniversaries.... and of course sitting in a lovely bar with the warm wind wafting over you in a beautiful resort letting thinking in that moment life is perfect for those few mins of this gorgeous song xxxxx
Hey! give him my hotmail, I want to run away with him and have him sing this to me everyday!!!!!
matt sanders
matt sanders:
Rest in peace Gordon. Glad to see you were still getting some action in your later years. ✌️
newman paul
newman paul:
it is a classic song, and i love it. just wish they could come up with more songs like this, absoloutley Brilliant and Beautiful
Andy Gray
Andy Gray:
Exactly...he was hardly unknown!
This is one of those songs that brings thoughts and memories colliding. Makes me happy and sad. Nuff said. Merry Xmas
Auener Katherine
Auener Katherine:
I adore...Thank you for this wonderful moment...The song and the film, absolutely beautiful! Thanks...L.O.V.E...
Raitis Freimanis
Raitis Freimanis:
Great video! Great song! I'd like to hear King Crimson cover this song.
Sameoldfitup - Photography Film & Music.
Sameoldfitup - Photography Film & Music.:
A day is sometimes our mother, sometimes our stepmother. Hesiod BC.
Wonderful video and your video history. Appause!
Markus Copa
Markus Copa:
I go out most nights
Attracted by the lights
Listen to the jazz in Harry's Bar
And I know it won't be long
Before they play that song
Do you know how wonderful you are

It's a sentimental sound
Make me wanna fool around
With somebody who is wishing on a star
I'll pull my hat down low
Go up and say hello
Do you know how wonderful you are

Oh we struggle with the art of conversation
And there'll be those for whom this song has no appeal
But I know it works for me
And I'm sure you will agree
That it illustrates exactly how I feel

Things can happen fast
Some things are built to last
I've seen it all go down in Harry's Bar
Though we've only just begun
This sure will run and run
Do you know how wonderful you are

I've always struggled with the art of conversation
And there'll be those for whom this song has no appeal
But I know it works for me
And I'm sure you will agree
That it illustrates exactly how I feel

Things can happen fast
Some things are built to last
I've seen it all go down in Harry's Bar
Though we've only just begun
This sure will run and run
Do you know how wonderful you are

Do you know how wonderful you are
Do you know how wonderful you are
1:32 Kocham ten uśmiech :))
Terry Park
Terry Park:
Rest in peace the suffering ended. Thanks for the songs.
Beautiful ..... Yours sincerely ... :)
Shiloh Noone
Shiloh Noone:
Even the video don't ring true ,a girl with that beauty and an old hobo looking man
Beautiful. Just heard this song on TOTP2 and was blown away. Feel very mellow now. What a way to start the day. Wow.
I just love this song!
Vitali G
Vitali G:
Love it....
dancing olga
dancing olga:
very fine,  <3 it xxx
@CharmingFlo you have a keen ear for a beautiful melody ...well spotted...Denis
Monika Monisia
Monika Monisia:
Kocham tą piosenkę:)
Anthony Holland
Anthony Holland:
Beautifull love song !
Ian Borland
Ian Borland:
This is another one that takes me back, my favourites, except I change the lyrics to "Nanny's Bar" in memory of the Bar Mistress at Fort Bovisands when I did my Commy Dive Ticket about 4 summers ago. A wonderful time of my life and much fun was had. I was sorry to leave. Nanny, if you're out there drop me a line.
- Scottish Ian.
Joao Ahrens
Joao Ahrens:
wonderful song it is!!!
you can through this song into the Satriani v Coldplay saga !!
Lesley Marsden
Lesley Marsden:
Gordon used to play in our local pub, about 7 years ago. Really nice man - he would always sing 'Vincent' for me. So glad he did well in the end. Les 'n' Nige.
wt can i say briljant
Atti Ylänen
Atti Ylänen:
This is what every over 60-year-old man dreams of, but we all know, it's just not reality. Not going to happen. 😂
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson:
This used to remind Roy of Dave's Dad.
Anneliese Joanna
Anneliese Joanna:
I only heard it earlier this year and can't believe how great all of Gordon's songs are, not just this one!
Świetny głos, pełen charyzmy. Potrafi przekonać o prawdziwości tytułu.
Charlie G-R
Charlie G-R:
Written for a pal who was going through depression. It worked it for me, and I'm sure it worked for her.
Will always remind me of the lovely Amanda from Walsall
Nadia Nadezhda
Nadia Nadezhda:
Sharon FireFly
Sharon FireFly:
Rip 💔
I saw this years ago on TOTP and have always remembered it but no one else did, was begining to think I'd dreamed it. Lovely lovely song. Thanks for letting me see it again.
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards:
RIP Gordon...
christine filer
christine filer:
@robertbuk100 got to totaly agree
Great tune
Oskar Sprengel
Oskar Sprengel:
po prostu uwielbiam ta piosenke:)
Chris Roualec
Chris Roualec:
I was in HongKong at Haris's Bar just like it was mention in the song. Love the song when I heard it the frst time. It so sexy and romantic esp when you're relaxing and reminiscin, lol...Gordon has a sexy voice that suits the song...very well done and it will live...
Marilene Guimarães
Marilene Guimarães:
GOSTEI MUITO.......!!!!!!!!!!!
Mia Maynard
Mia Maynard:
Michael Chicken
Michael Chicken:
Which/where's is the pub in this video?
Mr Sensible
Mr Sensible:
Brilliant song. RIP Gordon...
Иван Кристинов
Иван Кристинов:
...замечательная вещь!!!
jason BlackCountryBoys
jason BlackCountryBoys:
what a beautiful song
Jeremi Gadomski
Jeremi Gadomski:
the best
Angela Hall
Angela Hall:
The synopsis refers to Haskell as a "50-something unknown singer-songwriter". Not exactly true. Those of us who love prog-rock know his as the ex vocalist-bassist for the band King Crimson. Of course, this was in the early 70s, and who knows what he was doing in the interim.
superb.. very original..and wonderfully shot on a shoestring budget..Denis.
John Sefton
John Sefton:
I remember king crimson,but i must admit that i am not that familiar with their music.I heard this song recently and loved it so much that i can't stop playing it.The video is good as it takes the listener somewhere where he or she would like to be.
o i love that song
First heard this song this mornin and it 'quietened my heart'...it so moved me...and the soft piercing sound of the saxophone and Gordons mellow voice slowly cleared the sad clouds that had been hangin over my head for the past 2 days..i need to get this on CD 4 real..
David Hook
David Hook:
I wonder if Gary Moore ever heard this? It is almost the same tune and chords as Still go the Blues for you and also Parisienne Walkways!
Elvi Noor
Elvi Noor:
How wonderful listen this song ! 
It wasn't me who wrote this bridge, but I can seel myself in there, so it looks as though...

Oh we struggle with the art of conversation
And there'll be those for whom this song has no appeal
But I know it works for me
And I'm sure you will agree
That it illustrates exactly how I feel

Things can happen fast
Some things are built to last
I've seen it all go down in Harry's Bar
Though we've only just begun
This sure will run and run
Let me tell you how wonderful you are
Ali Gulbar
Ali Gulbar:
ne acı veren bir ses belki anlamıyorum sözlerini fakat bu guzel müzik ve ses ne anlatmak istediğini söylüyor...
I often find this song on Youtube after not listening to it in a while . Every time I hear it again (after a break from it ) it still has an amazing effect on me ,like hearing it for the first time.
No way ageist!!! I would pick him over someone my own age anyday, he is out and about not in front of some computer game, he's interested in life and laid back and if he sang like this to me I'd run off with him in a heartbeat. I'd rather have a man who is older on the outside than a same age partner who is 20 years younger on the inside!!!
Christian Bopp
Christian Bopp:
putain que c'est beau ....
Ó Braonáin
Ó Braonáin:
wow..is there a sexier instrument than the saxophone!?....tough one!
...wspaniala nastrojowa muzyka...
Glenn Jubilee
Glenn Jubilee:
Too bad he's given it up. I've never heard of him before and I like this song and his rendition of Ain't no Sunshine. Any way to reach him?
Never heard of him, found a CD someone had thrown out on the dump, what a waste; this man is superb,played the CD looked him up on the net and found 'How wonderful you are' This song is fantastic,will be a timeless classic, look at his website and read a few interesting facts about Haskell
To me,this video is magnetic.It gets behind the older man meets young girl hang up some people have.You can feel the warmth that they have for each other.Her,because she doesnt fit in with her young friends,and him,because he,s a loner.Superb song .Shows that if they make each other happy,life is too short not to.
Paul Troalic
Paul Troalic:
Just fabulous. Went to Harry's Bar in Venice just in case this was the one. But no. Success comes in many forms but this has put Gordon Haskell up there with the best. Romantic? Na! Sounds fresh everytime I listen to it. Oh so mellow.
Bert Smith
Bert Smith:
I missed that episode of steptoe and son.
That's damn pop easy listening f*&^ng music
I had in mind that this guy once singed king crimson's cadence and cascade, a real masterpiece.
and that he was folk oriented...not pop..damn!
wikipedia sucks
this song too.