Gordon Haskell - The Lady Wants To Know (nonstop album songs)

Gordon Haskell
Album: The Lady Wants To Know (Hypertension, 2004)
This album contains 11 Michael Franks songs:
01. The Lady Wants To Know
02. Satisfaction Guaranteed 3:45
03. Tell Me All About It 7:49

04. All Dressed Up With No Where To Go 12:19
05. B'wana - He No Home 16:26
06. Wonderland 20:42
07. Hourglass 24:50
08. When The Cookie Jar Is Empty 28:12
09. Wrestle A Live Nude Girl 33:08
10. Antonio's Song 36:51
11. Monkey See Monkey Do 41:02
Lead vocals on all tracks: Gordon Haskell
Bass: Steve Pearce
Drums: Ralph Salmins
Percussion: Bosco d'Oliveira
Congas: Ralph Salmins
Fender Rhodes: Peter Murray
Keyboard: Tony O'Malley
Guitar: Robbie Mclntosh & Jim Mullen
Spanish Guitar: Hamish Stuart
Alto Sax: Nigel Hitchcock
Tenor Sax: Nigel Hitchcock & Paul Yeung
Trumpet: Martin Shaw & Paul Spong
Trombone: Neil Sidwell
Harmonica: Julian Jackson
First Violin: Gavyn Wright
Violins: Patrick Kierman, Perry Montague-Mason & Julian Leaper
Viola: Bruce White
Cello: David Daniels
Backing singer: Emma Stuart
Backing vocals: Hamish Stuart & Fiona Campbell

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edna Harris
edna Harris:
Perfect line-up of music for a Friday night.
Samuel Machava
Samuel Machava:
Отлично я люблю легкая музыка.
ryszard tarasewicz
ryszard tarasewicz:
Walid,thank you!
Rickey B.
Rickey B.:
Nice!!! Spot on! Thank you!
Silvério Lins
Silvério Lins: