Grace Kelly: The American Princess

She came from a wealthy and competitive Philadelphia family, but the life of well-brought up society held little appeal for this acclaimed beauty.

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She left for New York City and worked hard as a model, stage actor and TV player. And then she was discovered by Hollywood. In less than four years she was acknowledged as one of movie’s most sought after stars and an Academy-Award winner, playing opposite some of the greatest leading men of her time. Suddenly, like a modern-day fairy tale, Grace Kelly turned her back on it all — to become Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco.

Now her story is told in home movies and clips from films like High Noon, Dial M For Murder, Rear Window, To Catch A Thief, and High Society. Also seen, touching and revealing glimpses from the magnificent wedding to the tragic end. Actors Jimmy Stewart, Louis Jourdan, Alec Guinness, Katy Jurado, with directors, producers, friends and Grace’s sister, Lizanne, tell of the beautiful star who made the world her stage.

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Cruz Valdes
Cruz Valdes:
She would still be best dressed on every red carpet today!
Sean Lee
Sean Lee:
She was a truly American princess💕
Steven Stone
Steven Stone:
Compare Grace to the vile creatures  in Hollywood today . Try not to laugh .
Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga
Sergio Ramón Rodríguez Cajiga:
Monaco won a princess and the world lost a beautiful and talented actress. God bless her.
Grace Kelly was a beauty and her father was a handsome man too 3:43
Janette Davis
Janette Davis:
The American Princess of Irish descent. She was Beautiful, elegant and Graceful.
Wow.. Her parents were a great looking couple.
Pritta Ira
Pritta Ira:
Timeless beauty.
Sanghoon Lee
Sanghoon Lee:
Take a long look at her, and you realize that she's basically the face of every heroine in classic superhero comics.

It wasn't intentional. The artists just drew the perfectly proportioned female face, and it came out looking like Grace Kelly.
qhm 23252
qhm 23252:
Love Grace Kelly, only rivaled by Audrey Hepburn back then in terms of beauty and elegance. Grace was a top-notch classic beauty. Audrey was an edgier beauty that combines unusual features that would have been out of place in others' faces but work really well altogether. Two lovely, incomparable women that actresses today could only aspire for.
Lydia Anne Carlson
Lydia Anne Carlson:
There was so much more to Grace Kelly so beautiful but at times so sad
Debra Jenkins
Debra Jenkins:
I am still sometimes startled by photos of her, so beautiful.
Mike ODonovan
Mike ODonovan:
I am 58 years of age. 2nd to youngest of 7. My mother used to dress up to travel on the bus to go in to the city (5 km) to shop with us in tow. I still remember how elegant sh looked
john webster wallace
john webster wallace:
"She turned her back on make-believe." Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! If monarchies are not 'Make-believe' then I'm...Grace Kelly.
susan NY
susan NY:
i have the impression she was never really happy in her marriage w/ ranier after the honeymoon period was over. royal life, esp back then was staid & regimented. i remember reading in a bio book, she was talking to some american producer about making a movie in hollywood again, maybe a few years into the marriage & the powers that be (husband & advisors to the crown) told her that would be unacceptable to the dignity of her position in monaco royalty. you would only see her at charity events & giving talks about the palace & the gardens. she seemed so void of life in those films. i also read in different accounts, that she was always vying for her fathers approval & he was enamored of raniers position & the pomp of royalty in monaco & that greatly influenced her decision to marry him. who really knows the truth, but imo, this is a good possibility.
Randi Ruiz
Randi Ruiz:
Grace Kelly a girl from Philadelphia. Then to
Princess of Monaco
Purple Violet
Purple Violet:
Very heartbreaking, sad and tragic. Rest in peace HSH Princess Grace of Monaco.
Ingrid C
Ingrid C:
She truly was perfection! A princess indeed! ♥🙏♥
Victoria Perkovic
Victoria Perkovic:
She was more than beauty..
Tragic ends
Jacky Hayes
Jacky Hayes:
There are no more great acters or great films just crap films crap actors
Jamie Lim
Jamie Lim:
Old Hollywood was classy and elegant vs now Hollywood 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Jo Bckts
Jo Bckts:
Knockout looks. But she is sad, crying at wedding.
She had perfect features.
Almost otherwordly beautiful
susan NY
susan NY:
my favorite old movie, if i had to pick one, is REAR WINDOW grace kelly & james stewart 1954. & i adore thelma ritter in anything. i have the dvd & its always a hit whenever friends come over for an old movie/popcorn night. i live in a high rise, 18th flr, & we're always making up stories about the neighbors we catch glimpses of thru the windows. lol.
Alisha O’Connor
Alisha O’Connor:
What an incredible lady Princess Grace was, an an inspiration to all!
Karen Byrd
Karen Byrd:
The Kelly House, though not open to the public, is located at 3901 Henry Ave, in Philadelphia's East Falls neighborhood.
Charlotte Bruce
Charlotte Bruce:
She had to ask her husband for permission to carry on being an actress, he said no and that was that. She could have carried on that's what she trained for but I suppose husbands had to be obeyed then, shame.
Philip Carthy
Philip Carthy:
Stunningly beautiful lady
Fancy’s Folly
Fancy’s Folly:
I loved Jimmy Stewart too...he seemed to be a delightful person..
Connie Charley
Connie Charley:
Mayette Isham
Mayette Isham:
I heard that prince Ranier's family snubbed Grace Kelly. They think she's not royal enough to marry the prince. I guess they were mad because so many of them are so butt ugly and Grace is the most beautiful woman in the world and they were so jealous. They should be overjoyed because a gorgeous woman married the prince who is from the butt ugly group of ugly people. Grace Kelly looked more royalty than they were.
Elaine Snow
Elaine Snow:
Yowser, did she ever play opposite a male lead even remotely close to her own age?
An American Entrepreneur
An American Entrepreneur:
She was the most beautiful women that has ever lived on planet earth.
Jackson Lytal
Jackson Lytal:
If you can watch "To catch a thief", and not fall in love with Grace Kelly....................................
Beatrice Blue
Beatrice Blue:
I know this I’ll be funny but I just wondering why the boy bathing suits cover better than the gurls 🤣 up top
Gigi Gigi
Gigi Gigi:
She did not have to ask for "Favours" to get a job as a Model of course not, everyone knew her already...she came from Wealthy Known family...She did not need to ask for favours they asked her to work for them ...RIP.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya:
She so screwed up her life marrying that man. They had three very strange children. I don't think anything good came of that marriage.
David Regalado
David Regalado:
I never really paid much attention to her but what a beautiful woman .
funny movie
funny movie:
The most beautiful woman in Holywood .
mo brown
mo brown:
The American dynasties love their stories especially Irish American one
The Kelly family wa one of the influent in Philadelphia...
In every way she was a stunningly beautiful women. A true Princess.
Michael D. Williams III
Michael D. Williams III:
This was such a beautiful documentary on the late, Grace Kelly....💛👸🏼💛
Fancy’s Folly
Fancy’s Folly:
Grace didn’t appear to have lots of plastic surgery...she allowed herself to age naturally..
Elizabeth Spedding
Elizabeth Spedding:
Grace was a classic beauty.
DeAnna McCrimmon
DeAnna McCrimmon:
RIP to Monaco’s Princess🕊
Handige Harrie
Handige Harrie:
I'm still in love with Grace. A wonderfull beauty with an golden heart :')
I used to think she must have been so sad to give up Hollywood as the years went by (her marriage was not easy) but now in hindsight, watching this docu, what she gave up only made her a greater woman, because she knew how to serve something bigger than herself, and she did it with tremendous grace and dignity. Truly admirable. A great woman.
Jennifer Lorence
Jennifer Lorence:
Gosh, She was Beautiful.
S Sartré
S Sartré:
I have never seen a bride as sad as she looked the day of her wedding. I'm sure she regretted marrying that prince but has too much class to step back.
Randi Ruiz
Randi Ruiz:
Grace Kelly
The One & Only!
An Actress & Princess
Jeri Lee French
Jeri Lee French:
We love loving her !!!! A real princess !!!
My God she was beautiful, both inside and outside!
Nich Hodge
Nich Hodge:
Monaco know for as a playground for the rich with its beauty and tax breaks (not for it’s gambling)
If I'm her sister or friend getting married, I'd think twice to get her as part of my entourage... or I may tell her not wear make up at all and just wear jeans, she'd still look pretty😁
Therese Ember
Therese Ember:
Beautiful documentary. Thank you.
Giana DIY
Giana DIY:
I’m related to Grace Kelly! She’s my second aunt I believe… correct me if I’m wrong but she’s my Great Granddads Cousin by blood!
Aurea Santos
Aurea Santos:
Ladies N Gentleman Stay W Your Family Take Good Care of Of Them Pray Pray N Pray A Lot Ask Our Almighty God N His Only Begotten Son To Guide You ,To Take Care Of Your Whole Family Amen .
Jan Johnson
Jan Johnson:
Love the video, but way too many commercials.
The fact that she was born 2.5 hours from where I live is so amazing!!
Swim Swim
Swim Swim:
I love grace kelly. Timeless classy beauty.... one thing that does stand out to me is, how the standards in the performance of actors used to be back then. It seems quite cheesy compared to the standards now, they have changed tremendously. Lol. But that’s also apart of the beauty of each era.
Amadriadi Channel
Amadriadi Channel:
Wow! I remember when my Granny and Mum talked to me about her natural beauty (even in her Movies), and when she was Princess always catch attention for this naturalness, gentleness, simplicity and very natural beauty in her ✨👑✨Hollywood star who became Princess with many honours and the World still remember her until now ❤
Beauty and the Beast.
little lights
little lights:
I’m truly saddened and touch by this wonderful lady. Such a tragic way to die and the loss of one of the children too. I can’t imagine the sorrow. God bless
Theresa Braddock
Theresa Braddock:
She was a lady afterall
Catherine NGUYEN
Catherine NGUYEN:
Nancy Manuel
Nancy Manuel:
God rest your soul princess grace for all eternity😇👼
Наталья Дейнека
Наталья Дейнека:
Настоящая принцесса, красавица!!!!
Snail Gurl
Snail Gurl:
One of kind The gorgeous Grace Kelly
Donna Manning
Donna Manning:
She was beautiful, I will always love her
Farhang Farasat
Farhang Farasat:
Shah fell in love with her on late 1949
Humberto Flores
Humberto Flores:
For me she was like the American Vivien Leigh with blond hair..!
However during her wedding she was kind of unhappy.
Dianne Elizabeth
Dianne Elizabeth:
Class & elegance. Miss it
Maria Cardenas
Maria Cardenas:
We Miss Her day
very beautiful, thank you. In High Noon, she really did SAVE Kane!
Lisa Maria van Harmelen
Lisa Maria van Harmelen:
When women were natural beauties ❤️
qhm 23252
qhm 23252:
She wasn't the best actress, she won the Oscar which many believed Judy deserved better and is still considered one of the biggest upsets in the award ceremony's history. But she did her best work with Hitchcock. She was untouchable in Rear Window. She's the best Hitchcock heroine. Just gold.
E Brumley
E Brumley:
How many more ads can they have for this presentation? Give us a break, huh?
Al Person
Al Person:
The only beautiful blonde I've ever seen
neele v
neele v:
What a beautiful documentary, by far the best in my opinion ❤️
D D:
She had a German mother and an Irish father!
I hate that people say she didn't deserve that oscar. She totally deserved her oscar for The Country Girl
Reiner Zufall
Reiner Zufall:
She was so beautiful that it pains me. But what pains me even more is that she married this little guy from Monaco. What a Prince Charming!?
Christopher O’Rourke
Christopher O’Rourke:
Way far too many ads for NO DAMNED REASON, there has to be constant ads or the world will end & collapse if there are no ads.
George Karabotsos
George Karabotsos:
Can anybody identify the beautiful piece of music that seems to be for 2 voices that begins at 56:26? Thank you so much.
Michelle De Angelis
Michelle De Angelis:
She had wonderful parents!
mari69 Diaz
mari69 Diaz:
Oh God, I cry at the end, Cinderela and Sleeping Beauty are based on her beauty
Aizhan Mensiitova
Aizhan Mensiitova:
She is unbelievably beautiful. Beyond what words can describe clear like a genuine crystal beauty.
Ingrid C
Ingrid C:
Nicole Kidman really does look like Grace Kelly! Wonderful performance by Kidman! ♥
Andrea Diamond
Andrea Diamond:
Philly Pride ❤️
ivan igor Pollick
ivan igor Pollick:
most beautifull,angelic face
Veronica Sosa
Veronica Sosa:
She was to beautiful for the Prince, and her kids didn't get her beauty
angela warner
angela warner:
I still to this very dwyadmirr and respect the one and only princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.her her family deserves a lot. They've had their personal family issues of both highs and lows. But for once I am going to set the record stright based in facts! Princess Grace of Monaco is not nor has she ever been the first and only American princess. Because that title and job had already bend accomplished but another fellow American actress what's the name of Margarita casino. As we all come to know and love as Rita Hayworth. Ex Mrs. Orson Welles. And I don't know why princess Grace gets this title over Rita Hayworth I can have to suspicions is because Grace has religion the fact is she was of Caucasian descent and it was her first marriage? You can choose to pick any one of those reasons or you can combine them together and it wouldn't not change the fact that princess Grace was not the first American female to hold that title nor was she the first American actress the whole that title off the stage of Make Believe know that honor would have to go to miss Rita Hayworth when she married Prince Aly Khan the father of her daughter Yasmin Khan! I'm sharing this information here on YouTube for no other reason than to acknowledge the truth not just for princess Grace and for Rita Hayworth who I'm sure we're both aware of this truth because it was their personal truths.but I'm putting this out of here for the children o princess Rita Hayworth and the children of princess Grace Kelly. And their grandchildren and great-grandchildren who I assume are alive today now they were both axis has both American and yes. Princesses because they both married a prince! Long before Lady Diana Spencer and Meghan markle did this! So rest in peace ladies our original First princesses of the United States of America in my lifetime anyway thank you for job well done personal and professional during your reins on this planet rest in peace forever....
Harold Hart
Harold Hart:
Cynthia Soroka
Cynthia Soroka:
Karen Byrd
Karen Byrd:
The place at shore her sister is talking about is Ocean City, NJ. Grace continued to take her children there when they were small. That's right...after she became a big film star and Princess Grace she still went there for a time.
Sheila Day
Sheila Day:
What a beautiful and classy woman!💝💝
Kitten Girl
Kitten Girl:
Few women can compare with her beauty.
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson:
Truly a graceful woman