Great Debate: Chelsea FC V Manchester United | Unscripted episode 3

Welcome to Chelsea Unscripted. A show made for the fans and by the fans. Join Zac Djellab and Daniel Stewart every week as they answer some of the clubs biggest questions. This week we welcome Margs into Stamford Bridge ahead of our Premier League fixture against Manchester United and things get a little bit heated! Join in the conversation below and comment what you think the score will be this weekend. Got something to say? Send your videos into Zac and Dan on Twitter @ZacDjellab and @Savage_Dan and Instagram @zacdjellab and @savagedan10 with #ChelseaUnscripted

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

100+ komentarze:

Caden Ring
Caden Ring:
Frank, I have mad respect for you, but please play pulisic on his favored left flank for united. We need him at his best this game.
Chelsea FC Extra
Chelsea FC Extra:
Timo Hat trick this time 💙
James Wambua
James Wambua:
As long as Mendy is in tighten the defence we got this no worries we hope for the best 3 points to us😜.Welcome back Cech 💙
If Ziyech can't start.... Then Callum needs to start!!
Emmanuel Pothnen
Emmanuel Pothnen:
We need lampard to play pulisic in his favorite position..he can't continue fixing players in wrong position just to make Mount fit in...he is upsetting me with this ...why should he leave odoi and play mount RW
Chelsea FC Extra
Chelsea FC Extra:
Chelsea will smash United. Mark my words 💙
Nash dxn
Nash dxn:
Ziech needs to start, he can destroy back lines with one pass
I think edouard Mendy is the best addition to Chelsea I think it's proving in the clean sheets
Rand Almassri
Rand Almassri:
Man really said luke shaw😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Savage King is here n there
Savage King is here n there:
If Lampard play Pulisic out of position ,we will surely lose the Game
Joel Mudhasi
Joel Mudhasi:
Love you guys especially dan🤣🤣🤣 how does he have courage to come here after a 6-1loss right on bruv
Desert Mirage
Desert Mirage:
Hebrews 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
for whoever needs this,lol
Werner history by Chelsea amazing goals he will score
“Ole’s at the wheel, he crashed the car” 😂😂😂😂
Shrimp Squad
Shrimp Squad:
My prediction: Chelsea 2 - 1 Man Utd
Shashank Shankar
Shashank Shankar:
The last time Reece lost a personal battle was vs Davies in the CL
Fishing For Israel
Fishing For Israel:
14:00 🤭 The verbal diarrhea that is coming out of this guys mouth
Maxwell Makori
Maxwell Makori:
Thiago Silva had the best passing accuracy in Europe's top five leagues last season. With a target man in the squad(Giroud) , Silva could give out long balls, Giroud wins the aerial duel then gives it to one of the forwards. You'll smell a goal coming
DeadlyBluemans Wrath
DeadlyBluemans Wrath:
I agree with the United fan about that Chelsea can't defend as a team, Lampard need to sort this or it will be the end of it
Chelsea to give Manchester United another London battering Man u 1-4 Chelsea
Jay Rigden
Jay Rigden:
I want to see you talk about the old debate of Lampard or Gerrard. Obviously for me it’s super Frank all day.
L. Sun
L. Sun:
Learn from how Spurs demolished ManU: fast breaks by Son from the Left and Kane from the middle.
Wisdom Lele
Wisdom Lele:
Man u 0 vs 2 Chelsea 🔐👌
*Stats from 00s onwards:*
Chelsea 5 League titles
Man Utd 8 League titles

Chelsea 5 Fa Cups
Man Utd 2 Fa Cups

Chelsea 3 League Cups
Man Utd 4 League Cups

Chelsea 1 CL
Man Utd 1 CL

Chelsea 2 Europa League
Man Utd 1 Europa League

Chelsea = 16
Man Utd = 16
Chloe Pope
Chloe Pope:
Makes me laugh when I read the comments on here does anyone think you have more football knowledge than Frank and his team they see the players every day they know who's fit given time they will win everything some people have to be a bit more patient give them time to gel learn the way each new player plays . Anyone would think we where half way through the season and in the bottom 3 a few years back Man U couldn't beat us especially on there own ground I want to see Chelsea players stay awake for the whole game the defence need someone like captain John kicking them into shape I haven't got a clue about coaching a team like anyone has commenting on here think a lot of people will be wishing they had kept there mouths shut by the end of the season (Chloe's Dad) Can't wait to see that smug grin wiped from Klops face 🤣🤣🤣
Santos 10
Santos 10:
Lampard please I plead with you to use Pulisic in his normal position.let CHO or Hakim Ziyech start at RW instead of mount.
Chelsea winning 2-1
Razkok Gaming
Razkok Gaming:
The first 6 seconds
We're surely gonna get a win💪
Ivan Russel
Ivan Russel:
Play pulisic on the left wing
"Goalfest" Hahahahhahahahah
Dalmar Ali
Dalmar Ali:
In the last 20 years we’ve been the biggest club in England! Come on you blues
Priyanka Malik
Priyanka Malik:
movindu athukorla
movindu athukorla:
IK he is being sarcastic and all but man i laughed soo hard when he said “One of the greatest captains that the Premier League has ever seen.....harry maguire....”
Ali Kadi
Ali Kadi:
who knows ziyech knows if he doesn’t play from the beginning, and has the 💯 trust he will never bring the performance he did at Ajax, and Chealsea without Ziyech in top form will never win big games like Bayern Munich or Juve or Barca or Real .....
sa tamim
sa tamim:
Can't wait to see Ziyech🔥🔥🔥
Sid Nagath
Sid Nagath:
Dan finished Margs with that "Supersub" argument. Love both of you from Filthy Fellas.
Psychotic Walter On X Games Mode
Psychotic Walter On X Games Mode:
expecting a good performance from the lads in blue, COYB!!!!
Fred Domezah
Fred Domezah:
😂😂 Your manager was a sub!
Success Edughaen
Success Edughaen:
Let go boys tomorrow is the dey Chelsea 3 Man United 1
Big Up Margs. Filthy Fella.
Jonny Jones
Jonny Jones:
Surely I will comment after the match 😂
Abdul Rahman Ishola
Abdul Rahman Ishola:
Zac was kinda of releived when dans back 4 was d Same as his
OnE WaY:
These guys really just left out our captain out of the starting line up😭😭
Bright Mike
Bright Mike:
How is Maguire one of the greatest captain in the EPL. Guy needs to have respect. He is only a captain of a ship that lacks leaders.
Allen Vincent
Allen Vincent:
Who else thinks this unscripted series is 🔥
Nicholas Mukundwa
Nicholas Mukundwa:
We're winning💥💯
Fajarku Adlh Nuw
Fajarku Adlh Nuw:
Hasnain N
Hasnain N:
7:36 Jar Jar Binks voice
Pamela Hall Newland
Pamela Hall Newland:
Go get them Timo❤❤
Tsathrong Jing
Tsathrong Jing:
Chez More
Chez More:
Chelsea can only win if they start CHO or Ziyech
Munashe Muzadzi
Munashe Muzadzi:
Sourabh Patil
Sourabh Patil:
We're gonna win comfortably... 2-1 to us... they're gonna pull a goal back with Bruno's customary penalty
Abualdo Wazee
Abualdo Wazee:
That KO Intro😹
I was expecting full line-up prediction but i get why you didn't do it lol.. Score prediction Man United 0 - 3 Chelsea

P.S.: I like debate against rival fans but please not on our official channel.
461 Km
461 Km:
I think its the first time I agree with Dan, I also think we will win 3:2 ☝️🔥 and i think Werner will score 2 and Chilwell 1 ☝️🔥💙
Kupakwashe Mhere
Kupakwashe Mhere:
Your manager was a sub, a super sub😂
Johannes Alweendo
Johannes Alweendo:
Thanks alot my brothers i like your video, keep it up
IRAQI Football
IRAQI Football:
Guest blinks way too much 10:07
COYBS! We need to start mendy and silva
William Connell
William Connell:
3-2 chelsea cmon boys 💙💙 and also chelsea has been the best teqm in england in the past 20 years
Abdullahi Abdulbari
Abdullahi Abdulbari:
I swear that’s the guy who said”If you man do it first I’ll do it”
Tawanda Nhundu
Tawanda Nhundu:
You guys took it to the next level! Terrific show all round, but I was especially blown back by you inviting an opposing fan!!! More please!!!
Shrimp Squad
Shrimp Squad:
I love this series. It might be even better than Out of the Blue
Gotta get Miles on when we play Arsenal so you can hand him all the massive L’s
Cheung CT
Cheung CT:
No much hope to the blues as the blues are playing no heart in fighting so far
The bantz in this is top notch. 😂
Aksan Mulyadin
Aksan Mulyadin:
Manuel Lasagno
Manuel Lasagno:
You laughed about 3-4-3 and that's our formation against Man Utd. God helps us.
Jesse Cloete
Jesse Cloete:
I love it when Dan says ur managers a sub
Victor Kirui
Victor Kirui:
Glory glory man united 💪
Abinemugh tennyson
Abinemugh tennyson:
fam i'll forever use that line
Lool i thought dan was about to say petr can do a better job than kepa🤣
Jayaditya RamRacheya
Jayaditya RamRacheya:
2-0 chelsea
Fishing For Israel
Fishing For Israel:
Chelsea 10th place again. I'm done commenting now. Chelsea?😁
OnE WaY:
This guy just said that Man U can defend?😂😂
Gracious Sowah
Gracious Sowah:
Zac going crazy with the 90 seconds
Ameyaw Phone
Ameyaw Phone:
Chelsea 3 man u 2
we all can agree on 5:48 with Mendy in goal
lawii minae
lawii minae:
Chelsea 3-1 United
Walter Ngano
Walter Ngano:
I miss Portia 😪
Beke Pinto
Beke Pinto:
Lampard has to start Hakim this time.Chelsea 3 Man Utd 1
bruh kurr
bruh kurr:
chelsea 8-0 manchester
Emmanuel Sibisi
Emmanuel Sibisi:
3-1 or 1-1
Agung Muhamad Pauzan
Agung Muhamad Pauzan:
Lampard out
paa yaw osafo
paa yaw osafo:
Dan is rude 😂😂😂😂
Henry Burrows
Henry Burrows:
Man Utd 2v2 Chelsea
Man like Margs!
Isihaka Amri
Isihaka Amri:
Manchester United 0:3 Chelsea
Chelsea were the best team obviously!🔵💙
JoseAJordan 1
JoseAJordan 1:
Portia i miss you
IMDBrief TV:
Or we play like Manchester united 7-2-1
Did frank forgot who was our player of the season. Such a a disrespect.
Law Boss
Law Boss:
Need to bench mount and start callum
Chelsea 2 United 0