Green Book Movie Clip - Opening Scene (2019) | FandangoNOW Extras

Check out the opening scene for Green Book starring Viggo Mortensen! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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Starring: Mahershala Ali, Viggo Mortensen

Directed By: Peter Farrelly
Synopsis: A working-class Italian-American bouncer becomes the driver of an African-American classical pianist on a tour of venues through the 1960s American South.

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100+ komentarze:

Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson:
Eight minutes and it establishes Tony as a mostly uneducated and probably not the brightest man, but with a shrewd, hard streak in him. Such fantastic character development.
Xterra Modding Community
Xterra Modding Community:
This is a fine example of character development.
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty:
When he says plumbing is an italian job I can only think of Mario
Sohan Dsouza
Sohan Dsouza:
Viggo is in fact a real-life polyglot. He can speak Italian, among a number of other languages.
Yejune Yoon
Yejune Yoon:
...I did not realize that this was Aragorn.
Chris Pile
Chris Pile:
Loved the movie, can't say enough good things about it. It was a story of friendship, love, and family. All the haters can suck it!
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez:
This Vigo is an chameleon actor
Mark Adams
Mark Adams:
Viggo Mortenson is the greatest actor of our generation, he got credited with this film's win, he deserves it for Eastern Promises.
What a great movie. So happy it won best picture. Well deserved!
That One Wise Guy
That One Wise Guy:
I loved this bit, a small nod to the Italian Mafia and it’s hold in New York.
mig megavite
mig megavite:
"Im gunna drink for two months" 😂😂😂😂
Whoever thought Aragorn would have become a club bouncer?
If you look closely, you can see Henry Hill and Karen entering from the kitchen.
Barry Diamond
Barry Diamond:
Tony Lip was actually in the Sopranos.
Bryan Earley
Bryan Earley:
Absolutely love the intro. Amazing movie. Well worthy of the oscar. Forget the haters.
The Italian in this scene is awful..I mean I appreciate the actors giving it a try but jesus... can't you double them?
Awesome Metal Bands Official
Awesome Metal Bands Official:
After recently watching this movie all I can say is this is absolutely spectacular one of my favourite movies a fantastic storyline and great chemistry between actors.

Great to see a relationship developing and Tony realising the errors of his ways. (or does he)

I hope this movie gets many awards superb acting, great film directing brilliant and morally a great storyline.
"Who had the balls to clip Geo's hat?"
7:54 Dippin his bread in wine. The pro gamer move
Time to be Creative
Time to be Creative:
This is how many times people were giving money in this movie
Joe Francis
Joe Francis:
That "bum's rush" bit is definitely the way to handle trouble makers. We should never have stopped doing things that way. It made life so much simpler.
Raymond Huang
Raymond Huang:
Damn, thats what happened to Velma after moving on from Shaggy?
David Calderon
David Calderon:
Nice job on the no hi-5s there at the end.
Gregory Romero
Gregory Romero:
"A History of Violence" anyone?..
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo
Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo:
One of the most enjoyable opening scenes I've seen in movie.
Ronald Jack Mc.G
Ronald Jack Mc.G:
4:47 ,that was some fine side parking action, right there...
Wut Wat
Wut Wat:
Aragorn: an inspiring sight for the people of Gondor,BOW to the king of Gondor, BOW you little shits!!
I watched two scenes from this movie on YouTube, I bought it 10 mins later. Buy and watch this movie, the acting, setting and storytelling is amazing! It's based on a true story too!
Gianmarco Rottoli
Gianmarco Rottoli:
I was expecting to see Donald Draper and Roger Sterling entering that club
TukiRaja on twitch
TukiRaja on twitch:
not everythign was perfect in thsoe times but damn does everything feel electric and alive.
Sebastián Calavera
Sebastián Calavera:
Amazing movie, excellent intro!
Such an amazing opening. establishes the time and place with an awesome song and introduces us to the protagonist and we instantly know what he's about
Charles Lewing
Charles Lewing:
Great Movie. I hope to have a friend like Tony one day.
One of my favorite movies, the ending was great
I'm gonna be your driver hey badda boom badda bing!
Joe Fanik
Joe Fanik:
This was a great movie
Viggo, Linda and the rest of the cast! 🙏🏾
damnit, now I want to watch this.
Robert Hastings
Robert Hastings:
Would be amazing if Viggo portrayed Carmine Lupertazzi in the upcoming Sopranos prequel. How awesome would that be! Viggo portraying a younger version of a character that Tony Lip played
Moon Gu Kang
Moon Gu Kang:
I never thought I’d say this but goddamn viggo would make a great captain marvel
The Greatest Actor on ' Middle Earth'
texas guy
texas guy:
viggo mortensen speaks several different languages including italian
He should'nt have woke me up.
Mohd Hanafi
Mohd Hanafi:
Amazing movie to watch, yet all the American see is Vigo using the n-word....
2:11 Tony does a"masterlock" to some prick
Cris Robledo
Cris Robledo:
Sheeesh soap and water would've been fine. Or paper cups lmao
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker:
Viggo deserves that Gold!
RaJat RoY
RaJat RoY:
Loved the movie . I suggest this movie to everyone whenever i get the chance hehe
That's my good friend Von Lewis singing as Bobby Rydell!! Great screen time for him in a really good movie!
Ildiko J.F.
Ildiko J.F.:
I love this movie and love Viggo... Thanks for the video!!
The Tony character is in fact a real person. His name really was Tony Lip in real life and he's acted in a lot of big name stuff, like the Soprano's, Goodfellas and Raging Bull.
Mauren Rojas Piedra
Mauren Rojas Piedra:
Soberbio Viggo Mortensen, actorazo!!
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
Public relations!😂👌🏻
Geess Aess
Geess Aess:
Hey look who I found. It’s crazy Joe, we brothers, Gallo.
Yejune Yoon
Yejune Yoon:
Hi Going Back In There, I'm Dad.
That Filipino guy ate food.
That Filipino guy ate food.:
My man got molly woped😂😂
Jeff Cockmann
Jeff Cockmann:
haha garbage can over the fire hydrant, that is old school
Yoon Brody
Yoon Brody:
All the legends start from the bottom. Especially for the boss of New york, Carmine Luppetazi this case
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin:
great movie, amazing acting chemistry between Ali and Mortensen and a touching story
Like it. If you don't sure about watch it or not like I was -- just watch. You'll have a good time :)
Mahershala Ali was great, but I still don't know why Viggo did get the Oscar for this.
Gabriel D
Gabriel D:
Dear Peter Griffin, these trombone players know what the word is.
Their rooming in the same room as their children?? How do they hump like wild rabbits with them in their???
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus:
Tony calls them the two plumbers "Melanzanas," which means eggplant, also Italian slang for black person
Vern Shein
Vern Shein:
That's what happens to you when you lead with a right and you're not a south paw and the other guy knows how to fight.
Aliruda El-Sayed
Aliruda El-Sayed:
Anyone know if this is an actual song? Can’t get over this type of music
Fabrizio serarcangeli
Fabrizio serarcangeli:
For information: when he speak "Italian" he speak an incorrect Italian
Coffee addict Express
Coffee addict Express:
Have not seen this yet but it feels like my soul needs to tonight.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor:
Aragorn really let himself go.
Noor Khammas
Noor Khammas:
Is that the youtuber from epic rap battles of history singing?😱
ASLE Andere
ASLE Andere:
this is a great sequence. I know little about baseball but the subject on TV - Roger Maris - had a life worthy of a film in itself
Viggo still has those badass fighting skills from the 2000s (*ahem* Aragorn *ahem*) that he used on some prick that he kicked out of the club
Okan Fırtına
Okan Fırtına:
What a lovely atmosphere. What a lovely music. What a lovely opening scene... Great!
dewain powell
dewain powell:
Those two cups made me feel some way no lie.
April Marsters
April Marsters:
One of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I watched this movie atleast 8 times in the cinema, I wish it was back in the cinema so I could experience it like that again
Frankly Frank
Frankly Frank:
Italy is labelled with the Romans, and the Mafia.
Americo Pedroni
Americo Pedroni:
Throws the glasses away, perfect!!
Corn Fed
Corn Fed:
Do clubs like this exist anymore?
Your hat whatever happened there...
Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens:
Such a great movie.
how much screentime does the old Cadillac get?
Dom Andriacchi
Dom Andriacchi:
Iker García Jover
Iker García Jover:
Frank Medgyesi
Frank Medgyesi:
I really like Viggo's shirts in the movie. So retro. Anyone knows what kind they are? I need atleast 2 in my closet.
spud nikca
spud nikca:
Linda Cardellini! Enough said.
Jason Jenson
Jason Jenson:
Throw them glasses away
Anti Something
Anti Something:
Viggo and ali is a collaboration that you wish for and came true ... and it was brilliant , loved the film
Patrick Codo
Patrick Codo:
anyone know what that first song called?
Mark Woldin
Mark Woldin:
Big mistake casting V. M. I like him a lot, and he was very good in a walk on the moon, but in America since the Godfather you can fool people with italian-americans. Yeah half the cast and Italian-American because we can feel the difference. Imagine if it were a Jewish person instead of an Italian-American, or Latino. Italian-American have a very strong and distinct culture and Style, a way of speaking a way of using the body in the head the hands and the face. For a film like this there is absolutely no good reason to be playing games and asking an actor to adopt all of that when there are 40 guys hope you do this role in their sleep. I was embarrassed sitting alone watching him eat that sandwich in the car. No f****** way
Avan Patel
Avan Patel:
bob, you should have hit him with a banjo!
bepis boy
bepis boy:
Boppity boopy
Carmela Szymanski
Carmela Szymanski:
Lat Dod
Lat Dod:
Does anybody know the song please?
Devil Dog US Marine
Devil Dog US Marine:
La ling!!!! Why you try to set up Carlito like that
youtube trash
youtube trash:
mediocre movie opened exceptionally well
the rad
the rad:
Damn Aragorn gained some serious weight.
lishan wang
lishan wang:
超级好看 是我目前最喜欢的一部电影啦!
Collin Goldberg
Collin Goldberg:
wait so why does tony take loscudo's hat?