Green Book - Official Trailer [HD]

Green Book
In Theaters November 21, 2018

Academy Award® nominee Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Academy Award® winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Hidden Figures) star in Participant Media and DreamWorks Pictures’ Green Book. In his foray into powerfully dramatic work as a feature director, Peter Farrelly helms the film inspired by a true friendship that transcended race, class and the 1962 Mason-Dixon line.

When Tony Lip (Mortensen), a bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx, is hired to drive Dr. Don Shirley (Ali), a world-class Black pianist, on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep South, they must rely on “The Green Book” to guide them to the few establishments that were then safe for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, danger—as well as unexpected humanity and humor—they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on the journey of a lifetime.

Jim Burke (The Descendants), Charles B. Wessler (The Heartbreak Kid) produce alongside Farrelly’s fellow writers, Brian Currie and Nick Vallelonga, and Farrelly. The drama is executive produced by Participant’s Jeff Skoll (The Help) and Jonathan King (Lincoln), along with Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station) and Kwame L. Parker (Kill Bill series), as well as Cinetic Media’s John Sloss (Boyhood) and Steven Farneth. Linda Cardellini (Brokeback Mountain, The Founder) co-stars.

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Batu Engin
Batu Engin:
“The world is full of lonely people that are afraid to make the first move”
Huy Dang
Huy Dang:
"genuis is not enough, it takes courage to change people's hearts"
Kevin Quinn
Kevin Quinn:
Synopsis of Green Book: Viggo Mortensen eats for two hours.
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby:
Initially, I had watched Green Book by accident. My friend and I had went to the cinema to watch Glass, but had misread the time it was shown and had missed the last screening. So, we started to look at what else was being shown, and came across Green Book. He wasn't really sure, but eventually we agreed and bought tickets for Green Book. Since then, Green Book has became both of our favourite films, and since then we have both watched Glass and thought it was... decent. I'm genuinely so grateful that we misread what time Glass was being shown, as otherwise we both would have probably never watched Green Book, and missed out on watching a masterpiece!
Nokutenda Zhou
Nokutenda Zhou:
"So if I'm not black enough and I'm not white enough, then tell me exactly - what am I?" I felt that
Who else loves mahershala Ali’s act and personality
Sophia Campana
Sophia Campana:
I don't understand the hate for this movie winning Best Picture
Soufi Oscar
Soufi Oscar:
Lucy Nuw
Lucy Nuw:
"He ate 25 What a pig"
"So you lost"
"İ ate 27"
Gary Henderson
Gary Henderson:
“You never win with violence, you only win when you maintain your dignity” can I get an amen
*’It takes courage to change people’s hearts’*
hector negron
hector negron:
One of the best movies I've seen in many many years. I laughed a lot during the first hour or so, but then things started to get serious and it wasn't that funny anymore. That scene at the end when Dr. Shirley arrives home and sits by himself in the living room shook me up. And then Tony at home surrounded by family and friends but I believe thinking about his new friend gave me a sense of hope in the middle of all the hatred and racial division that seems to be growing more and more as time goes by in the US. Highly recommended.
chang liu
chang liu:
Simple plot depicted complex humanity. I love it! The scene when their car stops by a farm field, and Doc walking out of the car in a super nice suit, which forms a strong contrast with the people working in the field. Nothing was said the whole time, but the eye contacts are tell EVERYTHING. In the beginning, I thought the movie is about fighting racism and stereotype, but Oh boy, it's so much more than that.
Nikos Tsikouroglou
Nikos Tsikouroglou:
I saw the movie it was the best movie ever I give the movie 10\10 stars
Viggo embodies every character to the point that you almost forget he was the king of Gondor.
Ahmad Almakraia
Ahmad Almakraia:
You have no idea how much I respect this movie. Ps to all of u.
Warrior Fahim
Warrior Fahim:
This is one of the best movies I've ever watched in my did touch my heart...excellent acting by both Viggo Mortensen & Mahershala Ali...!!!
Abd ur Rehman Gondal
Abd ur Rehman Gondal:
One of the best stories ever. and that Christmas dinner warm welcoming got me tears. Felt it. Loved it.
Eric Decamps
Eric Decamps:
I watched this movie without knowing it won awards. Best movie I've seen in years. The two main actors totally nailed it.
Alex B.
Alex B.:
Pick it up Tony.
The squirrels will eat it anyway.
Pick it up.
Michael Worley
Michael Worley:
“You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity” -Don Shirley
S Paea
S Paea:
to my Tinder date who paid for our tickets to see this: THANKS GIRL!
iSaidWithExtra Cheese
iSaidWithExtra Cheese:
I saw this movie unintentionally and my god it was a great movie, loved Mahershala Ali and now reading the comments I found out Tony is from Lord Of The Rings, Viggo is such a great actor, I thought for sure this guy was an ex Italian mafia, a made guy turn actor lol
I'm Raj Kamal
I'm Raj Kamal:
I m shocked that in us also movies like this without any CG and nudity and being awesome!!!! OMG
Miss Rai
Miss Rai:
Viggo amazingly nailed this role for this film, gained weight and his Bronx accent OMG I never watched his films before this, when I watched his interview on Jimmy Kimmel today after the Oscars couldn’t believe he’s just so opposite of this character!!! So humble and slim, and slightly golden blonde hair. Couldn’t even recognise him at first. Don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch his other films without this character.
【Monkey D Luffy】
【Monkey D Luffy】:
I was in tears in the end but not the sad kind the happy kind
Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy
Dmitriy Prokhnevskiy:
"Never flash a wad of cash in a bar." Not very deep, but super practical!
Zainab Mohammad
Zainab Mohammad:
Ali's calming voice and accent!!!!
"You will only win when you maintain your dignity."
WinterTech Gaming
WinterTech Gaming:
I heard this was a white liberals movie but seeing the trailer myself... it looks kinda heartwarming
Bruce Bromley
Bruce Bromley:
Saw this movie last night, AMAZING!
tempting Baguio
tempting Baguio:
This is worth watching. I recommend this to you guys.
I went and watched this movie with low expectations. its actually really good omg
Luis Cerritos
Luis Cerritos:
Like si veniste aver porque gano el Oscars 😂😭
צריך להיות שלב ראשון
צריך להיות שלב ראשון:
Just finished watching this. I loved this movie. Outstanding leading actors performances. A+ ❤️
kriti _
kriti _:
It's one of the best movies I've ever watched. The emotions and the bond between the leads is so heart touching. It truly deserves its Oscar.
Nesrine STH
Nesrine STH:
I just finished watching this movie and let me tell you it was one of the best movies I've ever watched I laughed so freaking much felt their friendship growing and enjoyed every moment in their journey. it deserved all the oscars it won wonderful
Dimitar Marinov damn i,m proud to be bulgarian 1:15 that,s him
colin mcburnie
colin mcburnie:
One of best films I’ve seen in a long time
This is a real inspiring movie and worth every minute of ur time i rate this 10/10 must watch.
a story that drags u in its beautiful.
Havannah Wild
Havannah Wild:
OMG, I LOVE this movie! When I first heard about it, I wasn't very interested. But after my family made me watch it, I thought it was amazing. It made me laugh and cry, made me feel. I'd advise anyone and everyone to watch it at some point. But XD, I thought it was older than just coming out last year.
Rene Caron
Rene Caron:
"You never win with violence". Saying that today will get you no love, only insults and a bike lock to the head.
Tyler Decesere
Tyler Decesere:
how does Viggo Mortensen not have an Academy Award yet?!
The SkullDuggery
The SkullDuggery:
“Why is everyone quoting stupid quotes from the movie that doesn’t even make sense” I felt that one.
J.C. Hong
J.C. Hong:
"Squirrels would've eaten it anyway" Cracks me up every time
One of the best movies I've ever seen. Worth watching. Acting is fantastic!
Sebastien Angel - Music composer
Sebastien Angel - Music composer:
Viggo Mortensen is insanely good in this movie ! I admire him more and more each time :)
Sanyo Jean
Sanyo Jean:
This preview really did a great job convincing me to want to see the movie. I came here after all the hate from the Oscar results but honestly just from the preview alone I see why it won.
Chen Chen
Chen Chen:
This movie made me laugh and made cry. What a wonderful story and Mortensen is phenomenal. BRAVO!
the outsider
the outsider:
“It takes courage to change people hearts.” I feel that.
Rodrigo Marcelo torres Gutierrez
Rodrigo Marcelo torres Gutierrez:
Just watched the movie and I absolutely loved it
jesse ver
jesse ver:
What an amazing movie! Best movie i have seen in a while. Absolutely perfect. Only thing that i wish that the movie was longer.
Mandeus X
Mandeus X:
Fantastic movie,it truly deserves best picture.
Shashank Surve
Shashank Surve:
Ahh finally an Oscar movie which I have found more heart touching. Friendship has no boundaries. ✌
Sebastien Angel - Music composer
Sebastien Angel - Music composer:
Viggo Mortensen is insanely good in this movie ! I admire him more and more each time :)
Six 419
Six 419:
I love this movie! I can see why this movie won Best Picture!
Bytorino Hua
Bytorino Hua:
What an inspiring film , the kindness and compassion for each other’s is absolutely beautiful . Thank you for a wonderful film
ODoff Music
ODoff Music:
One of the best movies ever seen
Chester Lee
Chester Lee:
I'm so glad I watched this m,ovie tiwhtout the trailer
Karen Greenwood
Karen Greenwood:
One of the best films I've seen. The story is incredible, the two leads are absolutely outstanding.
Made me laugh, made me cry.
Mattia Cortesi
Mattia Cortesi:
Viggo delivers massively once again, right after "Captain Fantastic", latest of a long series of masterpieces!
Team CB
Team CB:
1:06 I was thrilled to see Brian Stepanek in this movie. He made a short appearance by still I it was nice I got to see him in this movie
John Bowerman
John Bowerman:
This was my favorite movie in years. But this trailer makes it seem like a Triumph of the Human Spirit drag... it's anything but.
Vaibhav Maswadkar
Vaibhav Maswadkar:
Best movie, I have ever seen... Love from India...
Edric Waghorn
Edric Waghorn:
A trailer that doesn't give everything about the film away?! I never thought that I would see such a thing again.
This trailer for the Aragon meets blade crossover movie looks sick.
Anyone know of any movies similar to this ?coz I loved this film <3
"You never win with violence; you only win when you maintain your own dignity."
I've seen tonight this movie. It's great!
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma:
Viggo Mortensen, one of the greatest Actors of his generation... His accents alone should have gotten him an oscar by now. Anyways, Oscar or no Oscar, Viggo is a giant!
chaminda cooray
chaminda cooray:
One of the best movies i have ever watched. Great story and brilliant acting by by both Viggo Mortensen & Mahershala Ali. Stunning, I recommend everyone to watch this .
Batu Engin
Batu Engin:
“Squirells will eat it anyway”
Jeff Vaughn
Jeff Vaughn:
Just watched for the first time,,,and kept thinking actor Jeff Daniels played a character...😆
Louis Caruso
Louis Caruso:
Excellent Movie - I never heard of the Green Book or Sun Down Towns. The scene "Kentucky Fried Chicken" was great...
Aries On The Run
Aries On The Run:
I cried watching this movie! one of the best ever!
Ok, I was blown away by the fact that Carmine Lupertazzi from The Sopranos was actually Tony Vallelonga from this picture. Wow. What a story, from a bouncer to a close friend of a prominent piano player for a lifetime.
amz Star
amz Star:
Ahhhh man viggo deserved an award I mean he was incredible, so funny
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams:
This is such a good movie!!!!! This was so good!! I cried at the end!!!!!
Rubí Portal
Rubí Portal:
Viggo Mortensen deserved to win the oscar for best actor.
This was a great movie. I understand the hate it's receiving because of the facts and stuff, but simply as a picture, this was a masterpiece.
Jayla the kitsune
Jayla the kitsune:
So....I’m looking at the other recommendations on the right side...and it says: ‘we made Home Alone R-rated’...WHY WHY WHY JUST WHY
Ermal Çela
Ermal Çela:
If all men were brave loyal and good person like Tony Lip...
Russ Q
Russ Q:
I saw all 8 best pictures nominated for 2018: here's my rank of greatest to least

1.Green Book
2. Bohemian Rhapsody
3. A Star Is Born
4. Blackkklansman
5. Black Panther
6. Vice
7. The Favourite
kmden Rt
kmden Rt:
Viggo looks completely different, what a great actor
Shinta Kojiro
Shinta Kojiro:
Viggo such a amazing human being 😙😘😍
Amanda Alva
Amanda Alva:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE❤❤ this movie and there is no denying it ❤❤
Oğuzhan Özen
Oğuzhan Özen:
Best movie i’ve ever seen 😲
Moses Gasana
Moses Gasana:
Watched this before the Oscars and its in my all favorites...
Shania Karim
Shania Karim:
People always want THAT ONE SPECIFIC LOVE STORY to WIN. But I honour The pure love of a friendship which is definitely in this movie.
Ponatshego Litheko
Ponatshego Litheko:
"You never win with Violence Tony. You only win when you maintain dignity. Dignity always prevails". I mean... that part right there was enough for me. Don Shirley was a true classic man. Big up's to Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen for playing their roles so freaken well.
I've never watched the trailer for this movie and I watched it today. It was so wholesome and great! Loved this movie.
Love them both! Its nice to see them together in a film! I must watch this
Saria Alhaj-Salih Ortega
Saria Alhaj-Salih Ortega:
Everyone prays in the end! Love the song!!! Love the movie ❤❤
Shanirah Rogers
Shanirah Rogers:
I am literally shook. Two amazing actors in what looks like an amazing movie. I love it. I'm ready!!
This movie touches on timeless threads. How to see the world through someone else's eyes. Friendship. Loyalty.
Just like Shawshank Redemption it will be a movie people watch for many years to come. I just saw it and I want to see it again.
everybody finding out about this movie after oscars. 😂
1:55 That will go down as one of the best lines in movie history
Finally saw this movie on a plane last week! Loved it!!
Lara Gaillard
Lara Gaillard:
Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali? I hope the Academy is ready.
Ujwal s
Ujwal s:
Y aint they make some more such movies?? One of the best of my lyf..