This Sunday morning, the first-team squad had their penultimate training session before facing Sergio González's Real Valladolid (Monday, 9.00pm CEST). The session took place on the Tito Vilanova pitch at the Ciutat Esportiva, with Gerard Piqué joining the group as preparations for the match continued.

Arnau Tenas, Ilaix Moriba and Konrad De la Fuente of Barça B also took part.


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FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
The League is BACK and so we are! Join us 1 hour before kick off for Barça Live 👉
Score 7i
Score 7i:
*Love you Barcelona ❤️💙*
*Love you Messi❤️💙*
Griezmann Dembele and Messi should startttt tomorrow! 😍
Abhi Sinha
Abhi Sinha:
If we win tomorrow game, we'll be just 1 point behind Atletico as they dropped all 3 points against seville, Come on Barca 🔥
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
So glad we are back. Let's go!!! Very important last few games ahead
Mathias Arrieta
Mathias Arrieta:
Tomorrow is the first time i wanted so bad to be monday ❤️💙❤️💙.
Love you Barcelona ❤️💙❤️💙.
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Vamos Barça! A seguir trabajando con toda la humildad, esfuerzo y jugar muriendo en el campo para luchar por La Liga hasta el final y ganar la copa del rey si o si!
Konrad y Collado deberian subir 💪🏻👌🏻
Green Angel
Green Angel:
Grizou this season👇
🔴Assist for de jong against real sociedad in the semi finals of supercopa de españa(the match ended for barcelona after playing penalties)
🔵Two goals against Athletic Bilbao in the finals( bilbao scored the equaliser at the last minute and then won 3-2)
🔴2 goals and 2🅰️ against granda in the quarter finals of copa del rey in the win 5-3(he scored the first at 88 minute, and assisted the second at 94 minute for alba to save barcelona from being knocked out)
🔵he assisted the equaliser for Pique against sevilla.
This shows the importance of the little prince for barcelona, grizou saved the team again and again and tried to help as much as he can in the finals💙❤
leandro kwasie
leandro kwasie:
No one talking about bilbao losing the final yesterday imagine losing both bruh what a blow it will be for them
I'm waiting for a long time for a Messi Hat trick 🤧😢❤❤❤
César Chayna
César Chayna:
Hermoso verlos de vuelta al entreno a todos los 'legionarios' ,vamos por los 3 puntos mañana muchachios,Forca Barza!!!!!!!!!🔵🔴
Victor Olmedo
Victor Olmedo:
Koeman ball is back tomorrow ❤️💙❤️💙
I feel confortable with this team❤️❤️
Anthony Albricht
Anthony Albricht:
Sí se puede, confío en ustedes muchachos ! ❤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
leandro kwasie
leandro kwasie:
Just win every game thats it🙌🏾💙❤️
•Hail To The King•
•Hail To The King•:
In KOEMAN we trust!! 💙❤
I love that Dest is starting to settle in or at least it seems that way to me.
Light Bringer
Light Bringer:
Training has pretty good intensity level, makes the team look active and driven.
These training videos are so entertaining. Continue with these
Can't wait to see boysss on the pitch tomorrow 💙❤😍 Visca el B A R C A A A 💙❤🔥
E M:
We believe that we will win the Liga and Copa
Mukhtaruddin Shah
Mukhtaruddin Shah:
Koemam you are great you fixed the broken Barca and competed with other huge clubs and giving positive results. Vamos Barca Vamos Koeman 💯👍👏
Chris Gutierrez
Chris Gutierrez:
I love the good vibes in these videos,keep it up admin
Love the vibez that are coming back 💙✊🏽
ct. julgen
ct. julgen:
They all have so much potential ❤💙❤💙 FORCA BARCA
Jhery Hilarion
Jhery Hilarion:
Deberiamos guardar a Leo.
Para el clasico por que sabemos ke el esta a una amarrilla de la acumulacion
Dale Ansu Fati!
Sigue presionando, ¡volverás pronto! 💙
Vorel 05
Vorel 05:
Never give up!!! Força Barça 💙❤️💪✊
Esta liga es nuestra Visca barça❤💙
Jacobo Gonzalez Josue Caleb
Jacobo Gonzalez Josue Caleb:
Mientras tanto, Messi los observa desde el trono viendo como aprenden 👑🐐
Saptak Sinha Ray
Saptak Sinha Ray:
This club defines my Daily life, Frustration disappeares when I watch my favourite team playing. Come on lads lets win the cdr and the Liga crown... Forca Barca ❤️💫
ME-018 Abhishek Dutta
ME-018 Abhishek Dutta:
Even though it took some time but Koeman really transformed Barça to this level🔥 Hats off!
The best players! 🙌🏻
Akshatt Singh
Akshatt Singh:
Força Barça 💙❤
rashu hossain
rashu hossain:
Força Barça 🔥🔥🔥
Spiros Papadopoulos
Spiros Papadopoulos:
Let's wish all The best for Leo ! Leo keep being happy, keep smiling, keep being healthy keep scoring, keep assisting keep playing like you only know! All the best Leo! 🐐💙❤👑
Vamos Leo y Vamos Barça
Aneeq Ahmad /013
Aneeq Ahmad /013:
Finally the backline of
Alba Pique Araujo Dest🙌🙌
Força Barça❤️💙
Lino Onva Abaga Mangue
Lino Onva Abaga Mangue:
Hay muchos sueños que me gustaría que se cumplan y uno de ellos es que el barça sea mejor que haya existido en el deporte. Mis respetos barça 💙♥️🙇🏼‍♂️👏🏻👏🏻
Piero Miranda
Piero Miranda:
Vamos Barca! ❤️💙
Luis enrique Vera Palomino
Luis enrique Vera Palomino:
Saludos desde lima Perú un gran equipo del mundo
Yassine El Massi
Yassine El Massi:
Good luck guys, visca Barca 💙❤
BrianT 🏀🎮
BrianT 🏀🎮:
Vamos y Vamos Barça nada es imposible 💙❤🥺💪🏾
Aron Rryci
Aron Rryci:
Força Barça 🔴🔵
André Dimas
André Dimas:
Laporta, contrata a Haaland, Neymar, light, depay por favor 💙 ♥ ️💙 ♥ ️💙 ♥ ️
We can win tomorrow !!! Visca barca 🔵🔴❤️

But what is wrong with the music 😂
Honestly we dont need to sign any player

We can still keep greizeman, countinho and fati can play 9 and dembele can be a good 9 also he needs guidance and koeman can do that

Our midfield is okay

Or left back we can keep firpo and Miranda can come back

Our right back we have three players

Our centre back we got pique arjao and mengueza with leglet and umtiti

We should only sell one defender and one big name if we need to

Honestly I have hope in the team

They will be the best in Two years

Outr attack Alex collado trincao dembele qnd fati

Midfield dejong pedri moriba and puig
D10S 10
D10S 10:
The only thing which makes me happy is Barca💙❤️
Vamos barca 💙❤️
Bhakti Mahata
Bhakti Mahata:
Come Onnnn Barca.Greatest ever opportunity of the season knocking at the door ❤️💙
Cock and ball torture
Cock and ball torture:
Let’s fight to win this season!💪🏽🔥
Kaki Anime
Kaki Anime:
Martin Braithwaite is a prefect backup... it’s reminds me Adriano Correia... Keep Strong my LORD!!

Important Backup Player for Barcelona Martin Braithwaite & Sergi Roberto... 💪💪💪👍👍👍👍
Iracema Silva
Iracema Silva:
Vamooos 😍😍🤞🏻
Super c'est très bien dit courage pour le barcelone ❤❤❤🥰🥰👍👍
Guys athletico is losing🔥 let's celebrate 🎉!!!😂😂
برشلوني عاشق
برشلوني عاشق:
Let's go guys
we are the chamions 💙❤
deiby santiago rodriguez usaquen
deiby santiago rodriguez usaquen:
Vamos barsa ❤️
Jairo Henriquez
Jairo Henriquez:
Vamos Vamos que ay liga todavía 😍😍😍
Visça el Barça 💙❤️
Kafa Billah
Kafa Billah:
I get the feeling we can win a double this season!!
Visca Barça🔵🔴
audias guevara
audias guevara:
Es de mi agrado informarles que si el barca gana todos los partidos que quedan es campeón de liga!!!
Adithya Jayan
Adithya Jayan:
The 🐐 Braithwaite⚡️
Angel T
Angel T:
We are doing great in recent weeks despite psg.
good luck team, hopefully everything will be perfect tomorrow
Hoping for a sick Griezmann goal today!!!
Karlo Radan
Karlo Radan:
Mi nombre es Carlo, tengo veintiséis años. Vivo en Croacia en la ciudad de Split.
Vengo a Barcelona en mayo, estaré cinco días. Sobre todo por las razones por las que vengo a visitar el estadio de Barcelona. Mi deseo de toda la vida es conocer y tomar fotos con el mejor jugador Leo Messi, creo que es difícil, pero nunca se sabe que puede suceder un milagro. Espero que alguien me ayude a hacer realidad mi deseo, porque este es mi primer viaje fuera de Croacia en mi vida, así que me gustaría que este encuentro se hiciera realidad, algo que recordaré por el resto de mi vida.
Patrick Kumordzi
Patrick Kumordzi:
Tomorrow is my birthday 🎂, how I wish our BARCA ❤️ 💙 will make me enjoy it to its fullest with a massive win. I LOVE YOU BARCA ❤️ 💙 🇬🇭🇬🇭
AnKa Culer
AnKa Culer:
Jay Shan
Jay Shan:
Finally international break over and Fc Barcelona will be back tomorrow!
Sakib Islam
Sakib Islam:
Let's go boys. Never give up. Forca Barca. Love you all.
Dhyanam Shah 2012
Dhyanam Shah 2012:
Araujo is barca s first aggressive centre back
Kicking power
Good dribbler
Nice passer.

A 1992
A 1992:
We have to learn to play rough, dirty and physical when needed, but be careful not to hurt the team(not to be penalized in terms of refereeing).
Allan Festus
Allan Festus:
Other than "vamos Barca"...I don't know much Spanish but I believe the boss said we now just have to win the rest of our la liga games to lift La liga🤩
Griezmann 💙❤️
josue daniel vilaja mendoza
josue daniel vilaja mendoza:
Vamos que se puede ganar vamos yo confio visça barça visca cataluña :)
Sumanth Reddy
Sumanth Reddy:
ENG SUBTITLES would be appreciated with all the Barca Videos. I'm trying to learn Spanish out of my love for the club but until then at least ENG SUBTITLES would be appreciated with all the Barca Videos.

Thank you.
Mundo Benito
Mundo Benito:
D10S 10
D10S 10:
Pedri should start shooting often than passing in the final third
Ankush Samanta
Ankush Samanta:
Tomorrow's game is an easy one but with atletico losing to sevilla, we can actually win the title if we can win all 10 remaining matches which include the classico and one against atletico
Durjoy Pal
Durjoy Pal:
Excited for el clasico
La liga depende 100% de nosotros vamooooooo
Amanuel Embaye
Amanuel Embaye:
Força Barça
Barcelona Power
Barcelona Power:
Great video💙❤
Visça Barça Visça Catalunia 💙❤️
Caspar Fog
Caspar Fog:
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
*Messi and de Jong are one yellow card away from suspension. If they pick one against Real Valladolid, they will miss el Clasico.*
Ple Reh
Ple Reh:
El clasico upcoming
Let make it 10-0😘
Jason Jasper
Jason Jasper:
Domestic Double 💪🏼💙❤️
manoj Manoj
manoj Manoj:
Win or lose😌
Always BARCELONA ❤️💙
Michelle L
Michelle L:
Gonna be good !!!♥️
Rubens Jimenez
Rubens Jimenez:
Mañana hay que ganar cueste lo que cueste
Mounir Mbogo
Mounir Mbogo:
When I watch goalkeepers in training I'm like they suck once their on the field I'm like his the best.
Alexia P. D.
Alexia P. D.:
La Liga and La Copa is ours. Let's go guys, I believe in you ❤🤙🏻
Alif Azmil
Alif Azmil:
I have never seen the duet of Pique and Araujo Behind
Best of luck barcelona ❤️❤️
Mourad Abed
Mourad Abed:
Vamos Barça ❤💙✊👑💪💪💪💪
Christian Castillo
Christian Castillo:
Mañana nos ponemos a un punto del líder !!!
Cant believe we were 14th in November! What a turn around!
Angela Crus
Angela Crus:
That’s what I was waiting for
Mi sueño es defender el camisola de este equipo pero no creo que sucede porque apenas tenemos para comer y no sé cómo llegar a España aún tengo 15