Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Surprises People on Hollywood Blvd.

Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence goes out to Hollywood Blvd. to see if anyone can name five of her movies.

Guest Host Channing Tatum Dances His Way onto Kimmel

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Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Surprises People on Hollywood Blvd.

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100+ komentarze:

As pretty as she is, it's her personality that makes her awesome.
“If you see anyone in a Tesla giving you the finger it’s me”💀
Saurav Singha
Saurav Singha:
How on earth does nobody know Silver Linings Playbook?I mean she won an Oscar for that movie,dude.
When she introduced herself to the lady that loves Jennifer Aniston, I almost died laughing 😂
tim buege
tim buege:
This is proof that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the greatest actresses on the screen right now. She’s beautiful and she’s funny!!! What’s not to love!
Sando the Mando
Sando the Mando:
She's got such a down-to-earth, girl next door personality. She's seems awesome to just hang out with and you would forget she's famous.
Guillermo: I love your movies.. and I love you too.
Jennifer: Aww... Shut the f * * k up!

This is why Jennifer Lawrence is probably the most awesome, down-to-earth Hollywood actress 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 everyone needs a friend like her!
Rachel Carre
Rachel Carre:
She is so amazing! She just makes jokes about everything and herself and takes it’s so well!
Igor Campos
Igor Campos:
She's totally the definition of charism. Love her lmao
“I’m Jennifer Lawrence”

I’m dead😂
Roxy is Forever
Roxy is Forever:
Wish she really had her own talk show! I would watch every day or nite! She rocks! And is actually fun and funny!
Agustina Aceto
Agustina Aceto:
I would have said "The Hunger Games 1, 2, 3, and 4" and that would have covered 4 out of 5 answers
*She is amazing! Such a humble and down to earth woman!!*
Stefani Salovni
Stefani Salovni:
1:56 best part of the interview🤣
MOROCCO TV l المغرب تيفي
MOROCCO TV l المغرب تيفي:
the killer gonk droid
the killer gonk droid:
She's my favourite actress, soooo funny , and she has the best personality.
Thomas de Velde
Thomas de Velde:
“It’s the coldest season of the year” “Christmas” 2:52
rayber nav
rayber nav:
I love Jeniffer Lawrence!!, me encanta su manera de ser tan sencilla y humilde 😍
Tim Forest
Tim Forest:
She is so funny and a great actress. One of my favorites they didn't mention was Silver Linings Playbook.
Will Matthew
Will Matthew:
Plot twist: Jennifer Lawrence doesn't remember her movies name.
Jerry Potato
Jerry Potato:
Guillermo always brings a smile to my face 🙂
Archduke of Belgrade
Archduke of Belgrade:
This was very underwhelming. Are these people insane..
LOVE Jennifer Lawrence’s sense of humor! I’m a big fan of hers even though I’ve only watched The Hunger Game.
I’ve always loved her personality. She’s funny too! 🤣
Tania Levy- Vocal Studio
Tania Levy- Vocal Studio:
I laughed soooooo much!!!she is an amzong host!!!!!!!!
ivan benitez
ivan benitez:
Guillermo's part is the best so far.
“when you smoke w3ed you saw any Jennifer Lawrence movie?”
“cool, me either”
lmao, i love her
Figure Skating
Figure Skating:
Love her. What a great sport and personality. She also won an Academy Award! She should have asked us. Would have said Hunger Games 1,2, and 3. Were there more? lol
The last man made me cry from laughing 😂
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy:
Honestly would live to see her in comedies, she has great delivery and comedic timing.
Jennifer Lawrence could start her own talk show.
Catalina Z
Catalina Z:
Can we all just admit that most of us wish that we were those people she was asking?


Just me?

Rajarshi Sengupta
Rajarshi Sengupta:
I love Jennifer Lawrence, they actually missed one of my favourite The silver lining playbook.
Sandra E
Sandra E:
The two ladies that were like “jennifer lawrenceeeee!!” Were so cute
Bandara Bandara
Bandara Bandara:
1:46 😂😂 Jennifer is an awesome artist❣️
Hellen Cho
Hellen Cho:
God: “So what level of self-irony you wanna have?”

Jennifer Lawrence: “Yes”
Hands down ...she's the best !!! 🤣😂🤣
Artwork Shalini
Artwork Shalini:
It's so funny when Jennifer Lawrence starts saying, "Jennifer Lawrence is so good" and that old lady agreed.
Jennifer Lawrence- I am Jennifer Lawrence
That lady- 😐😵🙀I'm gonna go, can't face her
Ducky MoMo
Ducky MoMo:
If she walked up to me on the street, I wouldn’t be able to name 5 of her movies because I’d faint.
Malgosia K
Malgosia K:
“when you smoke weed, do you watch jennifer lawrece movies?” “no” “me neither” i love her so much lmaoo
lauren swartz
lauren swartz:
I absolutely love her personality.
Prashant Patel
Prashant Patel:
Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite Jennifer out of all Jennifers in Hollywood.
and I'm mad that no one mentioned Silver Linings Playbook.
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria:
For any of us who was in Hollywood Blvd. getting interviewed by Jennifer Lawrence is a dream come true, are you agree with that?
Rainier Joshua Perez
Rainier Joshua Perez:
I swear, had I been there and interviewed, I would have impressed her knowing her movies plus the extra that I actually know her lines in the entire Hunger Games trilogy by heart. And don't take it personally, I have everyone's line I can recite the entire films on my head LOL
Sim 250
Sim 250:
Jennifer is awesome, I hope she never changes, it makes a change for someone in her position to be so down to earth.
Molotov Sandwicher
Molotov Sandwicher:
That short guy is me ! I never miss Jennifer Lawrence movies 😂😂
Miss. Grace
Miss. Grace:
I’m laughing throughout the whole video 😂😂😂😂😂
She needs her own late night talk show
Larrisa Archuleta
Larrisa Archuleta:
I love Jennifer Lawrence. She's just soo awesome!! 💜💙💚
Josephyne Alvarez
Josephyne Alvarez:
I love how funny she is!
she’s the true define of an attractive woman
Gotta be one of the best ladies in the spotlight to date hahaha I friggin love her..
How do people not recognise her?
Anthony Bha
Anthony Bha:
"If you see someone in a Tesla giving you the finger, that's me". Crying laughing after hearing this.
Maddie Richard
Maddie Richard:
5 movies: Hunger Games, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part.1, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part.2, Passengers
Sienna B
Sienna B:
I loveee Jennifer’s outfits in this, they look really nice :)
American hustle, silver linings playbook, and joy are some of my top favorite films of all time.
- When you smoke weed, do you ever
watch Jennifer Lawrence movies?
- ...No
- ..Cool!Me neither!😂
Accio Sharpie
Accio Sharpie:
you know this video made me realize how she's really done _a lot_ of movies. you get 8 movies from the hunger games and xmen movies alone
Samuel M.E
Samuel M.E:
She’s so down to earth and funny and gorgeous such an incredible actress! Love the hunger games
lucy mcdowell
lucy mcdowell:
these are just the ones i can name off the top of my head:
hunger games (thg, catching fire, mockingjay pt 1, mockingjay pt 2)
x men (first class, days of future past, apocalypse, dark phoenix)
the beaver
winters bone
silver linings playbook
american hustle
red sparrow
poker house
house at the end of the street
yes i have an unhealthy obsession
M. T
M. T:
Her personality is everything
B S:
a lot of love from me to Jen Lo - she is amazing and down to earth - she is everything an actor should be.
i admire her and she deserves everything she has and more for sure!
I had to google Silver Linings Playbook after watching this and make sure Jennifer Lawrence was actually in it. Only one that I've seen.
Ismael Carrillo
Ismael Carrillo:
I super mega love her laugh.
This girls so awesome!
I love her personality
Mercedes Oliveira
Mercedes Oliveira:
1- Hunger Games
2- Catching Fire
3- Mockingjay part 1
4- Mockingjay part 2
5- Passengers
Sophia Fenwick
Sophia Fenwick:
Karen Stark
Karen Stark:
“I’ve NEVER had to pay for Herpes.” lmao. i freakin love her.
Justice Kings
Justice Kings:
OMG if i saw her i would freak out she's my favorite actress. i kinda dissapointed they didnt recognized her. Hunger Games is life!😍
Ayee Pee
Ayee Pee:
“I see these vans drive my neighbourhood, so if you somebody in a Tesla giving you the finger that’s me!” 😂😂😂😂💀💀Lovee her sm lol
I want her to be a host everytime!
Kamila Rząsa
Kamila Rząsa:
1:41 my fav moment 🤣
I miss her ... no new videos for years .. I hope she does movies soon again
Karnataka Food Vlogs ಕರುನಾಡ ನಳಪಾಕ ದರ್ಶನ
Karnataka Food Vlogs ಕರುನಾಡ ನಳಪಾಕ ದರ್ಶನ:
This was one of the coolest things I have watched, such a beautiful personality she has.
She is simply the best!!
#1 hunger games saga!
#2 Red Sparrow
#3 Serena
#4 winter’s bone
#5 House at the end of the street!
"If you see someone in a tesla giving you the finger thats me"

I love Jenifer Lawrence
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez:
“If you see someone in a Tesla giving you the finger that’s me”😂😂
Vatsal Saxena
Vatsal Saxena:
All those people would’ve been awestruck when they realised that it was Jennifer Lawrence.
Michael Dickson
Michael Dickson:
bagus adi sucipto
bagus adi sucipto:
Jennifer Lawrence is so beautifully-authentic. My fav actress of all time. And I can't wait to see her comeback on bigscreen start 2021 with her upcoming projects:

*1. "RED, WHITE AND WATER" (as U.S soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan) // Dir. Lila Neugebauer

*2. "DON'T LOOK UP" (as Astronomer who must go on a large-scale media tour to warn mankind of a giant and approacing the asteroid that will destroy planet Earth in 6 months) // Dir. Adam McKay

*3. "MOB GIRL" (as Arlyne Brickman, a mob wife that ending up becoming a police informant) // Dir. Paolo Sorrentino

*4. "BAD BLOOD" (as Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos founder) // Dir. Adam McKay

*5. "ZELDA" (as Jazz-age-legend, Zelda Fitzgerald biopic) // Dir. Ron Howard

*6. "THE ROSIE PROJECT" (as Rosie Jarman, adapted from a rom-com book with same title) // Dir. Richard Linklater

*7. "IT'S WHAT I DO" (as Lynsey Addario, an American War-Photographer who extensively covered the conflicts in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan and Libya) // Dir. Steven Spielberg

*8. "THE DIVE" (as Audrey Mastrey, a true-story of Free-Divers-Couple: Fransisco Farreras & Audrey Mastrey who competed to travel as deeply as possible underwater on a single breath of air. // Dir. Francis Lawrence

*9. "BURIAL RITES" (as Agnes Magnusdottir, the last woman to be publicly executed in Iceland) // Dir. Luca Guadagnino
Fotis Sk
Fotis Sk:
I would love to see her as a late night show host. She is cool and witty, very likeable personality in general.
Captain Scott
Captain Scott:
Guillermo says the second movie and she like wow you're doing great I felt that😂
Guillermo is so cool. He’s like that super chill dad.
surakshya baral
surakshya baral:
Silver linings playbook is my favourite one ❤
Justin Laux
Justin Laux:
Winter's Bone was one of the first movies I've seen with her in it, wasn't bad at all.
"I see these vans drive by my neighborhood so... if you see someone in a Tesla giving you the finger-- That's me." Best line.

morgs murphy
morgs murphy:
i’d literally WIN this challenge she’s my favorite i love her so much
lyaa mkh.
lyaa mkh.:
i would've been screaming if i met Jennifer Lawrence irl
Rudhir Sharma
Rudhir Sharma:
The Jimmy Kimmel show is only good when Jimmy Kimmel isn't in it.
Leigh Wear
Leigh Wear:
Hunger games
Catching fire
Mockingjay part 1
Mockingjay part 2
American hustle
Winters bone
Don’t look up
Red sparrow
Silver lining playbook
X-men first class
X-men days of future past
X-men apocalypse
House at the end of the street
Dark Phoenix
Burning plain
Poker house
Like crazy

Just a few I thought of while watching this

I love Jennifer and I’d be lucky to remember even one of those if she was in front of me. My jaw would be on the floor and I would be speechless
I love that she’s doing this, even though there’s literally no reason why she would need to.
Muskan Kamboj
Muskan Kamboj:
She is so humble and a great actress
hameul mie
hameul mie:
“Im totally kidding im totally kidding im not kidding” 😂 best woman
Michael Jaeb
Michael Jaeb:
She sounds EXTACTLY like she did in hunger games! LOVE YOU SOO MUCH
Oooohh Guillermo!!!!! You really showed them - so sad how people underestimate the ones with the accent!
Timur Shaipov
Timur Shaipov:
God: “So what level of self-irony you wanna have?”

Jennifer Lawrence: “Yes”
sithaarth maheshwaran
sithaarth maheshwaran:
1:23...😂😂 that dude was the coolest among all
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian:
Anyone else memorizing Jennifer Lawrence movies now, just so you're prepared if this ever happens to you? 🙄