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H&M BLACK FRIDAY https://rstyle.me/+hrBA9XWPmRX8OByhd07EXQ

ZARA HAUL https://youtu.be/bzbRn72lOHg
ASOS HAUL https://youtu.be/AHJrmOHfM6s

WHITE BLOUSE https://rstyle.me/+qPMKOQ9Jb9TUfX29KmeWtA
EARRINGS https://rstyle.me/+qPMKOQ9Jb9TUfX29KmeWtA
LIP LINER https://rstyle.me/+GszNkGe3kc1l-9dp4ZtXJw
LIPSTICK https://rstyle.me/+iWQw2JkxW9E1_jDP0MPgug
MASCARA https://rstyle.me/+b9MYMGX5h9jbj8o3yfqlJg
FOUNDATION https://rstyle.me/+RAoeLddhB7taU7mUHzQEBQ
NECKLACE https://rstyle.me/+QWXjcj4E2uX_ycR08JY_Sg
LEATHER JACKET https://rstyle.me/+6cRoUbFeB2Z_8HR0EuI0eA 30% OFF!

MY CAMERA https://rstyle.me/+6sr6LEBVJq1dbzLURUDLoA


CHUNKY BEIGE ROLL NECK https://rstyle.me/+tttJQ264fdqvXk0jDNkCKA

TAUPE CASHMERE JUMPER https://rstyle.me/+UDstKO3UHdQ47tqiYcZdBQ XS

BLUE JEANS https://rstyle.me/+sn_g2UiyjHXxflY3_bze4A 10

CREAM CHUNKY ROLL NECK https://rstyle.me/+WKDYyheN10qSgzWhUvx7PQ 8


CASHMERE TROUSERS https://rstyle.me/+SwdAMahpzZO-1Pe3AaUF8g XS

GREY PUFFER JEACKET https://rstyle.me/+rLSJ5AcCfgHdlesC61EFXw S

WHITE COAT https://rstyle.me/+xt7YdddTMDxQ8SqtFsvL0w 6

VELVET JUMPSUIT https://rstyle.me/+-eXVKsvLz48ABaBt8eUlMg S

GLITTER JUMPSUIT https://rstyle.me/+-eXVKsvLz48ABaBt8eUlMg XS

NUDE BLOUSE https://rstyle.me/+HB882OwS-hcY2ZzoNJ5ABA 8

RED ROLL NECK https://rstyle.me/+KUNEWOb0cwxaa_8fS8ujqw S

CREAM TEDDY COAT https://rstyle.me/+0aWYkrVYtkvRO1DviEl9SQ XS

FAUX SUEDE JACKET https://rstyle.me/+O_GoYgbIotFfH5hrb6sHtQ 8

GREY & WHITE DIAMOND JUMPER https://rstyle.me/+0hFOAFHjwobBoODppkxJNw S

BURGANDY BOOTS https://rstyle.me/+Hqzq3QJU-abc6Q6UBSiW2g 4

BLACK BLAZER https://rstyle.me/+23_UpQtd7DliXv8NrQfKdQ 8

BLACK WRAP BODY https://rstyle.me/+c4OAoIw8i4Xo88oc6egPRQ S

BLACK SATIN MIDI SKIRT https://rstyle.me/+-cvSQOEfJHtTFmW8ZO_nSQ


LEATHER JACKET https://rstyle.me/+6cRoUbFeB2Z_8HR0EuI0eA
BLACK BLAZER https://rstyle.me/+LKblW2mSaoK_eih6ZD-Kag / https://rstyle.me/+yxOTSIfL9Oo2GZG_E3s_yQ
BLACK LEATHER LOOK TROUSERS https://rstyle.me/+71SMjZnn_6yHEpP7sNYbPw
BLACK LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS https://rstyle.me/+5uDZsc1q-TYVWV3Aws6eJA
JEANS https://rstyle.me/+sVyRtao_rkvHQh9nsBpK_A
CREAM ROLL NECK https://rstyle.me/+qOShqMYEtvw2YZwDIzikcg
CAMEL COAT https://rstyle.me/+PCqBqYlFbVE-ntpoLrBgYA
WHITE TRAINERS http://tidd.ly/552acfce
BLACK ROLL NECK https://rstyle.me/+kC2hv4s3Vc3dZi86tlqQDg
BAG https://rstyle.me/+yvtk8oRQh1zQxTA-9BMqyg
BURGANDY KNEE HIGH BOOTS https://rstyle.me/+Hqzq3QJU-abc6Q6UBSiW2g

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Tram Key
Tram Key:
OMG I'm early today. Dear sweetie, I cant take me eyes off your satin blouse and lovely earrings. The co-ords cream knit sweater and skirt is everything. I saw it few weeks ago on Zara and it is a bit over price. I'm glad you choose it, it looks so elegant on you. I think the wool blend cream coat you tried in store has better quality and shape than this one, and price is so different, but we are obsessed with cream ^^. Lots of love from WA.
Sabrina Jaine
Sabrina Jaine:
"You'll feel like you're in a onesie, but you'll look really extra at the same time" I am so down for that
Valentina Lima
Valentina Lima:
I loooove the co-ords cream knit sweater and skirt on you, so beautiful 🙏🏽 I need to buy this on Black Friday, hopefully it will look just as good as on you 😂🤪 Literally everything looks gorgeous on you ❤️✨
Emily Clarkson
Emily Clarkson:
you make everything look so good - love the way you style things 💜
Natalie Keane
Natalie Keane:
I remember when you tried the size 8 jeans on and I've got to say, I like the size 10 better on you. I think they're meant to have a bit of bagginess to them and they're so flattering!
Floor Gelink
Floor Gelink:
Okay it's decided favorite week ever! will be broke after <3
Alyson Johnson
Alyson Johnson:
Loved this H&M haul. Love all the pieces you have shown. Your taste in clothes is so good. I’m 50 years old but I love a very classic chic look and feel you deliver that. Love your video. 😁
LaToiya Nixon
LaToiya Nixon:
GIRL!!! your style is literally every fashion inspo i have saved on Pinterest haha
H&M is one of my favorite affordable places to shop, thanks for sharing what's new!
Ineda Xoxo
Ineda Xoxo:
🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻lol had to have it and so glad I got my 🤚 on it , also got the mango teddy as well can’t wait to get it as it’s been shipped
Adriana Madriz
Adriana Madriz:
I love how much effort you put into the try on clips to show how the clothing piece could be styled. Loved this video so much 💓
Pao Gamarra
Pao Gamarra:
Love the pop of color! Red/burgundy, navy, emerald/forest green. Greetings from Ecuador!
You have the best sense of style! I feel like you’ve inspired me so much and I’m slowly transitioning out of my old wardrobe which was not as classy as yours is. Mine was more juvenile. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration ❤️
Laura Gallifrey
Laura Gallifrey:
🐻🐻...and lots of love, you're a wonderful soul and never fail to inspire me ❤
🐻🐻 been on the prowl for this since you featured it on the first video 😂got it couple weeks ago eventually 😍
Carla T
Carla T:
Love everything 😍
wanda fung
wanda fung:
🐻I blamed this purchase on you...😂
Beata Young
Beata Young:
Great haul! Like always 💖
zeildo campos
zeildo campos:
Vislumbrei!!! Totalmente com essa Beleza de princesa... bom 😘
Louise Marine
Louise Marine:
🐻bought the teddy coat after your haul a few weeks ago. Love your style. Salut de Québec.
Catalina Z
Catalina Z:
🐻🐻🐻 Love the teddy coat, I wear it nearly every day
bland tones
bland tones:
Sweet Honey
Sweet Honey:
I love it ❤❤
Trevor Michaud
Trevor Michaud:
She's so gorgeous<333
Wonderful taste! Love the coats 💜 Hopefully H&M goes wild on black friday with discounts 😍🐻
jaynecl Doolan
jaynecl Doolan:
🐻 great vlog i love everything from HM!!
Diana Mia
Diana Mia:
🐻 my favourite coat this year!
Jayanthi R
Jayanthi R:
Thanks for mentioning if the sweaters are itchy or not, I have super sensitive skin and it makes it hard to shop for roll neck sweaters online without touching it first. But if you say it’s soft then I’ll buy it for sure! You look stunning as usual in everything! 💋
i love this haul week!! thank you so much!
Ashlee Zhang
Ashlee Zhang:
Omg just in time for me to get ideas for black friday shopping! This is awesome!
Aliza Thapa
Aliza Thapa:
Your videos are making this week amazing 💖💖
Kasia P. Hayes
Kasia P. Hayes:
Knee high boots are superb👌 and I love all items. H&M is the best😘and
You look fab in this teddy coat xxx
samin kanava
samin kanava:
Dear ModelMouth/ This H&M Haul shows to be a Superb Quality: The Cashmere Trousers are Nice Coloured and Practical. I Like Both Beige and Cream as Colour Tones. Beige Jumper looks very Warm and Practical just like the Red Jumper. Both Jumpers are Very Compatible with Leather Trousers and Jeans. Your Presented Regular Jeans are Practical being Slightly widely cut in Things; In Cold Weather a little more Fabric in Product is a Useful quality. The Cream Coloured Dress Looks Stylish and Compatible with Various Kinds of Boots and Jumpers. Your Party and in The Evening Pointed Black dress I Consider Being an Example of Classic Evening or Party Dress in Timeless Edition. Burgundy Overkneeboots are Very Graphic and Elegant Footwear that look Elegant even in Shortened Version
Teddy Coat is a very Elegant winter Fashion Item that Could Be worn as North as in Anchorage Alaska
I Like Especially Your Tendency in Using Fair Colours in Winter. Have a Great Sunday Afternoon. Sami Morelli
Kim Melissa
Kim Melissa:
Can Not find the earrings you wear in this Video :( the link directs me to the White blouse ?! 😫💔
Love love love the videos! 😍
Ellie Palmer
Ellie Palmer:
I bought the first jumper at the weekend! Love it 😁😁
Jennifer ChM
Jennifer ChM:
I am your fan. Greetings from Havana Cuba!!!!
Magdalena Glowczyk
Magdalena Glowczyk:
I am watching every video of yours and I am loving your style so much ❤️
🐻 ordered it the First time I saw it in your Video 😍
Aminah S Styles
Aminah S Styles:
🤩 wow. All the pieces you selected are so nice. Absolutely love 💓 H&M !! You’re videos are cool 👌🏼😘
Elisabeth Lo Esc
Elisabeth Lo Esc:
You just made me want the teddy coat really bad 🥰🐻
I have seen the title H & M and I couldn’t click fast enough on it, l’m sold! 🤪
Jennifer Carbajo
Jennifer Carbajo:
Found your Channel a few days ago and loving the content since then
Perfect Flawless
Perfect Flawless:
Honestly, I fell in love with burgundy boots! And It's love at first sight! ❤️
Ra Ess
Ra Ess:
Love this haul! Can you please also link the black boots you are wearing with the red rollneck? I dont think they are linked. Thankyou!!
Francesca Lambidoniti
Francesca Lambidoniti:
Hi! I love your videos! Was wondering where you got the boots you are wearing at 21:00 with the last item? xx
Dalia Abudaff
Dalia Abudaff:
Amazing video and content! Love the pieces you tried on! I have a question regarding the jeans you wore with the red sweater, where is it from? I love it and been looking for something similar ♥️
Sue Adam
Sue Adam:
Thank you thank you thank
You and your tips are fantastic
Cheers from Mississaug Ontario
James Pittman
James Pittman:
I like your pretty videos is very awesome.😂
Alex Clark
Alex Clark:
You look lovely in red Charlotte 💕
How do you look so good in everything! That red sweater looked so good on you! That shade compliment your hair color so well
Alex Gaboury
Alex Gaboury:
I love your channel. 😍
Nina Winter
Nina Winter:
I adore how much effort you put into everything. But man your delivery-guy must hate you 😁❤
Ann K
Ann K:
You convinced me 🐻😘
I think that this clothes fit well and i like it more! Congratulations! Good choices!
BEAR emoji > ordered a size S from seeing a past vid, way too big, sent back for a XS, can't wait :) <3
LOVE the jumpsuits! ♥️ Lisa
Tania Wali
Tania Wali:
Love Love Love, everything you picked. 🐻
Which Size you wear in the Camel Coat from Andotherstories? 😍😍😍
Erin Kelligher
Erin Kelligher:
Can’t find the white roll neck sweater on the US site 😭 loved everything you chose
Imaani Beauty
Imaani Beauty:
Love the cappuccino coloured sweater 😻
Malou Granstrand
Malou Granstrand:
Hi gorgeous😍 I’ve bought this the minute it was out 🐻
Carolina Bello
Carolina Bello:
Where’s your shirt from?
Sonya Sigal
Sonya Sigal:
Lovely video you are soooo good doing this...thank you
Fenna Moris
Fenna Moris:
2.15 where is your coat from 🤩
Olivia Dkhar
Olivia Dkhar:
I tried signing up for pay later but it doesn't approve my pin code, I'm from India. Is it not valid for us?
S S:
what boots were you wearing? are they from H&M too?
maria afonso
maria afonso:
Hello from a portugues fan...love your chanel..kisses
Suzanna R
Suzanna R:
Silvia Sauc
Silvia Sauc:
Love it!
RODID Marrhia
RODID Marrhia:
Great vidéo, maybe i'm stupid but i don't see the first roll jumper cream/pink.?
Kate O'Flynn
Kate O'Flynn:
Sharon Margaret Stewart
Sharon Margaret Stewart:
Great video thanks 🙏
Lolo 7
Lolo 7:
I like u haul 💘💘💘💘💘👌
Suleman Ahmed
Suleman Ahmed:
Always the best keep up😘
Hannah Drysdale
Hannah Drysdale:
You make everything look so effortless and stylish!
How old are you? :)
Ar Art
Ar Art:
Satans Lair
Satans Lair:
that first roll neck sweater is a great piece. first off, it looks pretty high end. second, that thing is versatile AF. you could literally style that a million ways. good find!
Cristina Atina
Cristina Atina:
You didn't link the 1st sweater... The capuccino high neck oversized one... And I wanted to see if I can find it online... 😒
i ordered the grey diamond knit yesterday together with a roll neck knit of the same line for half off and im so happy!! it looks amazing on you :)
Cecile Villafuerte
Cecile Villafuerte:
so beautiful nice outfit
Stefi Minkova
Stefi Minkova:
🐻 🥰
Elizabeth Sanford
Elizabeth Sanford:
Maureen Musyoka
Maureen Musyoka:
Daydreamer23 _
Daydreamer23 _:
Kelsey Pearce
Kelsey Pearce:
Amy Fernandez
Amy Fernandez:
Hey!! Where are the black booties that you’re wearing with the red jumper and blazer from ?
MAZHAR Sawera:
Tin Bernas
Tin Bernas:
Contact fashion influencers on PHLANX
Magdalena Frankowska
Magdalena Frankowska:
Minoo Verdi
Minoo Verdi:
Elisabeth Kaiser
Elisabeth Kaiser:
About the last videos I wasn´t sure if I´ve seen already them because I feel every look is the same. I think the neutrals and basic bits are yours, but - sorry - I find them a little bit boring.
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly:
Tracy Simpson
Tracy Simpson:
Where are your flat ankle boots from Charlotte x
Jennie Black
Jennie Black:
🐻 😀