Haaland’s four goals & Moukoko record debut | Hertha - Dortmund 2-5 | Highlights | MD 8 – Bundesliga

#BSCBVB | Highlights from Matchday 8!
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Watch the Bundesliga highlights of Hertha Berlin vs. Borussia Dortmund from Matchday 8 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Cunha (33’), 1-1 Haaland (47’), 1-2 Haaland (49’), 1-3 Haaland (62’), 1-4 Guerreiro (70’), 2-4 Cunha (79’ Penalty), 2-5 Haaland (80’)

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Brandon Manley
Brandon Manley:
This man is 6'4 yet sneaks behind the defense like he's invisible.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Eerling Haaland is the future of world football. He's just a mesmerising talent.
Haaland after getting sub
Lucien Favre: you score 4?
Haaland: yes
Lucien Favre: how?
Haaland: hard work
Even Lucien Favre didnt know how many goals Haaland scored xD
Nicholas Leon
Nicholas Leon:
Haaland was like: Felt cute, might score 4 later
Haaland is such a clinical finisher OMG
Herda Bagas
Herda Bagas:
Reporter: "Erling.. how you score 4 goals?"
Erling : "why not?"
Haaland is just out of the world rn. One of the best Golden Boy in the past 10 years
A borussia Dortmund career mode in fifa 21 will be fun
Kyle W
Kyle W:
Goalkeeper: *has to play haaland next game*

Also goalkeeper: "aight ima head out"
Depression Itself
Depression Itself:
Haaland is a one of a kind player. Quick, Strong, Clinical, and he hasnt even reached his full potential. He is unbelievable. Kinda reminds me of CR7
Just a Coffin Guy
Just a Coffin Guy:
He still wasn't satisfied after the substitution. This man is a real beast 😂
So he has 23 goals in 22 games now 😂

He's 20 years and 4 months 😅
At this age I was still trying my hardest to find any clue whatsoever as to what to become 😆
C W:
End of first half 'Berlin are in a great position here'
Haaland: 'I don't think so'
Zikry Fauzan
Zikry Fauzan:
reporter: you scored 4 goals today?
haaland: yes
reporter: how do you do that?
haaland: hard work
Haaland, Jens Petter Hauge, Sorloth - Norway has some insane strikers. Then there's Odegaard supplying them :O
nonov yobiznez
nonov yobiznez:
That's how you remove the pressure for the pup debut
cx Jhon ψ
cx Jhon ψ:
im proud of that i bought the Haaland's shirt 4 years ago.
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
The golden boy 🔥🙌🏻
Fankurve - Ultras
Fankurve - Ultras:
Haaland Its The Best player For Me This Season In BVB
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Haaland+DeBruyne: begin an attack on the enemy's gate and end it with a nuclear bombardment.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
Haaland+DeBruyne: begin an attack on the enemy's gate and end it with a nuclear bombardment.
Christopher Liando
Christopher Liando:
Haaland is something else, never seen such a big player with so much speed strength and agility
Adetuo Dzuvichu
Adetuo Dzuvichu:
Me: Haaland will score 5 goals. Wanna bet?
Coach: ok (whispers to self "easy money")
This commentator is actually pronouncing Håland’s name correctly.
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
Haaland+DeBruyne: begin an attack on the enemy's gate and end it with a nuclear bombardment.
Okechukwu Shedrack
Okechukwu Shedrack:
The way Haaland breaks into the defence surprises me
Bekti Domenico
Bekti Domenico:
And Bayern Munchen start to sniffing around 😂😂
Jonatan Stevic
Jonatan Stevic:
Haaland reminds me of a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic in some ways(similar football development size skills technically gifted etc...) He is faster and overall more athletic but less of a alpha dominant attitude and personality on the pitch.
alok k
alok k:
Any one see haaland funny interview he is so honesty
Itachi †
Itachi †:
Haaland has impressed me more than Mbappe so far,he also scored against Bayern💯🙌
Yes i know Mbappe won the world cup but who wouldn't if you play for the french national team🤷‍♂️
haaland would score 6 if he wasn't subbed well dortmund has a giant monster
"It's 4 for Holland"
Guendouzi dived so hard, absolutely pathetic player. 0 respect to him, Hertha put up a good fight though.
Big Fundamental
Big Fundamental:
too big too strong too fast too good
Eshan Basheer
Eshan Basheer:
They already find future replacement for haaland 🤣🤣😅
Fakhri Jati
Fakhri Jati:
Deadly 🔥🔥🔥
Deman Lyngdoh Talang
Deman Lyngdoh Talang:
He just made it look easy
Matus Zeman
Matus Zeman:
We've all been waiting for this video :D
Haaland+DeBruyne: begin an attack on the enemy's gate and end it with a nuclear bombardment.
Okeya Kono
Okeya Kono:
Lewandowski's replacement oozes around him.
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
"It's 4 for Holland"
Angelo Jesus
Angelo Jesus:
Halland remember me a Geovane Elber
dado boudi fanboy
dado boudi fanboy:
Haaland what a monster, Congratulations in advance to Bayern 😶
His performance must lower sanchos prize 🤔
annag cocl
annag cocl:
Haaland+DeBruyne: begin an attack on the enemy's gate and end it with a nuclear bombardment.
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
I already have my winner for this MD top 5 goals video. Also, what a display from Dortmund and Haaland!
Ridwan Rahman
Ridwan Rahman:
Bayern Munich manager be like : Hmm interesting
Tepid Water
Tepid Water:
That Guendouzi dive though. No idea how that stood.
Yadhu krishna
Yadhu krishna:
What a boy😍😍🔥🔥🔥
Çhámpîôñ Frâñçîs
Çhámpîôñ Frâñçîs:
Golden Boy for a Reason 💪
Kalle Björnlund
Kalle Björnlund:
He only make this goals to promote his rapcarrer. Haaland is a fraud.
Matus Zeman
Matus Zeman:
Hey hey hey coach, I'm mad at you! XDXD
Joseph Sunny
Joseph Sunny:
How on earth is that a penalty... enlighten me..
tim boussardon
tim boussardon:
Jesus can change yr life bro <3
2:53 when ur coaches crowd u like this lol u know u've managed to impress them
Da Butzi
Da Butzi:
World's best midfielder breaks his legs trying to stop this dude.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou:
reporter: you scored 4 goals today? haaland: yes reporter: how do you do that? haaland: hard work
Bisri Bisri
Bisri Bisri:
Amazing i'm fans b'dortmund from indonesia
Qweku Sam
Qweku Sam:
haaland is just some fearless chap wow!!!
butti fdft
butti fdft:
End of first half 'Berlin are in a great position here' Haaland: 'I don't think so'
Motlatsi Lebereko
Motlatsi Lebereko:
The price tag on this boy is frightening I can't wait for whoever will be brave to pull out the Cheque book.
Adriano Talavera
Adriano Talavera:
ypu've come here because of haaland
Xavier Bondwe
Xavier Bondwe:
Moukoko just turned 16 2 days ago. Think about that.
Rajarshi Roy
Rajarshi Roy:
*Keep going Erling !*
George Jecco
George Jecco:
Do you notice, a wonderkid introduced yousouffa makouko.
Aadarsh Thekkethara Suresh Babu
Aadarsh Thekkethara Suresh Babu:
Im thrilled to see which all clubs he will play for in the future 🤩
james oluwaseyi
james oluwaseyi:
one force of nature indeed Erling Haaland..kudos and great team work..
Novelia Sitorus
Novelia Sitorus:
Munchen : Hold my money
His passion for his teammates scoring and to win 👍🏽
Sanjay Varghese
Sanjay Varghese:
Haaland is a generational talent. What a player☝️☝️❤
Jovan T
Jovan T:
As a BVB fan, that Cunha's goal was stunning 😳😃
Lubbe Pranks
Lubbe Pranks:
Imagine Haaland and Ibrahimovic on the same team 😮
존나 잘해...😍😍
0:38 that didnt age well
Lee Rico
Lee Rico:
Viking 💀
Asher Atubra
Asher Atubra:
Having a defending dad is good.
see- Erling Haaland
Defenders just watching lol
Timmy Jeong
Timmy Jeong:
It's so funny that manager ask Haaland scores 3 or 4.
Haaland, i love you)))))
Ты лучший=)
Man, how is haaland always popped out outta nowhere behind the defense...thats scary
David Khaba
David Khaba:
Future of Bayern Munich 😉
Akeem Allwood
Akeem Allwood:
The newkid Moukoko kinda looks like Vinícius tho🤨, which country he's from?
Derek Kim
Derek Kim:
Ich liebe Bayern, aber Haaland ist total verrückt!!!
alok k
alok k:
Mark my words he became future football star like messi.pele.ronaldo.marodona etc
You are going to win the league Dortmund and we do believe you ❤️❤️.YNWA
Luvkush Tripathi
Luvkush Tripathi:
norway must be proud to get such a huge talent
go norway
go haaland
Trader Miir
Trader Miir:
i like when he got subbed and coach asked him how many goals he had scored .. and asked twice .. 4 seriously :O
Zod The Niggur Dog
Zod The Niggur Dog:
One of the best highlight editing so far.

his positioning is out of this world
Haaland reminds me of young Lewandowski.... What a talent!!!
Welcome to Real Madrid.
Eason Pun
Eason Pun:
I tell you this guy is giving football manager (the game) big trouble - what monstrous attributes should they give him? LOL
골키퍼 너무 못 막는다 ㅋ
Yoruba Boy
Yoruba Boy:
He makes it look easy.
Uğur Görgülü
Uğur Görgülü:
1:45 guerreiro taking wings
Noah Higgins
Noah Higgins:
Finally the video is uploaded
Dominic savio Obinwa
Dominic savio Obinwa:
Haaland's positioning is out of this world, more so is his teammates' awareness.