Hamilton Slams “Ignorant and Uneducated” Bernie Ecclestone - Bernie: "It’s Not My Fault I Am White"

0:00 - Hamilton Slams “Ignorant and Uneducated” Bernie Ecclestone
3:00 - Russell Hopes Hamilton Regrets Giving Him Advice
3:47 - Fast Feed

Formula 1 seemed to be mired in hot water last week when Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko had apparently called reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton’s fight against racism a distraction. It turned out that a website had misquoted Marko and things had settled down. Now it seems that Former F1 CEO Bernie Ecclestone's recent comments may have once again muddied the waters as some back and forth has taken place between Bernie and Lewis this time around.

Bernie Ecclestone initially praised Hamilton’s fight against racism and how it has opened up discussions but went on to add a few things that seemed to question the efficacy of the current movement.

"I don't think it's going to do anything bad or good for Formula One"

He then gave his opinion on the various statues of people associated with racism being taken down

“I think it's completely stupid taking all these statues down. They should've left them there. Take the kids from school to look and say why they're there and what the people did and how wrong it was what they did"

He then summed up his words in his own unique way

"In lots of cases, Black people are more racist than what White people are"

Lewis Hamilton responded to this on his Instagram account

"It's hugely sad and disappointing to read statements like this. Bernie is no longer in the sport and comes from a different generation, but that's exactly what's not right. Ignorant and uneducated statements that show how far we have to go as a society before we can get real equality"

He then connected Bernie’s mindset to the lack of diversity in F1 so far given that Bernie Ecclestone was for a long time the CEO of F1

"It makes complete sense to me now that nothing was said or done to make our sport more diverse or to address the racial abuse I received throughout my career"

Formula 1 has also released an official statement regarding this

“At a time when unity is needed to tackle racism and inequality, we completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments that have no place in Formula 1 or society. Mr Ecclestone has played no role in Formula 1 since he left our organisation in 2017, his title Chairman Emeritus, being honorific, expired in January 2020”

Bernie had a reply for this statement from F1

“When Chase asked me to step down, he made a big thing about how important the title he was giving me was. People in America would kill for it, he told me. It didn’t matter to me. I’m not bothered about titles”

He also gave his comments on the #WeRaceAsOne initiative

“I’m glad he said I have no involvement in Formula One, so I can’t be credited with all the things they’ve not done. They have jumped on this racism thing suddenly because of events in America.”

There have been rumors that F1 is looking to ban Bernie from attending F1 races in the future. Bernie had a retort for that as well

“I wouldn’t advise them to do that. They might want to try it in Russia”

He then concluded by giving his response to the reactions his earlier comments on racism had garnered

“Over the years, I have met a lot of white people I didn’t like, but never a black person I didn’t like. I don’t think of Lewis as black or anything else. He’s just Lewis to me”

“It’s not my fault I am white, or that I am a little shorter than the next man. I was called Titch at school. I realised I had to do something about it. Black people should look after themselves. When I lost my driving licence, I had a black driver, not because he was black, but because I didn’t care whether he was black or white. Now it’s suddenly fashionable to talk about diversity. Willy T [Ribbs] was the first black man to drive an F1 car, for me, in the Seventies”

Russell Hopes Hamilton Regrets Giving Him Advice

Williams’ George Russel began by revealing how he had received advice from Lewis Hamilton during his F2 days

"I had a little bit of advice from Lewis about two years ago when I was racing in F2. We were in a debrief and I was struggling a little bit with something and I was talking to some of the engineers and he just gave me a bit of advice from the driving side"

"It was mainly about the tyres, and how to try and get more out of them. I’d say that was a little thing that helped me find that little bit extra, what I was just missing at the start of my F2 career"

He concluded by revealing how this advice has helped him and how he hopes to challenge Lewis on the track some day in the future

"That’s actually pushed forward into F1 as well and has benefitted me as I moved into F1. That little piece of information triggered something in my mind and I think a lot about it and how I can get even more out of it. I hope I can make him regret giving me that advice one day"

Who do you agree with in regards to the recent drama regarding Bernie, Lewis and F1?

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Formula World
Formula World:
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0:00 - Hamilton Slams “Ignorant and Uneducated” Bernie Ecclestone
3:00 - Russell Hopes Hamilton Regrets Giving Him Advice
3:47 - Fast Feed
Morgan Freeman : Black history is american history. Period
Reporter: Then how do we get rid of racism?
Morgan Freeman : Stop talking about it.. . . Im gonna stop calling you a white man and im gonna ask you to stop calling me a black man i know you as Mike Wallace You know me as Morgan Freeman
Rosso Tifosi
Rosso Tifosi:
No matter if you agree with Bernie or not, he is right about F1 jumping into fight against racism because of protests in USA, they never said anything prior to it, but now they do as they see it as cheap publicity, if protests didn't start, then liberty media wouldn't do anything.
Lewis is a multi-millionaire. He has done really well in a mainly "white" sport. It's time for him to stop playing the victim.
Banning Ecclestone from races seems kindda excessive
Gj B
Gj B:
Hamilton is a narcissist of the highest order.
He does not know what the real world looks like. Look at the figures and know that Bernie was simply right.
Thomas John Solidum
Thomas John Solidum:
I’m siding on Bernie on this one, Hamilton just attacked him as if he never listened to what Bernie actually said.

Hamilton needs to fix the DAS in his ears and eyes
The Mighty Dash
The Mighty Dash:
Oh and Bernie is proved right again, by Mercedes using BLM to paint their car black, IT'S FREE ADVERTISING. Companies jumping on the band wagon, TO SELL PRODUCTS.
To me there wasn't a issue until Hamilton brought it up? If there is such a problem in F1 do you really think Lewis would have the best car on the best team with all the best opportunity's and the highest pay???
When I saw Lewis’ post I actually laughed about how upset he got from Bernie literally said black people are racist too.
welshjim22 Stevens
welshjim22 Stevens:
Always been a Hamilton fan but this crisis and his tweets his turning me off.
Stankovic Aleksandar
Stankovic Aleksandar:
"Uneducated” Bernie Ecclestone ??
A "guy" who made this sport a global phenomena hire Gordon Murray , than first "black driver" than created and led it , made Concorde Agreement find way to person like you earn dizzying sums of money ...not because they are nuclear physicists or have master degree in molecular biology
Whats next Lewis?
Warren Buffett....doesn"t know with money?
I think...modest as I am :-P that you must read a little a bit, about
..Moïse Tshombe, Mobutu , Jacob Zuma and for what is the first among them recived a KNIGHT GRAND CROSS OF THE ORDER OF THE CROWN , And how blacks look on Whites in Nigeria....than we can talk ...about education , Howard Zinn Chomsky or Tarik Ali...
Until than do what you are good at...drive , you do more for the world that way...without that you are just BONO FROM FORMULA ONE
or if you like philanthropy you can look at another great champion
"Seven-time world Formula One champion Michael Schumacher has donated $10 million to the victims Asian tsunamis
The former Ferrari driver is a Special Envoy for Education and Sport and donated €1.5 million to the organization.
In 2002, Schumacher funded the construction of a school in a poor slum in Dakar, the capital of the West African state of Senegal.
has donated 1 Million Euro to the victims of the disastrous floods in Germany
He has been supposedly donating 10 percent of his annual profit for the last 8-9 years, primarily to UNESCO
In 1997, Schumacher opened a clinic for child victims of the Balkans War. The clinic provides artificial limbs for amputees as well as psychological support.
In 2002, he funded the construction of a 'Palace for the Poor' in Lima, Peru which caters for homeless children and provides education, food and medical treatment for street children.
2004 Tsunami
Along with his two sons, Schumacher's bodyguard lost his life in in the 2004 Tsunami following the Indian Ocean earthquake. Schumi donated over €7 million in aid which meant that he gave more money than many individual countries, sports entities and organizations.
Schumacher is also known to support UNICEF and Childline, as well as road safety campaigns.

Lewis Hamilton
In January 2020, Hamilton pledged to donate US$500,000 (approximately £383,000) to a variety of causes relating to the ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia
Lewis Hamilton needs to understand the entire world doesn't revolve around him. He thinks he's helping, but he's only coming off as a shill who's only trying to gain more popularity by saying the right things. That in itself is worse than the cause he's pretending to fight for.
jinn جن
jinn جن:
wow it's so refreshing to see a man stand his ground in the face of this hysteric mob of sjw's, good for you bernie!
Is it just me or some of Bernie's statements makes more sense than many BLM advocates. He genuinely sounds like a person who sees other people as people and not race or ethnicity.
zabana 16
zabana 16:
Kudos to Bernie from Africa
As a black man living in America, I agree with Bernie 100%.
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle:
That "racial abuse" sure held Lewis down. I'm slowly becoming a Max fan.
Black guy here, from the "Dark" continent
Die-heart Lewis fan as a racing driver... What he does off the track, not so much
Bernie said nothing wrong at all.
Jordan Chang
Jordan Chang:
Dear Lewis, some of us minorities don’t want special treatment. Affirmative action might be a cool motive, but it’s still racist.
Jace Collins
Jace Collins:
Big fan of Lewis, but Bernie said nothing wrong. This forced indoctrination of thought is pointless and will result in a massive backlash, I don't watch sports to have political discussion.
miller chassis
miller chassis:
BLM is racist
Apparently my life doesn’t count because of the colour of my skin
If that’s not racist
I don’t know what is.
Hakim Rahim
Hakim Rahim:
Cant see any racist statement by bernie, its still a fact.. its easier to manipulate anything to be a racist. Just chill
Richard Brown
Richard Brown:
That statement from the FIA might as well read "please don't cancel us, we'll do whatever you want"
lol, so for once Bernie says something intelligent and now everyone hates him
Lewis Hamilton is turning into F1's Greta Grunberg
Shawn O
Shawn O:
“The Louis & Bubba show”
Making millions of dollars in a racist culture that apparently hates them. 😆
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
Dont You Fucking Look At Me:
And Bernie is right,not different generation,im 10 years maybe younger than Lewis but i think this is not the way to fight racism
Jack Crook
Jack Crook:
Is it just me who couldn't give a single shit on the colour of a drivers skin, all I care about is if they're a good driver and have a likeable personality
Jay S
Jay S:
Did Hamilton cared about the recent kids shot on Chicago? Don't think so. Didn't fit the self victimization agenda.
For being one of the greatest drivers that ever existed, Lewis is a moron.
Shaun Harrison
Shaun Harrison:
Shut up Lewis, you can have your opinion and guess what...….. (wait for the shock) so can other people.
Jose Fachada
Jose Fachada:
To mr Hamilton...I am white lived in Africa, Angola and suffer all kind of abuse and insults because of my color skin....please shut up!
Ariaditya Pramestu
Ariaditya Pramestu:
Why should f1 ban someone from speaking their minds? Especially someone like Bernie? Its not like he has raped someone.
parshant panwar
parshant panwar:
This race politics have now replaced the class politics. Now crazy rich and successful people like Lewis can play victim card and poor white people can be blamed and shamed for problems in society.
There is actually more non white driver in Bernie era than in Liberty media era..even in early 2010 we have Kobayashi, Massa, Maldonado, and that indian driver.. but i guess if its not black it doesn't count..😐
Trump for PM
Trump for PM:
Poor Lewis held back by whitey, he suffered so much from slavery
deks räikkönen
deks räikkönen:
Bernie is almost 90 and still is the voice of reason in many many things, while he might not be subtle enough to not say some thing he is still a no-nonsense guy and I respect the hell out of him. Because he's right, sorry Lewis.
Mischu Schubhan
Mischu Schubhan:
Aa a person of colour, I agree pretty much on everything Bernie said. Lewis should grow some common sense and wear less gold chains to gain some respect.
Peter Fighter
Peter Fighter:
Bernie said what reasonable people think. Hamilton's ego has flown over the moon.
Damage Inc.
Damage Inc.:
Everything was all well and peachy until Hamilton decided to get political. This has snowballed into something way bigger than necessary. Nobody in the known world watches F1, or any denomination of sports in general, to hear someone's political thoughts. There are shows on TV dedicated to that stuff and F1 is not one of them. My agreements here go towards Bernie. Lewis sounds like the people on the city council of Minneapolis, MN, which is ground zero for this hotly debated topic. I live near there and this city is going to hell. Even the city's left-leaning mayor is worried.
Backmarker Vali
Backmarker Vali:
when a spoiled brat calls an old man that kept F1 alive for 4 decades "Ignorant and Uneducated" there's something wrong with the world.
Lewis: F1 is racist.
Also Lewis: quite possibly the greatest ever F1 driver, always in a competitive car, never really had to fight in the midfield.

Also, when you are a multi-millionaire, you really shouldn't be supporting revolutionary Communist organizations, a quick read of history will tell you that you'd be next against the wall....
raistlin majere
raistlin majere:
Today, truth = racism if it doesn't fit the narrative of the radical left.
I find it laughable that Lewis post everyday about white people being racist but the the second someone suggests that black people can be racist too, he gets so upset and whines about it on his Instagram
Bernie is 100% correct. these vegans are so self righteous . must be the lack of b12 rotting his brain.
O Fenómeno
O Fenómeno:
Has Lewis ever heard of South Africa or Zombawe?
David Allen
David Allen:
I’ve always liked Lewis as a driver, I think he makes a great world champion, I’ve never seen him as black.
I’ve never particularly liked Bernie but because his opinions don’t agree with your own doesn’t make him uneducated or wrong.
It’s very hard not to see someone as black when a number of people ignore COVID 19 and gather in mass putting everyone at risk and then pursue violence and vandalism while constantly telling you they are black and want equality.
Everyone has the right to say I’m a person treat me equally and everyone’s life matters. As soon as you say I’m black you separate yourself from the rest of us.
If your ancestors were slaves you’re no different than the rest of us, if you were a slave I will support you within the law, if you have been abused because of your colour, religion or gender I will support you within the law, if you just want to shout I’m different, do damage and hurt people - don’t come to me for support you need to be treated differently and with distaste.
Here’s an idea - why don’t we have Formula 1 about Formula 1 instead of a platform for your politics.
Brendo 111
Brendo 111:
I think The soy Boy should move to Chaz with the whole Mercedes team
Hamilton is making sport way to political, sport shouldn’t be Political
Luke Wood
Luke Wood:
Bernie was right in his statements, much more rational than the so-knowledgeable Lewis. Lewis just sounded like an arrogant, spoiled and stupid SJW again(I guess it's a pattern now), putting down speech that actually contributes to the end of racism just to say "white old men dumb, me better than them all" though saying nothing really educational. This part of Lewis actually made me dislike listening to anything he says. He never sounds genuine.
Adrian Stealth
Adrian Stealth:
Bernie talks complete sense, Hamilton needs educating
Meerkat More
Meerkat More:
For once, Bernie was right. There was actually a study done a few years back on levels of racial prejudice among certain racial groups, and white people and white countries rated the lowest by far, while blacks and Hispanics rated pretty highly, and my own personal experiences back that up. I've never met a racist white person in the real world, but I've met dozens of racist blacks and Hispanics. Also, Damon Hill was absolutely right. People are only talking about diversity for attention, because it's fashionable now, not because there's actual racial inequality. As Morgan Freeman said, the best way to end racism is to stop talking about it and treat everyone as just human, not black or white or whatever the fuck you are
unionjack jackson
unionjack jackson:
Can Lewis please state the inequality and discrimination in the UK? Is he or is not a 6 time F1 world champion? If the country in which he was raised was as he described would he be where he is today?
that guy
that guy:
Someone should really do some thing about the fact Lewis is 50% WHITE he’s feeling a little privileged
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson:
Hamilton is going to far in my opinion, Bernie never said anything racist and that lewis is manipulating f1 to make everyone join the blm cult
I’ve started to dislike Lewis more and more. And Bernie is just talking the truth but unfortunately we live in a world were you get called a racist for being right.
Hamilton is really putting a sour taste in F1 rn..
Dont You Fucking Look At Me
Dont You Fucking Look At Me:
I mean Lewis starts to be more and more like a SJW
Not only racing
Not only racing:
Bernie is completely right. And Lewis should stop accusing everyone for racism just because they have different opinion.
Alex de Lesseps
Alex de Lesseps:
Whens the apology for Dr. Marko coming? Never. Mr. Hamilton is one dense idiot.
Nathan Stroud
Nathan Stroud:
I'm not at all surprised to find out Bernie didn't actually say anything wrong.
kenny chamnan
kenny chamnan:
But Bernie isn’t wrong.
Burisleif Wenden
Burisleif Wenden:
Hamilton had tried racial bait since 2007 Monaco GP. Alonso was right about him. How can Hamilton, who is sponsored by oil and gas company Petronas, drives cars for a living, owns an expensive car collection and spends far more time on planes than any of the millions of followers he is preaching to, scold fans for not seeming to care and not giving a damn about the world whilst telling them what to eat and think?
Bernie isn't wrong at all though. That's why they're all upset because he's speaking the truth.
They've got it all wrong, it's called *racing*, not *racism*. That's what F1 and driving a car really fast is about.
The Philosopher of Culture
The Philosopher of Culture:
Racism is a non-issue in F1. Hamilton was never disparaged because he was black, was he?
Rich Roylance
Rich Roylance:
I think I've had enough of Lewis Hamilton for awhile.....
Muhammad Jazlan
Muhammad Jazlan:
Bernie is actually right on this one 🤷🏻‍♂️
As an Asian man Im offended the Merc isnt yellow insted of black hur dur XD XD
Different Perspective
Different Perspective:
Bernie was right, leave the statues up and explain to them why what they did was wrong.
Surely it's that simple?
“black people more racist than white people” is the truest thing ive heard all week. (im black myself) and when you hear about the way black people talk about white people in private, it’s ridiculous
Jole the Nebula
Jole the Nebula:
Now for the 2020 season the Mercedes is black, ok they have two cars then the second car should be white, yellow, red? 🤔
I’m sick of Hamilton crying racism.. he’s an example that even a kid of colour can succeed with his natural talent.. He’s a bloody millionaire for god sake!
Fridolf Granq
Fridolf Granq:
As much as I hate that old man I can't say that statement is wrong
low key
low key:
To be honest I think Hamiltons fault he brings this kind of issue!
I get what Bernie's tryna say. It's really easy to call someone racist these days. Even with the smallest things. Didn't post a black picture on your instagram? Racist! People really gotta chill out.
I was really hoping this social BS wouldn't spill into the paddock but Hamilton is hell bent on being a transcendent figure. F1 is about racing, not race. Nothing Ecclestone said was racist. People our searching for outrage.
Andy Goldie
Andy Goldie:
So now one of the most privileged people in the world, the tax-dodging hundreds of millions of dollars worth Lewis Hamiton is a victim. This will be the start of the end of F1, F1 is sport to entertain people, not politics. If Mercedes were smart they would drop Hamilton tomorrow for bringing the SPORT into disrepute.
Harold Bowden
Harold Bowden:
If they go down on one knee I will stop watching F1 as I have quit Premier League viewing.
Remember when the F1 news was about performance, strategy, and racing? I don’t care if Bernie is racist, atheist, vegan, or scared of the dark.
“Black people are sometimes more racist than white people” the fact this can be labeled racist is in itself racist
I think judging the whole race by a couple of people is a racism in the first place.
Adam Manderson
Adam Manderson:
Bernie is right its jut lewis
Mika Hakkinen "there will be more mistakes from the teams"
*sweats in Ferrari*
Iqbal NasH
Iqbal NasH:
But, those are true statements from Bernie...
Fenchurch Associates
Fenchurch Associates:
Lewis has a massive chip on his shoulder. Bernie hasn’t said anything wrong. Blown up for no reason
I agree with Bernie Ecclestone at everything. He was on point while Hamilton is always trying to play his political games to gain attention.
3upna te
3upna te:
Go Sebastian ! It's over for them ! Forza Seb !
Co Starring
Co Starring:
Lewis deserves credit for his achievements in F1 but his BLM attitude is a stain to him and the sport
Dominic Downs
Dominic Downs:
Lewis isn’t even black tho
George Masters
George Masters:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Bernie said. Just idiot SJW's jumping on a bandwagon as per usual.
May be a lot out there should take the red pill. And look very deep, how society is split and played these days.
As a black British man, I completely agree with Bernie. I like to separate the art from the artist, hence why Lewis is my favourite F1 driver but I don’t listen to any of his political views.
Ujjval Chauhan
Ujjval Chauhan:
Bernie's responses later were pretty sensible.
as a big fan of lewis I had to say he's blind
how many times f1 backed lewis against racism he suffered in his career?
just the spanish incident should be a reminder for him instead of jumping in the hype van
aaa sss
aaa sss:
Always hated Lewis, guy makes me sick, got a lucky break joining the best team on the grid, with the most resources, who put him before any other driver, got essentially handed 5 world titles, and now his arrogance is more than ever, he thinks he is above all the drivers on the grid, and even the fia and the governing body of the sport, it is his way or the highway. If you listen to Lando Norris' beyond the grid podcast, he tells us that Lewis never really speaks to him, almost ignores him, and I think this is the same for the vast majority of drivers on the grid. Just the height of arrogance, Mercedes was planning the 2014 rule changes for years, they have invested hugely in the best strategists, designers and facilities, done all the work, Hamilton just sits in the cockpit, you could put a blind man in some of them mercedes cars and he would win the championship, yet he claims ALL the credit. To me comparing Hamilton to Schumacher is just comepletely irrelevant, and almost disrespectful to one of, if not the greatest driver of all time. Schumacher took Ferrari from the ground up, built the team around him and helped to create the most dominant team of the early 2000's, the 1995 bennetton, was well behind the Williams, nowhere near the fastest car, yet he still won the championship. When Schumacher won the title in 1994, he had the humility to accept that had Ayrton not been killed at Imola, he probably wouldn't have won the title, have you ever heard Hamilton admit he was lucky to win a championship? no. despite this the 2008 title was a mere fluke, considering Massa had and engine failure whilst leading at hungary, had the fuelpipe incident in SIngapore, and but for the rain in the final stages meaning glock hadn't enough grip, lost the title on the last corner, by only a point. He's not an icon of the sport, the guy is a fraud, I wouldn't rank him above the likes of Hulkenberg, let alone a 7 time world champion, who got there on merit, and had to work for it himself.
Dr. Sam Lowry
Dr. Sam Lowry:
Bernie was 100% right. Hamilton should stop being a crybaby
Marvin Preston
Marvin Preston:
Facts are sometimes hard to hear
Arif Anuar
Arif Anuar:
Bernie to be cancelled is what liberalism has come to these days: extreme. Moderate left or neutral is just unacceptable for them. Bigots.
Mr. T
Mr. T:
Bernie's frikkin savage