Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2

Listen to 'Live from Studio S2': https://hania-rani.lnk.to/Live-from-Studio-S2

The full live set video was premiered on the evening before the annual Piano Day worldwide celebrations (March 29th). The motivation to make the recording of the live performances which became the release ‘Live from Studio S2’ came from the invitation from the Berlinale Film Festival.

“I decided to rearrange some of my favourite songs, which I have been performing live for years. Recorded live and captured in the iconic Studio S2, one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin for example. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.” — @Hania Rani

“In the beginning of February 2021, I was asked to record a live set as a part of EFM sessions, which are the part of the Festival. I thought that bringing back my piano and equipment to the hall where I recorded my live session videos for my debut album 'Esja' would be a nice idea and the right cinematic choice. The iconic Studio S2 is one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin. It felt very special to be in the hall where we recorded a video for "Glass", one of my most liked videoclips. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.”

Video: Mateusz Miszczyński
Sound recording: Agata Dankowska
Mixing: Piotr Wieczorek

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Dale Wisely
Dale Wisely:
I tell you what's awesome. To be a serious listener of music for most of my 65 years and to still be able to discover more great artists every day.
Gary Owen
Gary Owen:
Incredible. A glorious day when you discover a new artist who blows your mind. Thanks, algorithm!
I don’t know what just happened…. I heard a note played repeatedly with an unorthodox muting technique I’ve never seen. A voice spoke and I was taken back by how gentle she sounded compared to the pure emotional storm from her music. A few notes on an analog synth were played and a stone was placed to sustain a rhythmic note and an arpeggio played.. She sang as well. Today is a good day.
I feel so honored to say that I am Polish too. Her music make me feel that there is beautiful future ahead of us despite the ugly present.
Paul Feldkamp
Paul Feldkamp:
This is what I want my 11 year old daughter listening to! Having a little girl, I have noticed my focus has shifted towards strong, truly talented, creative and ground breaking female musicians like Hania, like Agnes Obel, LP, Aurora, Laura Mvula, Zoe Keating, Ruelle and Arca...( I could go on) to inspire her and show her what she is capable of achieving. Women musicians rock!
Rick Beato
Rick Beato:
Alacain Pianista
Alacain Pianista:
Muito legal essa performance! Adoro esse gênero de música. Experimetação no nosso século é algo muito rico, a gente tem muiiiito recurso...
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez:
Un prodigio del sonido y de la musica¡!Felicidades¡!
Mikael Kärrby
Mikael Kärrby:
Very, very good! I love how the compositions grow and evolve with more and more flavours and nuances … a little bit like one of my favourite composers Arvo Pärt, but completely original. Bravo!
Filip Popiołek
Filip Popiołek:
I have never before seen any atrist handle an instrument in such way as Hania does it, so unique. She feels the music so well she's able to tell stories with it, stories from her heart that reach the deepest corners of our psyche. Whenever I listen to her music I feel like crying because of the sheer beauty of the vibrations and rythms coming from the work of this incredible musician... I can't wait to see her life :)
connor shafran
connor shafran:
Hania Rani is one of those rare artists who has seemingly mastered the technique of restraint. She's always keeping you held on by a single thread, never giving anything away too early.
Not many other artists with such a beautiful voice would wait 15 minutes to start singing– and yet, by taking her time to establish the instrumental world first, she allows just enough time for us to forget about the human voice, making it even more enchanting when she finally reminds us.

She's truly a genius composer of modern classical.
a constellation of sounds with such stunning artestry... beautiful!!
Emilio Morales
Emilio Morales:
0:12 - Hawaii Oslo
6:29 - Glass
13:42 - Leaving
20:29 - Buka
Nicholas Taylor
Nicholas Taylor:
Agree with the comment below. I’m 77 and found this by chance. Simply lovely .. intrigued by the use of acoustic and digital sequencing .. charmed by the mellifluous repetition and variations. Exquisite.. thank you Hania Rani.
rahan coraugeo
rahan coraugeo:
Wouah! Elle a réussi à moderniser le piano avec sensibilité, émotion, brio, rythme...
Riz B
Riz B:
❤️ This chills and warms my body all at the same time. There are no words for this. This is touching and being touched. Such great talent the way you put emotions into your play.
Gilles Escarguel
Gilles Escarguel:
I had a dream... The dream of a talented artist creating infinity somewhere inside a triangle made of Keith Jarrett for free melodies, Hans Zimmer for convoluted 3D harmonics, and John Butler for moving rythms. And then she was, just as a pure evidence. Thanks so much Hania for being what you are -- the simple proof that music remains possible in this world of sounds and noises.
Música Mágica
Música Mágica:
I just love her music. Simple, evocative, tender, and profound, enough to cause a life-lasting impression ¡God blessed her with such a gift!
Wow es ist so wunderschön das ich Tränen in den Augen hatte 😍❤ Greetings from Germany
You are amazing
I love your Music ❤
incredibly touching!
David Wallin
David Wallin:
These rare moments when discovering a new artist and being totally blown away by exactly EVERYTHING in a performance... I'm stunned.
Amen Xu
Amen Xu:
This is such an amazing piece ( pieces) , rich in emotions and feelings, I am sharing this will all my friends in the US. Hania you are a blessing!!!!
Lissie b
Lissie b:
Her talent is out of this world. Her music is almost supernatural. Beautiful.
**I cannot understand how almost 900 can ppl dislike this video?! Did they even watch it?! Do they have any taste in music lol?
Friedhelm Stülen
Friedhelm Stülen:
Yes! A new horizon! A new dimension! A new time! A new music! And a charismatic artist who lives this music in a unique and unprecedented performance. No staging: the documentary about the magic of creativity. Dedication and a real, deep, lived enthusiasm that allows an art form to blossom to perfection. All who live from music and who live for music, are put under a wonderful spell. A musical quake and the aftershocks have only just begun.
Margaret Bartkowiak
Margaret Bartkowiak:
Wow!! To discover new music is one of the best moments in life for me. To discover new music by a Polish woman; being Polish myself but born in South Africa and never having lived in Poland; makes me feel like I have a new connection to my parent's roots. Dziękuję bardzo Hania!
Chip Matthews
Chip Matthews:
Every once in a great while the youtube algorithm brings me something truly extraordinary. This is definitely one of those times. Mesmerizing, utterly captivating, and stunningly beautiful.
Яхта Бриллиант
Яхта Бриллиант:
It was awesome! I'm listening and listening again and again. It's all about my life. Music is the reality. Thank you so much 💕
Sunil Chauhan
Sunil Chauhan:
one of the better pieces of music i have heard in the last decade. My love for music just got reaffirmation of passionate artists engaging so intently with an instrument. what humbleness, gentleness and intensity. gratitude to the musician!!
When you start by hitting one note with so much passion I listen... Amazing performance.
Dua Asimov
Dua Asimov:
Que belleza!!! no pude contener las lagrimas!! Bravo y Gracias Hania y Equipo.
This is one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen. As a professional musician myself it's hard not to appreciate every little detail here and every note in this performance is there for a reason. She really puts her heart into it, beyond magical... still she seem so humble afterwards. Man, I am glad I stumbled upon this today, today is a great day. Peace
Zak Bowen
Zak Bowen:
I’ve never known anyone to use a piano as a percussion instrument. Tbh I really never thought it could be done! But holy sweet Jesus this is f*cking good!!
Thomas Pieters
Thomas Pieters:
Music made with everything.., Music in which even your breath joins in!

Thanks Hania Rani for this great experience.
Юрий Добрый
Юрий Добрый:
Божественно красиво! Шедевр льющийся прямо из сердца!!!! Аплодирую стоя!!!
Melissa Moonchild
Melissa Moonchild:
I've been on a music binge all night, watched some incredibly moving pieces....nothing..nothing surpasses this. Beethoven, chopin....genius incarnate.
It took 10 seconds of listening to start liking it. About 30 seconds to start loving it. This is first time I hear this young lady playing, and I’m very happy I did !
Allison Bertrand
Allison Bertrand:
Magnifique, fabuleux, incroyable, intense, riche en émotions ! Merci d'exister 💚
rafael borge
rafael borge:
Qué maravilla! Fantástico! Un tesoro musical.
Heard your music today at IAA in Munich. That Concert was awesome. Simply blew my mind! Would be happy if you could upload some of the stuff together with your bass and drummer as well. Keep up your work!!
Maciej Graszk
Maciej Graszk:
The transitions between the quiet and the loud are so smooth and the ever constant playing of the same key or keys it just creates such an immersive world that I'm scared to close my eyes because I would get lost in it and never came back. You know beauty when you see it, in this case when you here but what you can see here is her love and passion for the instrument. You can really see she knows it, that she spent more time with the piano than with any other person. I don't know how did love like this was found and how it was managed to be kept alive in this cruel world. I'm impressed, I'm astonished by the BEAUTY.
Emmanuel Rodríguez Silva
Emmanuel Rodríguez Silva:
I would love to meet all the people who listen to this extraordinary musician. Jesus! Her music is out of this world. Greetings from Mexico.
Открытие года для меня! Очень легко, воздушно и задушевно... Спасибо Ханя!
El Intrépido Moncho
El Intrépido Moncho:
Elmar Litza
Elmar Litza:
The most beautiful performance of the year. Thank you for this great present. Feels like heaven, listening to your keys.
Dr Awaida
Dr Awaida:
In hawaii oslo you are wonderfully melting with your piano... the piece is ethereal, out of this world , touching other dimensions ... in love with your soul
Aazenmassages Karen
Aazenmassages Karen:
Incroyables et si talentueuses "Leçons de piano". Quite amazing "Leçon de piano" (Jane Campion). Pensées particulières pour Morgan, si tu passes par là.... Web kisses to others.
Asim Yadav
Asim Yadav:
Awesome recording, fell in love with her music. Have heard this recording many times now, and of course this prompted me to listen to both her albums Home and Esja. Thank you.
Jonathan Rolon
Jonathan Rolon:
Thank you for this. Fills me with such joy and peace...very much needed amid the events of the past year and a half.
Who can actually dislike something like this? This is a masterpiece!
Robert Colijn
Robert Colijn:
Chicken skin down my spine. This is real flow, the universe playing through humanity to show that love is the only thing that really matters in this time of global insanity
Mohamed Ghoneim
Mohamed Ghoneim:
It's one of the things that make us grateful for YouTube and the whole invention of internet
Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown:
I can close my eyes and visual the sounds of an orchestra evolving through these gorgeous waves of aural pleasure and transformations :) gaaaa, love this
Alicia Spinelli
Alicia Spinelli:
can't stop watching or listening. already sent it to half a dozen friends. incredible.
Rob Bremault
Rob Bremault:
I feel this is the dawn of a new era of global peace when I listen to you with my eyes closed X O California
Karen Lorensen
Karen Lorensen:
I’m in absolute awe!!! Thankyou for sharing your incredible talents!!
Mara Winter
Mara Winter:
Guys, let's also acknowledge how amazing the technical production on this video is! Great job Mateusz Miszczyński, Agata Dankowska and Piotr Wieczorek! This is beautiful.
Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders:
This was a mystical experience.
Giorgio N.
Giorgio N.:
Yes! This is for me one of those rare days in which you discover something new and beautiful. Thank you, from the deepest of my heart. I needed something like this.
boris bunand - plexus
boris bunand - plexus:
7:17 - 7:18 THE STONE MOVES: I finally understood how you edited this beautiful video! 😍
there is a mask on the wide angles so the cameran came move around and not appear, right?
I was really wondering how it was done 😅... I listen to her music almost every day recently, thank you for this show!
Albert van Lieshout
Albert van Lieshout:
Geweldige beheersing van het instrument , de piano !
Speechless. This beautiful woman is a testament as to how we need to allow our children to discover their creative selves wholeheartedly....by breaking the rules and experimenting. This child is a true angel and as Mako says "was kissed by the music of god". I am also hooked. This kind of creativity, if multiplied, and expanded, holds the secret to a new and better world.
Every millisecond of this piece I feel life! Thank you!
Si Mon
Si Mon:
17:00 goosebumps your skill is waaay up with the greats
Tom Werner
Tom Werner:
Awesome, impressive and moving if someone can talk through music. Humans are capable of beautiful things … and this is a performance beyond being
Giorgio FX
Giorgio FX:
Thank you Hania for reaching our souls with your music! speechless!!
Her Petro
Her Petro:
É quase um mantra, pois a peça é construída sobre um tom, uma nota musical específica. Funciona muito bem como trilha sonora de filme.
Muito bom!
Have watched and listened a few times and it grows on you, each time with more depth and feeling.

Love the synthesised and mixes. Hypnotic, trance and calming. Fills the Soul. Thanks Hania xxx
no name
no name:
7:16 There is some magic going on here. The stone teletransports itself from the key to the top of the synth, and the cables on the top right move about a little
Ekaterina Mukhortova
Ekaterina Mukhortova:
This is magical! Don't have words to explain how beautiful it is! Thank you God, for such talented artist 🙏🏼✨
The Pilgrim Citizen
The Pilgrim Citizen:
Wow! This is inspiring. Been playing her music in the background doing construction and have had to stop to write eight poems that keep flooding my mind while listening. Absolutely beautiful.
Sameera Mudgal
Sameera Mudgal:
how hard and honestly some people work on themselves, that even observing them is humbling
Bennett Hall
Bennett Hall:
Damn...you give me hope with this brilliance in the moment, the truth is seen and comes through your hands to the sounds that can save us all. Bravo
etienne arcusa
etienne arcusa:
So much talent. This is amazing !! You touched my soul... you bring me to tears. Thank you!!
Danielle Bechtloff
Danielle Bechtloff:
I just want to hear her play ad infinitum. You know when you finish a book and you have that wave of sadness that it's over and you just want to have more of it... that's how I feel after this session ends..
I've been listening to her music constantly while absorbing myself in art projects and I'm so glad I found this music...
Grzegorz Musioł
Grzegorz Musioł:
My mind totally blown away! Ewery second of this performace is a beautiful travel intertwined with many visual memories. The lightness of such a perfect performance is a proof of mastery!
Dana Engh
Dana Engh:
Nothing else matters when listening to this...it's like everything fades into insignificance and all that is left is the awesome power of the flow of energy taking place. What a beautiful musician she is.
Camille Kurowsky
Camille Kurowsky:
Incrível! Lindo demais! 😍
Nadjib Channel
Nadjib Channel:
Absolutely stunning, I felt a sudden rush of peace running through my body.
It's about time Youtube recommended something truly worth listening to. Beautiful.
Carolina Cruvinel
Carolina Cruvinel:
So profound that brought me to tears. Absolutely beautiful!
nova estrella
nova estrella:
So glad that there are true musicians like you. Playing with skills with an angelic voice and connecting to a deeper spiritual level. Stay as you are. You don't make music. You are music.
Robert Lombardo
Robert Lombardo:
Fantastic! A beautiful blend of minimalist, classic and electronica. A new genera for me.
M M:
"Buka" is my favourite, although it means 'beech', as in the beech tree in Polish, in my language it means 'open' and it perfectly encapsulates the piece. It keeps opening until it suddenly shuts at the end. Beautiful stuff
This is so incredible in so many ways, can't tell you how lucky and blessed I feel to stumble upon this magical experience 🙏🏼🙌
Rosimar Ferreira
Rosimar Ferreira:
Maravilhosa. Que genialidade.👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏼
Hadi Nem
Hadi Nem:
The world needs more musicians like Hania Rani and Nils Frahm
Pocho Pepo
Pocho Pepo:
Hard to tell what I'm feeling while listening to this masterpiece. Imposible to translate into words what this moving sounds suggest. Such an experience. Congrats Hania, You really make art. True sonic art.
Enrique Farfán
Enrique Farfán:
Felicidades y gracias¡¡¡
Es una experiencia magnífica.
Karol Pęcak
Karol Pęcak:
Postminimalizm najwyżej jakości artystycznej, jestem całkowicie poruszony i zaczarowany! ✨ Dziękuję
Eyra Moon
Eyra Moon:
It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's cold and raining outside. The fireplace is burning. Crawled up underneath a blanket my heart is merging with the a wide open space we call love. Expanding more and more, listening to this extraordinary concert from you miss Hania Rania! You just touched every level of my cosmic being.
Evgeny Sozontov
Evgeny Sozontov:
Космос... Как она чувствует звуки... Гениальная девушка. Эмоция в каждой ноте, в каждом дыхании. И вся идея наложений гениальна. А играет как.... И если вдруг меня спросить - где и в чем итог человеческой цивилизации, где "выхлоп"? ...Вот он. Такое чувство, что Вселенная и родилась-то только для того, чтоб через почти 14 миллиардов лет создать вот это чудо. Гений разума, таланта и технологий.
Brilliant, authentic and heart-felt. Excellent compositions.
Jac Morrison
Jac Morrison:
She’s so encapsulating when she plays, i love how it seems like she is barely looking at the piano for parts, and totally immersed in it for others. Her outfit, the movement of her hair, the way she is so chill and relaxed during this moving performance... damn. Respect. The music itself its obviously fucking fantastic, but her performance should be acknowledged. It’s hard to do it this well, all the way around.
When you see something like this, Art. When you hear something like that, Art. When you interpretate something as Art. You should know, feel and understand the difference of what is Art and what Comedy really is... This Masterpiece is Real Art. [Beautiful]
Maria S. Ponte
Maria S. Ponte:
Magnífico, me encanta😍
OHH Hania Rani, thank you for this🙏❤️. For me as an (amateur) musician this is the most inspiring thing I have ever seen and heard. We should totally have a jam when you are in the Netherlands :-)
Нияз Габидуллин
Нияз Габидуллин:
Как завораааааживает.... С первых секунд! 👍👍👍 Особенно 11:17 )) Успехов в творчестве замечательной девушке! Она - ваш Виталий Будяк )
I am absolutely awestruck! I shall never forget this true and original artist.
My godddd I've been searching for this type.of thing my whole life!!!!!! Thank you!!!! This is the music that dreams are made of!!!!
he chang
he chang:
/Love from China.
Very good playing.
The beauty of simplicity
It's like meditation.
Chandra Shek
Chandra Shek:
My mind is blown beyond words... Mesmerising performance. Such power... Thank you!