Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2

Listen to 'Live from Studio S2': https://hania-rani.lnk.to/Live-from-Studio-S2

The full live set video was premiered on the evening before the annual Piano Day worldwide celebrations (March 29th). The motivation to make the recording of the live performances which became the release ‘Live from Studio S2’ came from the invitation from the Berlinale Film Festival.

“I decided to rearrange some of my favourite songs, which I have been performing live for years. Recorded live and captured in the iconic Studio S2, one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin for example. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.” — @Hania Rani

“In the beginning of February 2021, I was asked to record a live set as a part of EFM sessions, which are the part of the Festival. I thought that bringing back my piano and equipment to the hall where I recorded my live session videos for my debut album 'Esja' would be a nice idea and the right cinematic choice. The iconic Studio S2 is one of the recording studios of Polish Radio in Warsaw. The hall is fully covered with light wood, which reminds me of other Radio Studios all around the world - like Funkhaus in Berlin. It felt very special to be in the hall where we recorded a video for "Glass", one of my most liked videoclips. There is a kind of intimacy when playing the little piano in this huge and also very high venue.”

Video: Mateusz Miszczyński
Sound recording: Agata Dankowska
Mixing: Piotr Wieczorek

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Rick Beato
Rick Beato:
Muhammad-Amin Jacobs
Muhammad-Amin Jacobs:
She plays the piano so desperately like the world will explode if she even stops to breathe for a second.. It's honestly mesmerizing!
I’m 70, never really looking for new music but it finds me, through kids and the (mostly) amazing internet, and so happy to be found. This post is amazing and I’m awed by Hania’s creativity. Many thanks💜💕
I just read an article in the NYT, I think, about why are so many people revisiting our generations music and loving it so much. But it’s always been so. In the 70’s we listened to Stevie wonder, pink Floyd, the white album etc, but many of us also loved and sang and performed, or tried to, Ella Fitzgerald, cole porter, Beethoven and Bolero. I bless the internet daily for how accessible everything is, from Bach to Radiohead. And now this beautiful sound
It feels like the soul blends into the sound ... fusion with the sound ... wonderful!!(2022/5/22)
Patrick de Snoo
Patrick de Snoo:
7 months after discovering this, I still listen to this almost daily (atleast a few times a week) while studying. Is that normal?
Dale Wisely
Dale Wisely:
I tell you what's awesome. To be a serious listener of music for most of my 65 years and to still be able to discover more great artists every day.
Paulo Higa
Paulo Higa:
Linda demais 👏👏👏 esse som é viagem pra outras dimensões amei e toquei junto querida pianista
syam sundar
syam sundar:
Never witnessed this kind of music can be played on Piano.....Bravo.....amazing...
Héctor Terán
Héctor Terán:
Genial!! Muchas gracias Hania por crear belleza.
Novela El Poeta
Novela El Poeta:
Maravilloso, autentica.
connor shafran
connor shafran:
Hania Rani is one of those rare artists who has seemingly mastered the technique of restraint. She's always keeping you held on by a single thread, never giving anything away too early.
Not many other artists with such a beautiful voice would wait 15 minutes to start singing– and yet, by taking her time to establish the instrumental world first, she allows just enough time for us to forget about the human voice, making it even more enchanting when she finally reminds us.

She's truly a genius composer of modern classical.
Dixie Flatline
Dixie Flatline:
Beautiful, alien, crystalline patterns expanding behind my closed eyes. Her music is full of duality. From the use of old and new technology, experiment & homage, confidence and doubt, frustration and celebration. All co-existing and complimenting each other - this is the human condition expressed in music.
Cem Tuncer
Cem Tuncer:
Simply amazing!
Elowynn Windtanz
Elowynn Windtanz:
So happy for you! This set is breathtaking
Murray Altheim
Murray Altheim:
What a gift this is. I've listened to this recording many times now and am always deeply moved by its beauty, its invention, and its power. As an improvisational musician myself I find it enormously inspiring. Thank you.
This is one of the most amazing performances I've ever seen. As a professional musician myself it's hard not to appreciate every little detail here and every note in this performance is there for a reason. She really puts her heart into it, beyond magical... still she seem so humble afterwards. Man, I am glad I stumbled upon this today, today is a great day. Peace
Charlie Fisher
Charlie Fisher:
Never really seen an upright piano used so intuitively. I'm stealing the idea! Honestly amazing performance!! Stayed for every second... which I don't usually do. Thank you :)
Saverio Zogia
Saverio Zogia:
Simply wonderful!
Wow ! Just hypnotic, beautiful and peaceful sounds ! Thank you for the hasard to make me discovering your channel and music !
Jay Batson
Jay Batson:
Um, holy cow. The mental and nervous system training & discipline is as impressive as (more than?) the music, the artistry, and the loop coordination. Awesome. Gotta buy some of this artist to do my part in generating a tiny bit of revenue to reward this.
Gary Owen
Gary Owen:
Incredible. A glorious day when you discover a new artist who blows your mind. Thanks, algorithm!
you can hear everything that Hania likes to make music, every note goes through the marrow and bone
very very beautiful
Daniel Hertrich Fotografie
Daniel Hertrich Fotografie:
So beautiful. THANK YOU HANIA! This music inspires me so much when photographing people in a very authentic manner in black and white. Perfect match! ... But: What happens with the stone on the synth key at 7:17? :D
Bernie Franklin
Bernie Franklin:
She is so itense, emotional and incredible. Her music conveys her heart and all of her emotions. I cannot imagine her like other artists who's music is just notes on a page. Her music transcends musical poetry and life itself. Words cannot express the feeling her music brings to me. Thank you Hani.
MyCat WillEatYou
MyCat WillEatYou:
She puts a pulse in her music, if that makes any sense. It has a heartbeat and I really admire how she plays. The Polish really are masters of music
It took 10 seconds of listening to start liking it. About 30 seconds to start loving it. This is first time I hear this young lady playing, and I’m very happy I did !
Sam Warrington
Sam Warrington:
Wow, this is incredible. Clicked on this by chance, and couldn't stop watching. Very emotive & inspiring.
Bart Coopman
Bart Coopman:
that damn smile at the end made it perfect :D Even though you played those songs numerous times, you still seem to get lost in emotions and play with your soul. The transitions were flawless, the echoes haunting in a beautifull way. Thanks alot for creating this!
Gilles Payet
Gilles Payet:
Absolutely hypnotic & brilliant, thanks so much Hania Rani 🙏
Wim Rombaut
Wim Rombaut:
Her music is skipping the mind, storming ahead directly to my heart. Hania Rani's musical performance is more than music, it's a ballet of fingers, face and body. I can literally feel her heartbeat. She shares her passion and talent through the piano and keyboards and that is hard to put into words. An attempt anyway: emotions - Grateful for this trip, I will recommend this to many many others - Great video - Greatness
She plays the piano so desperately like the world will explode if she even stops to breathe for a second.. It's honestly mesmerizing!
The greatest thanks from my heart. I feel tranquility, enlarged movements of particles, and atoms at the same time from your play. That energy contains your beatiful soul is a great gift for someone like me. Thank you.
Tony Moricete
Tony Moricete:
Que afortunado soy de dar con esta maravilla, que hermosa música! Llena el alma!
Jean Pierre Widlocher
Jean Pierre Widlocher:
Vraiment, ce que vous faites est Magnifique...! Merci 🌴🐒
Helene Alexandra
Helene Alexandra:
this is incredible, especially the very beginning, it's unique, like a transe, such an inspiration! thank you!
Szkoła Service
Szkoła Service:
Ciarki na plecach. Nigdy wcześniej nie słyszałem bardziej doskonałej muzyki i nigdy już nie chcę usłyszeć. To jest TO!!! Prosto w serce.
Philip Philip
Philip Philip:
Quel talent et que d émotions vibratoires.
Listening to this a second time. Inspiring, energizing, liberating! What amazing talent!
Mara Winter
Mara Winter:
Guys, let's also acknowledge how amazing the technical production on this video is! Great job Mateusz Miszczyński, Agata Dankowska and Piotr Wieczorek! This is beautiful.
Radek Wiśniewski
Radek Wiśniewski:
rewelacja. świetne brzmienie, świetne rozegranie przestrzeni w dźwięku. To idzie skądś, tam, jesteś tego blisko, to się czuje
Thierry M
Thierry M:
Merci, quelle talent musical, quelle passionnée, bravo, quel plaisir de vous écouter, quel plaisir de vous voir, grand merci +++
Dan S
Dan S:
Her music beautifully moves along my soul, the string hammers add an almost tactal presence to her sound. Just wonderful.
I discovered this young lady purely by luck. I was listening to some random internet radio station and they were playing her concert. 3 of her CDs later, her music of the most relaxing of my considerable collection. Remarkable.
Emilio Morales
Emilio Morales:
0:12 - Hawaii Oslo
6:29 - Glass
13:42 - Leaving
20:29 - Buka
Santie de Beer
Santie de Beer:
Just when you think you have heard all that can be done on a piano, unbelievable, haunting and beautiful!
Brian Elgin
Brian Elgin:
26 minutes of truth- thank you for this! This performance of "Leaving" is one of the most beautiful things I've heard in years.
Steven Albert Wood
Steven Albert Wood:
So good, so uplifting and emotional with unique style that just gets better and better the more I listen.
Linda Graf
Linda Graf:
Oh my God I'm absolutely mesmerised!! This is sooo good..... I'm speachless!
Hadi Nem
Hadi Nem:
The world needs more musicians like Hania Rani and Nils Frahm
Zachary Horn
Zachary Horn:
This is incredible
Alberto Vales Alonso
Alberto Vales Alonso:
I discovered Hania through this recording on December 31st 2021 and since then I have come back to this recording many times. My mind blows away every time that listen Hania and feel her passion playing this music. This a gift for all of us and maybe a prove of God and Heaven. Thanks,… many times.
Gabriel Perry
Gabriel Perry:
This is fantastic. Hania Rani... you are one talented and gifted person. Your music is gorgeous. I can't stop listening to this.
The Happy Loner
The Happy Loner:
Absolutely transcendent…her playing is a trip through deep emotions…thank you 🙏🏻
0:00 Hawaii Oslo (from Esja)
6:33 Glass (from Esja)
13:39 Leaving (from Home)
20:29 Buka (from Home)
Monika Jen
Monika Jen:
Genialne 😀 cudowne wow❣️❣️❣️
Tamara Temple
Tamara Temple:
singularly the most exciting and beautiful piano music i've heard in ages. exquisite!
Matthieu Savary
Matthieu Savary:
7:16 : her music is so good that the stone on the key moved back itself to its former place. Even inanimate material obeys to the queen !

Joke aside, what a talented and moving experience. Thanks to Hania Rani !
Joe Schaefer
Joe Schaefer:
Amazing! Thanks to Rick Beato for pointing me in the direction of Ted Gioia, who led me to this performance. Art that matters will find it's way to those who seek it.
Nothing else matters when listening to this...it's like everything fades into insignificance and all that is left is the awesome power of the flow of energy taking place. What a beautiful musician she is.
Ray's Guitar Channel
Ray's Guitar Channel:
Absolutely beautiful music. I am an old rock and roller but can always appreciate the amazing talent and music that is in this world. Thank you for sharing this 🙏 ❤ 💜
Thank you for this beautiful moment! I never see so much passion and skill together ❤️
Mel K.
Mel K.:
Sounds so beautiful😍
Geoff Chambers
Geoff Chambers:
Truly inspirational and amazing compositions! Hania is one of a kind. I have this book marked and play it every so often. It takes a cloudy day and brings forth rays of illuminating brilliance.
Kamila Misiołek
Kamila Misiołek:
Absolutnie niezwykłe i poruszające. Wsłuchując się w Twoją twórczość, mam wrażenie, że trafiam do zupełnie innego, lepszego miejsca na ziemi. Dość nierealnym wydaje się fakt, że w kraju pogrążonym w ciemności i nieszczerości powstaje coś tak czystego i bezpretensjonalnego. Przesiąknięte szczerością i emocjonalnością dźwięki przynoszą ulgę. Niekiedy popłynie łza, ale to tylko potwierdza powyższe. Dziękuję za to.
Alessandra Tulli
Alessandra Tulli:
I just discovered you Hania and I can't stop listening to this. Thank you to guide us to a beautiful journey through to your music.
Ingrid hibou
Ingrid hibou:
Belle découverte hier soir sur Arte Concert. Magnifique et magique. ❤️
Dorota May
Dorota May:
Grasz poprostu jak w niebie - cudowna kompozycja dźwięków❤️
Rome' Miller
Rome' Miller:
In the age of Covid , this refreshing sound makes you wanna take off your mask and breathe in the sunshine !🦊🌺👑💯
The Arcadian Earth
The Arcadian Earth:
This makes me want to “do my own thing” more than ever, not caring what people think, like she’s giving me permission to just play the real music in my heart, even though it might be different than what people want and expect from me.

Total aside: I hope “my own thing” sounds a little bit like Hania!
Mike M
Mike M:
Te cudowne dźwięki i równie cudowny głos przypominają mi jak niewyobrażalnie wyjątkowymi jesteśmy istotami.
Erica Katsma
Erica Katsma:
This is real Art! 🙏🏻
Jenni Hamilton
Jenni Hamilton:
So grateful to see Hania perform live last night in Geneva. Soo beautiful. no more words to describe...
I’m entranced and totally enchanted by this beautiful young creative…grateful to have stumbled upon Hania Rani👏🏼💜👏🏼💜👏🏼
Speechless. This beautiful woman is a testament as to how we need to allow our children to discover their creative selves wholeheartedly....by breaking the rules and experimenting. This child is a true angel and as Mako says "was kissed by the music of god". I am also hooked. This kind of creativity, if multiplied, and expanded, holds the secret to a new and better world.
Biggus D.
Biggus D.:
Since an acoustic piano is a loud instrument it is really hard to avoid distortion when you use delay. I really like the gentle passages. Bravo!😄
Phil harris
Phil harris:
Wow thank you, can't remember how I got here now so very glad I did, I can see her feeling each and every note deeply inside her, its achingly beautiful.
Tim Heymerdinger
Tim Heymerdinger:
Ah….starts with ‘Hawaii Oslo’, one of my favourites of the sublime ‘Esja’ album. (‘Pour Trois’ is extraordinary). Then just gets even more mesmerising. ❤️
kamil rosinski
kamil rosinski:
Codziennie czegoś szukam w muzyce i dziś trafiłem to.warto szukać. Dziękuję.
Chip Matthews
Chip Matthews:
Every once in a great while the youtube algorithm brings me something truly extraordinary. This is definitely one of those times. Mesmerizing, utterly captivating, and stunningly beautiful.
Arsene Kohler
Arsene Kohler:
Powerful, insightful, joyful…an ode to life! Merci!!
She puts a pulse in her music, if that makes any sense. It has a heartbeat and I really admire how she plays. The Polish really are masters of music
So beautiful. Like I was flying in a blue blue Sky. Peace. Love. Music unify every people. Thank you so much
Michael Wiggins
Michael Wiggins:
This right here is one of the most impressive displays of musicianship and an intimate relationship with an instrument I have ever seen and had the pleasure to listen to. ABSOLUTELY MESMERIZING!!!
Soren Araujo
Soren Araujo:
Sounds like water... A river flowing... Inexplicably beautiful.
Roger Beaird
Roger Beaird:
♥️so good♥️ amazing love the tinkle of the notes 🎶🎵 🎵 she makes it sound like a whole orchestra great 👍job 👏👍😀
Istampool Schön
Istampool Schön:
Wonderful music ❤️
Like a cloud taking one into the sky where an angel is talking ❤️
Thanks so much 💐
Beautifully played and very good recorded, wel the studio adds quality.
I enjoyed it every second.
Petar Petrov
Petar Petrov:
I have no words and thoughts, only open heart and dancing soul! Thank you!
Discovering Hania Rani was one of the bright spots of 2020 for me.
Maybe the best invested 25 minutes in my life. So creative and inspiring. Listen to this session nearly every day.
Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson:
When one can use an instrument as an extension of their soul. This. And also a stone to hold the note on the prophet is priceless.
L Mal
L Mal:
It' just incredible. How much talent and work. Thank you.
Daniel Picard
Daniel Picard:
Your music leaves me speechless. Thank you so much for sharing this awe-inspiring journey with the rest of us!
Evgeny S
Evgeny S:
Космос... Как она чувствует звуки... Гениальная девушка. Эмоция в каждой ноте, в каждом дыхании. И вся идея наложений гениальна. А играет как.... И если вдруг меня спросить - где и в чем итог человеческой цивилизации, где "выхлоп"? ...Вот он. Такое чувство, что Вселенная и родилась-то только для того, чтоб через почти 14 миллиардов лет создать вот это чудо. Гений разума, таланта и технологий.
German DJ
German DJ:
I found this just amazing. Wonderful taste. Innovative. Just different and absolutely great. Thanks for publishing.
Unified Field Radio
Unified Field Radio:
Wow. I’m speechless. Incredible: thank you Hania. You are a gift to the world.
françoise poisson
françoise poisson:
Magnifique... Lumineuse... Mon âme dans la joie de cette profonde musique vibre... Merci de tant de beauté.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖🎶🎶🎶🌌🌌🌌
Enrique RUIZ
Enrique RUIZ:
Maravillosa música de esta chica,feliz de haber encontrado este video altamente adictivo para mí,graciasss
Absolutely the most refreshing music I definitely needed to hear - Thank you for sharing your "Genius" with me and to the rest of the world.
Pradip Sarkar
Pradip Sarkar:
Beautiful! Brought tears in my eyes!