Have I been Pwned and What to do if you have been in a data breach #hacked #scammed


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I was pwned in the Animal Jam breach, this video eased my anxiety. Thank you so much!!
My heart skipped a beat when I saw that my account has been owned confuses me cuz i have never been on a website like that.
Thanks! I was nervous about that. Changed my password and put on 2 factor authentication. Made my day much easier and less stressful. Subbed!
Don St. Lucia
Don St. Lucia:
Outstanding job Mr. Berry, keep up the good work you are doing in helping us learn these important things.
Thank you so much for this, someone in a game just read out my email and password and i checked this site and found out i was pwned. i enabled 2fa real quick lol
Spare One
Spare One:
Thanks, very helpful info. this.
Alejandro Torrecillas
Alejandro Torrecillas:
Very helpful, thanks. ✌️😊
Vipul Jaiswal
Vipul Jaiswal:
I am suprised to see you are replying even after 1 year of publish video.
Ian XThunder
Ian XThunder:
Thank you man my email was owned by an app called wishbone it said that it leaked alot of stuff this year I really appreciate it😊🙏
Thank you so much for this video! I got nervous and panicked really bad when I was notified I was pwned.
I have a question tho, what does it mean no pastes? I imagine breach is the situation that occurred in which your account was involved, but what is paste?
Please respond and thank you for making this video, it really calmed me down.
Chloe Kudlich
Chloe Kudlich:
i checked my dads email and he was pwned! haha
peach ssi
peach ssi:
Hey help my anxiety was getting high at the moment I already change my pass but on the pwned site said Im still pwned 😭
Oh i was panic zzz, but thanks for helping, helpful video.
Zoe taylor Go
Zoe taylor Go:
Hi! I was wondering because recently i found out about the wattpad problem and i changed my password and then i checked if i was still pwned and it said i was still breached on wattpad, what do i do?
Thanks good video, but I was hoping you would change the password on your 2nd account and then go back to check haveibeenpwned. Then it would be reassuring to see that your second account has gone from 6 breaches to 0 if that's what really happened.
Bruh my name changed to wexler and i was like FRIK I GOT PWND
Someone said they knew my name and private chatted me it but it said i haven't been pwnde so I'm super confused
Tarun Ephrem
Tarun Ephrem:
I just enabled 2-step verification and also changed my password
My account has been
Should I try to delete my account from Pixlr?
Will that help?
Also thanks a lot for this video
Natalija Miladinovic
Natalija Miladinovic:
Thank you so much. It helped me a lot!
uh :T
uh :T:
Hello i have been hacked from 2 websites (club penguin rewritten online, wattpad) im mostly concerned from wattpad but after i put a 2 step verification will i be safe? (My location and ip address is still leaked in my wattpad account, im trying to find ways to deactivate or delete my wattpad account)

Edit: so i read the other comment about the wattpad problem, during the problem i didnt think much of it until i decided to take action, i changed my password and im still thinking if my personal data is still safe or not
Thashil bisnath
Thashil bisnath:
I got pwned on wattpad, it says everything like ip address, passwords and email address has been breached, I changed my email password, is everything going to be safe?
g1rl fr0nt
g1rl fr0nt:
what if i personally don’t have access to the account anymore ? it happened to my dad and i’m worried for him because he isn’t very tech savvy:( he doesn’t remember the password to the account he has been owned on so what do i do for him ?
Otaku Pimp
Otaku Pimp:
Hello! Please respond! Will the problem stop if you terminate that email account permanently?
My Wattpad account has a fake email so am I safe like they can’t find me or have my personal info? And also I didn’t use my real name in my user or anything
A J:
2 step verification isn‘t given on my pwned account but i changed the password. Was involved in the Wattpad scandal thats how it happened.
I still get spam massages though is there anything i can do about that ?
Pls respond.
If i already change my passoword and put 2 authentication factor. Its already ok?
could you please help me, i already changed my password but then it still says pwned😭
What should i do if i was pwned on like 5-10 sites? Do i change it to all different passwords?
What if the breaches were years ago and youve changed your info many times since then? Also already got two step verification. Also the sites were myfitnesspal so i dont think they got like actual email information. Like these breaches were from 2017 n 2018. Lost most they got was an email name.surely you dont gotta change your email info if it was years ago and on an app unrelated to email right lol. (Ex myfitnesspal breach) i ask cus it seems kinda wrong to change your email password cus of a data breach years ago from a site that dont exist anymore that didnt even breach personal emails.
Phil the kid
Phil the kid:
I was pwned on 1 breach and no pastes found. I already changed my password. Is my account still safe?
Bea Cruz
Bea Cruz:
'pwned on 2 breached sites and found no pastes'
Can you explain that to me? Do i have to change my password too?
KK Brothers
KK Brothers:
I changed my mail ID password but, It again shows you have been pwned. What can I do for that?
kydda tra
kydda tra:
2-step verification is necessary? Or just the new password
Aryan Chawla
Aryan Chawla:
hey i changed my password and then i went up to the site to check it again but still it is showing pwned. what should i do now?
Hey, I was wondering what this means: Pwned on 6 breached sites *and found no pastes* "
It say that in the video/on the site, what exactly are those four last words supposed to mean? That no one has copied and pasted your information?
Thank you so much
mia m
mia m:
It says J have been pwned by wishbone, but I haven’t used that account or app since like 3-4 years ago. I changed my password to my email recently. But what password am I supposed to change, my email?
Adri Hargrove
Adri Hargrove:
So I have a question I have two step authentication on but I was involved in a breach recently do I still need to change my password?
ِ َ
ِ َ:
I have been a victim of Aptoide April 2020 data breach
Hope your video help me to protect my account
The problem is I uninstalled this app from a long time ago
But I forget to delete my account so
20M victim around the world
Sama Sayegh
Sama Sayegh:
I replaced my original email that I signed up to on wattpad and canva to a fake email that I created just now. I changed my password of my real gmail, but I’m still concerned of them finding an IP address linked to me on my fake gmail. I don’t know if I can deactivate my account from these two websites to fully vanish them from any email I created myself, but if you know what I can do...tell me your advice. Thank you!
Monika Kaurić
Monika Kaurić:
I have a question. My email was pawned but before it was pawned i forgot my password. So, how to change my password if I don't know my previous password?
meghana gurugubelli
meghana gurugubelli:
Sir...though I changed my password and added 2 step verification to my account again it showing the same error that pawned in 1 data breach by dubsmash....what to do???
i updated my password and et still says i have been pwned??
FireZzz Rez
FireZzz Rez:
Is this good? I have no pwnage? And do they save my Gmail id or delete?
Jenny Montague
Jenny Montague:
Problem is that it's my old account and password on Yahoo that was pwned. My current one on Gmail has never been compromised. I changed my old password on Yahoo about a year ago, so these breaches are old, and there are many of them on that email name. One was in China, another in the Netherlands and several more in other countries, so it likely went out on the dark web for sale along with many other account names. The last breech was in China in 2015 and I'd changed my password since then. I'd just discontinue Yahoo because I don't think its very safe. Now I just use it for 2nd level verification. No idea where to go from here. Scary because the breech indicates that names, personal profiles as well as passwords of the millions of acounts breached were also stolen. But is was several years ago, so guess I'll change not only my password, once again, but my email name on Yahoo, or just delete the entire thing and find another email. I tried 1 Password, but didn't get it. I need someone to verbally walk me through it.
it says i been pwned on wishbone and don’t know what’s is wishbone it says all of this as been comprised Auth tokens, Dates of birth, Email addresses, Genders, Geographic locations, IP addresses, Names, Passwords, Phone numbers, Profile photos, Social media profiles, Usernames i change all my passwords last year because i got hacked please reply
Handmade Creations
Handmade Creations:
I have a doubt if am pawned they tacked from sites like share this, daily motivation etc if we just give mail, no password, can they get email password or else, I just saw yesterday but it’s pawned last yr till I didn’t recognize yesterday only I changed password before that didn’t changed, I am face any problems still but if they stored data in future any problems, I have certificates and photos and my frnds email addresses, nothing credit card data so is anything problem, main I just logged in only the some sites with my address I didn’t give any information even dob also just login only , now my doubt is they tracked email addresses from sites or personal gmail addresses and information from gmail if password didn’t change till today from 3 years bacause that is old one iam not using just some times only logged and signed out , can they tracked phones throw email addresses, oh I have lots doubts little bit scared reply me quickly I couldn’t sleep properly from yesterday I have never heard before
Leonardo Javier Aguirre aguilar
Leonardo Javier Aguirre aguilar:
I have some questions.
Is Chrome OS safe?

If I want to uninstall Chrome OS from my mac how can I do that and Install Mac OS?

Can I have both softwares? (mac os and Chrome Os).

Daria Kalac
Daria Kalac:
I keep commenting but my comment is getting deleted i dont know what's happening I just wanted to ask you something about this can you please respond
Goron Gamer
Goron Gamer:
Why is your video title the same as the video above this lol. Plus it's the same thumbnail other than your body being in the way
Rumi Lol
Rumi Lol:
I was pawned in the Wattpad data breach. Stolen data includes: Passwords, usernames, emails, IP address, geo location, social media profiles and website URLs. I’ve changed my passwords and deleted my old email (That’s was pawned). Am I at any risk? Can they do anything with this information? Am I in danger?
ThatRandom- Guy
ThatRandom- Guy:
I been worked if my ps4 account got hacked I put the email and it say nobody has hacked the e mail so dose it mean my ps4 account Is saved?
Picky Panda
Picky Panda:
Is there any way of removing the pwnage?
Mohamed Mehdi Ksissou
Mohamed Mehdi Ksissou:
Hello sir I’ve been pwned in a website called truefire after a data breach she said that our names ages emails passwords and credit card information has been leaked.i change my password on my email and 2fa what should I do now change the password in website to . I also had different password in the website from the one I had in email
ِ َ
ِ َ:
If the hacker gets your account and password. What can he do? Spying on your own camera or what? Can he see your photos? What can he do?
juhi health
juhi health:
Thanks alot sir
rakesh harsha
rakesh harsha:
Thank you sir
E.J. Smith
E.J. Smith:
For the RECORD ... it is NOT pronounced "owned" it IS pronounced "Powned" with a P sound in front of owned!
R Aditya
R Aditya:
This web is safe ?
Clown Clown
Clown Clown:
I think it's fake.......
Danglin Fury
Danglin Fury:
First, Trump is my President!