Heidi Klum's Looks Have Definitely Changed

The life of a supermodel is filled with glitz, glamour, countless runway walks, and a life in front of a camera wearing the upcoming trends in fashion. It also involves constantly reinventing your look to keep up with the fierce competition.

Heidi Klum has successfully maneuvered through one of the most competitive fields in the entertainment world by constantly reinventing herself and creating signature new looks. In her very own words, "One day you're in. The next day you're out."

Let's take a journey through the many looks of this trendsetting supermodel.

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Fresh face | 0:00
London style | 1:09
Smokey eye | 1:32
Old Hollywood inspo | 2:20
Endless summer | 2:47
Going natural | 3:20
Lobbing it off | 3:55
Rocker look | 4:36
Low-key glam | 5:10
Halloween queen | 5:45
Ms. Golden Globes | 6:24
New York Fashion Week | 6:47
Signature lip | 7:14
Modern bouffant | 7:55
Boho chic | 8:48
Klum's got talent | 9:29

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22 komentarze:

Rahleau Scurvy
Rahleau Scurvy:
Devastatingly flawless PANCAKES!!!
She's getting older but she's still so beautiful
Cali Blue 2
Cali Blue 2:
My fav supermodel evah😘
Margaret A. Halliseyq
Margaret A. Halliseyq:
You cant beat her legs and feet!!!
I love that girl : D
Steve C
Steve C:
Advice to H: less hair issue, more sausage toe issue.
Shane Driscoll
Shane Driscoll:
The most beautiful woman in the world
Włodzimierz Radomski
Włodzimierz Radomski:
Heidi brillant Deutschland
Chitau APACHE:
She was okay when younger but there are way prettier women. Catherine Zeta-Jones is 53 and is a gorgeous woman.
Steve C
Steve C:
The sausage toe ruins the whole look of the foot.
Timmy Witty
Timmy Witty:
All super models are men! That’s what VICTORia’s secret is.
truthseeker görl
truthseeker görl:
we are very bored of her in my country... just too much....
Je L
Je L:
id take heidi klum & cindy crawford over kendall jenner & Bella Hadid
jolanta januszewska
jolanta januszewska:
dave anajao
dave anajao:
She is beaaaautiful
Is he from Tokyo Hotel???
Me Here
Me Here:
I remember Clooombé from Yarrrs Aggohé
is he still Alivés ¿¿¿¿
SI Ison
SI Ison:
Heidi is the best👍
Steve C
Steve C:
Youre welcome.
Chitau APACHE:
She's another Jennifer Lopez middle woman that thinks she's 25 and hot. Lady act your age you are 48 years old almost 50. My God.
Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes:
She stands out parading her half breeds around