Henry Cavill Video - How To Build A Superman Gaming PC 2020

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Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer 2021 ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6adiekyR2ZU&list=PLOIeYdZ3QczwCLH9RIm-7ui56ameRYmdQ&index=2&t=0s
Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Netflix ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTzOm1o0hT8&list=PLOIeYdZ3Qczx8V9x1wY-KDfN6kkXhU7Lr&index=2&t=0s
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Covering new Henry Cavill Video, How to Build a Superman Gaming PC 2020. Henry Cavill Builds a New Gaming PC Tech, Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, Henry Cavill New Superman Movies and crossovers, Man of Steel 2 Movie, The Batman 2021 Movie with Robert Pattinson, Michael Keaton Batman The Flash Flashpoint Movie and Justice League Cameo Scenes.

Michael Keaton Multiple Upcoming DC Movie Crossovers and Batman Cameo Scenes. The Batman Movie Matt Reeves Continuity and Timeline vs DCEU Justice League Snyder Cut Timeline. Crisis On Infinite Earths Scene and DC Multiverse.

Live Action Batman Beyond Movie, Justice League 2 Batman, The Batman 2021 Movie with Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck Batman, Crisis On Infinite Earths Batman Scene and The Flash Movie Multiverse Storyline Breakdown.

I'll do more Batman Movie and Superman videos for all the new stuff based on what DC Movies Announce in the future. We will probably learn more about it at the DC Fandome 2020 Comic Con Panel for The Flash later this summer. And this is not related to the new Batman Scenes coming to the Justice League Snyder Cut Movie next year. That will still be all Ben Affleck Batman.

Justice Leauge Snyder Cut Trailer via Zack Snyder
Justice League Superman Black Suit Footage
The Batman Theme Music, Justice League Superman Theme Music, The Flash Theme Music via https://www.youtube.com/user/samuelkimmusic

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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome:
Here's my new Henry Cavill Superman video. Watch him build a new gaming pc and more details on the new DC Movies and Justice League Snyder Cut. Here's the new Snyder Cut Trailer too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6adiekyR2ZU&t=0s
SouthEastern Kaiju
SouthEastern Kaiju:
"He's not a dude. You're a dude. This is a man. A handsome, muscular man."
MoonLight Ghost
MoonLight Ghost:
Henry Cavill: *he builds a pc*

Heterosexual man: _Why am I excited?_
surya _027
surya _027:
He is trying to be really careful not to use his super strength.
2014: The Rise of Superman
2020: The Ryzen Superman
Toni Valentin
Toni Valentin:
Heny Cavill is gold, we must protect him at all costs
Rich Tang
Rich Tang:
I hope Henry cavil starts his own YouTube channel for gaming
Kimberly Marie
Kimberly Marie:
I'm here for the beard, muscles and floral curtains.
angei ordz
angei ordz:
why does watching this feel like he is saving the world or something....
Plugged In
Plugged In:
The world is burning and my man Henry is like “I just want to play games... I just want to play games”

We feel you Henry. We feel you. 😢
Leon Dajshinshin
Leon Dajshinshin:
I‘m a straight ass man but I wouldn’t say no to Henry
I love how British he is, got to love those floral curtains.
henry cavill is better than jk rowling at making people gay
Rangga Sakti Budi Putra
Rangga Sakti Budi Putra:
Imagine this dude in a lobby roasting someone on a match

"Haha you just got rekt by Man Of Steel, NOOB"
Esteban Dambrain
Esteban Dambrain:
Step 1 : build the pc
Step 2 : install the witcher and stream it.
April Bankston
April Bankston:
The main thing I got from this, is here is a real man setting the example that there is nothing wrong with reading the “damn” instructions. “Oh thank you Superman.” 🤣
Sir D
Sir D:
Dude should be the next JAMES BOND like if you agree!
DarthAsh π
DarthAsh π:
This is the type of person that should represent us gamers. Handsome, mascular and Charming
insight insight
insight insight:
If he streams himself playing games on Twitch or youtube, pretty sure he will break the internet!
A Friendly Hobo
A Friendly Hobo:
Nothing to see here.Just your average male pc gamer. Body, looks, and all.
Suraj Raut
Suraj Raut:
The way Henry acted in the witcher Netflix series shows that he is a true gamer.He did not let geralts soul get lost. Perfect character attitude ,aura and body language.All I can say is just absolutely fantastic.I have been a huge fan of the witcher franchize and glad he pulled it off that good.
yadiki shameer
yadiki shameer:
This video is more satisfying that the movie justice League itself.
Raz Black
Raz Black:
i've been building PCs for over 2 decades, and found this to be awesome.. congrats!
STER Gaming
STER Gaming:
We all aspire to be this this kind of geeky: Muscular and fit in build, enthusiastic and determined in learning for our passions
Vasta LaPasta
Vasta LaPasta:
Dam he’s building a new base in Antarctica
lucus lopez
lucus lopez:
2:20 anyone else notice the Joker stalking him through the window?
Barra de pesquisa: a
Eu: "superman montando pc"
Lexi Grimbrooke
Lexi Grimbrooke:
I have no idea what’s happening and I’m alright with that.
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore:
He's building his computer like a kid who watched two episodes of Austin Evans.
Leng Thao
Leng Thao:
It’d be pretty funny if Ben Affleck was behind the camera telling him what goes where 😂
Building a PC,,,, huh
He's probably teasing Brainiac for Man of Steel 2.
So if Clark loses his job at the Daily Planet, he can get a job fixing PCs..now, that's super..
Philip Tran
Philip Tran:
I didn't think he was serious in his Witcher interview about his comments on PC gaming.... he really does mean what he says! Gotta respect the man for that.
Legion X
Legion X:
We need more videos about celebrities, that shows, that they are just people like us. 👍🖖
Magnus K
Magnus K:
It would be funny if he made women simp out, give him a ton of cash, as much as the guys have for bell delphine.
2020- the world is introduced to Henry Cavill building a pc gamer.
Serious Trash
Serious Trash:
Comments: "Henry's hot," "That PC is hot."

No one:

Literally no one:

There was a GHOST behind the window

In the evening

Look into the matter....
Berkley Pearl
Berkley Pearl:
I love his grandma curtains. It’s so cute to see this rich, famous, sexy man in a house with beige, floral, curtains
Demetra Price
Demetra Price:
Now we can claim him he's ours.
Andrea P.
Andrea P.:
Never in the world I would imagine wasting my time looking to a dude assembling a computer...until Henry started assembling a computer 😍
This is the hottest thing I've seen in my life.
Goji Hime
Goji Hime:
He's a PC gamer? OMG He needs to stop being perfect. It's too much T_T
Sad Lad
Sad Lad:
"Why Henry Cavill building a gaming PC is a sign that he'll return as Superman in the DC Universe"
Nick Lee
Nick Lee:
Forgot how big this man is. Unless he gained more. Cavill definitely deserves to play more Superman. Not just as cameos either because I heard rumors of him taking cameo roles as Supes. Which is good, but he deserves more than that.
Me only now realizing that this is superman: who is this.. Henry cavil, you speak of
Yudhistira Melody
Yudhistira Melody:
His dedication and patience is amazing. He read the manuals and took the whole day to finish it. The cable management is nice also. And I love it when he looks the graphics card passionately before installing it.
0:26 he blurred the logos because its *WAYNE-TECH* 😂 .... and it will be dope if they made another dark movie like joker 2 and place a subtle superman reference.
I think he's the guy behind *HOW TO BASICS*
dat moment the CPU sits <3
everything else is just fun after that, hehe
Garcia 024
Garcia 024:
Henry Cavill is the most ripped nerd ever. Lol
Łukasz Rozmej
Łukasz Rozmej:
- Wha...What are you doing?
- Building monsters!
The Kuzu Thunder
The Kuzu Thunder:
Sometimes, even if you are a heterosexual male, you just wanna be a computer case.
Frans Aditia
Frans Aditia:
Imagine trash talking this guy in game and he showed up at your door.
now all those brand are going to ship him everything and ask him to build more pc
Set Symbol Studios
Set Symbol Studios:
I am very happy to hear that Henry Cavil also builds computers. Very sick.
Jared Deason
Jared Deason:
He's actually a big world of warcraft player and they are actually adding a Witcher hairstyle for humans next expansion lol.
paulo sousa
paulo sousa:
3:13 mano, o cara REBOCOU o processador de pasta térmica WTF kkkk
I'm 25 years old but I still want to be Henry when I grow up.
David Agullo
David Agullo:
Imagine him raging. Could easily break he's setup in seconds
See guys even Superman knows to build Ryzen
Find you someone that looks at you like Henry Cavill looks at his RTX 2080 Ti.
laszlo zsurka
laszlo zsurka:
Even the screwdriver became a power-tool in his hands...
Claudette Fairchild
Claudette Fairchild:
I love Henry. He's such a tech geek and I love it!!! He's also appears to be an awesome guy. Love this!!!
John PK
John PK:
Henry Cavill: Man of 'Puters
gm sahay
gm sahay:
2:20 Joker watching from middle window.
Why doesn't he just ask Batman for help jeez?
Vinnie J
Vinnie J:
1:40 I thought he was gonna fill up the radiator by peeing in it.
"I'll knock this out in an hour or two" - every PC builder just before starting
I am extremely proud of Henry. Not only did he go for a Ryzen build, I thoroughly enjoyed his little mishaps, although justified as this was his first experience building one. :D From the moment he tried installing the AMD CPU as you would an Intel, but he figured it out and rotated it. And then when his cooler's block upside down. :P My man Henry! Here's to many many hours of gaming with your new PC! Enjoy! :D
ric barrera
ric barrera:
From this point on, nerds can no longer use the "sacrificial commitment to intellectual pursuits" excuse for looking so dorky.
Fiona Tyler
Fiona Tyler:
Now that's a thing of beauty.
Joseph Ocasio
Joseph Ocasio:
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen Superman ever did.
He chose AMD over Intel, good for him
Lois: bruce could finish this no problem. Clark: hold my glasses
Ian Miller
Ian Miller:
If he was wearing a tshirt would he get as many likes 😆
David N7SR3
David N7SR3:
I love this guy, its that simple! He's just awesome. 😊
(in David Attenborough's tone) : It appears this sexy beast has created another sexy beast, incredible! Game on Henry!
Dasan Chick
Dasan Chick:
Beautiful Blend of MUSIC, my favorite was surprisingly the Justice League Unlimited Theme, it gave to many wonderful childhood memories that I forgotten about❤💙❤ I was also surprised to hear the Flash Cw in this??😅
Why is it so satisfying to see supermen doing something so normal
Frank Andreas Lia
Frank Andreas Lia:
Henry Cavill just seems like such a down to earth kind of guy! Love him for that! All the best Henry!
Syed Awais
Syed Awais:
Henry Cavill building his PC is way better than Tony stark building his iron man suit. LoL
I feel like there were probably a lot of Geralt sounding Mmmm's and f***s! in the building of this PC we didn't hear, hahah. Loved the old school Justice League theme.
Joshua Henderson
Joshua Henderson:
He’s not the hero nerds deserved, but the hero nerds needed.
Gamemotronix G
Gamemotronix G:
Henry cavill for James bond ❤️🔥🔥🙏
2:20 there’s a face on the window wtf
I’m glad he’s back too take on the role as The man of steel again
IamA Narcissist
IamA Narcissist:
Omg, look at his hot beefy muscular body. Im in love
I can rest at ease knowing Superman is a member of the AMD club.
Kristen Healy
Kristen Healy:
These videos are great. I’ve been considering building my own gaming PC, and these videos are pleasantly helpful. And does Henry play fortnite?
Aaah...shouldn’t he go...like faster...?
hoilung ly
hoilung ly:
This is the most beautiful thing that I've seen since the beginning of Youtube. thank you.
Knight Faller
Knight Faller:
Fun Fact: Henry Cavill is actually a really big World of Warcraft player, He actually missed his Superman audition results call because he was on that Warcraft Grind!
Not gonna lie I come back for the arm porn that is shamelessly on display and I'm never disappointed
DJ Nastr0
DJ Nastr0:
If Henry dies to corona burn down the cities
Jeet Sharma
Jeet Sharma:
This justice league theme gives me chills everytime afterall it's my childhood memory 😭❤️
Glowbox3D - Michael Reed
Glowbox3D - Michael Reed:
Hahah, love it. He's building a super computer! Nice!
Jman27 Joestar
Jman27 Joestar:
his house is so modest just like clark kent himself
Marc W
Marc W:
Wow, he is in a crunch pc build A LEARNING BUILDING JOURNEY good for him Enjoy Henry you deserve it.