Here's Why David Alaba Is The Most Wanted Player!

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78 komentarze:

Welcome to Real Madrid
rouen paulo
rouen paulo:
What position do you play?

David Alaba: Yes.
can't wait to see this king at Real Madrid:)
Really Raal Repost
Really Raal Repost:
Madrid fan here watching video of him like they don’t know who’s he?
anandhu prakash
anandhu prakash:
This man is still a gem. Perfect for real madrid. Can't wait to see him in white
As Rummenigge said: „the Black Beckenbauer“😍✊🏿✊🏼
Oswin Brown
Oswin Brown:
Bayern fullback that is alaba and kimmich are so talented that they can play multiple positions and be very good in every position they play
Jose Hidalgo
Jose Hidalgo:
Always been a world class defender back when he played LB he was amazing and now as CB he's just as good
Welcome to every good team! -apparently
Paulo Gomes
Paulo Gomes:
So Alaba is having conversations with Al-Khelaifi? Interesting...
Herr Mannelig
Herr Mannelig:
"Alaba YNWA"!!!
I thought he was in his 30s. Seems like he’s been around forever.
rouen paulo
rouen paulo:
one word: V E R S A T I L E period
JY 47
JY 47:
Need him at spurs
Amazing video crack!!🥶🔥
Keep it up!!🔝
Horaine Harris
Horaine Harris:
We need him @ Chelsea! I believe Tuchel is pursuing his presence at the club.
Need Thiago to have a word in his 👂perfect replacement for Wijnaldum who looks as though he'll be on his way out next summer.
Milind Bebarta
Milind Bebarta:
Welcome to Madrid champ
Roland Lundall
Roland Lundall:
David Alaba is a top defender and his left footed which is actually want Ole wants at United. He would truly change United back line and allow us to play for only one defensive midfielder so Pogba, Van der Beek and Bruno can do their thing in attack. right now Ole is forced to play with two defensive midfielders because Lindelöf and Maguire are not good enough.
T B:
welcome to real madrid
Welcome to Chelsea 💙
Matador Football
Matador Football:
Big legend
Luis Miguel Canales Diaz
Luis Miguel Canales Diaz:
This is the best of him?
I hope he comes to Real Madrid. Varane is very indecisive and bad without Ramos. He needs a confident Centre-back beside him.
Teddy Teddy
Teddy Teddy:
fairplay defender with freekick skills <3<3<3
Ian Hay
Ian Hay:
welcome to Telford united
Welcome to real madrid
Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder:
United 😎
مقاطع مضحكة
مقاطع مضحكة:
Hello to Real Madrid 😍😍😍😍😍
I hope he will stay & become an all-time LEGEND at Bayern.
Mia San Mia! 🔴⚪️
asd ssa
asd ssa:
to rea madrid
Albanesse Calcio
Albanesse Calcio:
King RG
King RG:
The most versatile player ever since Ruud Gullit
Mat Kenangan
Mat Kenangan:
Bayern so lucky to hve alaba as back 4..
Liverpool !
ซานูซาน นครีสโตย
ซานูซาน นครีสโตย:
Luvo Masiza
Luvo Masiza:
Versatile player. Chelsea must sign this guy. Could be a good backup for Kante too...
Kevin Mabunda
Kevin Mabunda:
Who's here after real madrid reached an agreement with alaba
D B Cooper
D B Cooper:
Hot off the press . My buddy is in customs at John Lennon Airport. David was recently in Liverpool and was picked up by lfc staff !
Ina xaaji
Ina xaaji:
Welcome to the best club in london chelsea fc
Roman Empire Roman
Roman Empire Roman:
If he somehow comes to barca i think he will be the best replacement for Jordi Alba bcuz he's strong in defence and also offense and also he is good at freekicks which will help when Messi is not there i would really like him to come to cmap nou
Matador Football
Matador Football:
I can see the huge quality of bayern munchen's legend ALABA
Mrxzer Productis
Mrxzer Productis:
Welcome to Chelsea 🙌🏽💙
sokol hema
sokol hema:
Going to Inter Milan 100%
shash 06
shash 06:
Man utd
Park John
Park John:
he is perfect for chelsea LWB position
I Don't Want To Do My Best
I Don't Want To Do My Best:
I can see why liverpool wants him... he has the same ball distribution like virgil
First 😍🥵
Luca Leopoldo
Luca Leopoldo:
I beg you stop deleting your Chelsea videos SVMM
Fabian Pertuz
Fabian Pertuz:
Next video luis Díaz Oporto crack crack
John Herbert
John Herbert:
Liverpool FC are front runners as they are Alaba’s first choice. Welcome to Liverpool FC ♥️
Darren Yoong
Darren Yoong:
Welcome to Liverpool ❤️
james graham
james graham:
United need to pounce
Jon Editz
Jon Editz:
I guess the only think that worries me is how attacking minded he is. Lord knows varane can’t defend all the proper without someone next to him
Marlin Huda
Marlin Huda:
Next Szoboszlai welcome to Milan ?
Bruno Ferrari
Bruno Ferrari:
Da27 is a inspiration
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
The only reason I want him to go to Barcelona is because he plays like koeman 😂 alaba is the face of koeman and he can make him the best scorer defender with legendary free kicks just like him.
As versatile as Sergio 'The Titan' Ramos
Magic Dark
Magic Dark:
Like si vienes después que el padre de alaba desmintiera los rumores
You should also show his own goal against Barca in the quarter finals and his almost-assist for the opponent in the CL finals. Cherry-picking is such an easy thing to do.
He wants to be midfielder, but he is better playing as a LB or CB
mert Turkoglu
mert Turkoglu:
Chiquito Kan
Chiquito Kan:
Born to play in Real Madrid
F M:
Mir kommt vor als würde Alaba immer ins gleiche eck schiessen
Dr Didi
Dr Didi:
It is the best in bayern
Welcome to chelsea hopefully
Vieni all'Inter ⚫🔵 Hakimi+Alaba 🤩🔵⚫
Chelsea rumour brings me here. But I don't really know who's to be sacrificed if Chelsea sign him. Chilwell definitely a regular starter. Kante also starter for DM. Only can sacrifice Zouma which I don't wish to see that.
madridistas _100%
madridistas _100%:
Heribert Blümel
Heribert Blümel:
der fc-bayern verhält sich so arrogant und dumm wenn man alaba gehen lässt leider
Andres Jimenez
Andres Jimenez:
No le veo nada de especial a este. Real Madrid quiere despilfarrar dinero? Por este no doy 1 euro.
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
I hope he comes to barca because we need a strong defense player
Nick Ronaldo
Nick Ronaldo:
Alexander Arnold-Van Dijk-Alaba-Robertson
Achraf-De Vrij-Skriniar-Alaba
Danilo-De Ligt-Chiellini-Alaba
Wan Bissaka-Maguire-Alaba-Shaw
Angry Rantman Memes
Angry Rantman Memes:
The teams that must be looking at Him
1) Real Madrid - Ramos and Marcelo are getting older so Alaba will be a better option for him
2) Barcelona - Pique is aging . He is too slow rn and Alaba will be a perfect ball playing defender for them
3) Manchester United - They always needed a great defender .
4) Liverpool - Van Dijk injured . Need a good cb to replace vvd and partner with vvd. Klopp tactics will suit him
5) Chelsea - Thiago Silva gonna for 1-2 yrs so Chelsea might consider because he is a proven and experienced defender
Honourable mention - Juventus , Man City
Josh Forrest
Josh Forrest:
He’d be mad to waste himself at Madrid
Hui Cui
Hui Cui:
over rated player
Aldonis Ambel
Aldonis Ambel:
This guy would bee a good replacement for alba.