Highlights | AC Milan 3-0 Spezia | Matchday 3 Serie A TIM 2020/21

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A Leão brace and Theo's goal, all in the second half, secure us the three points against Spezia at San Siro

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100+ komentarze:

I really hope we don't sell theo... Bright future if we have him
3:36 Ditemi la verità. Ora andrete a vedere Milan Udinese 3 2 eh? xD
we have ibrahimovic diaz calhanoglu and saelemakers,kesie and bennacer/tonali and finally we have romagnoli back.dalot and hernandez as full backs we can defeat inter milan given that skriniar and bastoni wont be playing
Ibrahima Ba
Ibrahima Ba:
A very good young player who are developing to be a world class players definitely the future is the bright 🔴⚫
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager:
Calhanoglu re degli assist
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
I wish we will trash inter this weekend 💪💪❤🖤
# Forza Milan
Mario Sanders
Mario Sanders:
Çalhanoğlu's exquisite pass at 4:43 Leao's equally beautiful return.. gold. I wish Leao had played it to the right for JPH, would have loved to see what he'd had done from that angle
fhmy milanisti
fhmy milanisti:
04:41 amazing 🔥
Erwin Kaka
Erwin Kaka:
Scudetto 2021 :), Champion league 2022 ;)
Fatih Faza 2826
Fatih Faza 2826:
Next match yang dinanti. Derby Della Madonnina 🌟

Forza Milan from 🇮🇩
Rian Romadon Channel
Rian Romadon Channel:

Jangan lupa untuk.....

Channel gue 😁
Can cans
Can cans:
Calhanoğlu the best
Mario Sanders
Mario Sanders:
Watch Alexis' sprint at 3:23, to provide options in goal. Impressive.
Setan Lucu
Setan Lucu:
4:43 what a counterattack!
Amedeo Bettinelli
Amedeo Bettinelli:
Avanti così,sempre forza Milan❤️🖤
Rizki Altama
Rizki Altama:
Moga moga bisa konsisten terus kaya begini.
Wll Theo
Wll Theo:
Forza Milan ✊💨
Rakesh Murali
Rakesh Murali:
How good is Theo's shot across goal?! Week after week, he scores the same goal!
Adhitama Avianto
Adhitama Avianto:
Forzamilan sempre 🔴⚫
евгений миланенко
евгений миланенко:
gak muluk2 musim depan bisa lolos liga champions sujud Syukur Forza Milan.
Rupak Midya
Rupak Midya :
Leao can be made to play as a striker in the absence of zlatan
Andrea Melchionna
Andrea Melchionna:
Come on guyssssss❤🖤
ferdinand siwabessy
ferdinand siwabessy:
see how fast milan turn from defence to attack...amazing
Tatarusanu Fanz sium
Tatarusanu Fanz sium:
1 like una vittoria per il Milan❤️🖤🔥
Agung Rustantoro
Agung Rustantoro:
Always Milan❤️🖤
Kulup Tunggal
Kulup Tunggal:
Milan deserve to be back in ucl qualification...not lazio..juv, atlanta, acmilan and intermilan...lazio and napoli just sit on europe league
dennis israel
dennis israel:
The future is bright, thanks to pioli and ibra motivation
Alessandro Da Silva
Alessandro Da Silva:
Maior da Itália acordo,está muito bem meu Milan 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Full Film İzle HD H.T.
Full Film İzle HD H.T.:
Gol di Leao 2:33 gol di Theo 3:25 gol di Leao 4:05 W Milan🧡🧡🖤🖤
This is Dani
This is Dani:
Brahim Diaz really good when he has a ball
Karimer Darwish
Karimer Darwish:
Forza Milan 👍
natu otemusu
natu otemusu:
Target realistis musim ini: lolos UCL.. 💪💪
Scudetto hanyalah bonus.. 😉😉

Andrew Gomes
Andrew Gomes:
they better fix leão’s rating on fifa after this match😤
Why they never call Theo to French national team?
Besnik Kurtishi
Besnik Kurtishi:
The trainer team have to be correct and give even more playing time to the young players 💯
Muhamad Ridwan Ali
Muhamad Ridwan Ali:
milan bangkit dari kubur
akhirnya milan berada dijalur yg benar, kangen gw nonton milan di UCL
Panji Prasetyo
Panji Prasetyo:
Do you Realize that we have the best GK, LB, DMF/CMF, AMF right now?
Budi Hartantok
Budi Hartantok:
AC MILAN Is Our DNA... 🔴⚫️
according to the latest news,milan didnt spend the remaining 35 million(20 million from paqueta's sale and 15 million from europa league group stages) for transfer market so that they could make milan financially healthy and have as less debt as possible so that arnault will purchase milan.also arnault intends to launch a decisive move to buy milan in 2021
Tommaso Vincotto
Tommaso Vincotto:
Tutti che ci provano ma nessuno che ci riesce 😂❤🖤
Ade Cadel
Ade Cadel:
Mantap 🇮🇩
S K:
4:43 👍
Nelson Raj
Nelson Raj:
Before the 1st goal was scored, you can see Leao so frustrated that no one was passing it to him
Prinz Tiyo
Prinz Tiyo:
The team morale is good. They play with heart. Keep it that way, ragazzi! #ForzaMilan 💗🖤
False Alarms
False Alarms:
2021 = 19 ❤🖤
Vespere Mane
Vespere Mane:
Forzaaa milan
Theo Sinaga
Theo Sinaga:
Nice goal Theo!!!
Elvis Cerda
Elvis Cerda:
jorik borozan
jorik borozan:
Grande giovane milan!!! Forza Ragazzi rossoneri sempre!
J Milla
J Milla:
Theo = young Gareth Bale
Кайрат Туркменбаев
Кайрат Туркменбаев:
Erwin El Sharaawy
Erwin El Sharaawy:
كومبات زيزوAQ
كومبات زيزوAQ:
ميلان اسمعوني ياأفضل فريق في التاريخ
Alberto Guglielmi
Alberto Guglielmi:
Adesso testa al. Derby, proviamo a giocarcela! ❤️ 🖤
Forzaaa Milaaan
Good start from AC Milan. Right now maybe AC Milan still great team before meet Inter, or Juventus, or Lazio, or Napoli, or Atalanta. But i'm belive that AC Milan will be Serie A winner in this season. I hope that because i'm minalisti. Come on AC Milan! Wake up wake up!
#Forzamilan #Milansampre #Milan7UCL
Tommaso Sana
Tommaso Sana:
Ora testa all'Inter 🔴⚫👊
Sahin Babayev
Sahin Babayev:
Ryan Prabowo
Ryan Prabowo:
Wahyu Hidayat
Wahyu Hidayat:
Sempre milan 😘😘
k-unit 91
k-unit 91:
Ho bisognio che calabria resti cosi a la cafu!!grande!
M. Bagus June Anggoro
M. Bagus June Anggoro:
Forza AC Milan 🔴 ⚫ 🔥
Tito 5
Tito 5:
Pronti per il derby speriamo che l'Atalanta perda e noi vinciamo almeno speriamo di stare per tanto al primo posto
Pemanah Rasa
Pemanah Rasa:
Forza milan 🇲🇨 indonesia
Thotsaphorn Prapaithong
Thotsaphorn Prapaithong:
Milan official channel should upload highlights clip much quicker if to get more subscribers of more active fans
Ki Ageng Wirengrana
Ki Ageng Wirengrana:
Milanisti from indonesia....
EAA 08
EAA 08:
Forza milanisti indonesia
Dio zlatan Ibrahimovic
Dio zlatan Ibrahimovic:
Theo ma vuoi segnare?
Theo : Por supuesto que eres un amigo
H C:
Tonali in a way looks like Kyro Ren
ibaens kheyla
ibaens kheyla:
Forza Milan. Vinci per noi ..!!!
Ki Ageng Wirengrana
Ki Ageng Wirengrana:
I like milan since 1993 ....trio nerherland.....94..95 george weah...2003 sheva...2012 ibra...
Antonio Villirillo
Antonio Villirillo:
Forza Milan sempre🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴⚫
Евгений Мир
Евгений Мир:
Милан 👍
novan suwardani
novan suwardani:
Samu Castillejo out.....
novan suwardani
novan suwardani:
Samu out
novan suwardani
novan suwardani:
Samu out
novan suwardani
novan suwardani:
Samu out
novan suwardani
novan suwardani:
Don't sell Hakkan...
yudhit septiana
yudhit septiana:
leo mainnya mirip balotelli
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano:
Ac Milan till I die
Andhy Putra Tambunan
Andhy Putra Tambunan:
Greatly for young player Milan ... They are very good, Calabria, gabbia, hernandez at back have gave impact. saelemankers, tonali, bennacer, kessie also proved are very nice in middle, leao, Diaz also works. I'm sure hauge soon will prove his ability. While Lorenzo Colombo still need for up eiger, I think now he is not comfortable ... I hope kalulu need playing more
sobat hijrah
sobat hijrah:
Forza Milan !!!!
Boy PK
Boy PK:
Theo will become our best LB after captain Maldini
Aayush Srivastava
Aayush Srivastava:
4:42 awesome
Adriana Izaac Masella
Adriana Izaac Masella:
I love milan .. forza milan ..
reşit çanaklı
reşit çanaklı:
Çalhanoğlu 10👍 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Deddie Kurnia Trissanto
Deddie Kurnia Trissanto:
Sinister Jarl
Sinister Jarl:
*"Ho paura"* cit. Suma
Maryiabarekmado Rdhc
Maryiabarekmado Rdhc:
Milanitas flores adonara
Pietro Saccà
Pietro Saccà:
Una delle poche gioie per me in questa primissima parte di stagione! Infatti, oltre al Milan (che seguirò principalmente in Europa), sto seguendo una rivale “storica” dello Spezia, che è l’unica, ahimè, squadra ligure che gioca in Serie B: l’Entella Chiavari, squadra dove gioca l’ex capitano della Primavera Brescianini (per ora ha fatto qualche numero a centrocampo e niente di più). Infatti, al momento, ha ottenuto soltanto 1 punto (pari col Cosenza e sconfitta in casa con la Reggiana) in due partite e siamo agli ultimi posti in campionato con ZERO GOL FATTI! Mi auguro però che, alla fine della sosta delle nazionali, possiamo riprenderci subito e centrare la salvezza il prima possibile. Forza Milan e Entella! ⚫️🔴⚪️🔵😈🔱

P.S: mi auguro che a dicembre o gennaio ci possa essere Milan-Entella in Coppa Italia, anche se, di fronte, ci saranno di mezzo due squadre molto forti come Pisa (a Chiavari) e una tra Torino e Lecce in trasferta. Teniamo le dita incrociate! 🤞🏼
Michele Guerra
Michele Guerra:
Ebbene, como molti di voi sapranno, io sono tifoso del Milan ( ma mi piace anche la roma)
Ho una domanda per voi:
Giochiamo bene o mal?
Che gioia vedere questo Milan e sentire un boato del pubblico ( anche se non un gran boato) al goal dei nostri
Rupak Midya
Rupak Midya :
. Leao/Zlatan
Calanoglou/ Diaz
Rebic/Hauge. Samu/Salesmakers
Bennacer/Tonali. Kessie/Krunic
Theo/Dalot Calabria/Conti
Romanogli/Gabbia Kjaer/Duarte
Just imagine if R.rodrigoze back to Milan....
Questo succede a intervistare Montolivo, esce in ritardo!
Prabal Bhardwaj
Prabal Bhardwaj:
nobody talking about 1:48 it is so good