HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Wolves (1-2) | Premier League

We suffered another damaging defeat at the Emirates, despite scoring our first Premier League goal from open play in six games.

The two sides went into the game with identical scoring records - just nine goals conceded and ten conceded each from the opening nine games - but despite that both teams showed plenty of attacking intent in the opening few minutes.

But all of that momentum was lost following a horrific looking clash of heads between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez as we attacked a corner. After a stoppage of some 10 minutes, David Luiz was bandaged up and carried on, while Jimenez was stretchered off the pitch.

Not surprisingly the game took a while to get going again. The game slowed down and we were punished for a lack of urgency when Wolves took the lead. Leander Dendoncker thumped a header against the bar but Pedro Neto was in the right place to squeeze in the rebound.

The goal served to wake us up. Just three minutes later Willian sent in a teasing cross from the right and his compatriot Gabriel rose highest to direct a powerful header past Rui Patricio.

The game had opened up and Wolves retook the lead through Daniel Podence. Bernd Leno spilt a deflected shot from Neto and Podence was first to pounce on the loose ball.

Rob Holding replaced David Luiz at half-time, who was still clearly feeling the effects of the early collision.

We were struggling to put any pace in to our attacks, and also looked vulnerable whenever Wolves broke forward.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was receiving limited service, but created a chance for himself when he stole the ball off Patricio's toes outside the area. The keeper scrambled back to push away Aubameyang's low shot however.

Substitute Reiss Nelson then shot over when well-placed while Aubameyang headed wide from a deep Bellerin cross.

But despite putting the visitors under more pressure in the final 15 minutes, we fell to a third successive league defeat at home.

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Deliver Us From Levi
Deliver Us From Levi:
How generous of Arsenal to post other EPL teams’ highlights on its Youtube channel for weeks now.
Anup P
Anup P:
After contract extension Auba is on fire this season, he has scored 60 goals in training!
They call themselves the "GUNNERS" because they are always shooting their fans to death with their stupid games😡
Hendi Bird Home
Hendi Bird Home:
arsenal butuh oziel.
Arsenal never fail to disappoint
Lost to Leicester, Aston Villa and Wolves at home this club is beyond finished
Sir Truth
Sir Truth:
This dark period continues.
At this rate, there’s gonna be empty seats when there’s only 2000 available
Might as well just play all academy players at this point. Atleast we can say we use our second team when we lose.
Disappointed I’m honestly tired
Thank You Arsenal
Thank You Arsenal:
Arteta is low key a genius if you think about it, he wants us to go down so we can win our first title in a minute
Van Ngoc Nguyen
Van Ngoc Nguyen:
Giving 3 points to everyone. Christmas to everyone from 4rsenal (oh wait, not even 4 anymore).
At least we're breaking records
Agent E
Agent E:
90% of the players are worthless at this point...
Fuad el arabi
Fuad el arabi:
We were outclassed by leeds...Aston Villa and wolves....i thought we moved to the Emirates to compete with Europes Elite..this club is in decline man.
Wenger is still alive... Cmon bring him back before its too late
Only Leno, Gabriel, Saka, and Tierney are entitled to take their wages
Donald C
Donald C:
Hoping Luiz and Jiminez will be okay
Are we gonna pretend that we are not worried for our next match against tottenham
Life Of Pari
Life Of Pari:
Watch them lose against Tottenham now
umar az
umar az:
supporting arsenal at difficult pandemic time like now is not a wise choice for mental health
Big Lee
Big Lee:
I’m losing my love for this club. Ten years still the same rubbish. This club is run by conmen
Gunners 1
Gunners 1:
Why do i have to put with xhaka playing the ball backwards every single game this game man😢 only gabriel showing passion tough times ahead spurs next week
Amilia Tjandra
Amilia Tjandra:
Last goal. Adama just sleep in mid and watching goals like a boss .
bang regar
bang regar:
Maybe the time has come for us to sing "we lose every week2...you're nothing special..we lose every week"
Arsenal fighting for relegation. Hope they get the EFL championship title they deserve!
Know I trust the process, he wants us to get relegated then we can win in the lower division 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J G:
uhm, wait a second...
Syaiful Rizki
Syaiful Rizki:
Arsenal then : Gilberto & Vieira

Arsenal now : Xhaka & Elneny

Shueyb Sahidd
Shueyb Sahidd:
I remember Arsene saying even if i go the problem will be the same, i can see now he was right
Ellis Reid
Ellis Reid:
Why tf would we wanna see the highlights
Sitaki nongwa
Sitaki nongwa:
For How long has Granit xhaka stayed at arsenal and still does the same mistakes.
I think its the high time he watched his steps.
Surda Tarjuk
Surda Tarjuk:
In the past, Arsenal was saved by Arsene Wenger despite the poor management of the club from Kroenke and Management.
Now nobody saves Arsenal with a crummy Kroenke and Management.
I’ve never felt so disinterested in this club as I do now... I have the same mindset as Auba, Xhaka and Willian. Just, cba.
Viet Anh Nguyen Dương
Viet Anh Nguyen Dương:
It is just like when we had Mr Good Ebening...
Anitoku WIB
Anitoku WIB:
ozil not playing, so who the scape goat?
Midi Jos
Midi Jos:
whddnjs wjs
whddnjs wjs:
Man Wenger would be beyond pissed off by now, this club is bad for his health
Arsene Willo
Arsene Willo:
Who actually is sick of this team...
Sabil Mseee
Sabil Mseee:
so don't cross out Mesut Ozil, that's karma, now Arsenal are looking bad
SeiWeng Yap
SeiWeng Yap:
Sometimes really wonder what kinda physio/medical team at Arsenal that makes every recovery took like forever. Martinelli in one case, and then Partey too whom supposed to be some kinda beast and then suddenly have to be tame in the rehab. Medical team at Arsenal have to be thoroughly investigated for fraudulent.
alan didipu
alan didipu:
Eat That Karma. No creation on midfielder. The ball Just turn around on backside. No Ozil no Party.
So we are going to act like we are not worried abt getting relegated and our next match against Tottenham
Jennus Titus
Jennus Titus:
Sunday Morning Routine:
Get coffee
Proceed to watch my team get destroyed and not even try
Feel dejected the whole afternoon and the rest of the week
Dimitris k
Dimitris k:
I am really disappointed by this team's last years... We need our great arsenal back! Gunners are not dead!

P. S. Look at the speed and passion of podence this man is a beast!
Aj Fadol
Aj Fadol:
I'm big Arsenal fans but after what coach did with ozil I hope he finish the season at the bottom of the title
Awais Ali
Awais Ali:
This is what happens when you practice with nerf guns for a football match 🍀
If Viera or Adams were to play in this arsenal side, more than half of our players wouldn't be playing for this football club. No fight, no enthusiasm, no bottle. Absolute shambles.
bring back ozil please! no creativity in the team
Man!! Traore absolutely killed it today
6 games, 1 penalty goal, 1 goal from defender.. you know how critical the team now..
oluwaseyi subair
oluwaseyi subair:
Spineless team, always back and sideways.
Rude Boy
Rude Boy:
kroenke OUT!!! NOW!!
Midi Jos
Midi Jos:
I am disappointed because the arsenal always loses😓
Irwandi Pasaman
Irwandi Pasaman:
Save Oziel!
J.G.P Channel Official
J.G.P Channel Official:
Arsenal could be Relegated under Arteta. Arteta has broke many records give a win for an opponents that never win in Arsenal Home for the last 40 years
Hercules 369
Hercules 369:
The way they are playing looks like they're gonna qualify for europa league..sometime in 10 years or so..
Kajian Sunnah
Kajian Sunnah:
Usually ozil will be scape goat. Now who the scape goat? 😅
as a totteham fan, thank the admins for uploading the video. really enjoying it
Ochieng Juma
Ochieng Juma:
Aubamayang please just walk away please, it was nice meeting you.
Meanwhile just watch the invisibles play and you'll know what I mean man, you're just not good enough! And take your manager with you!
This club makes me happy thank you Arsenal
dan _oshea7
dan _oshea7:
Your really posting this at 12am😂
joy jim
joy jim:
Whoever needs 3 points please visit arsenal at home 😆
“Highlights” rofl
Henry Jones
Henry Jones:
Do we really need to say this every week a loss is not highlights
I miss the beautiful, fluid football I fell in love with that made me a fan from the first day I saw the team play. The only team that could compete with our style of play was Barcelona. I miss Arsenal FC's expression of art on the field. It seems like a long time ago. I don't know what's wrong I can only speculate, but I want that Arsenal back!!!!
Prashan Goneea
Prashan Goneea:
That podence goal is lit!
amir manchester united fan
amir manchester united fan:
I used ro laugh at arsenal when they lost before becuse i am a man u fan and just like man u is expected fo them to lose now and i feel sorry for arsenal!!this is where man u and arsenal are at now!!😔
Naoe Animeart
Naoe Animeart:
Karma after remove ozil from the squad. Its will keep on going.
I remember that every gunners fan were firing Wenger because of 4th places couple of times. Now you can just dream about it ;)
It just feels so hopeless. I’m struggling to see any way forward.
doliio volay
doliio volay:
I’m losing my love for this club. Ten years still the same rubbish. This club is run by conmen
진짜 왜그러냐....
Ramdhan Febryant
Ramdhan Febryant:
yes finally we lose against
Zaraki Ahmad
Zaraki Ahmad:
seems many miss ozil creativity..ahahahha..the one and only who gives creativity to my ex team..im.with ozil..
Simply D
Simply D:
Why even show “highlights” when we’re poxy shite
Karim Graham
Karim Graham:
🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂im loving this
olo n.
olo n.:
Shambles all over the pitch
Salam just talk ✊
Bazuu Snr
Bazuu Snr:
Loosing at home💔
Mike Fossatti
Mike Fossatti:
Jiménez... I’m praying 🙏🏼 for you.
Let Ozil Back to the Squad
Mubi show
Mubi show:
Rep arsenal Arteta mast go. Ozil mass come back 🔙
GoonSArmoury GSA
GoonSArmoury GSA:
Its all good making behind the scenes footage of players scoring and laughing but it starts looking like they are bringing their jokes onto the field.
The Zanzibarbarian
The Zanzibarbarian:
1966 I started to support Arsenal. This is by far the most slow, dull and ponderous team I've seen. Even in the George Graham "One Nil to the Arsenal" era, we were more exciting. And we won a league title too.
We needed to "De-Wenger" the Arsenal team. Now we have to "De-Arteta" the Arsenal team.
Averaging just 9 attempts on goal per game? One every 10 minutes?
And we never look like scoring, but we always look like conceding.
Afiat Atmaja
Afiat Atmaja:
Arteta masterclass you know
Claudia Augustin
Claudia Augustin:
Salute to those who Wanted wanted Wenger out
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan:
The audacity to upload this 😂
Bình Nguyễn
Bình Nguyễn:
Wellcome back wenger, please!
Emeka Duru
Emeka Duru:
See them giving points away now, when the league remain 10 matches to go, then you see them puting in fire brigade approach chasing and thinking they can achieve top 6 position and then fail. Mtcheew
saad kasu
saad kasu:
When is it going to end Robbie !?
Tik Tok Memes
Tik Tok Memes:
Arsenal just upload losses in their videos now
W M:
Это Пиздец, Пацаны👍😭
Wamorena Mhlanga
Wamorena Mhlanga:
Pain. Honestly just pain.
We try back our players week in week out. I don’t know if the players are hurt but we as fans are extremely hurt and disappointed. We have a beautiful stadium in a beautiful city and some beautiful kits, and we buy them, all we ask are for some good results and good football but seems we as fans can’t even get that. Pain.
Daniel Eduardo De la cruz rosales
Daniel Eduardo De la cruz rosales:
Pobre el Raúl Jiménez este bien de salud 🙏
Dudy Rahman
Dudy Rahman:
What happen in this club??? Why ignore ozil? Arsenal will be mediocre club..yes arsenal is a medocre club.
Aditya Eka Wijaya
Aditya Eka Wijaya:
All player arsenal out n arteta out, lol team, delete arsenal from epl :D
SeiWeng Yap
SeiWeng Yap:
This seems like a cursed stadium more than a fortress. When Reiss Nelson came on, his passes has more velocity and direct towards the penalty boxes. It makes the opponent's box abit shaky. We should experiment on these kinda passes and makes it a balance. I think the missing puzzle is still on the RB coz it becomes more and more predictable with Bellerin.