Highlights: Atlético v Bayern - UEFA Champions League 2015/16

See how Atlético beat Bayern in the semi-finals of the 2016 UEFA Champions League.

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After knocking out barca and bayern, it's so sad that they lost the final
Light 106 year
Light 106 year:
Atleticos big chance was 2014 , they had La Liga , momentum and Diego Costa
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
I edited the comment so none of the replies make sense.
John Chakkour
John Chakkour:
What a great match. Saul's goal was amazing.
Ilovebeans _
Ilovebeans _:
Who’s here after they knocked out Liverpool?
Michel Seibriger
Michel Seibriger:
The second leg has been Bayern's best performance under Guardiola against a top team, ever. Crazy to see how one individual mistake can turn the table entirely, Atlético had almost no goal-scoring opportunities in this match and Bayern were completely dominating. Heartbreaking match to watch for a Bayern fan (then again, it was Guardiola who chose a horrible line-up for the first leg, so it's also partially his fault)
Barcelona, Bayern, then Real Madrid ... you can't blame Athletico for not beating them all
Muhammad Rusdi Faisal
Muhammad Rusdi Faisal:
Atletico Characteristic :

Win 1-0 at home, and then score the away goal in the second leg.

Barcelona, Bayern, Liverpool have known how it feels like
Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67
Mensch gebliebener Sterbehelfer67:
I remember Simeone saying that Bayern in the second leg was the strongest team he ever played against.
Xhuljo Hoxholli
Xhuljo Hoxholli:
Muller should let xabi alonso doing that penalty
Bhuto Chakrabarti
Bhuto Chakrabarti:
Instead of real , atletico deserved it more
Homie Agha
Homie Agha:
One thing I have always noticed in Guardiola gameplay is that he Always concedes Goals On Counter attack Always + Most of these counter attacking Goals are conceded In critical Stages
Barca vs Chelsea SF 2011
This Match
City vs Tottenham 2019
Plays countless of El classico and stuff
He needs to start working on how to Reduce these counter attacks
Joshua Kimmich #BayernBeast
Joshua Kimmich #BayernBeast:
As much as this hurt I say Atletico deserved to win it all that year. Damn shame UEFAdrid had to screw them over.
Marc Dorsch
Marc Dorsch:
best match 15/16
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef:
Griezman 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷💪
jhon seth
jhon seth:
When griezman was so happy playing soccer really
Pandab Sahoo
Pandab Sahoo:
Saul niguez is amazing
Esteban Orta
Esteban Orta:
bro I’m actually mad now, this should’ve been our year to win the final but of course it’s Real Madrid and we all know how that goes 😂
Pier Interista
Pier Interista:
Love this Stadium from an Inter fan... love atletico fans and atletico dna 😍😍😍 greatest club in spain for me
Pewdiepie's Chair
Pewdiepie's Chair:
I still cry...
Ehtiram Ali
Ehtiram Ali:
Atletico Madrid ❤
sammy ham
sammy ham:
Bayern was the best team in europe but no luck !
Miran Saber
Miran Saber:
Atlético ❤️❤️
guy on internet
guy on internet:
2020: Bayern 8-2 Bayern
Im an Atletico madrid
Bayern is the best 👊
Sajid Aziz
Sajid Aziz:
YouTube decided to recommend me this after 4-0 thrashing lol.
Vignesh Bhargava
Vignesh Bhargava:
I dare say, 2 minutes more and Atletico were packing their bags
Du De
Du De:
After bayern beat atletico by 4 goals
GreenUpBih -_-
GreenUpBih -_-:
Who’s here after griezmann signed for barcelona
MUHAMMAD Ahmad Khan:
This match reminds me of Spain vs Germany. Atletico Madrid from Spain and Bayren Munich from Germany. A tough battle between two teams
Atletico <3
One of my favorite matches of all time
Emma Nilsson
Emma Nilsson:
Grizi 😍😘
Local Corner Shop Bossman
Local Corner Shop Bossman:
So close :(
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales:
Atlético vs liverpool 2020 4-2
Balázs Malik
Balázs Malik:
Griezmann power!
Omar Abdelwahed
Omar Abdelwahed:
Vamos Atleti
The Mean Zone
The Mean Zone:
I remember how torres cried at the final damn the only time he was close to his liverpool prime moments.
Aldrin Benny
Aldrin Benny:
How many of u are here after knowing that atleti will face bayern in 20/21 UCL group stage
Iconic Production
Iconic Production:
Again these two teams are meeting in groups
Who will win ???
2014-Bayern beaten by Real In Semi Final
2015-Bayern beaten by barca in Semi Final
2016-Bayern beaten by Atletico in Semi Final
King Santi
King Santi:
whos here after bayern vs atletico champions league 2020
Siabdelkader Fouad
Siabdelkader Fouad:
I'm a Real madrid fan but Atletico deserved very much the ucl this year because he win Fc Barcelone in quarter final and Bayern Munich in semi final
Willie. J
Willie. J:
pep guardiola one of the best coach in the world
Atlético is such a underrated team in Europe, it’s almost disrespectful!!!
Talib Stark
Talib Stark:
Atlantico Madrid afraid of only one man Cristiano Ronaldo 😎😎
Juventus vs Atletico Madrid
3-0 🤣🤣🤣
Hassan Fayad
Hassan Fayad:
Atletico so close yet so far
german king
german king:
Atletico deserved to go to the final....but griezmann was defenetly offside
The next MVP
The next MVP:
Who is here after beating Liverpool
Who's here after Bayern were drawn against Atletico in the group stage of UCL 2020-21?
Guilherme Almeida
Guilherme Almeida:
i like how this amazings lewa's and griez's seasons make CR7 the goat.
game zone
game zone:
KuShal Weebs 쿠샬 쿠말
KuShal Weebs 쿠샬 쿠말:
Into my youtube recommendation,wow😱
Royal Legends
Royal Legends:
If griezmann takes the penalty he can sccore.
Vaibhav Biyani
Vaibhav Biyani:
Tells you how hard it is to take a penalty kick under tremendous pressure.
Bruh... Whatever your team, You only need Ronaldo for kick ATM in UCL 🤣
Stevy Jener
Stevy Jener:
Pep thinking : now I go to Manchester 😁
here after bayern trashed atletico madrid 4-0 anyone ?
Mr. Isco 22
Mr. Isco 22:
another Fraudula's disasterclass
Love this series of videos!
Its nothing, we are use to heartbreak unlike others who turn on their team based off a bad couple of games.
Samip Pradhan
Samip Pradhan:
Back when Griezmann was worldclass
fuat celik
fuat celik:
Cüneyt Çakır Turkey
Fat Li
Fat Li:
And then they lost :D
Hafidzine Haque Fauzi
Hafidzine Haque Fauzi:
One of the best, highly tense, high shock value Champions League Semi Final Match I've ever watched.
Renjith Chandran
Renjith Chandran:
this is being recommended to me because bayern defeated atleti 4-0 ,:( ( i am an atleti fan)
Emon Deori
Emon Deori:
Anyone here after Bayern trashed them 4-0
Que momento tan increíble 👌
Razi Salahudheen
Razi Salahudheen:
Who’s here after Atletico drawn with Bayern in the group stage
KOA ESports
KOA ESports:
Here after 8/2 🤤🤤❤
Arnab Pal
Arnab Pal:
Saul still after 4 years scored against Liverpool and it was 1-0 that night too at Madrid
sammy ham
sammy ham:
We all know Bayern was superior !
Perween Khatoon
Perween Khatoon:
abdullah efe YILDIZ
abdullah efe YILDIZ:
Bar celona
Bar celona:
i wanna know this bgm
Оралбек Қабдолов
Оралбек Қабдолов:
2016:Griezmann focused on football
2020:Griezmann karatist
Se wan Kim
Se wan Kim:
I never forgot this match , this season !
The magnificent mr guardiola
Thomasshole muller
Mubarack Ibraheem
Mubarack Ibraheem:
Lmao, why spanish sides do guardiola like that!
Saul's goal was a one man army goal
BMW Performance
BMW Performance:
Guardiola don't want the Champions League 😂😂😂😂 What a joke... 🤣🤣🤣
Mostafa DZ
Mostafa DZ:
this match put in depression for 2 days
Sual's goal was a one man army goal
Siabdelkader Fouad
Siabdelkader Fouad:
Saul Niguez humiliated hinself the Bayern Munich squad
Jasjeet Singh
Jasjeet Singh:
Saul's goal was so gorgeous 💗💗🔥🔥 🔥....
U can see only Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals like that..
And after that comes Antoine Greazmann.. with a lovely 💗💗🔥🔥finish that kept the hopes of Atletico alive..These two glorious goals are my favorite 💗💗
Ah yes, the comic sans atletico... what a squad tho
Andre heiko
Andre heiko:
best club atletico madrid Fans BARCELONA♥️💙
K Cheweiky
K Cheweiky:
Who's here after bayern won 4-0?
Kevin Abstract
Kevin Abstract:
Atlético 2 Liverpool 1
İspan İspanyali
İspan İspanyali:
Atletico Madrid Cenpions liga 👍🏻👍🏻
PUBG Fun and Tamil
PUBG Fun and Tamil:
U can’t never win against Real Madrid in penalty shootout
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia:
buen partido
Person from 2020 here - Bayern vs Atletico as first match in UCL group stage ought to be interesting.

Edit: never mind.
kimani Thomas
kimani Thomas:
That's what I call a counter attack
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl:
Anybody here after joa fèlix joined atleti???? I hope 🤞 he gets to a point in his career where he will play in the UCL finals
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl
atletico Madrid never gives up in the Ucl:
Anybody here after joa fèlix joined atleti???? I hope 🤞 he gets to a point in his career where he will play in the UCL finals
Gracias por mucho Grizzi