Gerard Piqué, Rey Manaj, and debutant Memphis score the goals in the second pre-season friendly at the Estadi Johan Cruyff

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This game shows Memphis can play in the Barca style hopefully he gains a lot more confidence in the Barca shirt
Sanyam Malhan
Sanyam Malhan:
Pjaniç is so underrated. He plays phenomenally.
Vichu S
Vichu S:
Griezmann is back in good form after euros he is having great confidence he just need time. He should stay at barca ❤️
Gerard Piqué's goal was the funniest😂
well played Barca🔥
Son Goku
Son Goku:
Griezmann's attitude and affection towards this club is top notch I hope we find a way to keep him at the club along with Messi
and for some reason I have a feeling that this season might be his most successful season with barca fingers crossed
Einfach Sanjay
Einfach Sanjay:
Antoine was positive as possible today ❤️ with Memphis
•Visca Barça
•Visca Barça:
Great performance 👏👏

Força Barçaaaa 💙❤💙❤
Ezequiel Medina
Ezequiel Medina:
Lindo Debut ❤💙
Lokesh Reddy
Lokesh Reddy:
pjanic was outstanding.he needs game time to prove his talent.
Rice is nice
Rice is nice:
I really liked pjanic and griezmann in here, it kinda changed my point of view cause before i think selling them was the best option. And great first game from depay, really hyping me up for the new season
I can already see the assists from Messi to depay 🤩🤩🤩
Apah s
Apah s:
love to see griezmann and depay chemistry
Memphis is going to have a great season at Barça. Killer debut performance 🔥
Great perfomance Rey manaj , Memphis Depay❤️
Chirag Gera
Chirag Gera:
Pjanic man! 🔥
He deserves more time definitely 💯
Isaac Jiménez
Isaac Jiménez:
I know that pjanic probably will go out but this was such a great performance.
Krishna prasad Samanta
Krishna prasad Samanta:
Griezmann is looking very dangerous after Euros . He should stay, really he is very important player for Barca.
Souvik Das
Souvik Das:
I'm impressed to see how we create opportunities in played with "b" team
Forca Barca 😘
John Tenkorang
John Tenkorang:
Memphis will really really help a lot!!! Damn with those skill moves to beat defenders massive!!!! And heyyy Grizzy also as usual contributed a lot!!!!!
Força Barçaaaa 💙❤💙❤💪
MichaelShelby  ♪
MichaelShelby ♪:
What a great game Griezmann and Memphis did 🔥
Crazy Remix
Crazy Remix:
Balde,Pjanic,Memphis,Griezman,Rey Manaj were exceptional Yesterday.Lenglet gave a descent performance,Dejong is the same from previous season excellent, Pique is not upto the level.Yusuf Demir needs time, Riqui played well,after 60 th minute our game was exceptional. Hope fully waiting for Messi.....❤❤❤💙💙
Amith & Amar VlogZ
Amith & Amar VlogZ:
I don't see Pjanic much in Laliga,What a Wonderful player🔥
Amith & Amar VlogZ
Amith & Amar VlogZ:
Messi,Depay,Griezmann on La Liga🔥
aswer huio
aswer huio:
What a great performance Memphis!
Hamza Sohail
Hamza Sohail:
what a freekick by pjanic . i dont understand why koeman dont like him.
Just can't describe how much I love Griezmann ❤💙
Neerav D
Neerav D:
Griez and Puig always smiling ❤️👍🏼
JSL soccer
JSL soccer:
Memphis made his debut today and even scored, he was incredible
It Pennywise 666
It Pennywise 666:
Força Barçaaaaaaaa💙❤💙❤💪
Liban cious
Liban cious:
No one :
Literally no one :
Griezman this whole video : 👍🏻😁
Rick Jelier
Rick Jelier:
Memphis looking strong already!! Can't wait on what's to come
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi:
Visca Barça ❤️
Vamos Memphis 😍
Otis Whitton
Otis Whitton:
Happy to see Memphis do well. Twin and I bought a Man United shirt of him that we still wear to this day. Just because you don't work at one club doesn't mean you can't thrive elsewhere. He has proven this. Onwards and upwards. Good luck with Barca
Mrr Suckib
Mrr Suckib:
Pjanic is just what Barca needs 🔥
Barca Variety
Barca Variety:
Memphis Depay is off the mark at Barcelona! 🔥🦁
Ibrahim Al Ghazi
Ibrahim Al Ghazi:
Pjanic through-pass is so good, idk why Koeman doesn't like him
para adapted
para adapted:
Balde was insane 👏👏 Put him in the first team man..
Dr4ckblack games
Dr4ckblack games:
2:13 eso iba a ser un GOLAZO 🔥
Arka Banerjee
Arka Banerjee:
Pjanic showed his class.. may be we have pedei, de Jong, bustques in midfield but he is also not negligible.. he deserves more game time.
Faizal Amir Bashiira
Faizal Amir Bashiira:
It feels like Griezmann finds his match in Barca with the arrival of Depay
What a great performance Memphis!
Ali Zand
Ali Zand:
I can't imagine Barcelona without Lionel Messi😢😢❤️💙
Raúl Quiroga
Raúl Quiroga:
El mejor debut del equipo en mucho tiempo,me alegro de tenerlo en mi equipo,sin duda es un grandísimo jugador y en esta liga podra desmostrar su magnífica calidad
That last penalty is insane! 😱
Rusty Raicavu
Rusty Raicavu:
I have a good feeling abt this 🙌 Messi, Aguero,Depay and Griezman! This team is fire🔥
Augustine Varghese
Augustine Varghese:
Barca attack seems promising even without messi and aguero❤️
But still the defence is kind of same shit,too much chances got for a team like girona🤦,the defense lack speed and physique 🙌🙂
Praise Javachava
Praise Javachava:
The Girona shot that hit the post though🔥🔥🔥
swathi vachaspati
swathi vachaspati:
3:02 to 3:6 was also insane
Barca invencible en cada partido espero que Messi regrese🙁😎
How to Digital
How to Digital:
Great performance from Memphis 🔥
Moch Jevri Suhardi
Moch Jevri Suhardi:
PJANIC IS MAESTRO. GIVE HIM TIME TO SHOW HIS MAGIC. Koeman need give rotation to busy, pedri, de jong.
kishan kapil
kishan kapil:
Great performance from Miralem Pjanić👏
bowen voowy
bowen voowy:
Pjanic man! 🔥 He deserves more time definitely 💯
Adawè Abdullahi10
Adawè Abdullahi10:
Força barça 💙❤
Tobe act
Tobe act:
My God! Depay is fast, smart, patient and agile, Messi with depay will be a brutal connection
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
Great perfomance Rey manaj , Memphis Depay❤️
Great perfomance Rey manaj , Memphis Depay❤️
Prithwish Maiti
Prithwish Maiti:
I want to see Aguero, Messi, Depay, Griezmann together.
Grizeman,de Jong and Memphis share a great bond ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Balde, griezman, Memphis, and gavie was outstanding today
Já quero esse manto slk 🔥
Anders M.
Anders M.:
Puig always involved in goals 🔴🔵
2:14 it was a great shot from girona 💥💥💥👏👏👏
Pjaniç is so underrated. He plays phenomenally.
A B:
The sound of the ball hitting the post is just🔥🔥
Harith Danial
Harith Danial:
What an attacking team Barca have for this new season Memphis Messi Griezman 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tech Adaa
Tech Adaa:
2:10 what a shot that is 😱
Ally Brooke FanBoy
Ally Brooke FanBoy:
Memphis' goal 🔥
Radja Maulana
Radja Maulana:
Memphis is so SOLID. we love it 🔵🔴
Dylan Jose Florez Hernandez
Dylan Jose Florez Hernandez:
Griezmann, Memphis and Messi form a good trident
misolou fout
misolou fout:
Imagine Griezmann, Depay and Messi all playing together😍
Greizmann: 👍
His Performance was lit 🔥
As a United fan its good to see Memphis Ballin it up🔥
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
I just love how the youth came hugging pique
anmol aulakh
anmol aulakh:
Look at the connection between Memphis and Griezmann. Don't sell Griezmann.
3:49 Perfect penalty respect for Memphis
John Tenkorang
John Tenkorang:
Sometimes I just don’t want Messi to be there!!!! Look at how freely the players played especially Depay, Grizzy
Levv Sann
Levv Sann:
The goal of Memphis was very stronggg😭
Go Manaj! 4 goals in two matches!
Khaled Ben Ayed
Khaled Ben Ayed:
What a debute for Depay 🙌🦁
Rickie Boodoo
Rickie Boodoo:
Great performance by Memphis.
Agam Bori
Agam Bori:
Nobody will talk about Pjanic Freekick what a hit 🔥
Barca seemed to have a lot of fun in this game🔥🔥
Sumit Dey
Sumit Dey:
I saw a glimpse of depay and Griezmann combining. This Frenchman is born talent he connects with everyone so nicely. Hopefully we can see MGM this season
So are we all gonna ignore how amazing that kit looks😍
2:15 that shot⚡💀
Julio Lleshi
Julio Lleshi:
Good to see the youths playing very well
good person
good person:
That goal was very beautiful!!
Memphis love u
S Songire
S Songire:
That shot from Pjanic!!! Man still got it....deserves better....!
Shadz Unruly
Shadz Unruly:
Can I just say that Memphis was on fire yesterday, it reminded of when griezman first came and was missing his shots but he showed his quality on the pitch. Sergi roberto showed the roberto we know and love yesterday, pique still be one of the best defenders. Oouuu I'm excited for this season la liga cause barca players are really performing the barca b players showing that they sure as he'll can handle the pressure indeed.
arjun kanath
arjun kanath:
Yess grizi and depay were amazing😍 but lets also appreciate pjanic ,he was amazing too💯
Soonenter Adi
Soonenter Adi:
Pjanic should be given more chance 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥
2:14 that shot 😳
Blue Five
Blue Five:
Memphis looks strong and deadly. A pity Antione seems to be leaving as I'd love to see Messi, Memphis and Griezmann together.
Wow the whole team I know Laporta when he first ever joined I knew he had the spirit team and I hope if this continues this performance then the spirit that long long away gone is back Memphis was sooooo great only he needs to pass a bit more but that’s the only thing griezmann is a little bit coming back wow this whole team was great
Dorian Denny
Dorian Denny:
Can we talk about how good Pjanic was. What a player
onix maker
onix maker:
El mejor momento para el Fútbol Club Barcelona
Messi, Aguero, Memphis, Griezmann, Coutinho, Ansu, Dembele 🔥 😳
Griezmann - Depayyy 🔥 Damnn what a perfect duo 🔥🔥💙❤💪