A hat-trick from Rey Manaj and a goal from Alex Collado secure victory in the opening friendly at the Estadi Johan Cruyff.

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ER Barca
ER Barca:
KV Skill & Action
KV Skill & Action:
Demir , Puig in the 1st half was impressive and Balde showed some glimpses too. 2nd half it was Gavi, Collado & the star of the day Manaj.
Nina Jovićević
Nina Jovićević:
Demir, Balde and Riqui were the best today. I'm very suprised with the new guy Demir, he will be a great player. Balde is very good and he definitely need to play for the first team. Riqui again showed that he deserves to play more, hope that he will get more minutes this season.
Minh Anh
Minh Anh:
Victor Olmedo
Victor Olmedo:
Riqui puig deserves way more game time. What a half he had 🔥
lil crusher
lil crusher:
love demir style of play seems like he adapted so quickly
- *GOLES* -

BAR 1-0 GMN - Golazo de Rey Manaj: 2:03

BAR 2-0 GMN - Gol de Alex Collado: 3:17

BAR 3-0 GMN - Doblete de Manaj: 3:36

BAR 4-0 GMN - Hat-Trick de Manaj (P): 3:59
Syahmi Suhardie
Syahmi Suhardie:
My goodness, the amount of talent Barca has, I don’t think we even need to buy a midfielder... would love to see the likes of Balde, Demir, Collado, Hiroki Abe, Rey Manaj and Gavi given game time in the first team more often
I see Yusuf Demir has great potential to get into the first team
Mas minutos para Riqui Puig, aguante riqui 🔵🔴
grizi 7
grizi 7:
Puig, demir, collado, gavi, hiroki, ndiyae, balde, ramos mingo , manaj 🔥🔥
barca barca
barca barca:
Riqui Puig without a doubt showing his potential🔥
Karan Sadia
Karan Sadia:
Really hope Rey Manaj impresses more in the coming preseason games and ends up taking the no.9 shirt. Wow!
Lian David
Lian David:
Great start by the young stars, especially Gerard Pique.
Samanway Maji
Samanway Maji:
Oh man, that first goal from Rey Manaj!!! That was some finishing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The opposing teams keeper was actually really good ngl
infinity boy
infinity boy:
The goalie of the opposing team was SO good. Sign him for the youth team
Kevin Nuñez
Kevin Nuñez:
Shit, I love Hiroki Abe, keep going my man🔥
What a beginning to our pre season!!! Just looking forward to more such magic!!! Extremely good game from Manaj, Collado and the entire team 🤩
Earnest Nathan
Earnest Nathan:
This kit looks so good on the players ❤️
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell:
I was like “ Who is the 14!!!” Every time he had the ball. Gavi out of all impressed me the most and he is just 16 🤯.
No 11 hiroki abe , it's time we start talking about him 🔥
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
En hora buena muchachos, espectacular partido de los Jueveniles 🔥
re de rúcula
re de rúcula:
Riqui puig y pedri juntos!!! Por dios sería algo magnífico
Jhosman Urbina
Jhosman Urbina:
En hora buena muchachos, espectacular partido de los Jueveniles 🔥
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed:
Hopefully they can do this for the whole season and be one of the best teams in the world again
Okeke Samuel
Okeke Samuel:
I hope and pray we continue ❤️🙏 like this,vamooos Barca 🌘🥺
Kak Fey
Kak Fey:
That passes from Hiroki were good. Love to see more from him
Okanlomo SAL
Okanlomo SAL:
The young players are more secured and ready to play for the shirts and club.
Eddie Savio
Eddie Savio:
Balde was so so good... Look forward to seeing him
Daan Houben
Daan Houben:
Damn the opponent's goalkeeper is actually really good
Dr. Dab
Dr. Dab:
That #19 might give these other forwards on the first team a run for there money. Can't wait to see the squad
🔵🔴 Força Barça!Vamos Equip!🔵🔴
That assist by Hiroki Abe was absolute beauty ❤️
Ag Alfino
Ag Alfino:
I've seen a lot from Collado, no wonder he is the most worthy of them all for the captain's band.
Outstanding performance from Manaj, hope he would make it far
Swagatam Debnath
Swagatam Debnath:
That striker in the next half 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Incredible power and strength.
Collado seemed impressive too, but looked a bit stressed.
Demir, Puig, Balde - these three are easily ready to play in the main team.🔥🔥🔥
More minutes for riqui and I am excited for our young talents
New Session, New Hope! Let's Go Barca ❤️💙💛
TerrorBird FM
TerrorBird FM:
stunning performance by rey manaj, hope we can see him in the first team at some point
Mariov The God's man
Mariov The God's man:
I'm Happy For Heart's Club debut.I think that through all the season long,we're gonna register success and Happiness.
Ryan Fitts
Ryan Fitts:
This kit make my eyes spinning like I'm in roller coaster
Tanay Bhowmick
Tanay Bhowmick:
Riqui Puig was phenomenal 🔥😍❤️
Akshaan Mehra
Akshaan Mehra:
Riqui all the best for next season 💙❤️
Football Cinema 🎥
Football Cinema 🎥:
Yusuf Demir is a gem 💎 🇦🇹
el barça es mi vida amor de INDIA ❤️
Sergi Roberto jugando mejor que Dest como siempre. ♥
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony
Ranadeep Ghosh Rony:
Great victory. 💙❤️🔥
Daniel M. Eron
Daniel M. Eron:
All I need to know is that we have strong backups for our mains
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
*Força Barça 🔵🔴✌️🏆🇮🇶*
Agung Surya Bangsa
Agung Surya Bangsa:
When I watched the second half, the commentator said that the number 14 is a special player.

He's right. And the most exciting fact is that he's only 16 years old! What an introduction by Gavi.
Alberto Ruiz Martínez
Alberto Ruiz Martínez:
Porterazo del Nastic, mis repetos. Visça el Barça!!!❤💙❤💙
Salimovic 94
Salimovic 94:
We need music after the goal on the stadium pls 😭😭❤💙
എബാൻ റോബി
എബാൻ റോബി:
Even though they lost to 4-0 their goalie did some great saves
Margarita Lordos
Margarita Lordos:
The first goal was amazing.
Great start to the new season. FORCA BARCA ❤️💙
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Riqui again showed that he deserves to play more, hope that he get more minutes this season.
45 Sagnik Basu
45 Sagnik Basu:
Great start.... Let's move forward guys!! VISCA
Honestly, we need a striker… bring Manaj in for a game or two see how he does in first team
Eliú Cale Zelada Revilla
Eliú Cale Zelada Revilla:
Buen arquero el del Nástic, pero es una lastima que prácticamente no tenga defensas
9313 Mohanish
9313 Mohanish:
Balde was doing great runs
Samassa Habe
Samassa Habe:
Bravo à vous tous 🇲🇫💯
sreehari v
sreehari v:
Ok we are set waiting for the season to get started ❤️🔥
Sadiq Musbahu
Sadiq Musbahu:
Having Collado and Minaj in the first team give the fans hope of winning trophy this season.. up Barça, up Catalonia... Fan from Nigeria 🇳🇬
joe papi
joe papi:
Ricki and Pedri can be the new Xavi and Iniesta 🔥🔥🔥
Tshipata Ngoie
Tshipata Ngoie:
That sound the top post makes for the first goal🔥
Muh. David Bagus Rahendra
Muh. David Bagus Rahendra:
Amazing performance Ray Manaj
Abdiaziz Omar
Abdiaziz Omar:
Wow what a beginning this players are really good they got the confident and Strong too they got potential this team in the future they will be unbeatable I’m not gonna just watching them they will be really good froca Barca ❤️💙
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva:
Vamos Barça 😍🔵🔴🇧🇷
How did the opposition manage to convince prime lev yashin to play for them in a pre season friendly?
John Blessed
John Blessed:
A lot of our young players have good potential, the time to rejuvenate our first team with young talent is now. Visca El Barça 😃🔵🔴💪
Gustavo Saavedra
Gustavo Saavedra:
lo que juega riqui puig🔥💙❤️
Força Barça❤️💙
Frank Guwop
Frank Guwop:
Great show in both halves by the team. Standout players in the first half for me were RIQUI, DEMIR, & DEST. Second half Standout players NDIAYE(Was more impressive to me than Baldé) , HIROKI ABE, MANAJ ( a real out and out number 9🔥), GAVI, ALEX COLLADO... Generally i thought all the players involved did a good job. VISCA EL BARCA 💪🏾
X D:
Hay que darle más minutos a riqui puig, es un gran jugador
Ehbiel Quientero
Ehbiel Quientero:
We need this team on barca ❤️💙❤️💙❤️
Alfredo Barajas
Alfredo Barajas:
Tarragona GK in that first half… world class 👏🏼
I’ve seen few footballers as complete as Gavi at the infantile age of 16. There’s just something about the way he moves, it’s just a bit special!
Margarita Lordos
Margarita Lordos:
The Nàstic keeper pulled off some great saves.
Con ganas de ver al equipo empezar la liga❤️💙
Keino Gayle
Keino Gayle:
One of the key thing as a centre forward is to know where to be especially when crosses are about to be made... The 2 first goals show that this bro knows where to be... Impressive Manaj...
Hoping for the best season!Força Barça🔵🔴
Sikoya Robert
Sikoya Robert:
That goalkeeper though,amazing
Thato Moorosi
Thato Moorosi:
The kit is actually not that bad when you see them play in it
Ntsako Mathebula
Ntsako Mathebula:
Sergio Aguero and Memphis looked fantastic tonight, I smell 4 trophies this season, Ucl for sure
*Força Barça* 🔥🏆🔴🔵
محمد بنزاكور
محمد بنزاكور:
"""""" اَلـــلَّــــهْ يَـــرْزَقْ (💖 أُمَّــــــــكْ💖 )ْ الـــجَـــنَّــــةْ بَــــسْ اِشْــــــتَـــــرِكْ فِــــيِ قَـــــنَـــــاَتِــــــي 💞😢💖 مَــــاَ فِــــــــيِِ شِِــــيْءْ اَحْـــــــسَــــــنْ مِــــــنْ (💖 أُمَّــــــــــكْ💖)،.
ﺄﱟﺂسہۧتفہۧزﺄﱟﺂزي 'ۦۧ
ﺄﱟﺂسہۧتفہۧزﺄﱟﺂزي 'ۦۧ:
Força Barca ❤️🇮🇶✌️
Younis Khan
Younis Khan:
Barca start of the season very well💯🔥
Barcelona always produce fantastic players ⚽⚽⚽🔥🔥
Kev Ndungu
Kev Ndungu:
First goal had to make me rewind ten seconds back to replay it 🥵🥵
Pop Popsen
Pop Popsen:
Bring Alejandro balde to the First team, He gives Me goosebumps
Abcdefg abcdefg
Abcdefg abcdefg:
What a game from manaj
He deserve some minutes on first team to show himself
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke:
Força Barçaaaaaaaaa💙❤💙❤
Dawood Khwaja
Dawood Khwaja:
Someone who can score by chest needs to have a place in the first team
Egy Maulana rifki
Egy Maulana rifki:
Vamosss barca🔥🔥
Manaj successor Suarez's as an outstanding team player visca Barça❤💙👏👏
Baba Jah
Baba Jah:
Can we please appreciate the nastic goalkeeper for those saves
Melissa Capiro Mirabal
Melissa Capiro Mirabal:
Riqui, riqui, riqui ole riqui!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰
Barca 4 life!! My dream is to play on barca one time just like Messi😊