Highlights Cádiz CF vs FC Barcelona (2-1)

Cádiz CF beats FC Barcelona and won their first home win of the season at the Ramón de Carranza stadium. Álvaro Giménez and Negredo scored the goals of the Cadiz team #CádizBarça J12 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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100+ komentarze:

Alex Ronaldo
Alex Ronaldo:
So Cadiz can beat Real and Barca but not Osasuna

Thanks for the likes.
b mp
b mp:
First Madrid, now Barça. Go Cadiz!!
Joe Li
Joe Li:
Barca are mid-table worthy at best
Looks like CHADiz is at it again!

As an Atletico supporter, Cádiz have now become one of my favourite teams in La Liga.
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs:
What was that defender thinking?!? Making such a header toward your own goal?!? Wtf!
Damian Clark
Damian Clark:
Why they appointed Koeman still confuses me. It's like when Man Utd appointment David Moyes
El Roberto 2006
El Roberto 2006:
Ole el Cádiz. El próximo logro del Barcelona descender jajajaja
Miłosz Olszewski
Miłosz Olszewski:
Bravo Cadiz! This season, they impress with their effectiveness, commitment to the game and will to fight. Of course, there are also failures, but the team is overall very good.
Keep it up!👏💪🔥
lifty swifty
lifty swifty:
Truly out of my comfort zone seeing Barca look so bad
João Farias
João Farias:
De Jong: The right man in the wrong era.
Another great game for barcas back four
i find it ironic that the only game messi played good in this year, is the one after maradona died.. his motivation to play for barcelona has gone!!

and who’s to blame him?
Andrew Inim
Andrew Inim:
Barca and their calamitous defending
Rishi Chopra
Rishi Chopra:
Lenglet is such a mong. Mingueza has played like three games and is more worthy of the Barca shirt than him
Apex Beat
Apex Beat:
We are starting to lose patience in this Barcelona team...Substandard performances in la liga all the way.
Việt Kầy
Việt Kầy:
Cadiz is a big club killer, Lets gooooo CADÍZ
That coach looks like nuno espirito santo xd
Barca has literal clowns in defence
lol at de Jong's silly attempt
Believe Bobison
Believe Bobison:
The coach is bad
Who is with me
The 4-2-3-1 isn't working but he keeps using it🤦‍♂️
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
Cadiz is a big club killer, Lets gooooo CADÍZ
jimmy fashola
jimmy fashola:
Xavi/Iniesta the best footballing duo
Hikmet Haciyev
Hikmet Haciyev:
Go Barça!💙
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Leo played well. Hard loss though
Mr. Max
Mr. Max:
annag cocl
annag cocl:
The coach is bad Who is with me The 4-2-3-1 isn't working but he keeps using it🤦‍♂️
chiso nwangwu
chiso nwangwu:
Both teams were bored so had to score own goals...😀
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
Perfect video...thank you so much..
Granmichi Rd
Granmichi Rd:
El cadiz debe ser campeón .
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
OMG I love it so much?
Bashkim Sina
Bashkim Sina:
Peccato 😔.Spero di rivedere ancora il Barcellona di Guardiola.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou:
Great Video...cheers bud!!!?
Knight Rider 1982
Knight Rider 1982:
Andre Ter Stegen 🌟😂David vs. Goliath ⚽ Cadiz👍
Nvade Chino
Nvade Chino:
My old coach once said “Good defense wins games”
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
That coach looks like nuno espirito santo xd
Shinryu san
Shinryu san:
this game was ridiculous
GBtha G
GBtha G:
that 8-2 correction still HAUNTS barça.
Theodore Rwemera
Theodore Rwemera:
Une équipe incapable de gagner au moins un match a l'exterieur c'est une équipe morte...
Азамат Сулейменов
Азамат Сулейменов:
2 the most stupid mid defs, first: scores own goal, second: couldn't hold the ball
Damian Zimny
Damian Zimny:
Nowy trener konkretny!
Dano 18YT
Dano 18YT:
SoLo_kAne videos
SoLo_kAne videos:
ahaha, loosers
Андрей Михайлов
Андрей Михайлов:
Лошки путалонцы)))
altin younow
altin younow:
Put the oldies back to the bench or u can play them in the second half. When u have Messi, Couthino and the oldies u dont get the energy and the speed that they have. Look what happens when u put Messi on the bench. 4-0❤️💙Just saying keep Messi on the bench beacuse his life is about footbal so when he get on the pitch he is more aggresive in that way💙❤️Put him in the second half❤️💙
M R:
ანდრია და სანდრო ლაგაზაშვილები
ანდრია და სანდრო ლაგაზაშვილები:
Ivan Robert Fiser
Ivan Robert Fiser:
Felix Nöbauer
Felix Nöbauer:
hen ko
hen ko:
Wonderful video, my friend! Shine on!?
Duccio Carino
Duccio Carino:
Ki J
Ki J:
Alexander Mendoza Ortega
Alexander Mendoza Ortega:
The next coach Marcelino García toral will be wonderfull
Whole defense needs to go, that’s step 1.
Karen Farhad Sattari
Karen Farhad Sattari:
Negredo the 🐐
man vie
man vie:
Bring back gordo SUAREZ
Ottoman_ 68
Ottoman_ 68:
Wow Barca...
Имхотеп 77
Имхотеп 77:
ДНО 😂😂😂
Mário Carrancho
Mário Carrancho:
Messinalty, no penalty no goal.
Wil Vargas
Wil Vargas:
joga pouco essa equipe catalã
Isabell Laube
Isabell Laube:
Lalu Prateja
Lalu Prateja:
Barcelona with messi now is very monotonous. There is no dynamic, different with 2 previous game in ucl without him. Koeman should be brave to put him start from the bench.
Азамат Бидайшиев
Азамат Бидайшиев:
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
9' Álvaro Giménez Candela (1-0); 58' Pedro Alcalá Guirado (O.G. 1-1); 63' Álvaro Negredo Sánchez (2-1)
Iron Dong
Iron Dong:
Elena Roque Turiño
Elena Roque Turiño:
Que grande el Cádiz, menos mal q no nos ganan solo a nosotros
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
للأبد برشاوي 🇮🇶🏆
*Visça barça 🔵♥️*
أصلي ✌🏼 والباقي تقليد

Sammy Nunes
Sammy Nunes:
Daniele Pelagatti
Daniele Pelagatti:
Forza Juventus!!!
Sapio Sexual
Sapio Sexual:
Seeing Barcelona play how they are playing wanna make me put my soccer shoes on to play against (barca) would be epic to score a goal against the mighty ones.
T - ono
T - ono:
Tetap semangat ... Barcelona ...
fallou Galas Niang Mané
fallou Galas Niang Mané:
Đäňïëł Wäłķëř
Đäňïëł Wäłķëř:
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes:
Luckas heisenberg
Luckas heisenberg:
Арыстан Бату
Арыстан Бату:
Hahahahhhhhhahahaha barcelona
chding zuure
chding zuure:
De Jong: The right man in the wrong era.
Real Madrid vs Cadiz 1-2; Cadiz vs Barcelona 2-1; Atletico Madrid vs Cadiz 4-0!
Marko Prigorec
Marko Prigorec:
https://minepi.com/XxxxxMarkoXxxxx1993... Cod XxxxxMarkoXxxxx1993 Hvala 💪💪💪⛏️⛏️⛏️🔥🔥🔥
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
Cadiz is a big club killer, Lets gooooo CADÍZ
Saksham Bansal Class 9 C
Saksham Bansal Class 9 C:
Honestly messi was the player who played the best
See the full match
Геннадий Головкин
Геннадий Головкин:
Cuman out Cuman out
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia:
Cadiz The Yellow Warriors.

Cervera is the best master!
Dean's Life
Dean's Life:
Cadiz, I'd never even heard of them before. Credit to them, they are joint best in the league on home form. Not so good on their travels but the Cadiz ground is a fortress so far
Looks like one team's definitely not winning the league this year
Світлана Восінска
Світлана Восінска:
орууууууууууу Cuman out
Smith Will
Smith Will:
Gracias al madridista negredo
Resul Adyyew
Resul Adyyew:
Kuman Aut
they had 18% ball possession lol
Jonhatan Juarez
Jonhatan Juarez:
Lego Den
Lego Den:
Барселона просто ужасная
Edgar Garcia
Edgar Garcia:
Que disparate y que vergüenza 🤦‍♂️ un defensor, defendiendo del lado contrario un fichaje recién llegado
Nikita S
Nikita S:
У кого, сколько градусов на улице? У меня -9, а ощущается как -17 вечером. Сургут.
Fernando Maldonado
Fernando Maldonado:
Como me hubiera gustado ver jugar a Anthony Lozano