HIGHLIGHTS | Chelsea 2-1 Man City | Pulisic, De Bruyne, Willian

Frank Lampard's Chelsea handed the Premier League to Liverpool by defeating Man City at Stamford bridge. Goal from Pulisic and Willian were enough to beat Pep Guardiola's side with Kevin De Bruyne's wonder free kick not being enough. Fernandinho was sent off during the game.

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pananawe King
pananawe King:
So, KDB aimbot has been improving after quarantine.
Christian Michael Odame Darkwa
Christian Michael Odame Darkwa:
That burst of acceleration by Pulisic for the first goal was just amazing
raheem mcclashie
raheem mcclashie:
mendy is my favouite city player.. because i'm not a city fan.

he's like a mamadou sakho playing at left back.
I'm Raj
I'm Raj:
With Ziyech and Werner incoming..
Chelsea would be a beast next season.
Vishal Bhat
Vishal Bhat:
KDB is just brilliant, he is already a legend.

And I'm not even a City fan, I have so much respect for him, what a player
Captain America out here moving like he’s fighting thanos by himself.
free kicknya ngeri uga 🤪🤙
In Joon Jeong
In Joon Jeong:
0:55 Sterling could have passed
Janey Umbak
Janey Umbak:
Why man city loss the pl this season!
The answer is simple:
*no defense*
Sathvik Jami
Sathvik Jami:
is it me or has de bruynes freekicks gotten so much better after quarantine? They have been insane
10K subs without any video challenge
10K subs without any video challenge:
Congrats Liverpool on the title.
Well deserved!
From a heart broken mancity fan.
I hope we win the ucl before getting banned for 2 years!!!!
Moses Aghahowa
Moses Aghahowa:
0:17, Gundogan & Mendy... what were they thinking?
If I were the manager, I'll sub both of them immediately & they'll not make the bench in the next 5 games (min.)... wtf!
0:31 Christian said a naughty word
Gorilla UFC
Gorilla UFC:
De Bruyne - master of shoots and assist 👏🏻
Kiran Truter
Kiran Truter:
Suarez would be proud of that attempt from Fernandinho 🤣🤣🤣
kamel alg
kamel alg:
That's how the City lost the championship this season, a lot of misunderstanding and Lack of focusing moments :(
Zayn Mallik
Zayn Mallik:
Pulisic and Willian - The Liverpool legends 🤣
Darling Boy
Darling Boy:
Who else has apart from me has watched this highlights more than once
SiltyAthlete 196
SiltyAthlete 196:
00:30 anybody hear that👀👀
Douaa diy : all for girls
Douaa diy : all for girls:
So kdb and riyad mahrez and kyle walker are the only one who are playing a real football
City really needs to Ismail Ben Naser and to kolibally cuz the defenders are a big trash
Blakey Boy135
Blakey Boy135:
Liverpool was the ones who where really watching it
Luke da Silva
Luke da Silva:
KDB, what a player
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia:
Funny how years ago the title slipped up because of Chelsea.. now they’re the ones who handed Liverpool the title😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Jolan Elebaut
Jolan Elebaut:
Man city at this moment is the backpack on de bruyne's back
Look at pulisic pace omg
ألأنہيہقہ رآآقہۣۚۛۜصہۣۚۛۜ عہۣۚۛۜہۣۚۛۜلہۣۚۛۜىہۣۚۛۜ سہۣۚۛۜہۣۚۛۜطہۣۚۛۜح
ألأنہيہقہ رآآقہۣۚۛۜصہۣۚۛۜ عہۣۚۛۜہۣۚۛۜلہۣۚۛۜىہۣۚۛۜ سہۣۚۛۜہۣۚۛۜطہۣۚۛۜح:
sterling and mendy poor players
kdb is the dinamo of the team
this seasdon of citizens i just say a very important thing pep choises was very bad for ex klopp play all matches with the same team who win many matches
and finally i hope that managers of team find greats lb and cb players cause of fernandinho laporté very bad at defense and very slow They cannot, for example, confront a player quickly like adama salah vardy son ...
the special thing in city this season is Mahrez .Kdb.and aguero
I know I talked a lot, but it is the truth
i hope that pep be treated this mistakes Before the Real Madrid match in the Champions League
peace & respect from algeria
Daniel Adoku
Daniel Adoku:
Sterling =overrated
Frank lampard : Wait a minute stivi G I'll give you a champion
Stevan gerrad : okay thanks for you help
Yosua Dendi
Yosua Dendi:
Man of the match: Benjamin mendy
Vijay Meena
Vijay Meena:
Pulisic is finally finding his feet in pl👌 feels like he might even outdo hazard in a few seasons
Derend Zain
Derend Zain:
Liverpool : "I'm ready put my trophy"
Hello There
Hello There:
Watching City defenders is like watching slow mo replay
Demilade Durotoye
Demilade Durotoye:
The thumbnail makes the situation so much funnier🤣🤣🤣
Ensar Blackbird
Ensar Blackbird:
1:28. I think this position was penalty. Because Manchester City's footballer's left hand was open.
Rishi - Gaming Clips
Rishi - Gaming Clips:
is no one gonna talk about otamendi just standing there, watching and not doing anything?
King Savage
King Savage:
Kyle Walker is so rapid, but Pulisic needs to put more mustard on that shot!
Glenn Mandagi
Glenn Mandagi:
Champions Of England❤🔴
Sai Pawiroredjo
Sai Pawiroredjo:
I sad every time that City have the best players,but the line up in the first half is always the problems.City need to score.Three season Pep try to experiment City...Power City..
karim boss
karim boss:
0:57 Zig the interview
Eng-Abdi aziz Farah
Eng-Abdi aziz Farah:
You will never walk Alone
Every time Pep played Sterling upfront, we lost. When I saw the starting lineup before the match, I knew we wouldn't get a good result. And Mendy needs to go, I'm sorry.
Tactical Fifa
Tactical Fifa:
We will come strong next season
Rizaldy Parera
Rizaldy Parera:
•NikS• Great
•NikS• Great:
0:16 Mendy's through ball 🤣🤣
Daniel Eli
Daniel Eli:
Prepare to do the guard of honor :) #YNWA
De bruyne como to Liverpool 🤤
Shubham Rick banerjee
Shubham Rick banerjee:
Sterling playing in front ....are you kidding me....
whatever kdb is brilliant as always....
City needs to work on their defence..
Mohamed Sarhan
Mohamed Sarhan:
Man city were more like arsenal yesterday🤣🤣
Aufa Zahran
Aufa Zahran:
Keep spirit!! Come onnn cityyy!!
Eric Onzere
Eric Onzere:
0:31 let’s f****g have it
Camy Peralta
Camy Peralta:
Pep wasn’t playing when he said they’re not putting a lot of effort in winning the league 🤦‍♂️
asep soemantri
asep soemantri:
Thank you chelsea🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hcen Fedjekhi
Hcen Fedjekhi:
All the dangerous movements from ManCity caused 'em Mahrez the Goal from KDB Mahrez caused it The first head hit was Mahrez gave it, and sterling got that chance by Mahrez and even so many other things and very good control on the ball but the focus on the useless things by ...
redfc fan
redfc fan:
Thank you to chelsea for helping liverpool
Pillow Sparkle Sheep
Pillow Sparkle Sheep:
OMG WAAW Happy Birthday, Kevin De Bruyne!!! (you are my favourite player for a year now- oh wait, I remember last year ,today!!!)
Plus, it is my birthday in three days XD
Oh yh, and Sergio aguero has the same birthday as my friend
So much stuff about birthday
Have a great day, to anyone who reads this
Sky Karim
Sky Karim:
This game against chelsea summarize city season
Pep weird choices.
Poor defense with a lot of mistakes
Sterling awfull and selfish but pep never sub him off
Debryune and mahrez only good things this season.
Hope sterling never starts in any ucl remaining game
Man city 🤣🤣🤣
Tammy Joseph
Tammy Joseph:
Chelsea never fails me. So I will remain a Chelsea fan for life
1:27 haha. io😂😂
Las historias De Nahu
Las historias De Nahu:
De Bruyne está EN OTRO LEVEL
Yaaaseen YMF
Yaaaseen YMF:
mendy out please :) great player but makes too many mistakes
Ayoub Ha
Ayoub Ha:
I never seen in my life selfish player more then rahim, So he should be more teamwork.
El-Haythem berrahal
El-Haythem berrahal:
Sterling is no longer sharp as he was last year
Kevin debruyne vs pulisic 🔥
Thor vs captain america 😀
Who will win??
Sebastian Camenzuli
Sebastian Camenzuli:
Can we all appreciate the fact of how walker got to the ball from pulisic and cleared it?
I’m more excited that Captain America scored today than Liverpool winning the league (congrats to them though, well deserved)
Irfan Anggara
Irfan Anggara:
You'll never walk alone
PST Motivation
PST Motivation:
Thank you Willian

From a Liverpool Fan
Muhammed Rajae kt
Muhammed Rajae kt:
laprote Umtiti combination.
What about it?
Lufefe Ngilana
Lufefe Ngilana:
That free kick 🤤
Giuseppe Montalbano
Giuseppe Montalbano:
Good luck next time❤️⚡💪
Gw2020 Y
Gw2020 Y:
0:36 free kick tutorial,what a goal ,indefensible
Sineko Gajou
Sineko Gajou:
Thank you for making Liverpool Champions😂😂
"Frank Lampard's Chelsea handed the Premier League to Liverpool by defeating Man City at Stamford bridge." LMAO! Nice spin to the story :D
Elka0912 ,
Elka0912 ,:
We win the league ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ YNWA
Ibrahim Hegazy
Ibrahim Hegazy:
Get stuffed😂😂😂😂😂
Bognár Bálint
Bognár Bálint:
What a tackle that was by Mendy🔥🔥
STIG Lauren
STIG Lauren:
Mahrez and KDB are by far the two best city players this season. Without them city wouldn’t be second, not even top 5. And for the love of God: put Aguero up front.

Sterling can’t score a goal to save his life. He had a couple of good months but they are far behind us. He is becoming Lingardinho 2.0, Fernandinho is getting too old, Mendy wouldn’t even be good enough for Grimsby town. They sure miss a prime Kompany at the back.
Jordan Simon
Jordan Simon:
We need Mendy out of Manchester city asap
Thank you for the Premier League trophy at the Etihad!
Pangom Yanlem
Pangom Yanlem:
Welcome to EPL pep 🤣
Gideon Niaje
Gideon Niaje:
Benjamin mendy really 🤣🤣
Fernandinho thought it was volleyball 🏐 😂😅🤣
Francis Anthony
Francis Anthony:
Mendy really ugghh😪
Hassan Rama
Hassan Rama:
😂😂😂😂Chelsea we made it yesterday thankx to all guys for cooperation and your efforts wininning not come easy but we are hppy with you guys 💪💪💪💪
Novanda Rachman
Novanda Rachman:
Liverpool fans : Thank u chelsea 💙
Roydex Channel
Roydex Channel:
Heads-up Man City!
Once more a defensive mistake from Manchester City
Leonardo Clasen
Leonardo Clasen:
xoobo vola
xoobo vola:
0:33 i could watch this all day
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Gordiola does not hold a single squad for two games, he always changes the squad for every match and this reduces the chances of winning⁦👍🏼⁩🤔
Kevin the blonde 💛was awesome
prakas limbu
prakas limbu:
Oh my god..
What a incredible Running by pulisic.
Surely.. This boy is gonna be at the top..
David Brian
David Brian:
thanks Manchester City for losing to Chelsea 🔴🔴
Avais Butt
Avais Butt:
Thanks for the trophy city 😂 also have fun with your ban 👍🏻
Walker was the only class defender out there today. I see he still holds his goal keeper instincts.
Adalberto Janeiro
Adalberto Janeiro:
I´m here for Liverpool!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Omary Abdallah
Omary Abdallah:
KDB free kick was fantastic🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Harry Whillock
Harry Whillock:
Thank you for the title city