Highlights Deportivo Alavés vs FC Barcelona (1-1)

Distribution of points in Mendizorroza with the goals of Luis Rioja and Griezmann. Deportivo Alavés was one man down in the second half due to the expulsion of Jota Peleteiro #AlavésBarça J08 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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damian Hayes
damian Hayes:
How many times do you want to let my bet down this season?
Barcelona: YES
I wonder how Messi is supposed to score a freekick anymore.
Tre-Dupree Webster
Tre-Dupree Webster:
Griezmann and Hazard slowly gaining their confidence back. Theres a lot more to come from them both
When Busquets and Pique became the starters, barca will crumble and either lost or draw. This is not the first time.
So Pjanic CAN shoot accurately from distance and Busquets CAN'T but we start with Busquets 🙄
Q & A Football
Q & A Football:
pique's pass wasn't hard 🤔 Neto's control was just awful 🤦🏾‍♂️
What a save by the Alaves keeper on Messi's shot.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
Props to the Alaves goalkeeper, but my god what was that Pique pass to Neto
No I'm Spartacus
No I'm Spartacus:
Cant belive we drew that game as we created so meny chances but the alaves goal keeper had a great game so fair play. Pedri and pjanic should start next games
colin heffernan
colin heffernan:
Wherever Pique goes disaster follows as sure as night follows day
kyle byrne
kyle byrne:
Glad Griezmann got on the score sheet hopefully it'll boost his confidence. Other than that poor performance.
kev889 hen
kev889 hen:
Yooo ngl i was one of those guys who got salty when they trade arthur for pjanic but broo he is 🔥 this is the 2nd time he impressed me i think he should start the next game
muris tihak
muris tihak:
no pjanic full game no party:)
Josephine Kwan
Josephine Kwan:
Finally a great goal from Griezmann. Hope that silences his critics.
Muzi Junior
Muzi Junior:
Why is Pique still playing 😠😠
Lorenzo Farinotti
Lorenzo Farinotti:
Neto has to go to “Fail Army” for the “fails of the month - October edition” 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🙈😂
Michael Kamau
Michael Kamau:
LOL I thought you guys will be celebrating that one point...Like come on!!! I had placed a bet on you to lose and you did the uimaginable
Ringo edu worldwide
Ringo edu worldwide:
Pique out 🔥🔥🔥
Myth M
Myth M:
Pique out, he's an old man, we don't need a 33old ppl in the best team in the world, an exeption for Messi of course
0:24 Когда решил лечь спать пораньше, и к тебе приехали ребята из Барселоны.
Lester B.
Lester B.:
Griezmann 👍👏
Spécial Griezmann 😍
Luôn Có Tâm
Luôn Có Tâm:
Good job Fernando Pacheco 👍
Monica D'Ortenzio
Monica D'Ortenzio:
0:20 👁👄👁
11경기.연속 필드골 ^무^
But I thought it’s bartomeu fault ???😂
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
*Visca Él Barca 💙🎃♥️*
Akiku Hana
Akiku Hana:
Alavés goalie man of the Match, huh?
Sogols Sikey
Sogols Sikey:
Koeman start regreting he didnt treat messi right... 🤣
santoso zaini
santoso zaini:
Busquets&pique sdh unzur saatnya di cadangkan
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
31' Luis Rioja (1-0); 62' Jota (Red card Deportivo Alavés); 64' Antoine Griezmann (1-1)
Noah Urie
Noah Urie:
The Alaves keeper was insane
David Sim
David Sim:
Finally antoine scores
Bravo Alaves 😀😀👍👍
minij hooi
minij hooi:
no pjanic full game no party:)
Haha, our newest podcast is about the reunion of the barca legends!
Leo da boi
Leo da boi:
I'm diasapointsd in net because he could have made the pass but at least we know griezmann is getting better
Cisco M
Cisco M:
With the footballers , the young footballers , ages pass very fast for me
골기퍼 매수했네
Rahimchik Haydarov
Rahimchik Haydarov:
JP Fanchin
JP Fanchin:
Dano 18YT
Dano 18YT:
young buck
young buck:
That thunder from Pjanic tho
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
Yooo ngl i was one of those guys who got salty when they trade arthur for pjanic but broo he is 🔥 this is the 2nd time he impressed me i think he should start the next game
J D:
with such game there os no chance against teams like Bavaria or Liverpool
Andreas Aiyambo
Andreas Aiyambo:
ataladin 87
ataladin 87:
On the bright side. We ACTUALLY look good dropping points.
? ¿
? ¿:
어떤키퍼는 심하게 잘하고 어떤키퍼는 심하게 못하네
Dimas Aditya
Dimas Aditya:
hahahahah ampas decul
Amy Hanlon
Amy Hanlon:
Happy birthday Ansi Fauti
Günter Alfredson
Günter Alfredson:
Felix + Suarez >>> Messi + Griezman
annag cocl
annag cocl:
0:20 👁👄👁
Sirbu Ion
Sirbu Ion:
990 și 7 in vi vi vi vi
Azhar Mulop
Azhar Mulop:
Barca will struggle to fight for champions league spot this season
너무 한거 아냐?? 저런 팀과 비기다니
hobo boss
hobo boss:
bartomeu in
Messi lost possession 27 times btw... My God he's finished.
MR. Jimmy007
MR. Jimmy007:
Lawak klub
Ahmad Nazarov
Ahmad Nazarov:
Ali Sithole Official
Ali Sithole Official:
What a match that was
Kevin 0111
Kevin 0111:
No penalti no party by messi 🤣
Since xavi n iniesta retired at 2015 barca is nothing 🤣😂
Rith Thea
Rith Thea:
i want to see riqui puig in this game
adriano romeu adriano
adriano romeu adriano:
Neto é dos melhores goleiros eu gosto muito dele
Luísmyy The Australian
Luísmyy The Australian:
Lamemtable el portero del barca mammamia man
Dang Neto really did choke
Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira
Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira:
0:26 a parte del fallo defensivo idiota del Barça, llama la atención de trasfondo el jugador del Alavés retorciéndose en el suelo. Pobrecito.
Neg Neko
Neg Neko:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 liked barca b4 barca decided to treat their players like dogs, hope they get relegated but won't happen.
Fati and vini have the same finishing no cap
adil kamli
adil kamli:
Thats what i said before!!
Really regrees in spain are in particular mood against barcelona.
Its like that and this is the way it is.
Happy or not change the club or change the sport or in simple way change every thing.
Barcelone fc are not in a top form this is the buseness of the staff
The referees have to observe their job honestly.
See you next week in a new rush of this new era of referees.
jeukens David
jeukens David:
Barcelona 💩😱😭😭😭😭
Hala Madrid
Lovely Playlists
Lovely Playlists:
#Rosmedia – гуру SMM! Рекомедую!
https://youtu.be/Zyy5PR6wJRY и как это понимать
Samsung Applr
Samsung Applr:
Проблема навалом у Барселона
Красавцы алавес
Ndanduleni Maanda
Ndanduleni Maanda:
Barca will have to find the replacement of suarez otherwise they have to forget about the league champion
Mufunwa Mudau
Mufunwa Mudau:
Come on Barca 😪
Камшат Козыбакова
Камшат Козыбакова:
Қазақша жазсандарш
Mình Thiện Trịnh
Mình Thiện Trịnh:
Phế vãi
Alavés had to win
18 Ramirez
18 Ramirez:
Is Messi getting suspended for kicking the ball at the ref?
ahh yes the messi that plays for argentina is coming out now
Gonzalo Leyva Quezada
Gonzalo Leyva Quezada:
Messi is not scoring goals. He is decreasing alot
Trika Dabbach
Trika Dabbach:
I still can't believe tat save at 1:00 messi was shocked!
Ahmed Flig
Ahmed Flig:
Pacheco was neuer+buffon+ casillas🤣🤣🤣🤣
Գրիգոր Նահապետյան
Գրիգոր Նահապետյան:
Neto rad exi eli axperakan
Lewis Gilfillan
Lewis Gilfillan:
Messi golden years definitely ended. He's still sick
Beautiful Graphs and Spreadsheets
Beautiful Graphs and Spreadsheets:
2011: Beating Man United and winning the UEFA Champions League
2020: Drawing with Alaves and are in the bottom half of La Liga
Angelina Lutyer
Angelina Lutyer:
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
Yooo ngl i was one of those guys who got salty when they trade arthur for pjanic but broo he is 🔥 this is the 2nd time he impressed me i think he should start the next game
Mrigank Mookim
Mrigank Mookim:
We have another Adrian/Lloris
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Yooo ngl i was one of those guys who got salty when they trade arthur for pjanic but broo he is 🔥 this is the 2nd time he impressed me i think he should start the next game
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
Yooo ngl i was one of those guys who got salty when they trade arthur for pjanic but broo he is 🔥 this is the 2nd time he impressed me i think he should start the next game
En el gol del alavés fijo que el jugador que estsba tirado al fondo se levantó a celebrarlo a todo fuego
Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira
Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira:
El equipo del Barça dedica este partido a Bartomeu.