Highlights FC Barcelona vs Cádiz CF (1-1)

Álex Fernández rescues a historic point for Cádiz CF at Camp Nou with a penalty goal in the 89th minute. The away team had not scored at FC Barcelona's stadium since 1978 #BarçaCádiz Matchday 24 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo:
No clue how lenglet is still a barca player Jesus Christ. Why are we playing the same people who get humiliated every year
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
Honestly what the hell is going on. Lenglet with ANOTHER mistake but why can't we score? I'm sick of watching Dembele do amazing just with absolutely 0 end product. I'm sick of Griezmann ghosting games to maybe pop up for a tap in every so often. We might as well have just kept Suarez. We didn't even score a goal from open play.
Tap Shah
Tap Shah:
I actually was saying give Koeman time he looks like he could do something but there is no excuse for puting out the same team that faced PSG
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
Koeman couldn't turn Everton into Barcelona so he turned Barcelona into Everton. Genius!
John Roberts
John Roberts:
Lenglet is the worst defender ever I just don’t get why he still plays
People blaming Lenglet but what others have been doing for 90 min? Barca could not score a goal from play only from a penalty and they were playing against lower class team.
Dan Bridge
Dan Bridge:
Just when Atletico open the door they come up with this! 😳😩⚽️ Sack Koeman today and allow Messi to leave this nightmare!
i wish puyol is still here. So that puyol can replace lenglet
Eder Gil Muñoz
Eder Gil Muñoz:
I hate Lenglet. Just watch how he pushes a player from Cadiz while the penalty was being shot so they would have to shoot it again
Is Xavi even gonna want to come back to this mess? He’ll have one helluva job to do when he returns as manager
Benito Gutierrez
Benito Gutierrez:
73 penales en Liga RECORD absoluto de Messi con mas penales tirados en la LIGA ESPANOLA ojo...y despues hablan de CR7
Love to see it 😍
Aidan Almera
Aidan Almera:
Honest to god, I fell asleep watching this match. I woke up at the 92nd minute and saw the score, it was then that I knew this Barça team is really fucked up
kev889 hen
kev889 hen:
Bruh and people be thinking we still got a chance vs psg and sevilla 🤦🏾‍♂️
Aaron Hull
Aaron Hull:
Good news for atletico fans they may be back on form atletico simione gave them mentality and motivation if atletico win it they deserve it
Andres Zea
Andres Zea:
The Yellow Submarine?! That is Villareal!
lurlisic SI
lurlisic SI:
the goalie no need to humiliate himself by bowing down at messi's feet, its worst than Boateng's dive
Taran Matharu
Taran Matharu:
One word : lenglet ...
Humaid Khan
Humaid Khan:
Dembele can do everything he is a great player but he needs to increase his in-game IQ lenglet is also a good defender but justs gives away too many fouls and silly mistakes same case griezmann just needs to pick up his form
Mohammed Esa
Mohammed Esa:
Monaco beat PSG MFs
Laks- 92
Laks- 92:
That match was so fixed I can't even begin to describe
J M:
Another year with no trophy for Barca.
ninjaa hokage
ninjaa hokage:
La Liga :: Barcelona (club filial español)
Premier League :: Crystal Palace (england branch club)
Captain OKZ
Captain OKZ:
Barcelona who's your bogey team, Bayern, PSG, Liverpool? No, Cadiz!
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres:
Lenglet is pathetic. Consistently the worst player on the field
Nuno Tavares
Nuno Tavares:
Good job griezman, what team are you playing for?!
Julio R
Julio R:
Otra vez el Cádiz amargando al Barcelona 👈, no importa cuando leas esto.
Hackerz Kingz
Hackerz Kingz:
No offense to this legends, but Pique, Busi, Alba really untouchable bruh. Why Barcelona keep playing them? They literally cannot play at high level anymore.
Saul Savelis
Saul Savelis:
1st penalty was because he stepped on the feet, but 2nd penalty was a gift to Cadiz..both aimed at the ball both feet were in the air just attacker put his leg in front of Lenglet kick and touch the ball first while the defender obviously touched his leg since he was in the process of kicking..in such a way you can give 20 penalties every game
Edwin Wejuli
Edwin Wejuli:
I really appreciate what you just said
Tomasz Tomasz
Tomasz Tomasz:
The truth is ... Lenglet, umtiti, pjanic, braithwaite are no Barcelona level.
Griezzmann and dembele failed at barcelona- sad but .. it’s not this level - they didn’t replace Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Eto, Henry, Larson, Villa, who were the ballers.
Busqets, Pique and Alba are for me to kick out since 3 seasons already. They missed the moment to replace them, they spent money on average players, and this is the outcome. These players lack of La Masia football intelligence and skills .
And Koeman is bad coach, he proved it in Everton and didn’t have any success .

Barcelona needs either - fantastic coach , or time to rebuild completely new team, or both.

Bartomeu ruined the team, but it will come back.

Right back Dest will be future
Arajuo needs a good company at defence
Left back needs to be bought
De jong will be only better
Pedri will be the brain
Another am or dm needed
Ansu Fati Will be monster
Trincao I think he may give more to the team than dembele
Someone to replace cf ... messi 😭

Good coach to make them better .. we can’t afford for stars no more .. maybe in 2-3 seasons will be shining back !
Martez Daw
Martez Daw:
when this lineup wins ur all hella quiet, but when they lose your mouths run riot
Of course Fernandez scores a pen 😂😂😂
AB coustic
AB coustic:
Hebat barca tahan imbang cadiz,luar biasa😂
Batman Martin
Batman Martin:
Lenglet seems to give away a penalty or make a defensive error every time he plays....has totally hampered my team this season.
Nguyễn văn Tài Official
Nguyễn văn Tài Official:
Helo anh em 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
i o n mirena
i o n mirena:
Así barca así!!! *A POR EL CERETE*
Issa Doumbia.
Issa Doumbia.:
Ousmane Dembélé grand joueur de football le trop rapide mais seulement il ne marque pas
Kada Simo
Kada Simo:
Nice 😊
Destroyer Troll
Destroyer Troll:
Hard to see wether lenglet is trying or throwing
Tiffa 01
Tiffa 01:
Playing now without 3 world class players who havnt and never will be replaced. Iniesta, xavi and poyal .plus messi lost 2 yards of pace . You will never see a team like that again in our lifetime
Повезло, повезло
Rashad Siddiqui
Rashad Siddiqui:
It makes me so sad to see Griezmann and Dembele suffer like this. Griezmann recorded the SECOND lowest touches against Cadiz, Only above Ter stegan, The GOALKEEPER. It shows that the team still doesn't trust him. He made so many runs but the midfield always picks out Messi. Griezmann should leave in the Summer. It would be better for him AND the club.
Gamer Blazer
Gamer Blazer:
I would call
This a fair game
andre antook
andre antook:
Its barca not pinalty 🚯 ,
Cadiz win 👍
Alper Bahadır
Alper Bahadır:
koskoca barça kar demir karabük spor a dönmüş
Hai Ke
Hai Ke:
New award "worst defender ever" : Lenglet or Maguire
Barca at least the Barca that I was once a fan of...is no more. It's pretty clear and obvious that Barca have a very long time to go before they can once again rein Supreme as the best team in the world. Cause as it stands right now they are just another soccer club, just like most of the rest they're not great, they're not amazing, they're not unstoppable, they're not even good, they're just ok, even with messi they're still just ok. What a disaster they've got on their hands. I wish them good luck, cause they've got a mountain to climb and they're at the very bottom of that mountain..over and out.
Carlos Dos Santos Gonçalves
Carlos Dos Santos Gonçalves:
There's only one Yellow Submarine. Villarreal!
Shinryu san
Shinryu san:
Mohammed Jirma
Mohammed Jirma:
Gerry Guinn
Gerry Guinn:
Lol at least you don't have to listen to Gary lineker ffs
E Öztürk
E Öztürk:
Souf 010
Souf 010:
Yesss!!!! Hala Madrid
How you blame Lenglet when we clearly can't score which is a bigger problem
Alberto Merelo
Alberto Merelo:
The real yellow submarine! Vamos Cadi!
william arisandi
william arisandi:
Juanma Betis
Juanma Betis:
Hasta con ayuda, el Barça no puede ganar
Karim Mohamed
Karim Mohamed:
We need to win
¡!vamos cadiz¡!
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
Barca's entire backline is utter nonsense
Laks- 92
Laks- 92:
I dno who's in more pain FCB or LFC

ALL I know is they are both embarrassing atm.

And j support both teams
Stivi B
Stivi B:
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager:
Yay trophyless season!😐
benjamin twardo
benjamin twardo:
ahhahah i just watched resume of PSG MONACO , and look what i just say before is all confirm , people don t think about that they play also a lot of matches which is hard for the human body . No excuses just fact , i repeat no litle team at this level , and it's a game everything can happen , however your possession is 75 % like the match of psg against monaco , psg lost 0-2 ; I just wait la remontada then to make it wonderful for Barça lovers. and if not then i keep supporting Barça anyway and always
Darkside Sider
Darkside Sider:
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
I feel bad for messi 😰
Funky Boy
Funky Boy:
Barca is now just an avarage team.wuthout Messi they will go to 2nd league lol
Kenneth Zinke
Kenneth Zinke:
Did Cádiz CF wear their yellow uniforms and beat FC Barcelona, 2 to 1 on February 21, 2021?
The problem is Messi. He needs to go and allow the team to rebuild itself. It's time to turn the page.
Man Hakim
Man Hakim:
Busquets is important in our team although he is very slow..he understands the game and the back-up in our midfield
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
1:03 That Mingueza's chop !
S'informer Actualités 85
S'informer Actualités 85:
Yellow submarine = Villarreal CF not cadix from what I know
Gerry Guinn
Gerry Guinn:
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Даже кадис не обыграли
Mediapunto 1
Mediapunto 1:
Maybe now some jokes about golf
owen williams
owen williams:
Getting rid of Suarez wasn’t their best move, he would drag them through games like these
Martin Cahill
Martin Cahill:
Once again Koeman starts Busquets, Alba and Pique who are all past it. A couple of weeks back he gives Puig and Trincao a chance and they're two of the best on the park and they win 5-1, next game v PSG he drops them and they're humiliated in the champions league once again because he sticks the the "guys with experience". Get Puig and Trincao in the first team, there should be no doubt about it.

As for Dembele, get him sold. He's absolutely rotten, not end product. To think he cost about 100 million. They could have had Dybala, Martinez, Haaland and they get a guy with a bit of pace who can't finish or put in a good ball.
Messi's going!
Lil Wiz
Lil Wiz:
Pk, lenglet, busques, best and Alba shouldn’t be in our matches if only we want to win and to win against psg next week
Omar Alia
Omar Alia:
Alice Garba
Alice Garba:
Ronal do
Jason Eagles
Jason Eagles:
Barcelona are terrible 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alvaro Adrian Ramirez Briones
Alvaro Adrian Ramirez Briones:
Everybody kills Lenglet, but he doesnt touch the rival leg, this is bullshit !
Manu Leon
Manu Leon:
Lenglet hace años que no debería estar en el barca
Mr Ok
Mr Ok:
No one wants this title
Good thing they got rid of Suarez and Rakitić ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Rolando travel
Rolando travel:
el ENANITO ya no es ni la mitad de lo que era
Eduardo Diaz
Eduardo Diaz:
Snoopy Peanuts
Snoopy Peanuts:
Pessi should just retire
Honestly a shambles look what barcalona is now 4 1 to psg 8 2 to bayern yes they are good teams but we should be an elite team we showed in this game we dont want the title shambles lenglet
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres:
Unable to win at home.
Cadiz is not the yellow submarine, is Villarreal🤦‍♂️ and Lengshit wtf???🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
benjamin twardo
benjamin twardo:
Come on guys , i'm catalan , i 'd like people stop complaining after Lenglet or Griezmann, at this level there aren't little team whatever the name is juventus madrid barça eintracht bayern arminia bielefeld Lorient liverpool , what's always remain is simple a game it s a game where everything can happen , Forget about tow team leading the championship the lack of preparation that was real before is not the same , the differences between forces and tactic will never remain the same as in past . And i find it beautiful and really cool . Lenglet And grizou are awesome players with incredible capacities. stop judging them on the reaction of milliseconds , just watch replay in slow motion and imagine yourself in the situation you look the ball in the sky with big projectors you know your adversary is less one meter of you , in the entrance of the penalty area ; you just want to kick the ball first , you're sure you will , but the adversary launch his foot front of your .....and pass it own foot before yours , not even a nanosecond happen , that's what happened to lenglet , and yes i ' m sad of it cause i love barça team but it s life . Viva el football per molt anys , and i would say : allez les gars vous êtes de fantastiques joueurs , ne vous engueulez pas , encouragez vous ; courage vous jouez au top et vous avez tous les ingrédients pour gagner . J admire l'attitude positive de Antoine Griezmann et les enchaînements de Dembélé ou la force de Lenglet et son sens tactique . tout est question de point de vue et d'attitude pour surfer sur la vague en équilibre des gestes justes il faut y croire et avoir confiance et vous avez tout pour le faire . Bon match retour au Barça pour la ldc et le titre est encore jouable pour la liga . Rien n'est perdu encore , et puis si ca devient le cas alors c la vie /.... keep faith And keep up blau i grana es al moment del cri valent
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.:
Moment of silence for Griezmann being the 4th biggest flop signing in La Liga history after Hazard, Coutinho, and Dembele 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
3rfan Qtb
3rfan Qtb:
One word : Pessi =)