Highlights FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves (4-1)

Great win of FC Barcelona in Camp Nou against Deportivo Alaves with goals by Griezmann, Arturo Vidal, Messi and Luis Suarez #BarçaAlavés J18 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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Sub 2 me For no reason
Sub 2 me For no reason:
Messi and Suarez always score when Greizmann does in the same game
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel:
Griezmann is gradually getting better
gk Johnson
gk Johnson:
If messi wanted to he could have taken that penalty and extend his goal tally..but he gave to Suarez ..such a team player very unselfish
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ:
This commentator would be perfect for golf
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
Cada gol inicio a contar más y más , el equipo está invincible vamos por la champions 🔥💓🔥
Jack Travis
Jack Travis:
1 goal 3 assists for suarez 🔥
EuphoriaGaming HD
EuphoriaGaming HD:
That messi goal was great. And Greizzman is slowly getting better for Barca. You can tell!
Savio Romie
Savio Romie:
Best thing the commentator said was for any other player it would’ve been a career goal but for Messi it’s just another standard goal ahahah. But the commentator sounds like he just woke up.
Jonathan Pontel
Jonathan Pontel:
Messi doesnt need to score penalties to win ballon d'or
Messi clearly has the best technique - no back lift, incredible curl, but most importantly, his accuracy! His accuracy is next level.
Blooded Predator
Blooded Predator:
messi is the best player on this planet
Ranah Rantau
Ranah Rantau:
0:20 Pique didn't want to steal Messi's goal
Its stupid if valverde didnt saw how good vidal is...he involved with most of the goal in this match...
DJ Addo
DJ Addo:
Messi literally taking on the whole defence
Kevin Matthew
Kevin Matthew:
Did suarez just got himself 3 assists? Well how bout that 😂
Pinche Víctor
Pinche Víctor:
This was a nice unselfish match. 4 brilliant goals by 4 different players.
Legends of Arahma
Legends of Arahma:
Messi shot technique these days is absolutely outstanding! He's been scoring from outside the box all season - 4 freekicks already, the goal against Athletico, the amazing goals against Mallorca, today's masterpiece. He's got the best shot in the world. People in the past have mentioned the likes of Ronaldo, and people with powerful shots, but Messi clearly has the best technique - no back lift, incredible curl, but most importantly, his accuracy! His accuracy is next level.
Irvine Volcano
Irvine Volcano:
suarez assist 3 times and he scored once very brilliant
Sauna Mad Man
Sauna Mad Man:
It’s all good!
I Love this time of year
6 players surrounding him still sticks it in the top bins 👏🏾
You didn't add in Messi's offside goal from Busquets' awesome pass early in the game?? 😤
S. Alexander
S. Alexander:
Vidal has scored 5/5 shots in 14 games this season.
Griezman is too good to be a failure at Barcelona...wait for more
Jamshid Sarwari
Jamshid Sarwari:
Love barcelona from Afghanistan
Felo Duarte
Felo Duarte:
James Jimenez
James Jimenez:
Griezmann has better numbers in his first season at Barca than neymar's first season at Barca
GSM trio🔥🔥🔥
shimmy on
shimmy on:
If players went out against Barcelona saying let's lose just 1-0. I bet there win or at least draw.
Leonardo Montoya
Leonardo Montoya:
I honestly dislike that the match recap videos for La Liga are so short, wish they were longer
Isaiah Church
Isaiah Church:
Messi es perfecto!
mohammed ghulla
mohammed ghulla:
Griesman is keep improving day by day and a wonderful end of half season
Messi tetap yg terbaik,2019.2020😍
Dendi Martin
Dendi Martin:
MSG Mantap 👍😍
Fernando Cliperino
Fernando Cliperino:
Nadie valora a vidal, que ha jugado 479 minutos y ha marcado 5 goles.
Loriv Paulo
Loriv Paulo:
Really messi had great goal amazing
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
Messi's left leg leaves me with no words to describe how amzing of a player he is
Juan Umanzor
Juan Umanzor:
Visça Barça!! 🤘🏼🏆🥇
Rodrigo Ribeiro
Rodrigo Ribeiro:
Visca El Barça ❤️
Visca barca ❤️
Ethan Gaita Salam
Ethan Gaita Salam:
please don't let go arturo vidal to inter , we needed a strong midfielder like him
Bernadett Budai
Bernadett Budai:
Magyarok? 🙈😂🇭🇺
Talielly Vaz
Talielly Vaz:
Visca el Barça ❤
Jay Shan
Jay Shan:
Dimas Lumban gaol
Dimas Lumban gaol:
Messi mantap
Месси молодец!
It’s Me
It’s Me:
Hours to upload for a 1:30 minute video. 👏
Alan Vo
Alan Vo:
1:00 Messi 3-1
Commentator: ..... just more of the same....

He really hates his job lol
AllysBenz Ally
AllysBenz Ally:
I swear ihave never seen a man like messi he is so amaizing the guy is so incredible!!!!
Veteran Vetz
Veteran Vetz:
Most exciting commentary
Nhan Tran
Nhan Tran:
Fan leo messi in Việt Nam🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Chào ae
Aprilio Naufal
Aprilio Naufal:
Barca pasti menang
رحمة البحري
رحمة البحري:
Hola visca barça visca Catalonia رؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤؤعة fantastico 😍😍🌹🍃💕👍
Romiz Al Fawwaz
Romiz Al Fawwaz:
visca barca, visca catalunya😘
Havoc SB
Havoc SB:
1:25 I swear the guy got rejected by his teamates😂
mencari receh
mencari receh:
taruhan? QQhokibola saja
Frank Russell
Frank Russell:
That's not a penalty imo, very harsh but great goal by Messi
Mamdoh Alkurdi
Mamdoh Alkurdi:
Che Guevara
Che Guevara:
На 7 золотой идёт
Sélhyane Minisini
Sélhyane Minisini:
Griezmann scored with his weak foot ! I'm chocked !!
Messi wow!
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison:
1:23 💘💛
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
I honestly dislike that the match recap videos for La Liga are so short, wish they were longer
DJ Addo
DJ Addo:
Can't stop that Vidal strike!
Мама95 Мамаев
Мама95 Мамаев:
Yudhi Abriansyah
Yudhi Abriansyah:
Messi really plays for the team first.. Always give the penalties to his teammates or let them score.. And still he had unbelievable number of goals.. He had all the ability of playing football. Scoring, assisting, freekick, playmaking, passing, dribling. The most complete player.
Lizzy J
Lizzy J:
Messi with a usual great show, Griezmann is getting better but I think Suarez deserved man of the match. 1 goal and 3 assists, the man is a beast! Also I think Vidal is underrated.
FerBroK Aigych
FerBroK Aigych:
Барселона чемпион
Kamile Seferova
Kamile Seferova:
Черный Плащ
Черный Плащ:
Самый красивый гол за матч был с головы
Nano Estrada
Nano Estrada:
Todos los grandes metieron gol
ThePark 627
ThePark 627:
Ter stegen is always often left standing to those types of goal be it header or volley
aray purwakarta
aray purwakarta:
Selamat atas kemenangan barcelona
Кошечка любимочка
Кошечка любимочка:
Заходите в гости https://youtu.be/oTfuttkEPQU
Caden Carney
Caden Carney:
1:14 ❤💙
Mehebbet Seferov
Mehebbet Seferov:
Semoga semakin modah juara Ucl
Thuan Pham
Thuan Pham:
Việt nam đâu
Kai Productions
Kai Productions:
Messi 👑👑👑
Armenia 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲👑👑👑
HCI Humble Store
HCI Humble Store:
Yeahhh .. Champion Awesomeeee
Thobias Tutorial
Thobias Tutorial:
Jerome İvarsson
Jerome İvarsson:
why all comments are "griezmann is slowly getting better" ?
New goverment
New goverment:
Messi - the one and only unselfish player
Carles Puyol is still the best!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
Omg!! U look amazing!!!?
Barca no longer knows what a clean sheet is, maybe their defence slacks off because of the number of goals they score per match.
Ruben Lopes
Ruben Lopes:
Gran jogador suarez
Collins Milgo
Collins Milgo:
how was that a penalty, what could the guy have done to avoid that i mean cmon.
Ринат Давлятшин
Ринат Давлятшин:
Raveny Pierre saint
Raveny Pierre saint:
Go Barça
Torrmell 2017
Torrmell 2017:
alaves, a club of low categories
Bloody hell what a goal messi
Víctor López Fernández
Víctor López Fernández:
I was at that match, I'm from Barcelona....
Griesmman suarez y messi el moustro de tres cabesas 👹👺💀
Kevin Holland
Kevin Holland:
Алавесы и могут побеждать
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali:
Let's go barca
Âdil K
Âdil K:
Leo ⭐⭐⭐
Man in Fury.
Man in Fury.:
Where is Griezmann goal though?
the FABIO Torres
the FABIO Torres:
Barcelona el mejor⚽🚩