Highlights FC Barcelona vs Deportivo Alavés (5-1)

Big win of FC Barcelona against Deportivo Alavés with a double from Trincão and Leo Messi and a goal from Junior Firpo. Luis Rioja scored the goal of the away team #BarçaAlavés Matchday 23 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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Soufiane M
Soufiane M:
*Messi is better at football than anyone has ever been at anything* just *HISTORY* .
Jamierm dm
Jamierm dm:
Forget messi’s goals nobody is appreciating that lob to griezman for the firpo goal 😍
Nguyễn Khanh
Nguyễn Khanh:
I dont care about the winner, I clicked into this video for Messi’s goals: How beautiful it is??
Messi. Just an absolute genius. I don’t even want to think about football without him... most joyous footballer I’ve ever seen
Krisna Mahendra
Krisna Mahendra:
No one gonna talk about Pedri's through pass to Messi? Fine
Jonny Whelan
Jonny Whelan:
That chip into griezman so casual wow
Fraser Morgan
Fraser Morgan:
Everyone talking about messi but no one talking about Trincao. I thought he had his best game in a barca shirt tonight!
Barca wins : 200k views
Barca loses: 50m views
i really dont understand why barca have soo many haters
Tahm Kench
Tahm Kench:
“You can write a fake quote and the Youtube comments section will never notice.”
-John F Kennedy
Dimitar Kominovski
Dimitar Kominovski:
😂 the reaction of the goalkeeper to Messi’s second goal just says it all
It’s just laughable that people actually don’t think Messi is the greatest of all time.
His play making, goal scoring and dribbling skills are absolutely incredible. GOAT ❤️💙🐐
Diabolic-_- 1o
Diabolic-_- 1o:
With both Puig and Pedri in midfield , I Swear Messi looks like he’s at his prime again
trincao has been more confident since he scored his first goal againts betis. Great brace from him!
luffy 93
luffy 93:
this game feels like old barca,love it.
Krisna Mahendra
Krisna Mahendra:
Imagine you're offside position just because a goddamn finger? Var effect
Josh Pizzey
Josh Pizzey:
Messi is just so unbelievably levels above anyone else ever. No question
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
Still waiting for this midfielder line up

Puig Pedri
De jong
CP Micah
CP Micah:
Can we appreciate how casual Messi was for that pass in the last goal?? 😂
Alexcia xA
Alexcia xA:
Ok but I chuckled a little when Messi just walked and casually pass the ball to Griezmann lol
Taufik Anuar
Taufik Anuar:
Glad to see that barca finally back at their prime. Producing beautiful football. Keeps inspiring us to play better.
Joe Gusset
Joe Gusset:
Makes me so happy now to see griezmann and Messi finally combining so well
Diabolic-_- 1o
Diabolic-_- 1o:
00:00 Uy Riqui, don't do those little dances xd😂
Carona virus
Carona virus:
Trincao could have given rhe guy his debut goal
Hayat Ahmad Roomi
Hayat Ahmad Roomi:
I love how effortlessly Messi scores..
"In the United States of America we name hurricanes by names. If they ever name one by the name of Lionel Messi, you better evacuate" - Ray Hudson
Well done messi and trincao from ronaldo fan 👍 (RESPECT)
r excel
r excel:
This is just brilliant from messi
If barca continues this form against psg we've won
naply chaplain
naply chaplain:
Messi's second goal was breath taking
Coladean 28
Coladean 28:
Mingueza is an important player in my opinion, mainly because he is very Versatile and he can do a decent job anywhere on the pitch( mainly on the right) the composure and the quality of his crosses are a joy to watch and he is a good defender too further more he remains calm and collective at all times and always focuses on the game. 💙❤️💪
Ryan Lamb
Ryan Lamb:
It’s been said a million times before but i just cannot put into words how good he is, always will be the 🐐
Vishal Vinod
Vishal Vinod:
Messi is just Glorious to watch.
Ni Los
Ni Los:
Messi, what are you doing? 🤩
Out of this world
Karim Scaterovic
Karim Scaterovic:
They finally scored more than 2 goals
Kareem Lawson
Kareem Lawson:
Performances like today from Leo and the team is why people like me and millions of others are super fans of this man and this team what a game, barca please keep this level of play 🔥
Matthew Muller
Matthew Muller:
messi is still The don pulling the strings
Berik Abilasan
Berik Abilasan:
Well, this is the most strange offside I have ever seen.
Give Koeman his well deserved respect.
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
Pedri's pass is phenomenal
Lucca Caixeta
Lucca Caixeta:
Messi's second was so Messi 🐐
E Kennedy
E Kennedy:
Let’s hope we’re getting our form back💪🏾
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Another messi masterclass 👏👏
Osmel Alexander Polanco Vargas
Osmel Alexander Polanco Vargas:
A legend has returned from the darkness 🙌🐐🔟
Messi was feeling dangerous today
Raza Ali
Raza Ali:
Appreciate Messi because there will never be a player like him ever again cherish every minute. 🐐
Trincão 🔥🔥
fauzie credo
fauzie credo:
Messi is everywhere 🤴
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Devin Halim
Devin Halim:
Messi is still the best player in the league at the end of the day
Valdmar Ualiua
Valdmar Ualiua:
I don't know which goal is my favorite from Messi, I'm confused between the first and the second. MAUUUU 🤩🤩🤩
Love this barca squad. Mix off youth and senior. Keep it up Barca!
That Pedri pass was amazing
Yeah this is really great, now we gonna win psg 2 0 ull see
Anzar Bogha
Anzar Bogha:
Summary: love trincaos confidence in front of goal. Puig pedri and messi is barca at thier best. Greizman improving his game got 2 more assists. Defence is still a bit iffy. Moriba had a decent game even tho he gifted😢. De jong is better than umtiti and lenglet combined at cb. And mingueza and dest can be both good.
Mbusi Lukhele
Mbusi Lukhele:
They need to bring this kind of form during their second leg against Sevilla... nice flowing game with enough goal scoring opportunities.
Kid G
Kid G:
Trincao came in clutch. This coach knows how to use those youngsters 🔥
Alejandro Lavaire
Alejandro Lavaire:
What was puig doing when the video started tho😂
Admir Beqiri
Admir Beqiri:
Grizman je totalni promašaj, leš a ne igrač
فيصل الغامدي
فيصل الغامدي:
مين جاي يتفرج من الترند؟! 🤣🤣❤️
Majed Sh
Majed Sh:
How would we be without Messi🥺💔
Titan General
Titan General:
Messi still the GOAT!!!
Quang Tran
Quang Tran:
I really really love Messi's curves 😂
Mark Amoah
Mark Amoah:
Get ready PSG cause we are on🔥🔥🔥🔥
Messi can't even round goalkeepers anymore!
M M:
اللهم ارضي كل من ارضانا ب اشتراك 🔔 ولايك ♥️ وحسن متابعه 🌸
Cr7 and trincao on the same team <3 🔥
Rut Edmond Agu
Rut Edmond Agu:
when i saw the first goal of messi i told in my mind ''oh what an classic goal in messi style'' but when i saw the second I trembled
Erico Fernando
Erico Fernando:
His movements remind me 7 years ago, and His second goal so beautiful. Every footballer loves that curve.
Not many things in football are more satisfying then Messi's 1st goal. Off one post onto the next and in 😱
Дмитрий Нольнольодин
Дмитрий Нольнольодин:
The king of Alaves and Leganes is back!
Arsam Shp
Arsam Shp:
Eren Kalkan
Eren Kalkan:
Messi'nin sol ayağını en az 3 adamla kapatmazsanız sonuçlarına katlanırsınız
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
this game feels like old barca,love it.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy:
this game feels like old barca,love it.
Nuno Martins
Nuno Martins:
Trincão 👏🏻
Sashy B
Sashy B:
Hi guys. Please stay safe in this pandemic and remember jesus loves u♥️
Mário O Génio Bué Fixe
Mário O Génio Bué Fixe:
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
Great video,keep it up!
Alex Oprea
Alex Oprea:
MeS(SiiiiUuuuuuuuu )hahahah
mehdi b
mehdi b:
Barça's 5th goal ! Amarvel of combination
This is the Messi ik full on god mode 😍
D Starsnz
D Starsnz:
That last messi assist was so damn casual 🤯🤯
✔️القارئ أنور أبوالفضل
✔️القارئ أنور أبوالفضل:
خلص مليييت وانا أعلن 🥺💗💫 ألقو نظرة على حسابي 🌼
Alon Peretz
Alon Peretz:
Messi goals wowwww🔥🔥🔥🔥 the 🐐
FCSB RO's Star
FCSB RO's Star:
Messi's back ! I hope he will play well in ucl too.
Anton Sidorov
Anton Sidorov:
Amazing Leo!!
awat uk
awat uk:
second goal of messi just amazing
Diabolic-_- 1o
Diabolic-_- 1o:
Koeman has BARCA playinng some of the most entertaining Football They’ve played in a Long Time.
진짜 졸라 잘하네
Beautiful golas from messi fantastic 👏
Rich Warega
Rich Warega:
That Messi finesse goal takes me back to barca of fifa 20..used to score exactly that way with Messi .. awesome from the GOAT
Sidiki Sacko
Sidiki Sacko:
Милана Мельничук
Милана Мельничук:
Голы Лео это что-то! 🤩💙❤
Sin palabras, todos de pié! Gracias Leo
Abduazim Muhammadkarimov
Abduazim Muhammadkarimov:
Jack Howard
Jack Howard:
Messi's still an absolute baller 🔥
Ricardo Anderson
Ricardo Anderson:
The G.O.A.T was on 🔥 today!
Tianaina Photography
Tianaina Photography:
Love the last pass by Messi, "just walking, à la I don't care style"