Highlights FC Barcelona vs Real Betis (5-2)

FC Barcelona won after four rounds thanks to a double from Messi, who was a substitute, and goals from Dembélé, Griezmann and Pedri. Sanabria and Loren Morón scored the goals of Real Betis #BarçaRealBetis J09 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021

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Jason Reilly
Jason Reilly:
It's sad to see Messi haters coming here just to critisize Messi. They literally have nothing better to do with their lives.
Jason Reilly
Jason Reilly:
Messi is still the GOAT whether his haters like it or not.
Darlington Aguocha
Darlington Aguocha:
I mean Messi something else changed the whole game when he came on.
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Really hope Dembele has his head figured out and put in the effort to bring the best out of the potential he has. He’s a sick winger it’s just about him getting mentally settled in football
Daniel Gumbeze
Daniel Gumbeze:
lets talk about dembele goal
Ali 07
Ali 07:
La Liga please make some effort with ur highlights like premier league by adding a nice thumbnail and making it live commentary.
Like if la Liga should do this
Saul Pdn
Saul Pdn:
Imagine a 7 goal game being made into 1.5 minutes
Messi man of the match and he came on at ht lol
Nadim Anwar
Nadim Anwar:
Hopefully griezmann can find his shooting boots now
Feed Me To My Enemies
Feed Me To My Enemies:
Think Messi is 3 goals away from matching Peles record now
mark jeffers
mark jeffers:
Messi best player EVER can't be disputed surely
I’m so early that La Liga has not posted The Thumbnail
Messi the GOAT
Gamer 26
Gamer 26:
Inform messi this week then I guess. 2 goals after coming on at half time and he got motm.
Malachi Lopez
Malachi Lopez:
Odegaard 21 stopped commenting cuz Griezmann got a goal now what does he have to say
Kofi Afrane
Kofi Afrane:
Dembele is so underrated
Fuad Ahmed
Fuad Ahmed:
Whoever did the thumbnail is clearly getting paid a bit too much...
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
Oooh Leo, leo, what a player😭
Basharat Cheema
Basharat Cheema:
Ousamen dembele is great when he is not injured
Joe Sheppard
Joe Sheppard:
It was so frustrating to watch Griezmann in that first half. He finally played really well and could have had a hat-trick, but his finishing was terrible. I am glad he scored in the end.

It was a relief to see Messi finally score from open play too.
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
Messi just smashed the goal in the net , no chance for the GK 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shane Ali
Shane Ali:
Can wait to see mess in the premier league his gonna be class Evan at 34
Feed Me To My Enemies
Feed Me To My Enemies:
Name me one other technical small foward player that has gone past their 30s and amassed the stats that Messi has. Absolutely no one. Tevez, recoba, Maradona etc pass a certain age and they go abroad and its over. Messi doesn't have the luxury to be over 6 foot so he has to play against the odds and still performs season after season. Simply the best.
Freestyle Football
Freestyle Football:
Greatest player of all time.
Messi 2 goals and 2 assists subbed on 😂😂😂🙌
Yandry Perez
Yandry Perez:
Beautiful goals by Messi
Connor Handforth
Connor Handforth:
Messi: so anyways I started blasting
Josh Gxoyiya
Josh Gxoyiya:
That dummy Messi pulled off for Griezmann 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
BluR Eu
BluR Eu:
reveng from messi when he missed the goal against bravo final 2016
Nathaniel Karuno
Nathaniel Karuno:
Just happy to see dembele back balling💯⚽
Tom Krys
Tom Krys:
Oh that dummy! Utter filth from Messi! You love to see it!
Usman Mahmood
Usman Mahmood:
Man like ousmane Dembele ❤️
Max Newman
Max Newman:
Messi looks happy to play for barca again
Wonder how the summer transfer window will unfold...
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV:
Next up is Pele's record
Griezmann : *Thank you Messi* 🙂
Messi producing magic even during the worst times 👑
Mihai Florin
Mihai Florin:
Messi is very happy when he score from Penalty❤
Harry Wyatt
Harry Wyatt:
Pure obsessed with the goals in this game
Juni TGOD:
Dembele is a baller!!! Messi's shots were too fast for the keeper lol
Sany Mridha
Sany Mridha:
messi just came in and changed the whole game..
Messi man of the match and he came on at ht lol 100%!
Dembele plz consistency performance
andre luis
andre luis:
Lupin the 3rd
Lupin the 3rd:
Messi wow 🤩
IniAbasi Essien
IniAbasi Essien:
Finally Messi scores a goal from open play. 2 goals 2 assists. #KingOfTheMatch
mijuo roui
mijuo roui:
Can wait to see mess in the premier league his gonna be class Evan at 34
Jan Noack
Jan Noack:
1st half without Messi:1 1
2nd half:Messi:5 2
so early theres no thumbnail
Messi still out there terrorizing teams i see lmao. And doing it with that casual swagger too smh
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy:
Oooh Leo, leo, what a player😭
this is messi's response to starting on the bench... coming on to bag 2 goals and pretty much got an assist for that griezman goal with that dummy
Yung Sentará
Yung Sentará:
That goal from griezmann omg. Messi omg
Roloviny & Voloviny
Roloviny & Voloviny:
That was a great game ♥️💙
Alexander Palatnic
Alexander Palatnic:
Claudio Bravo you did it AWESOME!! carry on superstar 💪🏾💪🏾🇨🇱🇨🇱
Mihai Florin
Mihai Florin:
Dembele is left foot or right foot?👽
Olayiwola Habeeb
Olayiwola Habeeb:
Kudos to the whole team but is it possible to extend the highlights to like 2 or 3 mins
huttio srreu
huttio srreu:
Messi 2 goals and 2 assists subbed on 😂😂😂🙌
O barça e incrível😀
Daniel Wieser
Daniel Wieser:
Forza Dembouz, keep it up!💪💪💪
sorsok meng
sorsok meng:
Is dembele play good this match?
Sirzechs Quasar
Sirzechs Quasar:
Now that's the lion I know. Don't even know him well as a CR7 fan but that's the Messi i know
subscribe to Daily Reaction Dose
subscribe to Daily Reaction Dose:
Umm this is laliga offical channel....
Bro fix de thumbnail😂
The second goal show the highest level of football match.
That Messi looked alright when he came on hope he gets a chance under Koeman
Ahmed Mohamed Dualeh
Ahmed Mohamed Dualeh:
Dembele overly underrated. Fantastic player when he's injury free
Fonando VEVO
Fonando VEVO:
Dembele is great
Adam Wawrzyniak
Adam Wawrzyniak:
Great to see Messi back to his old self
Griezmann missed penalty... koeman should substitute me to replace him..
Griezmann played really well
dean jago
dean jago:
Messi united it seems, it feels sad to say a once amazing team rely so heavy on one player. What if he goes city next year 😅
One minute video for 7 goals? Damn
Mike B
Mike B:
Forza Barca 💙❤️💙
Maksymilian Kusy
Maksymilian Kusy:
What pellegrini said to Koeman at the end?
Football Maniac Tuber
Football Maniac Tuber:
well everyone look at the standings
Doganhann_ Barış
Doganhann_ Barış:
great assist from messi to grizman
RealTalk Barca
RealTalk Barca:
Betis have a good team, wish them well this season.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
Can wait to see mess in the premier league his gonna be class Evan at 34
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue:
Can wait to see mess in the premier league his gonna be class Evan at 34
Acee D Mois
Acee D Mois:
What were Koeman and the Coach of Betis discussing at the end?? I want to know..
Messi 💯
Wow my idol
Kennedylyra75 kennedy
Kennedylyra75 kennedy:
Ele é brabo mesmo entrou e mudou a estória do jogo ainda vem falar de Pelé fala sério...
The Only Rimon King
The Only Rimon King:
Ander Galeatxe
Ander Galeatxe:
Messi knows Bravo and didn’t get nervous to finish in the hardest of fashions top corner from close distance
J- oker
J- oker:
Messi ment business today, both those finishes, fierce
Miswar Bio
Miswar Bio:
1:09 Never a goal when you face premier league keeper like Fabianski, Ryan, Pickford
Daniel Dmello
Daniel Dmello:
Wtf was up with Mancini and Koeman at the end 😂?
ahmed hunnar
ahmed hunnar:
keep making video like this , good job
Messi FC
The G.O.A.T Is Back
Raouf M
Raouf M:
Aissa! N-T-H Yemaha! Bahdeltna Sadiki (3.8/10) :/
fight for those who cant teach to love not to hate
fight for those who cant teach to love not to hate:
I love messi and ronaldo! appreciate these players while you can people...
Mohammed Tahid
Mohammed Tahid:
everything has an end, sad to see messi will also come to and end soon.

what wonderful times him and ronaldo have given the footballing world. dont think we will ever see something like it in our lifetimes.
Rovshen Hesen'zadeh
Rovshen Hesen'zadeh:
Pedri 😍
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
Messi OR how to make an assist without passing the ball...
Catherine Jackson.
Catherine Jackson.:
Congratulations to the Blaugrana 🖤🥰
rezhawa jumamichi
rezhawa jumamichi:
Akhirnya Messi goal dari on game juga setelah goal pelanti, mantaaaap

Setelah sekian lama hanya goal penalti😭👍
Luis High
Luis High:
Sua luta não termina quando sentir cansaço,mas sim quando atingir o sucesso tão merecido ❤🙏