Highlights FC Barcelona vs SD Eibar (1-1)

Tie at the Camp Nou between FC Barcelona and SD Eibar. Kike García put ahead the away team but Dembélé tied the match. Matchday 16 LaLiga Santander 2020/2021 #BarçaEibar

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100+ komentarze:

Naveed syed
Naveed syed:
So sad Eibar dropped points again
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
Barcelona cannot afford Griezmann or Coutinho taking a penalty and scoring because they would need to pay a bonus for scoring the goal. That’s why Braithwaite took the penalty😅😅
Umar Sunusi Maitalata
Umar Sunusi Maitalata:
This Barcelona team keep breaking my heart. I am never comfortable when we are playing, it's really sad.
Mhmd Ayyad
Mhmd Ayyad:
Pjanic should shoot penalties and free kicks when messi is not there..
Trust me he is good at those (juve fan)
Mistakes cost Barca again.
Don't Subscribe
Don't Subscribe:
Braithwaite's penalty was like Kevin De Bruyne's against Liverpool
Afda Ardifan
Afda Ardifan:
they have pjanic to take penalties, but choose lord bretwet 😂🤣
Barca is not even a team anymore, I do hope Messi leaves for his own good. Needs many years to become a competitive team again
Edwin Roche
Edwin Roche:
wtf, hows koeman smiling at the end when hes drew to sd eibar?????
Trincão was really unlucky with that effort at the end. Messi-esque dribbling there
King Henry Akrong
King Henry Akrong:
Griezmann was a disgrace, thinking in the absence of Messi he will take up the reigns but total flop with inconsequential impact in the game
Marley Boy
Marley Boy:
I see Braithwaite is learning from griezmann
AB10 Football
AB10 Football:
Philippe Coutinho really good player
Meanwhile Barcelona fans:
- "We play better without Messi."
Rosie `
Rosie `:
Now you can understand what's happening to us without Leo even against Eibar. They trolling when he scores 3-4 goals against Eibar but never think we wouldn't be that good without him.
This was my last bet on Barcelona!
This team alone, cost me like 6 bets already...
Barça are a joke now
Lance O'Doherty
Lance O'Doherty:
This just isn’t good enough for Barcelona, their team is so poor and the penalty somes them up
Barcelona are actually that bad now without Messi on the pitch
chan ho
chan ho:
When you see they hire koeman, you know this season must be suck
Daniel Hernández
Daniel Hernández:
There’s something really wrong here. I don’t think these type of players can miss a penalty, make soo many mistakes in the defense and set pieces and also miss so many shoots to goal.
vinay singh
vinay singh:
Looks like an end of an era...
lionel cruijff
lionel cruijff:
we could've got into top 3 damn it...
When the boss goes on holidays and the office falls apart 😂🙈
Unknown ?!?!
Unknown ?!?!:
Barca might not even get top 4 at this rate
Hottest Events
Hottest Events:
Messi looks like he took the decision to leave this summer. If FCB continues like that we won't see it in UCL. rip
Haidar Jabar
Haidar Jabar:
Demble is amazing
jayon eduardo
jayon eduardo:
I miss so much the dani alves, iniesta, xavi and messi playing at the same time. That was the barcelona that stood to its name, now though looking at these players and the team has made me forget watching football.
Mubarack Ibraheem
Mubarack Ibraheem:
Continue fighting for top 4, you can get it
I can tell you that without Messi, Barca are not going. We will have to look for the means to keep him in this mediocre team.
Omg Goatwaite is amazing he's not score a penalty cuz he's going easy on them
King Henry Akrong
King Henry Akrong:
I really don't know why Koeman plays Pedri ahead of Puig, an attacking midfielder Pedri who has 2 assists and 1 goal out of 20 matches. Why won't we find ourselves in these situations.
Don't Subscribe
Don't Subscribe:
Braithwaite must have got tips by De Bruyne
Laszlo Fabian
Laszlo Fabian:
Davit Rodriguez
Davit Rodriguez:
Admin bein sport maluu 😁😁😁
Fridah Mbula
Fridah Mbula:
Pedri played really well tho
Hafiz Ubaydullayev
Hafiz Ubaydullayev:
Dembele 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Metal Mouse
Metal Mouse:
The highlights of the La Liga channel are ridiculously short. Learn from other leagues that show (and hence promote) twice as much of what happens in a game.
Art zoma
Art zoma:
Out of La Liga
John Russel Daquiado
John Russel Daquiado:
Mangu mangu simo
Gusta Dewantara
Gusta Dewantara:
mr JAK
mr JAK:
Firpo play really well
I’ve had it with this club! This was once the club I loved but now? We drew to Eibar and lost to caditz Coutinho is useless and Grizz must leave now they are making life so much harder what has this club become
Vitor Oliveira da cruz
Vitor Oliveira da cruz:
Esse braittituate é um piada joga nada até Ribamar joga mais que ele
Ahmed AbdulRahman
Ahmed AbdulRahman:
narrow escape , koeman had be consistent with his selection
Lorenzo Farinotti
Lorenzo Farinotti:
No Messi, no party 😌😜😅🤷🏻‍♂️🙈
Willy Sporttv
Willy Sporttv:
Not happy with the result 😔 we deserved to win.
месси играл?
Nguyễn Tiên
Nguyễn Tiên:
ahahaha barca
MIGUEL Philipe
MIGUEL Philipe:
messi dependency will stay strong and this team will suffer more throughout the season and capable of not winning anything this year

Lєσ ѕυנιтн
Lєσ ѕυנιтн:
Barcelona without messi is having effects
Daniel Fuentes
Daniel Fuentes:
Jakub Sadowski
Jakub Sadowski:
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
8' Martin Braithwaite (Miss. Pen. FC Barcelona); 58' Kike García (0-1); 67' Ousmane Dembélé (1-1)
Moise Octavius
Moise Octavius:
Baca pa bn
Sodiq Olajide
Sodiq Olajide:
Please keep dembele, sell griezmann, buy hallaand, buy rudiger problem solved
Thích Nghê Nhạc Buồn
Thích Nghê Nhạc Buồn:
Sút pen gà vl
I wish I had access to watch La Liga games
Ricky Alves
Ricky Alves:
They should hire PSG sack manager
Василь Тоні
Василь Тоні:
Барса гниль!!!!
Зульфат Тулекова
Зульфат Тулекова:
Its barselona qaz
Barão Silva
Barão Silva:
Olaoluwa Faleye
Olaoluwa Faleye:
Why didn't they allow pjanic or someone to take the penalty 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sam Wilder
Sam Wilder:
Barca rely on braithwaithe is beyond me
dxxre _
dxxre _:
two years ago it was good to be barca fan
Evgen Evgenic
Evgen Evgenic:
Реклама 10-ых годов:Играй жёстче! Араухо:Поцелуй меня в пачку =D
Vin Benzin
Vin Benzin:
Ты не ты когда у тебя стояк
Saine Bahrom
Saine Bahrom:
Blazena Zrustova
Blazena Zrustova:
Muselo to být skvěle utkání
Jonathan Restrepo
Jonathan Restrepo:
Braithwaithe is trash why tf is this man even taking penalty’s smh 🤦‍♂️😂😂
Александр М
Александр М:
Zaebali tak igrat' momenty bili hyle ne zabivayt?!?
Andrei Zing505
Andrei Zing505:
I had trust in Koeman,but i see that Barca don't is anymore like Barca.Sadly,i miss Valverde
free gelato
free gelato:
What a shame this Barcelona 🤦🏻
purple flower
purple flower:
Eibar lost 2 points..
nego cururu
nego cururu:
Pelo menos não perdeu o Barça
Ana Maria
Ana Maria:
Right now if Messi wasn't playing at Barcelona, they would be last in La Liga
Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya:
Барса мошь
Kaplan Huseyın
Kaplan Huseyın:
Kursa barselonw
Lesego Mabe
Lesego Mabe:
Why wasn't Phillipe in the starting lineup? I thought he had been doing good since his return...smh
charnety rocha
charnety rocha:
Barcelona management and koeman will pay what they did to Luis Suárez and Messi, they will regret badly I guess they already doing it !!!
Ferhan Aaftab
Ferhan Aaftab:
Too many liabilities in this Barca Side
Александр Блинов
Александр Блинов:
Aaron Appiah Boakye
Aaron Appiah Boakye:
Ronaldinho, Eto, Iniesta, and Xavi have been missed dearly.
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
Stegen, messi, dest, pedri, dembele, ansu fati, mingueza, thats all

Edit: araujo, firpo, alba
Блин, ну пол пятки в оффсайде, ну бред же
Kwame Kuruma
Kwame Kuruma:
This club is no more a club now....

All I see is confuse players in Barcelona club...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔🤔
Shadow Vortex7
Shadow Vortex7:
Is this how barca play like without messi 🤦‍♂️
Barcelona are like eibar without messi wow
If messi leaves ,barca can screw top 4 forget about 1st
Ajrulah Resetar
Ajrulah Resetar:
Sto ste stali na 1-1 golova
Mariusz Komorowski
Mariusz Komorowski:
Barco zły mecz Barcelony a dlatego że niebyło Messiego
NL khumalo
NL khumalo:
U shuld play coutinho n dembele first half
T.Badrasyah Nurdin
T.Badrasyah Nurdin:
A very tough defender for Barca
Poap Lionela
Poap Lionela:
You see when no Messi in the game?
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez:
R.I.P Barcelona.
We shall bounce back (fcb)
Месси мошь
klepon 26
klepon 26:
Dembelle/zaha,, griezman/ilicic,,coutinho/julian brandt,,pjanic/doucoure,,fati,alena,firpo,puiq/ferran torres,,pique/schurs next my dream tim barca 😩😩
Alex Curtis
Alex Curtis:
How did they not win that !??
Gede Swampu
Gede Swampu:
Just like ac milan in 2013